Shizune’s Ahhiii-gao Face

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Clad only in a tiny towel that barely wrapped around her curvy ass, Shizune walked into the Outdoor Bath are of the newly refurbished Busteez Bath and Massage Parlor. Once the slowly failing Konoha Public Baths, Kakashi bought the place and given it a full overhaul for V.I.P. clientele. She didn’t want to even think about how much it had all cost, but it most likely didn’t make even a dent in the quarterly profits for the club.


Already sitting in the water was Naruto, her client for the evening. She smiled at him as she dropped her towel, blushing as she showed off her naked body and waded into the water to join him. “G-good evening Naruto-sama,” she said nervously as she walked up and rubbed her soft tits against his bare chest. His huge cock was already rock hard and throbbing, every bit as big as she’d heard. She’d only caught the briefest of glimpses during the competition before, having been taken out early.


“Can I ask why you’d want to spend some of that hard earned V.I.P. time with an old lady like me and not that sexy big tittied girlfriend of yours?” she queried shyly.


Naruto gave a grin as he grabbed Shizune’s round ass, his bandaged hand making a loud wet smack against it, making the baby fat ripple erotically. “Hinata said I should enjoy my prize to the fullest. She and I have plenty of fun at home, plus, I think she gets off on knowing I’m fucking other women, believe it.” He then grinned a bit wider, “I also heard from Choji you give some really good deepthroat. He told me all about that weekend at the beach, and I’ll admit, I’m curious. Even Hinata has trouble taking all of me at home.”


Shizune blushed deeply, Hinata just didn’t strike her as all that kinky, but then, neither was she until Lady Tsunade told her to sign on with the club. She gave his cock a squeeze, gulping nervously as her fingers were unable to close around it fully. “Well, I’m all yours tonight,” she said as Naruto grabbed her ass in both hands, “Ahhhiiiii!!” she squealed her catchphrase yelp of surprise as his grip pulled at her relatively fresh and still tender tattoo.


Tsunade told her she needed to be trampier, and so Shizune went and got a new tattoo inked across her big sexy fat ass. Big block letters reading ‘S-RANK WHORE’ spreading over both cheeks. She loved the reaction it got when she danced on stage the other night, the way the men ogled her ass as she bounced it up and down to the music.


“Nice ink Shizune-san.” Naruto said as he began nibbling on her neck, his hands squeezing her ass all over now, making her wet. Hinata always told her he could be such a tender lover. Shizune moaned as she wrapped one leg around his waist, rubbing her pussy against his rock hard length.


“Tha… Thank you, Naruto-sama, you don’t think it’s too slutty?” she asked, blushing as she felt him tracing the letters with one finger.


“Nahh, it’s hot, makes me feel like I’m getting really special treatment.” he told her as he rubbed his length against her harder. Shizune could feel the heat of his dick and shuddered in a mix of fear and desire. She’d had bigger once before, but somehow, knowing this was natural made her more nervous. She felt Naruto gripping her other thigh, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist, his cock sliding along her pussy and between the cheeks of her plump ass.


“Ahhhaaa… Naruto-sama, you’re so biiiig…” she began, shivering as she tried to use some of the dialogue Tsunade taught her, but was cut short when Naruto’s cock slipped right up her asshole!


“AHHHHIIIIII!!!!” she squealed, her eyes going wide as her pussy gushed like a burst balloon, “BIIIG!!! Too big! TOO BIIIIGGG!!! AAHHHIIIIIIII!!!” Shizune moaned, her body bucking against Naruto as he began thrusting into her, the water around them churning and sloshing loudly.


“Liar,” Naruto said with a grin, gripping her ass tightly in both hands, “You love this, admit it!!” he told her, bouncing her up and down on his huge dick faster, pushing in deeper with every thrust.


“Ahhaaahh… I… I…” Shizune panted, her arms wrapping around his head and shoulders for support, “I DO!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!!! AHHIIIII!!!!” Shizune squealed like a pig, cumming harder than she did with Choji, or on top of Sasuke in the competition, Naruto was hitting all the right spots as she bucked her hips against his thrusts, “DEEPER!!! DEEPER!! AAAHHHHIIII!!! Oh god I think I feel you in my stomach!!!! Yessss…. Ahhhiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!”


Naruto groaned, bouncing her on his cock faster, “You know, that little squeal of yours is a lot sexier when you’re not doing it out of shock.” The blonde haired man then held her tight and grunted as he began cumming in her ass, his hot seed filling Shizune’s insides with liquid warmth.


Shizune blushed bright red, but didn’t have a comeback for that as she squealed in orgasm again with him. “My ass… Ahiiii… My butt feels so good… More, please, fuck my ass mooore, ahhiiiiiiii…”


“You slut,” Naruto said as he unwrapped her legs from his waist and spun her around on his still rock hard cock. Shizune’s eyes crossed at the feeling and she moaned again as Naruto bent her over the edge of the bath and began pounding her ass from behind. “Correction, you whore!” he said, bringing his bandaged hand down on her ass again, spanking her tattoo.


“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!” Shizune howled, rocking her hips back against his thrusting cock, her ass jiggling like jello. ” HARDER NARUTO-SAMAAAAA… HARDER! HARDER!!! HAAAARDEERRR!!!! AAAAHIIIIIII!!!” Shizune screamed, still cumming as Naruto slammed into her over and over.


“There it is again…” said a faint womans voice from over the partition separating their bath area from the public one. “What is that weird sound?”


“No clue, so weird…” said a second voice.


Shizune blushed a deeper red, covering her mouth to try and muffle her screams, but Naruto grabbed her wrists, using them like handlebars as he continued pounding into her asshole hard. ‘So… Sorry everyone…’ Shizune thought just as she screamed again, “AAHHHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!”

Story by Sailor Io