Setsuna’s Steamy Stream

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Stretching his arms, Izuku Midoriya winced as pain wrenched his left shoulder. ‘Must’ve hit that wall harder than I thought.’ he thought. He’d just come from the training hall where he’d been practising his three dimensional maneuvering. Moving in full cowling at 25% was easy now, practically second nature. However, moving through the air was still a challenge, especially when trying to stop and change directions in mid-air. Izuku had learned that the hard way when he slammed into a concrete pillar in the training area.


“Midoriya, report to Recovery Girl to have that fixed.” Cementoss said when he noticed him nursing his shoulder. “That impact looked pretty rough.”


He nodded, “I will, thanks.”


“I’ll go with him.” Iida said as he walked over.


Their teacher nodded and Izuku took a path to the left with Iida, heading back towards the main school building. Izuku looked over to Iida, he’d been rather quiet the last couple of days, and almost nervous every time he was close to Todoroki. Whenever Izuku asked him about it, he just said he’d done something to offend Todoroki and was still trying to think of a way to apologize.


Izuku decided not to press the issue for now as they made their way to the nurses office. As they made their way upstairs to Recovery Girl’s office, Izuku winced again at the pain in his shoulder.


“Are you alright?” Iida asked him.


“Yeah, just really aches is all, if this were my ankle I’d say I twisted it.” Izuku explained, since the pain was similar.


“Judging by my eyes alone, I don’t think you dislocated it.” Iida said, “Your arm would hang at an awkward angle in that instance.”


“Yeah, maybe I just fractured it,” Izuku agreed as they came up to the office. Izuku tried not to roll his eyes at the small crowd of other students lined up outside. The nurses office had been rather busy since Recovery Girl had gotten rejuvenated from exposure to some of Eri’s horn shavings. Now, the elderly woman had the body of a young woman in her late teens to early twenties. She was now twice as tall as before, with a figure like a supermodel.


And naturally, a lot of the young men in the school looked for any excuse to come see her. Izuku shook his head as he moved to sit in the hallway at the back of the line. “You might as well head back Iida, this might take a little while.” Izuku said, “Can you take some notes for me next period?”


“Consider it done Midoriya.” Iida said, patting his uninjured shoulder, “Feel better.”


“Thanks,” Izuku told him before watching him leave.


“What are you here for?” asked the person sitting in front of him. Izuku turned to see Setsuna Tokage sitting in the seat next to him. The dark green haired young woman smiled with her shark teeth grin at him, “Or are you just horny like the rest of these guys?” she said, speaking up so everyone could hear her.


“Hurt my shoulder in training, Cementoss sent me to have it fixed up.” he told her.


She leaned over and looked at his shoulder, his costume was still dusted with bits of concrete from the impact. She let out a low whistle, “Whew, that had to hurt. Good thing you got a high pain threshold man.”


“It’s not that bad, I’ve had way worse.” Izuku told her.


Setsuna nodded, “Yeah, I remember you in the sports festival last year. Didn’t you need surgery or something?”


Izuku held up his right hand, letting her see the scars and the way his fingers were now slightly crooked. “Yeah, I still couldn’t regulate my quirk well back then.”


“And now?” she asked.


“Now it’s a lot easier, also Nana and All Might have been helping me with a few tricks to make it easier.” he told her.


“Wow, aren’t you chummy with the new teacher!” Setsuna teased, “Calling her by her first name and everything.”


“Oh, well, that is, we went through something before she started working here, and she insists I call her by her first name.” He explained quickly.


“Relax, I’m just teasing you. I work at Busteez too.” Setsuna told him, lightly punching his right shoulder, “Didn’t peg you for the type who liked older women though.”


“No no, that’s not it, I swear!” he said hurriedly.


Setsuna laughed heartily, “You’re too easy Midoriya, you gotta learn to chill out.” she told him. “I like Miss Shimura, that lecture she gave really made me think about the burden that being a Hero comes with. I heard you’re in her special class, what does she teach there?”


“Special combat mainly.” Izuku told her. While technically true, Izuku couldn’t tell her that Nana was helping him learn better ways to use One for All.


“I wonder if I could get a seat in her class next semester? I’d really like to learn from her if I can.” Setsuna said, “Think you could put in a good word for me?”


