Serving Up Desserts and Creampies

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Day 2 of SPLASH was underway. And after working out and having breakfast with her newest friend, Matsunami; Mei hit the beach and met with Tian, Tasha, and Eve to discuss business. She was still very hung over from the night before having partied most of the night in one of the beachside clubs.


“Good morning Ms. Mei!” greeted her young assistant, Eve.


“Hey girl!” said Tian


“Buenos…. días….. bitches” grumbled Mei, in a low irritated tone before taking a sip of her water bottle.


“I tried to warn you about those ‘Adios Motherfucker’ shots! You had 6 of them and that’s after you were already lit!” Tasha reminded her.


“Girl you were sloppy, fucked up drunk last night. Dancing on tables, taking over the DJ booth and spraying the dancers with champagne!” Tian added.


“I about died when you lead everybody in the club in doing the Macarena!” Eve continued.


“Look at this!” Tasha remarked giggling while showing Mei her cellphone screen. Mei sighed and face palmed as she watched the video footage of herself in the club.


“Ay caramba…” Mei remarked while shaking her head.


“You made it pretty lively last night Ms. Mei. The talk of night….” Eve said with a giggle.


“Alright alright, It’s time to get down to business.” Mei asserted before taking another big gulp of water.


“Let’s split up, each of us goes to different parts of the beach. This way we cover more ground.” instructed the boss.


“Talk to any girl you see that might fit in our organization. I want a little bit of everything. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian. Thick with big hips and tits, or Itty Bitty Titty Committee! We gotta have some of every flavor! A lot of otakus these days have Beastmen fetishes so recruit maidens as well!” explained the business woman.


“Right!” answered Tian, Tasha and Eve in unison.


“And one more thing, if any of you see ‘HER‘ call me, comprende!?” The other 3 women nodded in response to her instructions. The group then dispersed to go carry out their mission. Mei strolled down the beach, on the hunt for young ladies who had the “it” factor she was looking for.



After about twenty minutes of scoping out candidates she came across someone worth speaking to.




The young woman was in the middle of being fucked on the hood of a life guard jeep. The big titted broad had light powder blue hair with opaque light grey eyes that appeared to be devoid of pupils. As Mei approached she recognized the life guard, it was same guy that approached her the previous day that Xavier chased off. She looked at the blue haired woman and could immediately tell she had a little bit of skill. The way she moved her hips was a giveaway. However, the same couldn’t be said for the life guard. It was clear to Mei that her ear piercing screams were manufactured.


“Javi, good thing you stopped me when you did! That life guard’s big muscles are just for! show He can’t use em to fuck right, that’s for sure. Would’ve been a waste of my time.” chuckled the amused milf while walking up to the jeep.


“Ay! DESAPARECER!” (Spanish for “Disappear“) Mei shouted at the lifeguard as she intervened.


“Get your limp dick ass outta here and do some damn work!!!”


The lifeguard yelped and immediately fled in shame, leaving Mei and the blue haired woman.


“He wasn’t doin it for you I could tell. I just saved you five minutes of your precious time missy.”


“Yeah, I know right!” replied the young woman as she put her bikini back on.


“Do you mind giving me a few minutes of your attention Miss…?.” Mei asked assertively.


“Julia. And sure!” replied the young woman as she checked to make sure that her bikini was in order.


“Do you like sex?”


“Hell yeah! Well, when I can get a nice big fat dick!” Julia answered, followed by a chuckle at the end.


“If you don’t mind me asking. What do you do for a living?” Questioned the business woman with her eyebrow raised.


“I work at Sub-Zone.”


“I eat there all the time! In fact, I had lunch with my son there a couple of days ago. How do you like it there?” Mei asked curiously.


“I don’t like it at all. Lot’s of hours and low pay! I can barely manage. Its hard to get by working like this…”


“I know the feeling. Working so hard yet having NADA to show for it.” Mei said sympathetically.


“I’m trying to find something else but the job market is brutal. I’ve applied to over twenty jobs and only got a return call for two of them.”


“Well what if I told you I could offer you something better. Much higher pay, your choice of work schedule, an enjoyable atmosphere and outstanding management.” Mei stated with a confident smirk. The bronze business woman handed Julia a business card that read “EMPIRE ESCORT SERVICES LLC.” Underneath that, the name “Big Mama” was listed along with an address, email, office phone number and a cell number.


“Escort service? So you’re a pimp…” The blue haired teen said with skepticism.


“The word ‘Pimp’ doesn’t even begin to describe what I do, but if you want to give my job a title, I’m a fixer, a master of all trades. I do a bit of match making here and there between my associates and my clients.”


“By associates you mean escorts?”


“Si! I arrange the meetings, what happens after that is entirely up to you. There is no ceiling on how much you can earn.” Mei explained.


“Hmmm… but what about the clients? How would I know I’m not going on a date with a gross weirdo?”


“All of our client’s undergo a thorough background screening. On top of that, I have expert security specialists that will be nearby during dates to ensure your safety. They are all ex military men, trained killers equipped to deal with any situation.


“What’s the catch?”


“There isn’t one. If you accept, I will make you into a big earner, I promise that. The way I see things, you’re out here fucking anyway, why give up the culo for free when can you get paid handsomely for it?” Questioned the match maker.


“But doesn’t that make me a ho?” remarked the young woman, embarrassed.


“No, that makes you a business woman. It’s an empowering feeling; men will pay you hundreds, even thousands of their hard earned dollars for an hour of your time. And if you come across a man you like, you can spend more time with him for even more money. In this business, you truly do control your own destiny. The real hos are the ones that continue to slave themselves to death at low paying 9-5 job’s for employers who don’t give a fuck about them.” Mei retorted.


“I care about my employees. My girls aren’t mere resources to make money to line my pockets. They are my partners in business. BIG business. You can become one of those partners.” explained the madam.


“Even if I want to, I’m not certified by AEWA (The Adult Entertainment World Association) though…. ” The young woman responded disappointingly.


“You will be. I have a vast network of connections in this industry.”


“But I have no training… I’ve never attended an AE (Adult Entertainment) school…”


“WE will train you! We provide better training than any adult entertainment school on the planet… even BETTER than Busteez Slut University.” For a moment, Mei’s friendly disposition shifted to a serious demeanor. The shifting of the clouds caused the sun overhead to cast a shadow over her face, causing her green eyes to glow eerily in the blackness.




“The choice is yours. You can keep on working at place like Sub-Zone or choose to make a change and become the best version of yourself. Either way, you will see me again. It’s up to you whether it’s to make money with me or making my sandwich. Again, the choice is yours.” Mei pointed out before walking away.


