Sexual Healing Finale

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Hey kid, are you okay watching your mother be impaled by the Raikage’s giant flesh pole?” asked Kurotsuchi, the Tsuchikage, with a smirk as she sat in Sarada’s living room with Boruto, Mitsuki, Denki, Wasabi, and Sarada. The six of them were reviewing the footage A had collected for them when he cashed in his final Golden Ticket with Hinata. The playback was on a large plasma screen TV Denki had bought for the viewing. Sakura had agreed to let them use her home for viewing and editing provided Denki left the TV when they were finished.


The six of them sat back on the couch, various snacks and drinks laid out on the coffee table among the video editing equipment. Sarada was worried about damaging the delicate electronics but Denki said it was fine.


“It’s fine,” Boruto said as he sat back on the couch and looked up at the screen, “She’s just acting for the camera is all, you heard her earlier.” he said as he watched the footage with a stone-like expression on his face.


“Right, ‘acting’…” Kurotsuchi said, trying not to roll her eyes, as she looked back up at the screen.


“Still, she did have to go to the hospital after…” Wasabi said, concern evident in her tone as she crunched on a potato chip.


“Who wouldn’t after that!?” Sarada asked as the image changed to a wider view of Hinata taking A’s cock all the way inside. The dark haired girl cringed slightly at the way Hinata’s belly tented to hold in all of him. “That Raikage bastard was ruthless; my mother said her body wouldn’t normalize for another hour or so last night!”


“Not surprising, I mean, that HAS to be the biggest dick on the planet!” Wasabi said with wide eyes as she poured herself another iced tea from a large pitcher sitting on the table.


Kurotsuchi gave the two girls a sly look, “And you little girls will be working with him, I hope your bodies are up to the task!~”


Wasabi and Sarada immediately turned to look at one another with uneasy expressions. Boruto had heard of the other day at the auditions when A had shown up unexpectedly and nearly choked Sarada on his ‘Konoha Bitch Breaker’. He wished he had been there to see it for himself as he poured the last of the iced tea into his own glass.


“N… No problem!” Sarada declared, “I DID get him in my mouth and almost took him up my ass! It would have been easier if I had the chance to use the expansion technique beforehand.” she said with a laugh. She then reached out for her own glass of iced tea and began to drink.


“The Raikage’s dick will be the least of your worries, because Boruto is the biggest, right Boruto?” Mitsuki said casually with his emotionless grin.


“KAFF!!!!” Sarada coughed as the ice tea she was drinking shot painfully out of her nostrils! Boruto fared no better as he began choking on an ice cube he accidentally swallowed.


“Gough!!!” Boruto coughed hard as Mitsuki’s arm stretched out like a snake and punched him in the gut, forcing out the ice cube just as he began turning blue! “Thanks…” he said as the albino only gave his usual emotionless smile as he turned back to the footage.


Wasabi leaned in closer to the blonde, “Seriously! Is that true Boruto?!” she asked wide eyed. Boruto turned away, chuckling nervously as he gestured back to the screen.


“We’re missing the footage!” Denki said quietly to the others, focused on analyzing all the data.


Kurotsuchi smiled and waved a hand, “Of course that isn’t true, it’s not possible unless he knows the Akimichi clan techniques and according to my intelligence reports, a watered down version was only taught to the girls working at the club.”


“Yeah Mitsuki, I’ve fucked both of them and I can tell you for certain there’s no comparison, the Raikage is simply unmatched.” said Sarada as she finished cleaning the tea from herself. She then looked over to Boruto, “Um, no offense.”


“None taken…” replied Boruto, not taking any offense until she actually said that!


Mitsuki only closed his eyes and smiled, “We’ll see once we begin filming.” he said quietly as everyone turned their attention back to the screen.


“HEEEEEEEEEK… SO BIIIIIIIG!!! IT’S YOUR PUSSY, YOUR PUSSY, IT BELONGS TO YOUUUU!!!!” Hinata screamed on screen, her head shaking from side to side, “PLEASE, NO MORE, I GONNA GO CRAZY!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME GO CRAZYYYYYYY….!!!” Hinata moaned, looking down at her distended stomach as her pussy began gushing like a broken faucet!


“Impressive spray!” Wasabi said, “Also she’s really selling the cumming her brains out bit. How come she didn’t act like this during the audition?”


“Because my idiot dad gave her stage fright!” Boruto said tersely.


“Denki dear,” Kurotsuchi said, “Go back again, I want to see the initial penetration one more time.”


“O… One sec,” Denki said, blushing when Kurotsuchi called him ‘dear’.


“Amazing.” Kurotsuchi said as they watched A’s cock slamming into Hinata again. “And she’s alright?” the dark haired woman asked both Boruto and Sarada.