“Uh, sure, I can try.” Izuku agreed. He remembered Nana had said something about taking on more students when the fall and winter semesters started.


“Thanks.” she said with a grin.


“So, what brings you here?” Izuku asked her, wanting to change the subject.


“Oh, I just need this reloaded.” Setsuna said, pointing to her abdomen. “It came out in my training last period, so I gotta get a new one.”


“Came out?” Izuku asked, blinking in confusion.


“My IUD silly, I’m not gonna risk working at Busteez without it.” Setsuna said, “I have a free period right now, so I thought I’d stop by and get a new one instead of waiting until after school.”


“IUD?” he echoed, then he looked at the spot she’d indicated, then he remembered. “OH! That birth control thing?” he asked more softly.


She nodded, “Yep, can’t work or attend school if I’m knocked up.” she said, sticking her long tongue out.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.” Izuku said.


“No need to apologize.” Setsuna told him. She then grinned again, “So, whatcha been up to over in Class A?” she asked in a friendly tone. “We haven’t done a joint training since everyone started doing a lot of Work Studies.”


“Yeah, that’s pretty much the reason. I’ve been working at the Endeavor Agency a lot as of late. Catching up with my regular studies has been difficult.” he confessed.


“I KNOW, right?” Setsuna said with a sigh, “I’m pretty good about studying and all, but it backs up so fast it’s crazy!” She then smiled, “Speaking of crazy, I saw you taking out that meteor thing with All Might and Shimura-sensei, that was awesome! You guys just flew up and smashed that thing to dust!” she said, shadow boxing at the air, “Oh yeah, you can fly?” she asked with a blink.


Izuku gulped, “Um, not exactly, it kinda works like Ochaco’s Zero Gravity, but different. I then just use wind pressure bursts to propel myself.”


“Huh, your quirk is nuts. But then, it’s come a long way from last year.” Setsuna said with a smile. “I heard you single handedly took down one of those big ass robots when you tried out for UA.”


“And shattered my arm and both legs doing it.” Izuku said.


“That too.” she agreed, then playfully punched his arm, “But look at you now! You’re one of the top ten rookies on the HN, and the biggest stud in the whole school.”


Izuku stiffened and felt himself blushing lightly. Setsuna laughed and slapped his back, “You really need to loosen up Midoriya.”


“Yeah, I hear that a lot.” Izuku agreed.


“Next please.” he heard Recovery Girl calling out into the hallway. She sounded more than a little annoyed, and Izuku didn’t blame her. He and Setsuna then continued to chat as the line slowly, but steadily cleared up. When it was finally their turn, Recovery Girl called both of them into her office.


“Oh dear, how did you lose it this time?” she asked Setsuna as she took the girl behind a privacy curtain.


“Oh, I waited too long to reattach the part of myself where it was kept and regenerated it. Anything foreign to me doesn’t get restored.” Setsuna explained.


“Ah, I see. Last time you broke yourself up in a way that it fell out if I remember correctly. You’re lucky these begin working immediately, young lady.” Recovery Girl told her.


“Don’t I know it!” Setsuna agreed.


“Alright, you’re all set.” he heard Recovery Girl say before she pulled the curtain aside. Izuku saw Setsuna standing up and adjusting her skirt as Recovery Girl scooted her stool over to where he sat. “Now, let’s have a look at you young man.” she said. It was odd hearing her call him that when she barely looked older than him. Izuku sat still while she examined him carefully while Setsuna watched.


“Tssss…” He hissed in pain when she moved his arm slightly and sent a shooting pain through him.


“Yep, it’s fractured. Tokage-san, please, assist me.” Recovery Girl said, showing her how to hold his arm steady. The pink haired young woman then puckered her lips and extended them out impossibly long to touch the side of his neck. A warm sensation washed over Izuku as his body glowed lightly. The pain slowly ebbed away, followed by a mild feeling of fatigue. When she was finished, Recovery Girl pulled her lips back and began writing on a pad.


“I’ve healed the worst of the damage, but I’m restricting you to light lessons for a day. The fracture wasn’t far from a serious break, you should give your body a while to heal a bit on it’s own.” she told him, “You said you caused this by misjudging your speed, and not overdoing it with your quirk again?”


“Yeah, it was a stupid mistake of misjudging distance.” Izuku said.