After about 10 seconds, Julia ran up to Mei. “Count me in!” the blue haired girl decided.


“Excellente! Meet me at my office at 8 A.M. Monday. Don’t be late. Punctuality is the first step to a successful date.” Mei informed her.


“AND If you want a big dick to play with I know someone who can help you with that.” teased the match maker.



An hour later…


On another part of the beach, BSU Professor Sara Reed stumbled wearily back to where Taiyohime was seated and working on her laptop. The junior professor was parched and starving from chasing down a gargantuan assed recruit she previously rejected who had now signed up with HSU (Harlot State University).


“Were you able to find her?” Taiyohime asked while tapping away at her laptop.


“It took a while but got her! I swear every fan I ever had came out of nowhere to ask me for a selfie while I was looking for Fenixia!


“And what did she say?”


“She accepted! I had to give her a full ride scholarship and cover the cost of her textbooks for the next 3 years. I had to beat what Harlot State was offering.” Sara explained.


“She will be a fine addition to class 1-XL.” stated the faux child.


Class 1-XL is a specialty class designed for students with ENORMOUS assets like Fenixia. Class 1-XL students are specially accommodated with equipment made to cater to their gigantic sizes. For example, each individual student gets larger sized desks, bigger chairs, and larger beds both to sleep on in their dorm rooms and to shoot with during class filming sessions. There is an entire wing of the university designed to cater to their needs. This includes bigger doorways, elevators, stairwells for travel and XL accessible bathrooms, as well as any other equipment and facility one would normally use.


“Job well done Serrabelle.”


“There’s one more thing Tai-chan. I still have to show you the male student I recruited. The chef, c’mon you won’t regret it!” Sara urged.


“Alright, I guess I’ll go check him out since it’s lunch time anyway.” replied the Headmistress, remembering that she was so busy with work that she forgot to eat breakfast.


“I’m starving. Let’s go!”


Sara grabbed Taiyohime’s hand and briskly power walked through crowds who moved out of the way for them, thinking they were mother and daughter.


“I really wish you would stop doing that!” sighed the Headmistress, quite aware of what the crowd is thinking of the two.


“That was the last time! I promise!”


“That’s what you always say.” Taiyohime replied with a rather unamused expression.


“Auron is an amazing chef. That strawberry tart, I don’t even have the words for it. It’s like love in the form of a pastry!” Sara gushed as they walked.


“That crust, so buttery and flaky soft! And that strawberry center?! So warm and juicy! I’m gonna cum just thinking about it!” yelled the busty blonde while picking up her pace.


“He’s that good huh? I’m still not sold on him or you spending university funds for this gimmick of his.”


“I’m telling you, he’s the real deal! You should have seen all the girls who were doubled over in delight yesterday! I stake my reputation on it!” claimed Sara with supreme confidence in the chef prodigy.


It was a matter of good fortune that the teacher duo saw a blonde haired man pushing a cart in the distance. It was Auron. He had just recently finished serving two BSU students along with several other women. Sara took off, sprinting towards Auron at full speed. Taiyohime was sent airborne with only her grip on Sara’s hand keeping her from being sent flying. She dragged behind Sara in midair as junior professor made a mad dash for the food stand.




Sara slid forward to put on the brakes and slow her momentum, coasting deep into the sand with her feet as if she was surfing. This splattered the young chef with sand; however this didn’t bother him in the least given whom it was.


“My dear Ms. Reed! You are looking gorgeous as always.” complimented the youth. Auron then turned his attention to Taiyohime. He immediately froze up at the sight of her. His heart pounded and his knees shook uncontrollably in the presence of the legendary starlet. Auron felt a lump in his throat that temporarily delayed him from speaking. He was at a total loss for words. The aspiring stud gazed upon her in awe. As he stood there, the young man imagined himself serving her tea in a traditional Japanese ceremony. She gave the chef a warm smile, thankful for his service. The chef smiled back, honored to serve her.


“Hello!!! Anybody home???” asked the Headmistress with a slight grin, completely aware that he was intimidated by her presence.


“M…..M……M…Ms. Kuriyue! I-I-I….Am…A-Auron. At your service honorable Headmistress!” greeted the chef while bowing in deference to her.


“I hear you can whip up some amazing food.” the Headmistress said.


“T-That’s what I-I hear too!” replied the young chef in an attempt to maintain his composure. “What can I serve you??”


“Hmmm… I think I’m in the mood for a Raspberry crepe.”


“Then you shall have it my dear Headmaster! Your wish is my command!” His mood shifts, firey determination now in his eyes.


Auron immediately went to work, placing a skillet and a pot of water on the burners to heat up. He then mixed together some eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla and milk along with a mixture of unknown spices. The young chef whisked the mixture with amazing speed and control, turning his wrist in a rapid cyclic motion. It was so fast that his entire arm became a blur before their very eyes, rivaling the power of an electric mixer. As the pot of water came to a boil, he added fresh raspberries and sugar to it, stirring it gradually until the berries broke down into a pie filling-like mixture. At the same time, he cooked the crepe in the skillet on medium heat occasionally turning it over. Given Auron’s keenly precise sense of timing, the crepes and the raspberry compote finished simultaneously. He then flipped the crepe into the air with the skillet and grabbed a plate to catch it with. Amazingly the crepe folded perfectly as it hit the plate, showing flare as well as expert technique. The chef then ladled the raspberry sauce onto the crepe and sprinkled powdered sugar around the edges. For his final touch, Auron pulled out a squeezable of homemade cream cheese sauce and drizzled the top of the crepe with it in the shape of a large cursive “A”


“Alas, here is my humble offering!” said the young man confidently as he presented Taiyohime with her plate.


“Thank you, Mr. Chef.”


“You’re very welcome madam.”


Taiyohime grabbed her fork and took a bite of the dish. Auron rubbed his hands together, eagerly awaiting her positive reaction.


“I have to say…This crepe…” She began.


“Yes?!” Auron asked eagerly with anticipation.


“Is okay.” Taiyohime said flatly before taking a second bite.


“WHAAAAAAAT?!” Auron’s eyes bugged out comically large as he asked in shock. The man turned to stone, his skin faded to an ashen gray hue. Her words pierced him like an arrow impaling his very heart.


Sara looked around as the crowd around the popular chef could be heard gasping and whispering.


[But…BUT! What could have gone wrong?! I’ve made this plate a hundred times!] he thought to himself in a panic. He quickly took out a notepad and skimmed thru his recipes to make sure he did everything correctly.