“My mom picked her up from the hotel,” Sarada said, “Said she’d be fine after some rest and relaxation.”


“My old man is taking her off somewhere to celebrate this mess finally being over. Even took time off from his Hokage work for it.” Boruto informed them with a hint of bitterness in his tone.


Kurotsuchi gestured to the screen as A pulled his cock out. Hinata lay on the bed, panting, her stomach still lightly distended and A looking down on her with a triumphant expression.


“The man certainly is rough around the edges, are you sure you want him to be made an addition to the cast?” Kurotsuchi asked Mitsuki.


Mitsuki nodded, “Yes, and speaking of additions, I believe now that we were remiss in not casting Hinata. I think we have enough room for one more female performer in the cast, what do you think Boruto?”


“PFFFFFT…!” Boruto spat out his tea at Mitsuki’s question. Sarada and Wasabi who sat to the blonde’s right both yelped in protest as they were covered in his tea.


“Awww man! it’s all over me…” Wasabi groaned as she grabbed a fistful of napkins and began to dry herself off, “I don’t mind working with the Captain’s sister, but won’t it be weird for you to work with your mom, Boruto?”


“I’m working with my mother, so I don’t see a problem.” Sarada said.


“Neither do I.” Mitsuki said, “Denki, go back to the earlier footage please?” he asked of the dark haired youth.


“Got it,” Denki said as he turned a dial on the control console on top of the table. The image on the screen became a blur as the playback rewound itself at high speed. The scene shifted to the camera covering the seating around the coffee table.


“I must admit, you’re being far more enthused than I would have thought.” he said to her as she crawled over to him, wrapping her tits around his dick while he grabbed the head protector Mitsuki and Denki had given him.


“Because this will be helping my son with his project!” Hinata said, “Ashamed as I am to admit it, I botched my audition for a part in his movie. At least this way, I can help him with something other than encouraging words.”


A chuckled, “Fair enough, now, put those tits to good use!” he told her as he turned on the camera and pressed his dick against the side of her blushing face. The screen shifted to the headcam footage then and the group watched as the dark haired woman began rubbing her expanded tits up and down his cock slowly.


“I agree with Mitsuki, we missed out on a proper performance because of the Hokage.” said Kurotsuchi.


“THANK YOU!” Boruto said.


“For what?” the dark haired woman asked.


“For agreeing that my dad messes things up.” Boruto said.


Kurotsuchi giggled, “I never quite said that, but you’re welcome.” She then looked back at the screen, “Nevertheless, your mother is REALLY good at fucking! Her sexual prowess is on another level entirely and we already know she can handle extreme sizes, and if you really ARE bigger, then that will be invaluable.”


“He is.” Mitsuki said nonchalantly.


“MITSUKI!” Boruto snapped.


The albino just continued to smile, “We will begin filming very soon, once Denki make the final arrangements, will your mother return by then?” Mitsuki asked.


“I think so; it’s only for the weekend.” Boruto said, “Also she said she’ll call tonight to see how Hima-chan and I are doing. I can tell her then.”



The hotel room wasn’t luxurious, but it was comfortably quiet. Naruto had found a nice little Traveler’s Inn some ten miles away from the Konoha outer village limits. The walls here were a plain yellow wood paneling, with gray carpeted floors and cheap looking art hanging on the walls. Aside from the bed, the only furniture was a small desk and a chair. There was a single electrical outlet and a note on the desk with a random string of characters written on it. Hinata assumed it was the password for the weefee or whatever it’s called. The hotel itself was by a large river that ran through a more hilled area of the forest, making for a number of small waterfalls dotted along its length. The Hotel’s electricity was even provided by a large waterwheel set into the side of the building, meaning the power would always be steady and even.


“It’s lovely.” Hinata said tiredly. Her body still ached in ways she didn’t know it could, worse still, she was still craving the Raikage’s gigantic cock like some kind of drug addict. She woke up early this morning really horny, but her dildos just wouldn’t satisfy her, not even the one molded from Naruto’s dick that he gave her one Christmas holiday. Everything felt just so small and loose inside her. It made her sick to her stomach to think about it as she moved over to the large queen sized bed against the far wall. She didn’t remember much about her final session with A, only the pain and maddening pleasure. Her last completely clear memory was waking up in the hospital. Sakura was at her side writing notes on a chart.


After that, Naruto came to get her himself, telling her he was taking her away to heal. She forced a smile and nodded before falling asleep again. The next day she was bidding farewell to Boruto and Himawari, leaving them in Kushina and Hanabi’s care. She promised to call them both once they were settled in for the weekend.


“How are you feeling?” Naruto asked her.


