Sex in the Mind and the Behind

Unohana Retsu hasn’t thought about sex for hundreds of years. There was always so much to do, other things to focus her attention on. Not to mention that many people in the Soul Society simply found her too intimidating to even approach, let alone try to get into bed.


Now though, things were different. All the major threats had been defeated, and her new human friends were constantly visiting the human world, where no one knew her or her reputation.


That lead to very… interesting situations.


Unohana squealed as another orgasm slammed through her body; the man fucking her chuckled, giving her ass another swat.


“You really do like it rough, don’t you?” He pulled on her thick braid a little harder, making Unohana moan. He never stopped thrusting into her, his thick cock stretching her asshole, the pain and pleasure mixing together until she wasn’t sure which was which.


All she knew was that it was intoxicating and overwhelming.


A shriek of “Oh yes!” had her glance from the corner of her eye at Rangiku, who was also on her hands and knees, getting pounded in the ass. Unlike with Unohana, Rangiku’s partner was practically lying on top of her, the better to grab her huge tits and mash them in his hands.


A harder spank had her jumping and squealing in surprise. “Don’t worry about your friend, slut,” the man told her, grabbing her ass hard with his free hand. “In fact, I’ll make sure that you are only concentrating on me!”


A steady rhythm of thrusts, spanks, and hair pulling immediately had Unohana gasping and panting; the next orgasm drove Rangiku completely out of her mind. All the healer cared about was getting more pleasure…




“See, I told you inviting them to join us would be fun!~”


Slowly getting back up onto her hands and knees from the sprawled position she had been lying in, Unohana gave Rangiku a disbelieving look; unfortunately, it was wasted on the buxom strawberry blonde, who had her head turned.


“OH!!!~ Another guy staring at us from behind the trees! Let’s have him join us~~” Rangiku proclaimed excitedly, already waving at him.


‘Again?! I’m still sore from the last guy…’ Unohana thought to herself, still maintaining her usual smile even as her ass ached. Her pussy, though… it was starting to get wet again.


Maybe if she gave him a blowjob or a paizuri first, he would be willing to fuck her pussy? It was worth a try.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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