“P-please a-allow me to t-t-try again my ‘lady!” The man stuttered nervously as the confidence he had began to fade.


Auron immediately went to work on a second crepe. He was under immense pressure having failed to please her with his cooking. His hands were sweating which caused him to lose his grip on the whisk, flinging it at least 10 feet away nearly hitting someone. As he moved to get another whisk, the raspberry compote boiled over and ran into the burner’s flame. This caused the sugar and alcohol laden sauce to ignite, setting the top of the stove ablaze!


“Oh NOO!” panicked the chef. He quickly grabbed a towel and swung it wildly at the flames to no avail. He was forced to grab the fire extinguisher at his station and put out the quickly growing fire. The crowd around them began to scream and panic.


“So this is the student huh…?” Taiyohime glared at Sara with her arms crossed, wearing a stone faced expression. Sara chuckled nervously as Taiyohime stared her down; beads of sweat ran down her face like she had just stepped out of a swimming pool.



On yet another area of the beach, Ashani El-Karim relaxed near a pavilion area that had multiple swimming pools and a DJ playing music. The milk chocolate beauty was dressed rather simple, wearing a black thong bikini along with a straw hat and dark aviator sunglasses to conceal her identity. Additionally, she wasn’t wearing any of the egyptian jewelry that was typically part of her attire. While checking her Linkum account she noticed a stranger walking toward her.


“All hail porn’s ruler Ashani El Karim! So I’ve heard you’re attending MY University. Welcome.” The stranger said in an insincere tone.


It was Violette Beauregard, the world renowned socialite. The woman walked up to Ashani and sat in an empty chair. Her quips always got under the princess’ skin.


“If it isn’t the almighty Violette Beauregard. You speak out of turn but you are correct. I’ve actually been looking forward to meeting you in person.” remarked the woman in a sarcastic tone as she defended herself verbally.


“Likewise princess, I see you’ve finally decided to come out of that palace in desert you’ve been hiding in for so long. What brings you here your highness?” Violette asked with a snarky disposition about her.


“I figured since it’s almost time for orientation I’d experience as much as I can of what World City has to offer. I see you’ve been using your family’s product quite a bit.” Ashani accused while looking at Violette’s figure.


“Looks like you’ve been under the knife since you were last seen in public a year ago!” Violette countered directing her attention to Ashani’s curves which rivaled her own. Little did the woman know, Ashani experienced a growth spurt in recent years, luckily it was in all the right places. The princess proceeded to take off her sunglasses and engage in a stare down with Violette. However, the standoff of dueling heiresses would not last. It was interrupted by another young lady.


She was a statuesque and heavy chested, deeply tanned vixen; her tan lines highly visible under her barely there micro bikini. Her flowing golden blonde locks hung down her back. The front of her hair was parted slightly with single spiky strand of hair that curved outward from her forehead. The young lady had a distinct, elegant walk which looked refined and rehearsed; much more classy than slutty. She turned her nose up and looked away from the drunken men who cat called her and swiftly moved to avoid the attempts to grope her.


“EWWW!! Don’t touch me you filthy pigs!” Ordered the blonde woman as she moved through a crowd.


“Vivi!” said buxom tanned lady, interrupting Violette and Ashani.


She then stopped dead in her tracks as she took notice of Ashani.


“Princess Ashani?!” asked the blonde which catches the mocha skinned woman’s attention.


Ashani gave a brief nod in the affirmative.


“I’m Nicole, Nicole Wellington.” informed the ahoge girl. “So nice to finally meet some sophisticated people here! I’ve been dodging the grabby hands of these uncultured pigs all weekend.”


“Nice to meet you.” greeted Ashani before standing up. They briefly hugged one before taking her seat again.


“My goodness, you’re a lot prettier in person!” Nicole said to Ashani.


“Why thank you.” Ashani said.


“You can thank her doctor for that!” Violette said snidely.


“Oh Vivi hush, women of our social standing shouldn’t be bickering amongst eachother!” Nicole chided before walking over to hug Violette. The two exchanged kisses on the cheek.


“It’s been too long Nicky. What brings you to this part of the country? I didn’t know you were attending SPLASH this year.” Violette inquired.


“I was moving into my dorm room. I enrolled into BSU’s first year. My father froze all of my accounts! I guess the trip to Italy with our private jet was the last straw. He told me I have to get a job or enroll in college or else I will be cut off from my inheritance. Something about needing to learn some discipline and responsibility.”


“I heard all about your trip to Italy on the TV headlines.” Violette admitted with a chuckle.


“I saw the video. You bum rushed the stage at the Milan fashion show and tackled one of the male models.”


“Yeah, I got a little carried away with the champagne that evening. Security detained me for 3 hours. My parents weren’t happy.” confessed Nicole with a mortified look.


“Travelling the world and spending money all the time gets old after a while. There is only so much you can do until you’ve done it all.” Violette said with a sigh.


“I can’t believe I have to go to school though! I thought I was done with that once I graduated.. Now I gotta do it again?!” Nicole lamented.


A bartender then arrived with 3 oversized Margaritas for the ladies to enjoy.


“Think of it this way. We are in a new place full of interesting people. There’s quite a few who have caught my attention too. I hooked up with this second year guy at a barbecue a few days ago. He totally blew my mind. There was another guy named Eiji I met who’s starting with us. I found him on Linkum. He’s a darling and a good lay too.”


“How about you?” Nicole asked while looking over to Ashani while sipping her frozen drink.


I’ve only met one guy since I arrived here yesterday. I was surprised that he approached to me. Most guys are intimidated by the whole princess thing.” Ashani recounted.


“What happened?! dish out all the details, gurl.” pressed Nicole.


“We talked for a bit and got familiar. It was refreshing to have a conversation with a normal person.”


“So he was a commoner?” Nicole asked, a twinge of disgust in her voice.


“Yes, quite the charming little guy actually. He had pretty green eyes and was great with his tongue. Too bad he was just an average fuck. I was hoping for so much for from him. I can’t even remember his name.” Ashani confessed before taking a big gulp through her straw.


I think I know who you’re talking about but I can’t recall his name either. He was a total dud with me.” Violette added.


“I didn’t see anyone deserving of my attention yesterday. Such unsightly bums.” remarked Nicole about the boys she encountered at Passion Tower.


“I suggest you open your mind a little Nicole. We are going to be sleeping with these guys regularly. Wealth and status are not the end all be all with men.” Violette advised.


“I agree with Violette on that. You never know you might find someone at school that really DOES IT for you.” giggled the mocha princess.


By the time Ashani finished her statement, all three of them had finished their drinks.