“Honestly?” she asked. He nodded, “Like a used condom.” she said bluntly, then giggled at the look on his face. “I’m okay mostly, really.” she said to him. Naruto smiled at her and reached out his good hand to touch the side of her face. His skin felt warm, his touch gentle, loving.


“I’m sorry.” Hinata said.


“For what?” Naruto asked.


“For putting you and the children through all of this.” she told him.


“Hey, don’t, don’t do that to yourself.” he said, moving to sit next to her on the bed, pulling her into a tender hug. Hinata leaned into him, letting out a soft sound as he hugged her tighter, rubbing his hand over her back gently. Naruto then kissed the top of her head softly and Hinata closed her eyes.


She then felt a gentle warmth passing over and through her body suddenly. It was a soothing sensation, melting away the last of the aches in her body left over from A’s monster dick. Opening her eyes, Hinata gasped when she saw her enveloped by the Kyubi’s red, bubbly chakra.


“Naruto…?” she whispered, pulling back slightly, “What…?”


Granny Tsunade told me this would help, the first step to your healing.” Naruto said, his body radiating with the same reddish hue. Hinata had seen this before, long ago when Pain attacked the village. The first time she told him how she felt just before being stabbed in front of him. She remembered it was called the Kyuubi Shroud or something like that. But that power hurt Naruto when he used it back then, now though, she felt only a mild tingling across her skin.


Leaning in close, Hinata kissed Naruto again. He returned the kiss, slipping his tongue passed her lips to mingle with her own. Hinata cooed into the kiss, loving the soft feel of his lips and the way it made the back of her head tingle happily.


Naruto broke the kiss after a moment and helped Hinata to her feet. Holding her hands in his own, he smiled at her, “This part, might feel a little intense.” he warned her as the glow of his aura amplified.


“Hahh…!” Hinata gasped as a sensation like pins and needles one get after a limb fell asleep crept all over her entire body. It was more intense in her groin and abdomen though, she felt as if her skin and muscles were getting tighter. There was a soft ripping noise and Hinata let out another gasp as both hers and Naruto’s clothes began tearing themselves apart. The fabric just seemed to disintegrate off of their naked bodies beneath. Hinata only smiled as she looked across to Naruto.


“You do know all you need to get me naked is to ask silly.” she told him as she felt her hair beginning to move as if on an unfelt wind. The short cut locks waving around her head gently. Hinata turned her head from side to side; giggling as her hair flitted about like it was underwater.


Naruto grinned, “I know, but this makes things easier!” he said before moving his hands up the length of her arms, keeping contact the entire time. “In case you’re wondering, you know how my chakra shroud allows me to regenerate right?”


Hinata nodded.


“I’m blending my Chakra with yours, like you did with me that time in the Moon.” he told her, “Right now your body is recovering from all the recent trauma it’s endured in seconds instead of weeks.”


Hinata nodded again in understanding, “It feels different from that time though.”


“Yeah, sorry about that, dattebayo.” he told her as he put his forehead against her own. The glowing aura bubbled and popped around both of them for several long minutes until it began to fade and vanish entirely. Naruto pulled his forehead away from her own and smiled at her.


“That was…” Hinata began to say before her vision blurred then went black.



Naruto caught his wife as her eyes rolled back in her head and she promptly passed out into his arms. ‘Yeah, I thought that might happen,‘ he thought to himself, ‘Maybe I should have warned her.


The first couple of times he’d used the Kyuubi shroud it had knocked him unconscious without fail. Afterwards he’d wake with almost no memory of what had happened. Over the years his memory of those times came back in fuzzy faded bits. Usually in his dreams.


“Thanks for the help, Kurama.” he said out loud.


{Is she recovered?} asked a deep voice from within the depths of his soul.


Lifting Hinata up in a classic princess carry, Naruto took her over to the bed and laid her down on the mattress. He examined her in the way Tsunade and Sakura had showed him, placing his hand over her abdomen and feeling the skin there. He’d seen her at the hospital shortly after her final ordeal. It took all of his self-control not to fly into a rage at the sight of her distended stomach. Sakura assured him she would recover, it would just take time.


Now, her stomach looked completely normal. When he moved his hand over her abdomen, everything felt right, not loose or out of place. “Seems like it. Thanks again, I couldn’t have helped her without you.”


{No problem.} Kurama said, {Just remember, the next part will be harder, healing the body is easy, the spirit is much more difficult.}


“I know, for now, let’s let her sleep.” Naruto said. The Kyuubi didn’t reply as he climbed into the bed with her, pulling the blankets up over their naked bodies and holding her close. Hinata made a soft sound in her sleep as she unconsciously turned into his arms, snuggling up to him.


