Sexy Shinobi Showoff

“Um, Sakura-chan? I’m not sure I can do this-EEP!”


Since the swimsuits they were wearing were basically just a pair of strings that barely covered their nipples and pussies, Sakura couldn’t grab Hinata’s collar. So she settled for grabbing her dark haired friend’s shoulders and jerking her in close, their huge chests mashing together. Both of them blushed as their nipples rubbed together, but Sakura didn’t let that stop her.


“Now listen here, Hinata-chan: you’re my partner for this competition Busteez is sponsoring, and I want the top prize. So you’re going to shake that ass,” she gave her friend a light spank for emphasis, making Hinata squeal, “wiggle those tits, and together we’re going to sex our way to the top, got it?”


One look into Sakura’s blazing green eyes and demented smile convinced Hinata that further protests were not a good idea. So she nodded meekly, sighing in relief when Sakura let her go. Then, with a last whimper, she followed her pink haired friend out of the changing room and out onto the beach.


There was already quite a crowd gathered; wolf whistles, cheers, and lewd propositions rained down on them and the other women competing. Sakura seemed to soak it all in, but Hinata could feel her cheeks getting warmer and warmer.


Predictably, Sakura struck a pose once they were in their spot, proudly showing off her incredibly sexy new body. Few women had gone for such extreme enhancements to their figures, so she really stuck out. Hinata waited timidly beside her, doing her best to smile as cameras flashed repeatedly.


There was a bright side, Hinata told herself as the master of ceremonies strutted up. If she and Sakura won the top prize, she could share it with Naruto-kun. That would be very…


A slight trail of drool leaked out of her mouth; suddenly Hinata was feeling much more motivated.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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