“How about another round?” the tanned socialite asked.


“Sure! Why not?! the day is young and theres more partying to do!” replied Violette with a grin.



(3:00 P.M.)


In a span of several hours, Mei and her cohorts had recruited a bevy of beautiful women, 13 in total. With Tian, Tasha and Eve, she had a total of 16 employees total. They were an assortment of lusty women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and body types. From busty blonds, to petit waifus, to BBWS, and fiery red heads, Mei’s goal was to assemble a staff of ladies to service any client’s fetish needs. Their experience levels varied from newcomers working 9 to 5 jobs to veterans of the prostitution game looking for a worthy employer. Mei had the gift of gab for sure, convincing even the most experienced hoes to buy into her vision. This was great progress; however she had not yet located any of the ‘Big Fish’ she coveted to place to the forefront of Empire Escorts. Mei wanted at least 1 or 2 seasoned and well known professionals to advertise to clients but also to help her prepare the novice and unlicensed girls for service.


“No replies yet.” sighed the busty thick haired blonde as she glanced down at her email inbox. Mei had sent messages to all of the individuals weeks prior to SPLASH. However, these ladies receive hundreds of messages daily in regards to booking appointments and have sort to through them to distinguish legit inquiries from the trolls and fans who wish only to get a response rather than do business.


“Still?” Tian asked in a loud tone as she rode alongside Mei.


“Nada, but you know how it is, this takes time chica. But with SPLASH going on, we have a better chance of meeting “HER” face to face. Check her Instagram.


“I did. She’s here but Sapphire Shores is several miles long. She could be anywhere on the World City stretch of beach land. Mei suddenly felt her stomach rumble. She hadn’t eaten before her morning workout date with Matsunami.


“Dios mío! I’m starving! I can’t take it anymore, I gotta get somethin!”


“I think there’s some kind of food event going on today. A contest or something.”


“Vamos! Let’s go check it out!” the leader directed.


Mei and Tian walked over to the area where the annual SPLASH food fest was taking place. The beach was loaded with illustrious food trucks, trailers, street carts, and cooking stations all in a neat line. The cooks prepared cuisine from all parts of the world. Anything one could want was available, from American BBQ to the tacos and burritos of Mexico to English fish and chips. You name it; nearly every dish you could think of was being served. Hungry partygoers crowded the vicinity, all looking to stuff their faces with the delicious food being prepared.


“Aye Yi Yi! So many places to choose from! Observar! (Spanish for “Look“) there’s Korean BBQ and Italian. Over there, it’s a Greek spot. SO MANY CHOICES! How do I pick?! And which do I try first?!” the bronze maiden said gleefully.


Amongst the fancy food trucks and expensive trailer set ups, there was one interesting looking cart that appeared to be damaged in a fire. On it was a crudely written cardboard sign that read “Auron’s Fine Dining” but with an additional note written in red that said “LADIES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. There was a long line of women at this particular cart anxiously waiting to get a taste of what he was preparing.


“How about we go over there?” Tian suggested curiously.


“Awwwww! Look at the size of that line. We will be there all day!” Mei pouted.


“If the line is that long it could be worth the wait.”


“Si, you might be right so I GUESS we can try it…” replied the buxom milf.


As they got closer to the line they were it with a pungent mesquite aroma which was a blend of savory meat and an array of herbs and spices.


“AHHHHHH!!!! IT’S SO AMAZING!! I’M SO TURNED ON!! I’M GONNA CUM!” yelled a black haired woman as she collapsed to the floor in a fit of orgasmic bliss.


“Dios Mio! You see that? She fell over after taking a bite.” Mei exclaimed as she sprinted to get in line.


“Yeah, could that be……”


“Good afternoon fair maidens! come and experience what a truly SATISFYING meal tastes like!” Auron yelled while stepping away from his station. The young man was dressed in a pair of bermuda shorts and an unbuttoned pink Hawaiian shirt emblazoned with pineapples and palm trees.


“Ohhh! It’s the Chico that cooked for us last night!!! Muy Guapo!” (Spanish for “Very Handsome“)


The line moved rather quickly thanks to Auron having some help. Diana was assisting him due to the traffic Auron anticipated and the nature of the dish he was preparing.


“Behold my Polynesian style roast pork! I, Auron Sorelle, have prepared it with love for you all to enjoy! I assure you it is the best dish on the beach!!!”


Auron’s roast pork was indeed a unique dish not only for its rich earthly flavor but because of his preparation. He used the Kalua method, an ancient style of cooking practiced in Hawaii and the Polynesian islands. This technique uses holes in the ground and heated stones to slow cook the meat. Auron had been planning this for months, choosing the best pigs from World City’s top farmers along with gathering fresh herbs and spice leaves which he personally dried and ground into seasonings. Earlier in the morning, he picked out pineapples and greens from a local produce market he frequently shopped at. Auron spent the early morning digging massive holes in the beach sand in preparation for the food fair. After several minutes, the line had moved enough for Auron to see that Mei and Tian were next to be served.


“Lady Melanie, Lady Tian! Great to see you two again! And welcome to my humble kitchen! Your presence here today makes my heart swell with joy!” Auron exclaimed with hearts in his eyes.


“Last night’s meal was muy delicioso! I had to come back for a second helping.” Mei remarked with a smirk.


“It is my pleasure to serve you. The meal I am about to serve you will be free of charge! I cannot charge a pair of heavenly maidens like you two!” Auron replied while taking each woman’s hand and kissing it.


The chef then made their plates, giving them a generous portion of pork along with a side of sautéed seaweed greens and grilled pineapple.


“Bon Appétit!” greeted the young chef while handing Mei and Tian their plates.




Mei and Tian made their way to a beachside swimming pool with multiple pavilions and even couches to sit on.


Back at the cooking, station Auron made a request to Diana.


“Hey my sweet Diana, do you think you could take over and hold down the fort over here? I have something to attend to!”


“It’s the blonde woman isn’t it?” Diana asked with a look of suspicion.


“Yes I want to see her reaction to MY cooking. Last night, I was cooking using the restaurant’s recipes and ingredients. Today, they get to experience the full potential of my cooking!


“Yeah I got it. Go ahead and go.” Diana responded with a thumbs up.


Auron then headed over to where Mei and Tian were going. Meanwhile, the two ladies sat down on a couch by the pool.


“It’s so fragrant! it’s almost like I can taste it from smell alone!” Mei commented. Tian forked up some of the pork along with the greens and took her first bite.