He smiled, holding her gently as she slept. He tried to remember the last time they’d had a moment together like this. He shamefully could only recall a few times before he became the Hokage. Mentally cursing himself, Naruto just held onto Hinata gently before sleep came to claim him as well.



Naruto didn’t know how long he was asleep, only that his bladder was screaming for him to wake up! Groaning softly, he sat up on the bed and blinked his eye blurrily before slipping out from under the blanket and walking barefoot to the bathroom of their hotel room.


After using the restroom, Naruto walked back into the room. It was late night now, and crickets were chirping noisily outside as he rubbed at his eyes to clear the last of his grogginess. His vision cleared, he looked over to the bed only to discover Hinata wasn’t there! He felt only the briefest moments of panic before he noticed that the sliding door leading outside was open and a single set of foot prints could be seen in the dirt just beyond the wooden walkway.


Grabbing a robe from the bathroom, Naruto covered himself and put on a pair of slippers. A trickle of worry nagged at the back of his mind when he noticed that the other robe in the bathroom was still there and their bags had yet to be opened. Meaning Hinata had walked outside completely naked!


Following the foot prints, Naruto looked up at the starry night sky. It had been a long time since he saw this many stars. The village was so brightly lit at night nowadays that he could hardly see any stars at all. Sasuke once called it light pollution, saying how modern technology was taking away the simple pleasures in life. Looking up at the sky with a mass of twinkling stars and a big bright full moon, Naruto thought his friend might be right about that.


Attuning his ears to the area around him, Naruto continued following the path, though it was less tracking Hinata’s footprints than it was feeling for his own Chakra within her. He listened to the soft trickle of the river nearby, and the low roar of a small waterfall as he followed the path his wife had taken. All the while, the blonde haired man had the oddest sense of Deja vu, though he couldn’t place the memory as he heard the sound of the waterfall growing louder.


The forest slowly parted around him to fully reveal the river. The air here was cool and crisp; he could actually smell the water in the air as he spotted a single figure standing out in the river just in front of the waterfall. It was a woman, her features masked by the shadows of clouds passing over the moon. She stood over the water like a spirit from a fairy tale, her body moving in a kind of dance to unheard music.


Naruto’s sense of Deja vu grew even stronger, long ago, when he was still just a boy barely older than Boruto. He was on a mission with some of his fellow genin. He couldn’t remember what the mission was, but he did recall waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Wandering half asleep in the woods, and finding a girl dancing naked in front of a waterfall in the shadows. He stupidly made a noise and in the blink of an eye she was gone! When he tried telling his friends about it they laughed it off as a dream. Until this moment, Naruto had thought it all was a dream, just the late night imaginings of a child just starting puberty.


Slowly, the clouds overhead cleared, flooding the area with bright moonlight. Naruto gasped softly as he saw Hinata, her body naked and glistening with a mix of sweat and water dancing in front of the short waterfall.


Stepping out of his slippers, Naruto shed the robe he wore and carefully walked out onto the surface of the river. Closing his eyes, Naruto called upon Kurama’s power again, his body beginning to glow a soft golden yellow, the light only marred by a series of dark lines spread out over his limbs and torso.


He didn’t make a sound this time, but the glow of his chakra was easily noticeable, but unlike before, Hinata didn’t vanish when she noticed his approach. Instead the dark haired woman only blushed softly and offered a gentle smile as she stopped her routine and stood naked on the surface of the water.


“It was you, that night…” he said as he continued to approach.


“Took you long enough to figure out.” she teased. He smiled and walked up to her, pulling her naked body into his arms, enjoying the heat of her flesh against his own, the scent of her hair and the softness of her skin.


“What brings you out here dattebayo?” he asked.


She looked away, “I, I needed to keep moving…” she said, “Whatever you did earlier, I haven’t felt this good in a few years, I have so much energy, but…” she trailed off.


“What is it?” Naruto asked.


“I needed to focus on something else, I woke up and my body wanted, him.” she said shamefully, “I couldn’t stop thinking about that huge thing, and I…” she topped when Naruto touched a glowing finger to her lips.


“I have just the thing for that.” he told her.


“What?” Hinata asked.


“The second part of your treatment.” he told her as he leaned his forehead against hers again. Like before, his chakra spread to her, this time enveloping her body in a bright orange glow.


“Ahhhhaaa!” Hinata gasped as the world around them went black and she found herself standing naked in a void with him, the only light coming from their blended chakra. The void filled with images suddenly, like a slideshow of their lives all around them. The day they met in a snowy park where a bunch of boys were bullying her, and Naruto came to defend her, only to get his ass handed to him.


“That was the day I fell in love with you.” she said.