“Very well, you should be more careful. Ask Nana for more help there, she can give you better advice on three dimensional movement.” she said as she tore off the slip with her signature excusing him from classes for the rest of the day.


“I will, thanks.” Izuku said as he took the slip.

“Come on Midoriya, walk with me back to the dorms.” Setsuna asked.


Izuku nodded and the two of them said farewell to Recovery Girl. Just as they got out into the hallway, the final bell of the day sounded. The two of them made their way along the path leading to the Class B dorms. Izuku had been by here often, but he’d never really been inside.


“Can I offer you a drink or anything?” she offered him.


“If it’s no trouble, sure,” Izuku accepted, following her inside.


“It’s fine, Monoma isn’t here today, so no worries there.” Setsuna said with a smile.


“Well, that’s a relief.” he said as he walked inside. The layout was nearly identical to the Class A dormitory, though the furniture had a different pattern on the upholstery. He walked over to the common area while Setsuna went towards the kitchen. The green haired youth quickly spotted Itsuka Kendo sitting on the couch, a cellphone in her hands, her thumbs tapping rapidly against the screen.


“Hello Kendo-san.” Izuku greeted the ginger haired girl.


Looking up from her phone, Itsuka smiled at him, “Oh hey Midoriya! How ya been?” she asked, “Oh, sorry about the other day, I didn’t mean to ruin your night like that.”


“It’s alright, and I’m fine, thank you, how are you?” Izuku asked her as he moved over towards where she sat. She gestured for him to sit down and he nodded his thanks.


“I’m good, was just texting Shoto. He wants to go out on a date this weekend, and I was accepting.” she told him.


“Well that’s good, I hope you two have fun.” he told her.


“We will, thing’s still good between you and Momo? I heard you’re dating her now too.” she said to him.


“We’re fine thanks,” he said, rubbing the back of his head, “Yeah, I still don’t know how I feel about seeing so many girls at once…” he said nervously.


Itsuka laughed, “Really, I know a bunch of guys who would go full villain to be in your position.”


“Well, it’s not like I did it on purpose…” Izuku said.


“I know, that’s probably why you won so many girls’ hearts. You don’t even try.” Itsuka said with a smile.


“I can agree with that.” said Setsuna as she returned with a can of green tea and handed it to Izuku, “Hey Itsuka.” she said to her class rep.


Itsuka waved to Setsuna as Izuku cracked open the can and took a long sip. Setsuna then walked around the couch where he sat and took a seat next to him. She then opened a can of juice that she’d gotten for herself and rapidly chugged down the contents!


“Ahhhh!” Setsuna said after emptying the can, she then crushed it in her hand and tossed it expertly into a bin with a Recycle Logo printed on the side. “So Midoriya, wanna help me christen my new implant?” she asked with a grin.


“Huh, you lost ANOTHER one Set-chan?” Itsuka asked, “That’s three in as many months.”


“Yeah, I know, I’m gonna be more careful, this time I let my waist be detached for too long.” she explained.


“Yep, that’d do it.” Itsuka said.


“Huh, ah, what do you mean ch… christen?” Izuku asked nervously.


“Oh, Set-chan here has a little side-project she’s been doing for Midnight.” Itsuka said.


“Yep, it’s been fun, but I’ve been wanting to do more than just my own private strip teases.” Setsuna said. Izuku blinked in confusion and Setsuna got up, “Come on, it’ll be easier just to show you.” she said, offering her hand to help him to his feet.


Taking her hand, Izuku got up and followed the green haired girl up to the second floor of the dorm. She took Izuku to her room and opened the door for him. He nervously went in and blinked at the sight that greeted him. The room was covered in dinosaurs! The walls were plastered with a green Dinosaur Wallpaper, there were dinosaur posters pinned up here and there, and the blue carpeted floor had a number of dinosaur plushies scattered about. In a lot of ways, Izuku was reminded of Tsuyu’s room which had a frog theme.


Setsuna walked over to her bed which had a set of monitors set up over the headboard. ‘An odd place for a computer to be placed,’ he thought as he watched Setsuna move over to a keyboard set up next to her bed.


“This is my project for Midnight-Sensei.” Setsuna said, “It’s for heroes on the HN to access through the Busteez site. The girls can put on private little shows for a fee. She got the idea from this adult website that recently stopped allowing porn. She calls it Busteez Gals.”