Tian hopped to her feet and took several quick bites. The feeling intensified even more as she was overwhelmed by the sensual feeling. Her legs quivered as moisture ran down her thighs. Drool ran down her chin as she was overcome with Foodgasmic joy!


“Oh shit!” yelled Mei as she watched Tian. The busty caramel woman then went to work on her plate, quickly shoveling it down in a matter of seconds. It was as if Xavier’s gluttonous way of eating came from her.


“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mei let out a pleasure filled moan.


The impactful flavor hit her like a runaway locomotive! The texture and flavor of the pork ravaged her taste buds sending her into a frenzy of culinary delight. Her body contorted on the couch, going into seizure-like shakes.




Mei then rubbed her pulsating pussy and grabbed on her tits as she became immersed in complete food splendor!




Their surroundings shifted into a Tropical Island. Mei and Tian were dressed in grass skirts with puca shell necklaces. Dolphin’s jumped around in the ocean as breeze swept across the two sexy ladies. A band played the ukuleles while others danced the hula to the relaxing tune. Auron’s cooking had induced a euphoric almost out of body experience! It was like the roast pork dish took them to Hawaii itself! The tantalizing flavor triggered all of Mei’s senses giving her the feel that she was at a luau!


“AUUUUURRRRRONNNNN!” screamed both women in unison.


Mei embraced Tian and held on to each other for support as the both experienced Foodgasmic ecstasy. While their new surroundings were a figment of Mei’s vivid imagination, they were indeed making out. Auron looked on in pride as this confirmed to him he had created a masterpiece. Violette, Nicole and Ashani looked on from inside of one of the glass pavilions nearby.


“What’s going on?!” Nicole asked curiously.


“His food arouses ALL of the senses. I had one of his burgers a couple hours ago. It’s the best I’ve ever had!” recounted the blue haired recruit.


“He’s going to be attending BSU this year.” Violette added.


“Interesting, maybe we will have the good fortune of him being in our class.” replied the tanned blonde vixen


Ashani watched on silently while sipping her Pina Colada drink.


“OH MY GAAAAAWWWWD! I NEVER KNEW FOOD COULD MAKE ME FEEL THIS GOOD!” hollered the lusty milf as she gave Tian a juicy smooch. The two women then collapsed on the floor, unable to stand any longer. Mei slumped backwards on the couch, breathing heavily while Tian fell to floor like a ton of bricks. Auron immediately rushed to assist them.


“Are you alright?” Auron asked as he help Mei back to her seat. At that moment, Mei experienced a rejuvenating feeling.


“Si marvilloso! My hangover is gone!” Mei exclaimed in disbelief.


“I feel wonderful.” continued the bronze bombshell while hopping to her feet and hitting a quick salsa two step.


“Man! That was hell of a lunch! I feel so strong and lively!” Tian pointed out as Auron helped her up.


“My cooking tends to have that effect. It is a level of cooking that took me years to cultivate.” replied the blonde chef.


“If you don’t mind I’m gonna go get I drink. I need one to wash down that awesome lunch. Thank you for treating me.” Tian said with a big smile on her face.


“No, thank YOU for giving another opportunity to please your palette my dear.” Auron responded, returning the grin and doing a slight bow.


Tian recalled the previous night’s dinner where Auron kissed Mei’s hand longer than he did everyone else’s. Her stepping away to get a drink was actually meant to give them space. Auron sat down on the couch next to Mei, making sure she was alright.


“What did you put in that, chico!?” Mei asked, still astounded by the feeling the roast pork had induced.


“Nothing but the highest quality natural ingredients hand selected by me. I use my own cooking techniques to provide a new and fresh take on food to my customers.”


“I must ask, What’s with the ‘ladies only’ sign?” questioned the curvy golden haired woman.


“I’ve no interest in serving other guys. I prefer to cater to beautiful women such as you.”


“So, are you trying to become a restaurateur or something?”


“Not exactly. I’m trying to do something that has never been done before. I want to establish a culinary curriculum at all AE (Adult Entertainment) schools.”


“What? Why would an Adult Entertainment need a culinary arts class?” Mei asked with a rather confused expression.


“Nutrition is a key factor for the body’s performance. Athletes have been exploring the possibilities of nutrition and diet for decades. So why don’t adult entertainers do the same?” asked the young man rhetorically.


“The effects of cooking are limitless. Through trial and error, I have discovered that with the right ingredients and cooking methods, I can create meals that can do anything! I can create meals that boost stamina, endurance, sex drive and reduce recovery time. I can brew soups and shakes that increase ones focus and even learning capacity. With my talents, I believe I can help elevate BSU students to becoming the top porn stars in the world!”


“Si, ilusiónes grandes! (Spanish for “Big Dreams“) BSU huh, so you’re starting college there?”


“Yes and I’m looking forward to it.”


“Speaking of BSU, I know someone starting there this year.”


“Who?” Auron asked


“My son. He’s around your age.” Mei answered.


“So where are you from?” the bespectacled youth inquired.


“I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I moved to New York City as a teenager.”


“Lady Melanie, if you don’t mind me asking are you married?”


“Negativos!” Mei answered.


“I was engaged to my son’s papá, but he disappeared 15 years ago.” Mei continued.


“I’m sorry to hear that.” the glasses wearing young man replied.


“I’m ok; I’ve been able to manage. After years of hustle and working dead end jobs, I made it through college and now I’m running my own business!” exclaimed the madam.


“What kind of a business is it?” Auron asked with an interested expression on his face.


“I own an escort service. I’ve been in business for a little over a year. I came to World City to expand. I wanna make my best escort service in the world!”


“I’m not the only big dreamer here!” Auron remarked with a smile.


“I wanna do something that’s never been done before. Some people have 1, 2 even 3 or 4 locations but I want to become bigger! A chain like the popular restaurants! I want to conquer the prostitution game!” yelled Mei while jumping out of her chair.


“But to do that, I need to find talented and hardworking individuals and cultivate them into becoming the best.”


“Kind of like BSU?”


“Si, and in time… I SHALL CONQUER THE HEAVENS!” roared the proud mom as she raised her mighty fist to the skies above.


Auron chuckled at the charismatic 36 year olds antics. But at the same time he felt a unique presence from her. He couldn’t exactly identify what he was feeling, but one thing is for sure it was powerful. Beauty, Intelligence, Ambition, Strength, Charisma!….. Mei gave off an aura of sex appeal so strong it was nearly tangible. Auron was not alone in this feeling as everyone nearby felt the same thing. It can only be described as Mei’s sexual presence that permeated the area.