“Really?” he asked, “Wasn’t exactly my best moment…” Naruto said as he watched his failed attempt at heroism.


She giggled, “Every girl wants to be rescued by a knight in armor, even if he doesn’t fully win.” She giggled again as she saw him blush, the blinked as she felt heat in her own cheeks. “Wha…?”


“Yeah, our bodies are linked right now, we feel what the other does.” he told her.


“Oh?” Hinata asked with a grin as the images of their memories blurred around them. The blur of images stopped on a moment she remembered all too well, the day she came home from the hospital and told Naruto she was pregnant!


“You, us… Baby…?” he stammered.


“Just so you know, that wasn’t a sentence darling, and yes! We’re gonna have a baby!” she told him.


“OOOOH YEAH DATTEBAYOOO!!!!” Naruto yelled, taking her up in his arms and spinning the two of them around like a top. Hinata smiled, feeling his joy as though it were her own. It made her feel lighter, almost as if she were flying!


The images flew by again, and Naruto stood at her bedside, and Hinata blinked. She looked awful, like she’d just run a fifty mile marathon! She understood why he’d pick this memory an instant later when Sakura came in carrying a small crying bundle.


“Congrats you two, it’s a boy.” said Sakura as she handed the bundle off to Hinata. Naruto had tears in his eyes as he looked down at their son. Sakura backed away, rubbing a hand over her own swollen belly. Hinata remembered she left with Sasuke for a mission that very day against everyone’s objections. Sarada had been born shortly after that, delivered by Karin in Orochimaru’s hideout.


“So, we can see any memories?” Hinata asked as the images faded again, leaving the two of them alone in the void.


Naruto nodded, “Any of mine, I don’t have the control needed for this to go both ways yet.”


Hinata grinned as the images flew around them again.


“Happy Birthday from Busteez, Naruto-kun!” said Tenten and Samui as they stood in the middle of his living room. Both of them were buck naked save for some intricately wrapped ribbon around their sexy bodies. Samui leaned forward, showing off her heavy tits trussed up so tightly the ribbon dug deep into the mounds of soft flesh.


Next to her, Tenten wiggled her big ass equally trussed up like a holiday ham. Both women wore heavy make-up and looked that only served to enhance their sexiness as they jiggled and shook themselves for him.


“Hinata-chan felt bad for missing your birthday.” Tenten explained.


“So she asked us to drop by and help you celebrate properly.” continued Samui.


“Do you like your presents?” asked Tenten, turning around to give Naruto a better view of her enormous ass.


“Feel free to unwrap us right away.” Samui added, moving to kneel down in front of the blonde man. She caressed the outline of his cock through his pant leg, “Mmmmmh, your girlfriend wasn’t joking around…” she purred as she deftly undid his pants, taking out his throbbing erection and rubbing her face against it like a cat in heat.


“Wah!!!” Naruto gasped as Hinata watched the memory of that night with Samui and Tenten.


Hinata laughed, “I’m glad you enjoyed my gift.” she said with a grin, “Oh wow, so that’s what it feels like…” she said.


“What what feels like?” Naruto asked with a blink. She glanced her eyes down and felt Naruto’s embarrassment as he looked down at his own throbbing erection as everything from that memory went through both of them!


“Hehe, Sakura-san is such a whore.” she said as she watched the memory of the time Naruto fucked Sakura in a hot springs with Tsunade and Shizune as they fucked A and Kakashi.


“Hmmmmmmmh, I see why men love this so much now…” Hinata cooed, feeling everything Naruto felt as he fucked the medical ninja in her ass. Her own pussy felt like it was on fire as she grinded herself against Naruto.


Naruto chuckled and held her close. Hinata loved the feeling on his body against her own, he felt warm and safe, she just wanted to melt into him and stay there. She rested her head against his shoulder and let out a contented sigh. Her husband then hugged her tighter as the glow around them began to change, shifting from orange to a golden yellow. Together, their bodies both emitted the glow, marred only by a series of dark lines along their limbs and torso’s.


“Naruto…?” Hinata asked, pulling back just enough to look him in the eyes. His irises had changed, the pupils were now that strange almost ‘+’ sign shape as he combined Kurama’s Chakra with his nature chakra.


“Relax,” he said, “I’ve healed your body, now to heal your spirit.”


“What do you…?” Hinata began, then closed her eyes as a wave of calm washed through her, “Ooooooh…” she moaned as she felt every ounce of tension leave her body all at once. To describe it as floating wasn’t nearly enough, every muscle in her felt relaxed, her mind was like a perfectly still pool of water, the kind you could see your reflection in perfectly. Instantly, the last of her cravings for A’s gigantic kumo-cock blew away like dust in the wind. “Naruto… I… Mmmmmmh, this is so wonderful…” she moaned as she let go of him, feeling herself falling back in a wave of contentment. She never felt herself fall to the floor though. Opening her eyes, she saw her husband standing over her, his huge cock standing at full erection, glowing a brilliant yellow with dark circles on his balls and a single line running on the underside of his shaft, ending in a ring that encircled the wide tip.


