Shinigami Gone Wild: Party Girls

It had all started with the victory party.


With the war over and nearly all of the unlikely alliance still alive, it was decided by the rowdier members that an official party was called for. And what better place than the human world, with so much entertainment and possibilities? Urahara had agreed, even going so far as to offer artificial bodies for anyone who wanted one.


(He had also had to do some very quick talking, even by his standards, when some of the women saw just how ‘gifted’ their new bodies were.)


Captain Sui Feng tried to get out of it, but had found herself roped in nonetheless. Somehow, she ended up with an Arrancar and a Visored. Lisa had started drinking and Tier Harribel decided to try it as well. Sui-Feng initially refused, but some mocking remarks about her inability to handle her alcohol irritated her enough to join in.


One thing lead to another, and though she wasn’t sure exactly how they had ended up here, a very buzzed and energetic Sui-Feng was sure of one thing:


She was going to win this dance contest!


“Whoa! Where the hell did these three come from?!”


“I don’t know and I don’t care; look at the size of the tits on all of them!”


“And damn! Those asses! Shake it, baby! Take off those panties!”


Still not sure exactly what was going on, but getting the gist, Sui-Feng and her two new best friends turned and pushed out their asses, the smooth mounds glistening under the hot lights of the stage. When Lisa and Sui-Feng started peeling off their tiny thongs, the crowd went nuts, money falling through the air like snow to encourage them.


Safely in the back, Urahara chuckled to himself. He volunteered to keep an eye on Sui-Feng at Yoruichi’s request, but this had turned out to be a lot more entertaining than he originally thought it would be. Who would have guessed that all three of them, especially Sui-Feng, would be such wild drunks?


He wouldn’t let it get too far, but in the meantime, he made sure that his tiny but powerful camera was fixed on the action.


After all, without proof, no one would ever believe him.


(Short Story by User: S22132)