“Okay, and what do you need me for?” Izuku asked.


She smiled at him, “Well, I’ve been getting requests to do more than just do little peep shows. So I thought it’d be fun to fuck a guy in my bed for one session.” she said as she moved up close to him. “I’d ask one of my classmates, but I don’t want things getting weird around the dorm later.”


“I can understand that.” Izuku said as the screens above the bed flickered on. He then shook his head, “So wait, you want ME!?” he asked.


Setsuna ignored him as she continued to type away at her keyboard. The screens on the headboard flickered on and showed a dinosaur themed background for a moment before they all flickered white aside from a single word on the middle screen that read ‘LIVE’. She then turned to look at Izuku and smiled, showing off her sharp teeth as she walked over to him.


“Why not, I hear good things from the other girls. They tell me you’re fantastic in the sack and respectful to boot.” she told him as she stepped in close and placed her hand over his chest. “What, am I not your type or something?” she asked, then pouted slightly, “Let me guess, it’s the teeth right?” she guessed, tears beading in the corner of her eyes, “Well, I can’t help that, they’re part of my quirk and…” she trailed off as she hugged her arms around herself.


“No, no, no! That’s not it at all!” Izuku said in a panic. “I think you’re very pretty, hot even.” he told her.


Setsuna smiled instantly, “That’s perfect then!” she said cheerfully and clapped her hands together before she began to strip off her clothes. Shrugging out of her uniform jacket and blouse quickly, she then turned around so her back was to him, “Can you get my bra for me?” she asked casually.


“I uh, um…” Izuku said even as he reached up and unhooked the teal colored garment.


Setsuna nodded her thanks and slipped her bra off before turning around to face him again, “I’m really grateful to Recovery Girl, I always wanted tits like these, but my quirk made implants impossible.” she confessed as she hefted her breasts, “I wanted to go bigger, but after a certain point moving gets difficult. But these are nice, right?” she asked.


“Uh, hm, YEAH, THEY’RE FINE!” Izuku said, his voice pitching up several notches as he focused on the ceiling.


Setsuna giggled, “Ochaco was right about you.” she said as she let go of her tits, making them bounce slightly before she stripped out of her skirt, leaving her in just a pair of white cotton panties with a long necked dinosaur on the front. She then grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands against her breasts. “It’s alright, I don’t mind.” she told him as his hands squeezed them reflexively. “That’s the spirit!” she said to him as she reached her hands down to undo his belt and pants. The green haired girl was surprisingly quick, before he could even try to protest she already had his pants down around his ankles.


She then stripped him out of his jacket, shirt, and underwear before shoving him down onto her bed. The sheets were made from a green satin-like material that felt as smooth as water against his skin. Setsuna finished stripping herself before she donned her costume mask and a layer of purple lipstick, then jumped onto the bed with him. The Class B student then crawled over his body, letting her bare skin keep in contact with him as she moved face to face with him.


“Wow, you’re really buff Midoriya!” said Setsuna, rubbing her hands over his chest. “Your clothes make you look all wiry and stuff, but you’re really cut! I like it!”


“Well, I do a regular wo.. workout..” he said nervously as he tried to sit up, only to have her shove him back down.


“I see,” she said, then looked over at his right arm, “Damn, what’s this…?” she asked, running her fingertips along the scar tissue that covered most of his tricep. She let out a low whistle, “Is this… Is this from the training camp last year?” she asked him, “I heard you messed up your arm really badly but, damn…”


“I, I still didn’t have much control back then. I had to use all of my strength against a villain to protect Kota. The backlash was still really bad.” he explained.


The smirking expression faded from Setsuna’s face, replaced by one of admiration as she continued to trace the outline of the scarred area. Loathe as he was to admit it, he liked the way her touch felt, and the way her room smelled. An odd flowery smell like when he walked through the Botanical Gardens in America.


“You endured so much pain just to save one life.” she said softly, “Seriously Midoriya-kun, I admire you.”


“ThaAAANK YOU!!!” Izuku began to say, but his voice jumped again as he felt Setsuna reaching her hand down to grab his cock gently. The green haired girl looked down at his dick as she began stroking him gently, his cock already getting stiff from her gentle touch.