She felt a moment’s confusion, as Naruto wasn’t holding her any longer, but she hadn’t fallen to the floor either. She looked to his sides and saw nine limbs of his glowing chakra extending out from his body, reaching over to hold her in a gentle embrace.


Naruto only smiled at her, his ‘tails’ lifting her up as if she were weightless before moving to crawl over her naked body. Their touch was as gentle as a feather, but everywhere they made contact sent tingles all over her body. Two of the tails moved to encircle her heavy breasts, kneading them up and down, the tips tracing around her glowing nipples until they stiffened and ached in a delicious way.


“Haaaahhh… Ooooooh…” Hinata moaned, arching her back gently in the tails’ embrace as two more began to lovingly caress her thighs, sending more tingling sensations throughout her body. “Mmmmmmh, yes, this is…. So amazinggg…” Hinata moaned, her body becoming more aroused than ever as Naruto pulled her close again. He reached out to grab her tits, squeezing hem tight in his hands.


“HAAAAHHHHHHH CUMMING!!!!!!” Hinata screamed, orgasming instantly as her entire body spasmed. Naruto’s touch, it was like a live wire of pure ecstasy surging over her! And he’d only grabbed her big tits! She let out another squealing moan as he circled his thumbs around her nipples, playing with them gently as he grinned at her. She then felt another pair of his ‘tails’ moving to cup around the cheeks of her ass. “MMMH!!!” she moaned as they squeezed, then spanked her playfully.


“Mmmmmh, yessss… Don’t stop…” she gasped, “Spank me again…” she whispered, reaching out for him and grabbing his shoulders. The simple contact sent another orgasmic jolt through her entire frame as she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming again. “Ahhhh, Naruto…” Hinata moaned as the tails holding her ass gave her another spank. It wasn’t very hard, making more noise than anything else, but she loved it all the same. Naruto then moved his hands from her tits, slowly sliding them down her sides and over her hips. She felt every inch of his motions with her entire being as she moaned in pleasure.


“I’m gonna remind your body where home is.” he told her before grabbing her thighs and pulling her closer still. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he began rubbing the length of his cock against the folds of her pussy. Hinata let out another long moan, her pussy throbbing in need as he teased her.


“Please… Please hurry… Ahhh, I want you, mmmmmmh, I NEED you inside me…” she panted as her breasts bounced gently with her heaving breaths.


“Shhhhhh…” he hushed her, reaching up to press a finger to her lips. She kissed the tip before opening her mouth and taking it inside to suck on it tenderly. Naruto smiled back at her as she slowly swirled her tongue around his finger with a soft little moan.


“Mmmahhh…” she gasped as he pulled his hand back, a long rope of saliva connecting her lips to his finger for a moment before snapping. He then pulled her close, her tits smashing against his chest as he kissed her hard! Hinata felt her entire body stiffen against him as she came again! Her mind felt entirely blank for a long moment as she flashed back to their first kiss, high in the sky after they returned from the Moon what seemed like a lifetime ago. This moment was like then; only a thousand times better as she FELT her husband’s love for her washing through her, washing away everything like a flood.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMHHH!!!!!” Hinata moaned as she felt Naruto sliding into her as they kissed. She’d almost forgotten this feeling, the feeling of FULLNESS inside her body, as if something missing had been replaced where it belonged. A’s cockzilla was nothing compared to this! It wasn’t stretching her to the limits; it was filling her, no, fulfilling her!


“AAAAAHH, NARUTOOO!!!!” Hinata screamed as he broke their kiss and she gripped him tight, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!” she moaned as he began gently bouncing her up and down as if she weighed nothing at all thanks to the support of his tails which now encircled all her limbs.


Naruto chuckled and kissed her again, waves of pleasure rocked Hinata’s entire being. Every nerve and fiber of her being was ALIVE with pleasure, making her moan louder and louder as Naruto bounced her back and forth on his cock slowly.


“Oh god, oh god, oh god…. YES YES YESSSSSSS!!!!” Hinata screamed, wrapping her arms around him tighter, her nails dragging across his back, leaving dark lines that instantly healed as he thrusted every inch into her and held her against his body just as tight! “CUMMING, NARUTO!!!! I’M CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING!!!!!!” Hinata panted, even though the two of them were still on the surface of the water, Hinata couldn’t stop cumming like never before!