[She’s a goddess!] thought Auron to himself as he watched Mei in awe. He stared lustfully at her bountiful bosoms and rotund rear end and began to get stiff in the pants. Suddenly, the DJ put on a popular salsa song. She nodded her head back and forth. She then started to step to the music but Latin dancing was meant for 2 people, not one.


“Vamos! Get up, lets dance Aurrrrrron!” urged Mei, saying his name with a Spanish accent by rolling her tongue for the “R” in his name.


“It would be a pleasure my dear.” Auron responded while taking her hand.


The two interlocked their hands and began moving to the sensual beat. She pressed her giant boobs against his chest as they stepped, her ever hardening nipples poking into him like bullets. Unsurprisingly, Auron was able to keep up with Mei’s movements.


“You know how to salsa? Impresionante!” the sexy blonde complimented.


“During my time studying abroad in highschool I picked up a few things” Said the young man while twirling her around in a circle. He then dipped her, nearly sweeping her off her feet. Mei kicked one leg out, holding it in place as she leaned back. Auron held her there for a moment, moving his hands along her thick hips before pulling her up. The tension built as they continued their lusty dance number holding each other close while moving in unison.


[He’s better than I thought at this. Maybe there’s more to him than cooking.] Mei thought to her herself with a devilish grin. Auron spun her again, this time ending up behind her. The spicy Latina winded her hips up and down, slowly, gradually brushing up against the young stud’s cock.


“You know what they say about men who know how to dance?” Mei cooed to him.


“What?” Auron asked with a smirk, seemingly knowing where the conversation was going.


He clutched on to her waist and began moving his hips along with hers. Auron’s dick grew harder and harder, so much so that it began to lift up the bottom of Mei’s skirt. The blonde milf flexed her ass cheeks, wedging the young man’s dick between them.


“Oooooh! La Verga Grandísimo!” (Spanish for “Enormous Cock“) Mei exclaimed as she felt his log of a penis on her lower back. She reached back and wrapped her arm around the back of his neck, turning his head toward her and pulling him in closer.




Mei pressed her lips against his. He kissed him deeply and sensually gradually inching in her tongue. Much to Auron’s surprise she tasted like the sweetest honey just as he had described her the night before. The young man’s hands ventured even lower, drifting down to her meaty thighs.


“MMMMMMM! OOOHH!” Mei moaned as he gently squeezed her thighs. The two shared a deep passionate kiss which drew the attention of others nearby including Violette, Nicole, and Ashani.


“Look! that guy is starting to get it on with that big titty chick.” Nicole pointed out.


“This could be interesting, we might get an early demonstration from Auron.” said Violette, watching with intrigue.


Mei then turned to face him, rubbing her body against the young chef while grabbing a big handful of his package.


“I’m ready for dessert. Are you up to it?” Mei challenged with her brow raised. She pressed her hand into the center of his chest and pushed him onto the couch behind him. The caramel vixen sat on his lap and grinded on his on his erect pole while offering another french kiss. She took her time seducing the young chef, slowly pulling down one strap of her skirt and then the other, moving her upper body in a seductive, slithering fashion. She presented her baseball sized areolas and nipples for him to suck on. The nervous young chef obliged her wish. He held on to her heavy mounds of flesh as he sucked them, gently flicking his tongue out.


“Oooooh Yea!” cooed the sexy milf.


Mei then moved her torso from side to side, peppering his face with light smacks of her tits. Her silky smooth skin massaged his face while he played with breasts. The butterscotch beauty then stepped off of him, placing two of the couch pillows on the floor before kneeling down on them. She pulled down his shorts, exposing a nice sized dick, which was thicker than it was long. It throbbed the point of rather large veins becoming visible underneath the skin. Mei sandwiched his cock between her wondrous melons and moved them up and down. While giving him a paizuri, she teased him of what was coming next by licking the head of his big cock. She tongue lashed him with light paintbrush-like strokes while gently squeezing his dick with her pillow-soft mammaries! Mei was a master of pleasing her partner as her tittyfucks was more intense than sex from most other women!


“Aye Grande! So thick and meaty!” remarked Mei while slowly jerking him off with her huge tits. Auron groaned lightly as the blood rushed through his body, expanding the veins. The hot Latina opened her mouth and went down on him, clamping down with her lips around his thick log. She sucked in a slow sensual motion, with sustained long lasting gulps.




“Your tense, relax chico! your in good hands!” uttered the busty blonde, her speech unhindered by the fact she had a dick in her mouth. She wasn’t using her hands at all. Mei held on to his knees while sucking faster. She lightly tickled his balls with her fingers which added to the sensation. Mei then pressed her lips against his balls, planting deep kisses on his grapefruit sized testes. While doing so, she noticed a tribal heart tribal heart tattoo in the center of them.


“Wow! Is this a succubus tattoo?! I’ve never seen one of these in person before. You gotta tell me the backstory to this some time.” Mei said curiously while stroking his member. Auron groaned in response. The busty babe then resumed what she was doing.


Mei resumed what she was doing by going all the way down on him with a deepthroat, taking in every inch of Auron’s dick. At this point, Auron realized this was no ordinary woman he was dealing with.


“MMMMMMMMM! SABOROSO!” (Spanish for “Yummy“)


“WOW! She took the whole thing!” Nicole exclaimed with utter shock.


“She’s definitely no amateur… Who is she?!” Violette added, a bit of jealousy in her voice.


“She’s must have some experience in the business.” Ashani commented.


Mei easily and vigorously devoured the young man’s pole over and over like she was bobbing for apples, seemingly not needing to take a breath.




“OH MY GOD! THIS IS GREAT!” Yelled Auron excitedly, a perverted grin on his face.


“RRRRRRRRR!!!” sounded the creamy caramel hottie. The tongue rolling “R” sound she made created a vibrating effect in her throat pushing Auron to the brink of cumming. His knees buckled and his body tensed up. Mei stopped short of causing a money shot, pulling away to talk.


“La mamada propriamente! (Spanish for “The proper blowjob!“) This is what head from La Reina (Spanish for “The Queen“) feels like! You won’t get this from the hoes you’re used to banging.” Mei asserted with confidence.


“You’re great with food but let’s see how you serve El Chorizo!” (Spanish for “The Sausage“)


The bronze queen hopped on his lap and grasped the young man’s girthy dong, squeezing it into her dripping snatch.




The popping sound signified the commencement of their lewd dances second act. The blonde bombshell moved her hips in a slow winding fashion, as if she were beginning a sensual Latin dance. She moved to the beat of the slow R&B song roaring from the speaker. The well muscled man pumped his hips along with Mei’s own movements.