“Mmmmmmh, so they weren’t just rumors.” she said, her voice like a cat purring as she watched his cock grow in her hand. She then slowly licked her purple lips before she moved down to begin kissing the side of his cock slowly.


“Haahha…” Izuku gasped as she pushed her ass in his face, giving him a clear view of her cleanly shaven pussy and it’s slick pink folds. He then groaned softly as he felt her warm wet mouth sliding around his cock.


“Hmmmmmph…” Setsuna moaned softly, his cock sliding down her throat slowly as she held his coconut sized balls in her dainty hands. Izuku groaned again as he felt his cock getting harder inside her mouth as she worked to take him further down her throat. Her lips then made a lewd wet slurping noise when she pulled her head back up slowly. The feeling of it was incredible, Izuku could only groan again as the green haired girl lifted her head free. “Mmmmmmmh, very nice…” she cooed happily, opening her mouth wide again before taking his cock back down her throat!


“Haaaah, To… Tokage-saaaan…” he groaned.


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, ‘ou can cahll meh Shetshuna…” she slurred casually around his mouth. Slurping his cock again as she lifted her head free, “Set-chan also works, I don’t mind.” she said and began kissing up and down his cock again, “Wooow, how can Momo and the others even walk right after taking this thing?” she asked him.


“I, uhhh, I don’t knOOOW..!” Izuku yelped as she began licking and sucking his balls, somehow she managed to get one inside her mouth and began rolling it around with her nimble tongue.


“Mmmmmmmmh, Aye wuv bahllsh… Mmmmh, yoursh shmell sho nishe an shtrooong, ahhh, muh head ish sharting to shpin…!” Setsuna moaned before swapping one testicle for the other. “Mmmmph, sho guud, ur bahllsh, Aye wuv dem…!” she moaned around his balls before letting them go and peppering them with kisses. She then turned herself around, kissing his chest and shoulders gently.


“Haaah…” Izuku shivered as she began nibbling his neck with her sharp teeth, then slowly ran her tongue over his skin.


“Mmmmmh, like that…?” she asked with a grin as she straddled his waist and began grinding her pussy against the length of his dick. Izuku could feel the heat coming off of her as her juices ran down his shaft. In spite of himself, his hips gently thrusted upwards and Setsuna grinned. “That’s more like it,” she told him as she raised her hips up slowly while somehow her face close to his. He then gasped when he saw she’d detached her lower body just below her breasts and was moving it to position her pussy right above his cock.


“Heeeee!!!” Izuku groaned as she lowered herself down onto him, his cock sliding inside her with ease. The now familiar feel of a pussy wrapping around him made him close his eyes and groan softly at the sensation.


MMMMMMMH!” Setsuna moaned deeply, “Sooo thiiiick, haaah…” she gasped, reconnecting her body to itself as she pushed herself upright. Her stomach stretching out visibly from his cock as she straddled him cowgirl style. “Ahhh yeah, I love this feeling….” she moaned softly, grabbing her own breasts again, kneading them in her hands. “So biiig, ahh, this is the biggest cock I’ve ever haaad…. Ahhhhn, I know why Momo and the girls get addicted to thiiis…” she moaned as she began slowly moving her body up and down.


“Ahhhaaa, Set… Set-channnn…” Izuku groaned.


“Yeah, don’t stop Midoriya, haaaah, this feels great, ahhh, you’re spreading my pussy so wiiide… HMMMMMMM!!! This feels so good!” she moaned as she looked down at him and grinned, “Well don’t just lay there, give the audience a show!” she told him.


“Huh, audience?” he asked.


“Well duh, this is live on the HN now silly!” she told him.


HUUUUUH!!!” he yelled as he tried to move, grabbing her waist and trying to pull himself up, but he only succeeded in thrusting his cock deeper into her!


OOOH YEEEEAH!!! AHHHH, FUCK, I JUST CAME FROM THAAAAT!!!” Setsuna screamed in pleasure as he felt her pussy clamping down around his cock tighter. She then began bouncing her ass up and down quickly, twirling her hips as she moved. Izuku closed his eyes and groaned, his hips thrusting almost on their own, producing a wet SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH sound in the room as Setsuna’s belly moved up and down, marking the movement of his cock inside her.