Naruto just held onto her, his chakra tails moving all around her body as he resumed gently thrusting into her, moving his hands to grip her ass firmly as she held on tight. “I love you too, Hinata.” he told her with a soft groan.


“Nnnmmmmh, what… What are you doinnnnng to meee…?” she moaned, barely able to form a complete thought, let alone a sentence now.


“I’m using my chakra to stimulate every nerve in your body at once… Think of it like washing out the stain those techniques left on your body and soul by the former Raikage…” he said then grunted and Hinata felt his cock throbbing inside her as he began thrusting into her faster, the sound of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy echoed in her ears even louder than the waterfall behind them.


Still holding on tight, Hinata shut her eyes tight as the veins around them swelled, her Byakugan triggering reflexively. She suddenly could see everything, waves of colorful chakra flowing out of Naruto and into her then back into her husband in a never ending loop. The flow was stimulating every nerve and chakra point in her entire body, turning every inch of her body into an erogenous zone. Even her pores were tingling with pleasure as she bucked up and down on his thrusts.


“AHHHHH, NARUTO, NARUTO…!!!” Hinata screamed, cumming with every motion of their bodies, “I NEVER FELT SUCH INNER PEACE AND INTENSE PLEASURE AT THE SAME TIME!!! GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!” she screamed, then howled in pleasure as he slammed into her even faster! “I’VE NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE!!!!”


“AHHH IT FEELS SO AMAZING!!!!” she panted, “FILLING ME UP, IN MY PUSSY!!! AHHHHAAA!!!” she moaned as one climax after he next rocked her entire being, “INSIDE, I’M SO FULL INSIDE!!!!” she told him as her pussy began gushing non-stop like a broken faucet, “AHHHH, I’M LEAKING, I CAN’T STOP CUMMINGGGGG!!!! YESSSS, I LOVE THIS, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! IT’S SO GOOD, BETTER THAN SASUKE-KUN, BETTER THAN A, BETTER THAN BOR…IS!!!! AHHHH I’M CUMMING SO MUCH!!! PLEASE, PLEASE CUM WITH ME, CUM IN MEEEEE!!!!”


“Hi… Hinataaaa…” Naruto groaned.


“YESSSS, IN… INSIDE, CUM INSIIIIIDEEEEEE!!!!” Hinata screamed as she felt Naruto cumming inside her both with her own body and his. The sensation was making her brain feel numb as everything began spinning around her. Just as she felt herself teetering on the brink of consciousness, the golden light around them faded and suddenly everything went COLD as Naruto lost control of his chakra and the two of them plunged into the river!


To his credit, Naruto was able to hold onto Hinata as he swam them both to the surface where the two of them came up sputtering and coughing! Hinata clung to her husband not just for warmth but because she couldn’t keep her head above the water otherwise. In spite of the cold, her entire body felt like hammered jello, she couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good, so happy, so contented.


“Blagh, sorry, the river was deeper than I…” he stopped when Hinata placed a finger to his lips.


“Don’t talk darling, just hold me…” she cooed happily.



“Ahhhhh, that was great…!” Hinata said when they returned to their hotel room. The chill was beginning to make her shiver involuntarily, but she didn’t care. Her body and mind felt so rejuvenated that she let herself float on the surface of the river for several minutes until she finally began to feel the cold and got out with Naruto. He carried her back to the room and set her down on the bed before moving over to the thermostat to turn up the heat in the room.


“How are you feeling now?” Naruto asked.


“Like before we got married. I have so much energy that I almost don’t feel col…AHHHCHOOO!!!” she said, sneezing suddenly. “Well, I did say almost…” she added sheepishly.


“You’ll be okay once the room warms up.” Naruto said, grabbing some towels from the bathroom and bringing them to her. The two of them dried one another off before bundling up together under the blankets.


Leaning her head against his shoulder, Naruto asked, “Who’s Boris?”


Hinata gulped, she’d been so wrapped up in pleasure she’d nearly let it slip that she’d had sex with their son. Granted the first time was an accident, but after… She shook her head and giggled, “Jealous?” she asked.


“I’d be a hypocrite if I said I was, just the name doesn’t ring a bell is all.” Naruto said.


“He’s a semi-regular at the club. Works in Ninja-tech I think, but isn’t a ninja himself.” she lied, well, half-lied. She did know a Boris, but his skills in bed were nothing worth mentioning. She then sat upright suddenly, startling Naruto. Thinking of her son she remembered that she was supposed to have called him and Himawari when they arrived earlier!!!


Almost as if on cue, the hotel phone rang.


Hinata shot up to her feet as if from a springboard, running over to the phone and picking up the receiver, “Hello!?”


