Sexy Negotiations

“When you asked me for a rematch, this wasn’t what I thought you had in mind,” Hitsugaya commented, glancing over at the dark skinned blonde who, like him, was stripping naked. With the beautiful trees around them, it was highly unlikely they would be seen; besides which, both of them had fucked in public before, so an audience wouldn’t be a deterrent.


Harribel raised any eyebrow. “I remember our last fight, as I’m sure you do as well. Do you really want to endure a stalemate like that again? While I’m sure one of us could overcome the other, that would involve lethal amounts of force. Considering the state of peace we currently enjoy…”


Wincing, the white-haired captain nodded. “Ah, right. Very good points. But that still doesn’t explain her.” He jerked a thumb at Nel, who smiled cheerfully back at him, even waving a little.


Harribel’s stoic face gained a small blush as she looked over to the side. “I owed her a favor,” she admitted. “And this is what she wanted in return.”


“What kind of favor?” he couldn’t help but ask, intrigued by her reaction.


Looking back at him, Harribel gave him a cold gaze. “The kind that I don’t want to talk about,” she told him warningly.


Raising his hands in surrender, Hitsugaya mentally resolved to look into it later, to sate his own curiosity if nothing else. “Okay, okay. But just so I’m clear: instead of sparring, we’re going to be engaging in a threesome?”


“Yep!” Nel piped up, bouncing on the soles of her feet; Hitsugaya had to struggle to keep his eyes on her face, and not on her other bouncing body parts. “Make love, not war! It’s a lot more fun, and helps you make a lot more friends.”


Chuckling, Hitsugaya shook his head. “Not the kind of arguments I’m used to hearing, but I’m not about to turn something like this down. Two beautiful, sexy ladies, wanting to have sex with me? I just hope that I can please you as much I’m sure you two will please me.”


Nel giggled and blushed while Harribel gave him a small smirk. “Quite the silver tongue you have there.” As Hitsugaya started to puff up with pride, she added, feeling slightly mischievous, “It matches your hair, old man.”


“W-wha-! OLD MAN!?” he sputtered in shock and indignation as Nel laughed long and loud. “I am not an old man! How-” Remembering in the nick of time that you never asked a woman’s age, he bit his tongue.


That wasn’t quite enough to get him off the hook though, as Harribel narrowed her eyes at him. “What were you going to ask?” she inquired, her voice gaining a cooler, more dangerous edge.


Swallowing, Hitsugaya clapped his hands. “How about we get started?” His voice was a little too eager, but Nel appeared not to notice as she jumped up eagerly, forgetting her earlier amusement.


“I am!” she declared, promptly shoving Hitsugaya to the ground, where he landed with an indignant grunt. He didn’t have anymore time to complain though, as Nel was right there, sliding her tits around his cock.


“Damn, I didn’t realize you were that eager. Oh yeah, just like that…” Hitsugaya gasped, watching with satisfaction as she brought her lips to the head of his dick, ready to start kissing and licking.


Harribel knelt beside them, still frowning, though her blush was beginning to make a reappearance as she watched with poorly hidden interest. “Have your breasts gotten bigger?” she asked suddenly, eyeing Nel’s breasts. “They were already huge-”


Hitsugaya and Nel both gave her a deadpan look, at which Harribel flushed redder yet and coughed before continuing. “But I would swear that they’re even larger now.”


“Huh…I’m not sure, and I don’t really care!” Nel replied casually, making one of Harribel’s eyes twitch at her lackadaisical attitude. “After all, no one else is complaining about it.” She winked at Hitsugaya, who had to smile back, biting back a moan as she kissed and licked her way down his cock and then back up it.


“And she’s not the only one-oh fuck, that feels amazing!” Hitsugaya gasped as Nel started deepthroating him, pushing her nose into his crotch. “A-anyway, she isn’t the only one; have you seen Rukia or Momo recently? And I think you might be bigger too.” Reaching out, he tweaked one of Harribel’s tits, grinning at her uncharacteristic squeak and then very familiar glare.


“You know what? I’m getting tired of you teasing me, and I’m going to do something about it,” the blonde beauty threatened.


Hitsugaya just smirked back. “Oh? And what is that?” He started to frown when she stood up; was she leaving? He didn’t think he had gone that far…then his eyes widened when she swung her leg over his face and sat down, her dripping wet pussy right on his mouth.


“There; now you can put that mouth to better use OOOOOHHHH!” Harribel’s smug little speech was promptly interrupted by her squeal of pleasure, as Hitsugaya proved his tongue was more than capable of making witty remarks. It was remarkably skilled at licking pussy as well.


Hearing Harribel’s continued gasps, moans, and squeals, Nel rolled her eyes up to see what was going on, grinning around Hitsugaya’s erection at what she saw. The normally stoic beauty was grabbing her own tits with both hands, squirming frantically as her pussy was thoroughly licked and teased.


Good for Harribel! But now, time for me to have my fun! Letting his cock slide out of her mouth, Nel quickly got up, straddled his body, and slowly lowered herself. “Fuck yes!” she squealed as she was penetrated. Ooooh, that felt so good! And to make things even better…


Harribel had her eyes closed, the better to focus on how amazing her pussy felt and how horny she was. They sprang open when Nel leaned forward, cupped the back of her head, and pulled her into a searing kiss. She only put up a token resistance before kissing back, tongues meeting and pushing against each other.


While Hitsugaya couldn’t see what was happening, he had a pretty shrewd idea, and it only made him hornier. Thrusting his hips and increasing the speed of his licking, he smirked in satisfaction at their twin squeals.


This was much better than a boring stalemate of a fight.

(Story by User: S22132)