“Cannnn, you seee, everyone… Loook, ahhh, Look at my slutty pussy being stretched oooout!!!” she moaned, leaning back and making the distention in her belly stand out even more. “It’s inside, ahhh, my classmate is insiiide me!!! Fucking is the best!! I don’t think playing with myself i]for the camera will do it anymoooore!!! AAAHH, WATCH ME EVERY ONE, WATCH ME CUM ON THIS BIG DIIICK!!!” she screamed as she pushed herself down on him hard!


HMMMMMMMMMMM!” she moaned deeply.


“Haaah aahhh, it’s too much… ahhh…!” Izuku groaned as he continued thrusting his hips up into her, his hands gripping her tits tightly and pulling on them before pushing back.




“Ooooh… Fuck…” Izuku groaned as he pushed his cock all the way up inside her, his cum spraying back out around his cock.


FUCK YESSS, A CREAM PIE, I’M GETTING A MASSIVE CREEEAM PIEEEE IN FRONT OF SO MANY PEEEOPLE!!! I LOVE IIIIT!!!” Setsuna moaned as she came again and again! “AHHH, AHHH, AHHHAAAAAH!!” she panted as she leaned her head back and let out a long howl of pleasure before falling backward, her body only being held up by Izuku’s erection now.


“Hah, ahh, hah, yeeeeah, that was great, fucking while people watch is the beeeest…” she panted as she held her hands up in a Double V pose. “Tune in next time everybody!!! I’ll bring two guys then, and maybe another girl!”


She then waved and tapped a key on the nearby keyboard. before pulling herself up and off of him. His cum rapidly drained out of her womb with a wet sound like when you tried to pour a drink out of the bottle too fast. She then lay back on the bed, panting and covered in a fine layer of sweat.


“Mmmmmh, thanks Midoriya, I never had that many viewers all at once! Midnight-sensei is sure to be thrilled.” she told him as though nothing were wrong.


“Hey!” Izuku said once he finally recovered his wits, “I never agreed to this!”


“Oh chill out!” Setsuna said, waving her hand dismissively, “If you’re worried about your girlfriends, I already texted Tsu and cleared it with her when I went to get your tea. She just told me not to make it a habit.”


“Huh!?” he asked, dumbfounded.


“Yeah, I don’t think I will either. Your dick is great, but fuck, my pussy is still stretched out! I’m glad I regenerate! Honestly, I don’t understand size queens.” Setsuna said as she got up and began putting on an oversized t-shirt after wiping herself down with a towel. She then tossed him a towel as well, “Say, you’re welcome to use my shower if you like, I know some guys like to hose off after to help cool down.”


“Huh…” he said again.


“I’ll be downstairs if you need me, I think it’s pizza night if you wanna stay for dinner. Later!” she said before exiting the room.


WHAT’S GOING ON!?” Izuku shouted at no one.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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i mean fuyumi with deku it would be fun

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I’m glad Kendo apologize to Izuku, but in my opinion I hope she still makes it up to him. Leaving a man blue-balled like that is not okay. 😆

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Seriously I really enjoyed this. Not just how she interacted with Izuku, but also how she went about having sex with him. On that note, I really liked the build up, from beginning to end.

Plus I liked everything else about this too. From Kendo speaking with and apologizing to Izuku directly for before, Iida trying to avoid Shoto because of what happened with him and Rei (probably for the best LOL) and the check up. Very nicely done.

Overall, it was still a Setsuna heavy show, live webcam mini show or not, and I like how she treated this like no big deal, much to her partner’s chagrin. LOL

Still, I really liked this. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her sometime. Nice work. 😀

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Heck yeah ! good story as always, this and the pic made my weekend a little better.
I don’t know Setsuna very well but her personality felt right, and she’s fun. Very nice of her to ask permission to Tsuyu first.

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Setsuna’s nice like that. At least that’s how she comes across to me. I wanted to try a non-size queen girl. Yeah Izuku is huge, but that’s not what interests her.

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I am happy to see Setsuna, great art, great chapter, great characters I just really enjoyed this!

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Recreational Pourpoises
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She is

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You’ll love next week then, start is already done and available to read over on my patreon!

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Mr. Akrononym
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Nice chapter. Can’t really be compared to the last one though.

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