“Oh good, you’re awake.” said her sisters voice on the other end of the line. “Ku-chan and I were beginning to worry a bit, to say nothing about Himawari.”


“Is she okay?” Hinata asked, cursing herself for forgetting to keep her promise.


“She’s fine, just a sec.” Hanabi said. Hinata heard the sound of the speaker being handed off to someone else before she heard her daughter sweet voice.


“Mommy?” Himawari asked.


“Hey baby, I’m soooo sorry, mommy got so distracted when we got here she forgot to call.” she told her daughter.


“Feeling better?” Himawari asked.


Hinata looked over to Naruto, smiled, then answered honestly, “Worlds, mommy will be home the day after tomorrow, think you’ll be okay until then?”


“Yeah! Ku-nana took us out for ice-cream!”


“She did!?” Hinata asked, “What kind did you get?”


“Mint Chocolate Chip!!!” Himawari answered with a laugh.


Hinata giggled and moved to sit in the chair next to the table the phone sat on. “Sounds yummy, I’ll tell you what, when mommy comes home, we’ll go again. How does that sound?” Himawari cheered and instantly agreed, “I love you so much Himawari, can you put your big sister back on?”


“Okay! I love you too mommy, here’s onee-chan!” Himawari said, handing the phone back to Hanabi.




“It’s my fault for not calling, so I’ll forgive Himawari being up this late. But she needs to go to bed soon, or she will be cranky in the morning.” Hinata said with a tone of dread, having dealt with Himawari when she involuntarily triggers her Byakugan in the past.


“We will. I only called because she was so worried that she couldn’t sleep. She nearly walked in on Ku-chan and I while we were having a little fun with Boruto.” Hanabi told her.


“HANABI!” Hinata gasped.


“Whaaaat, it’s not like you didn’t know I took his virginity.” her little sister teased. Hinata sighed and shook her head as Hanabi spoke up again, “Oh speaking of, he wanted to talk to you as well, here he is!”


Hinata sat up again as the phone was handed off once again.


“Hey mom, how you feeling?” her son’s voice asked.


“Much better thanks.” she answered, “How’s your project coming, Boruto?”


“Funny you should ask about that,” Boruto said, “Everyone went over the footage from the other day, and we agreed that you should be in the movie as well. The old man screwed up your audition so the others couldn’t see your amazing talent. But they were really impressed by your performance yesterday!”


“Huh, really!?” Hinata asked, sitting up straight again. ‘It’s best he doesn’t know I wasn’t acting…‘ she thought with an awkward smile.


“Yeah, but the thing is, we’ve also casted A to play the role of a male teacher. Would you be okay working with him again? Sarada told me her mother has some medicine that can speed up recovery time or something; she couldn’t give me a lot of details on it yet.” Boruto asked her.


Hinata looked over to Naruto and smiled, “No problem. I’m so happy you want my help, I can endure anything.”


“Really?!” Boruto asked, and Hinata smiled at the excitement she heard in his voice.


“Yep!” she answered with a grin, “Just make sure I’m a teacher. I like the whole naughty teacher and student dynamic.”


“Consider it done.” Boruto said, “I’ll tell everyone, we’ll have everything sorted out when you get back.”


Hinata smiled and said her goodbyes to Boruto then spoke again with Hanabi, chiding her for letting her children stay up so late before promising to call again tomorrow evening then hanging up. “Naughty teacher and student dynamic?” Naruto echoed when she hung up the phone.


Hinata gave him an impish grin, “Chapter 9 of Make-out Paradise 2.” she said simply, “Right before they got to that Orgy town we remade in Konoha?


“Oh riiiight,” Naruto said, walking over to her as she got up from the chair and pulling her into a tight hug, “If I remember correctly, that was your idea.”


“I didn’t see you complaining when Sakura was sucking on this…” Hinata teased, reaching down to grab his cock and slowly stroking him back to full erection.


“No, but you’re a lot better at, other things…” he said suggestively as he reached up to grab her huge tits.


“Naughty boy…” she cooed before pouncing Naruto onto the bed, ready for round 2.


With a rejuvenated mind, body, and spirit, Hinata looked forward ahead, no longer dwelling on the Raikage ordeal of the past year, and excited to work on her son’s movie.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Great art and story as always, I really hope to see a chapter about the “little fun” between Kushina, Hanabi and Boruto!

2 years ago

Great work and story a great finale naruto knew how to reconquer his wife
Great way of nostalgy of this old ep of naruto looking hinata dancing in the river;)
Great work with the curves too

2 years ago
Reply to  Truth313

Glad you liked the story. I never actually saw the episode referenced, just a clip of it from Youtube. I don’t think that episode ever aired on TV in the US. 😛 prudish censors. But it did make for get scene setting in this chapter.