“OOOOH! SO NICE!!!” Mei yelled in response to him.


The song that was playing changed from a slow song to a fast paced raggaeton song. The sexy blonde woman adjusted her movements to the music, bouncing up and down energetically on top of Auron’s meat, holding on to his shoulders for leverage.


“AHHHHHH! EL CHORIZO ESTUPENDO!!!” Mei hollered while bouncing.


Auron grabbed a hold of her shapely ass and thrust harder into her pussy, sucking her tits as he pumped her. He couldn’t talk due to a mouthful of nipples!




Auron lifted Mei up and bent her over on the couch on all fours before moving behind her. Auron’s confidence was rising at this moment.


“Allow me serve you my latest dish my dear! It is with great pleasure I present to you CHORIZO BACKSHOTS!” Auron declared with pride. He grabbed on to her ass while pushing his way into her royal vagina.




Auron slammed her pussy with thunderous thrusts, making her ass wobble like it was one of his molded Jell-O dessert confections!


“AYE!…YI….YI! MAS! MAS! OHHHH!!!!” Mei screamed loudly as he plugged her. Auron wore a bright shining grin as he rammed her, for this was the best pussy he had ever felt.


The Dominican queen then arched her back and raised her ass into the air. She brought her hips down and quickly snapped them back up, rapidly moving her ass up and down. This moved Auron’s thick phallus up and down as if it was the hand on a speedometer! This was indeed an intense encounter, evidenced by the beads of sweat that ran down his chest. This even caused his glasses to fog up, which had never happened before!




Violette, Nicole and Ashani watched intently.


“Although he’s a bit emotional, he’s definitely looks to be a worthy lay. There is more than meets the eye with him”


“Vivi, you mind fetching him for me? You know, talk to him and send him to my room some time? I want to see if he’s worth my time.” Nicole requested.


“Tsk! You’re so spoiled Nicky! We are in university now, you can’t have your maids, butlers and yes men friends finding your hook ups for you.” scolded Nicole’s best friend.


“These aren’t the pencil dick millionaire sons you’re used to. Most of the guys who attend BSU know what they’re doing! Your pompous attitude will turn them off. You cannot treat them like they are beneath you!” Violette informed.


Auron quickly removed his glasses and wiped them on one of the couch’s cushions before resuming. The chef pumped harder, putting more muscle into it, showing that his Adonis-like physique wasn’t only for show!




“You are like a fine wine that becomes more extravagant with time!” gushed Auron as he continued to stroke her.


“Let me show my dance!” Mei demanded as she stood up. She took his hand as he rose to his feet. She grabbed his hefty sausage and reinserted it into her twat as they stood facing each other. The caramel cutie then interlocked her hands with his and started stepping to the music once more. Mei’s dance was indeed a literal one! Auron took the cue and rhythmically pumped his hips to the salsa tune, matching the pattern of the bongo drum beat. Mei thrusted her hips forward as they stepped, meeting his thrusts halfway with her own.




“AHHHH!!! OOOOOH!…….WHO AM I?!” asked Mei with a lusty smirk.


“LA REINA!” Auron answered with an enthusiastic yell. Auron’s pupils turned into big red hearts, his eyes nearly popping out of the sockets. The two then pressed up against each other closely and Auron went in for a kiss. The pair engaged in a wet, passionate smooch, wrestling with their tongues.


“UMMMMMM! AHHHHHH!” Mei moaned as they kissed.


As they broke away, Mei lifted up her leg and straight up into the air, putting it on top of Auron’s shoulder. He grasped her by her thigh and thrust into her rapidly. His balls slapped up against her leg. The young man was sweating profusely from such intense action.




[By his form I can tell he has some experience… he definitely will benefit from formal training at BSU.] Mei thought to herself.


The young man probed her with ferocity and power, each thrust nearly knocking her off balance. He used the leg he was holding to pull her into his battering ram-like thrusts. Mei stood on her toes to better take the pounding, howling loud Spanish in response the whole time. Her flowing juices lubricated his cock allowing for him to penetrate her with greater ease!


Auron wrapped his other arm around her waist and dipped her like earlier when they were dancing except he lowered her all the way to the floor on her back before getting on top of her in the mating press position! He slammed forward with heavy downward strokes, bringing his hips all the way up before slamming her tight pussy with all his strength!




Auron increased his pace to the maximum speed he could go. He stirred in her pussy, moving his hips in circular pattern like he was whipping eggs! He strained as he went longer, signaling that an explosive end was near. Mei noticed this and contracted her vaginal muscles, putting the squeeze on Auron like he was a wild hog caught in her python-like grip.


“OH MY GOD!!! I’M GONNA BURST! GIMME LA LECHE!!!!” (Spanish for “Milk“)


Mei eagerly looked on as Auron pulled out. The tattoo on his balls started to radiate with a magical glow.




“AAHHH!” Auron glazed her with a mighty, forceful blast of cum, so heavy it rivaled the spray of a fire hose! He let loose with a bursting cannon fire stream of jizz, covering her in his seed!


Auron continued to cum like a firehose for the next minute and half. Mei’s face, tits, and stomach became saturated in the thick milky fluid.


[Impressive money shot he has there! Very very impressive!] thought Mei excitedly to herself.


When he was done there was enough to fill up a mop bucket! Auron gasped for air having exerted all of his strength for this challenge. After wiping the gobs of semen from her face, Mei scooped up a bit of it on her index finger and tasted it like a pastry chef sampling cake batter before cooking.


“Mmmmmm… Dulce!” (Spanish for “Sweet“)


“I can tell you maintain a healthy diet! Pineapple juice?” The bronze queen asked.


“I only eat the healthiest foods to keep myself functioning at optimum level for my fair maidens. I eat a lot of different fresh fruit, though I am partial to pineapples.” Auron chuckled.


“Look at how much he came! Its like avalanche of sperm!!!” remarked Violette, astounded by what she had just witnessed.


“That was amazing! That guy is something else!” Nicole added.


Mei began to rub the cum all over body like she were bathing in it. She rubbed it into her skin vigorously like she was applying lotion to her body. The white fluid gradually disappeared the longer she rubbed much to Auron’s confusion.


“Semen is good great for the skin, but men who can release enough of it are few and far between.” Mei informed. She then stood up and wiped the excess cum out of her hair with a towel while Auron sat down on the couch.


“It was a pleasure for me to serve you Lady Melanie. You are an incredible goddess of a woman. Fate has smiled upon me this day! My body is still trembling from your touch!”


“I tend to have that effect on people.” the 36 year old goddess replied, throwing Auron’s words back at him.


[It seems this isn’t all an act. He really is like this. A bit gushy for me though.] Mei thought to herself as she got dressed. She looked at Auron while picking up her purse.


“Well, my work isn’t finished yet. I still haven’t found the woman I’m looking for. I have Thank you for the wonderful lunch. Maybe I will stop by again for lunch tomorrow.” said the tanned blonde beauty as she turned to leave.


“You’re always welcomed, La Reina!”


Auron slumped over on couch as Mei departed closing his eyes in thought.


[Man, that woman is unlike anyone I’ve been with before! That feeling I had… it was like I was in a trance. What was it? She definitely is no ordinary woman.] Auron pondered to himself, unintentionally drifting to sleep afterwards.



30 minutes later…




Auron felt a slap upside his head. Startled by the strike he popped back up. It was Diana.


“Hey what was that for?” Auron asked groggily.


“I told you not to be gone too long. I’ve been getting my ass kicked! the contest judges are on their way! Get up and get dressed!” urged Diana. Auron scrambled to put on his clothes so he could get back to his station to meet the judges.


“Alas my fair Diana! Off we go to claim another victory!” Auron declared, pointing in the direction of his stand with his finger as if he were holding a sword


Auron sprinted back to his station, leaving his assistant in the dust.


Meanwhile, Mei continued her quest while reflecting on the recent lunch date.


[He did decent… better than I thought for just a kid. The boy is definitely onto something with his cooking. Big dreams… One cannot achieve something without first having a dream. He and Javi are alike in that sense…. I hope this doesn’t end up on the internet somewhere! Javi might kill him if he found out!] Thought Mei to herself.


“Speaking of Javi, I haven’t seen or heard from him since dinner last night.” commented the concerned mom while dialing Xavier’s phone number.


A new challenger had joined the ranks of BSU’s freshman class, adding to the already eclectic cast of eccentric personalities and promising potential. Time will tell who else emerges into the spotlight to join the still growing freshman class.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago

Finally we get our first real view of the greatness and sexyness that is both Mei and Auron (not counting the silhouette of Mei a few chapters ago, where she looked drastically differ-ent from this one). Both characters are incredibly handsome, especially Mei of course, but her partner doesn’t disappoint either. I already mentioned both characters personality and I’m just happy that they both managed to fuck each other without Xavier ruining the whole thing. The background is really well crafted and enhances the two in the foreground quite well, with the mostly white and blue sky and water making a nice contrast to the sand and the bronze tanned milf. The way, they gaze into each others eyes is also quite arousing, with Meis look in particular signaling just how much she loves the pounding she is getting at the moment. Black lipstick marks look great on Aurons cock, not so much on Meis lips however. It looks rather unremarkable and maybe a more flamboyant color (pink, cyan, …) might have been better, although black deffinitely fits the mysterious milfs character much more. The ammount of cum dripping off of her body is just right for such a 10/10.

Getting more information about La Reinas profession and backstory is always appreciated and I guess that she hides the true nature of her job from Xavier since he would beat up all her clients otherwise. EMPIRE ESCORT SERVICES LLC.” is a very nice idea and it now makes sense that there are so many hot girls working with Mei, given that new infor-mation. I like how they use the whole SPLASH-Event just to recruit more personel and even are looking for “her”. Intruiging that Taiyohime is completely unfaced by the whole Foodgasm-experience with her having no reaction towards it whatsoever and Aurons reaction towards the whole thing, with him trying it a second time and almost burning down his kitchen was absolutely hilarious. I’m still not a fan of the fact, that they recruit girls even four days before the school begins but the informa-tion about the XL-class was really interesting and although Brass doesn’t have such big assets like Fenixia, I guess that she will go into that class because I don’t really think that there are that many people with just so big boobs/asses/dicks around to fill it all on its own. So it would make sense, for me at least, to include Miss Jazzsinger into that class. The trio of Nicole, Ashani and Violette is… interesting. At one hand, it is a really nice group of stuck-up rich girls with really nice interactions, although I find it highly unbelievable that from just the few infos Violette got from Ashani (green eyes, relatively small and great with his tongue) could de-duce, that it must have been Xavier. On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of so many rich girls at the school with already such a rich history when it comes to sex (four already if you count Koko). Violette’s advice for Nicole, not to underestimate “commoners” is also a really good idea since she got her world truly rocked by one a few days ago. Nicole is overall a really addition to the cast, with her being a typical royal from all sorts of media, be it Black Clover, One Piece or other shows. I’m slightly disappointed with Ashani cause I guessed that she might be slightly less of a bitch compared to Violette, given her talk with Xavier, where she sounded quite nice and understanding. But that might also come from my misreading of the scene. The lead up towards the sex between Mei and Auron was done really well and I like that Diana is helping him out with the whole thing and even lets him have his alone time with the sexy milf to see her reaction, while she runs the kitchen. The scene change was also really nice, with the Foodgasm triggering some sort of hallu-cinating state. Now for the main course: The sex was AMAZING. As someone who danced before as a hobby, the salsa/mambo part was really interesting and fits the woman of dominican origin exceedingly well. I also like the reaction of the three spectators and how Nicole realized that maybe some commoners might be worth her precious time. With the sex having so many stages and different position it was truly phenomenal. It also helped to characterize both characters. Auron is not only skilled in the kitchen but also quite ex-perienced when it comes to sex, since Mei said so herself and even the three princesses were impressed. Mei is just a whole other league entirely, leaving her partner completely exhausted and maybe even broken? behind with the three princesses stating the same.

I can’t stress enough, just how good this chapter and artwork is. So far all chapters with Mei in it’s center are amazing and I hope that it will stay that way.

2 years ago

I’m surprised Mei doesn’t seem concerned with Xavier seeing her like that, he could have easily walked past. Only at the end when she gets worried it might get put on the internet. How would it get put on the internet exactly, were people recording it with their phones?

2 years ago
Reply to  Berg

This is not something she was thinking about until after. Theres always somebody recording with their phone these days when something happens

2 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

I’m surprised Mei ended up having sex here too, I remember in a much earlier chapter she was in a hotel room talking to X, I thought that would lead to some big reveal (presumably Mei’s occupation in this chapter) which would shock X.

Although as of now X is still comp!etely in the dark. lol

2 years ago

I’m gonna need somebody to get strider a trophy. This is now and for the foreseeable future my favorite BSU story. I loved the confidence Mei has and her sex style is way to hot to handle. I guess we can tell that X comes from amazing sexual ability. I now wonder if what she is doing is kind of a problem for BSU as she is practically pouching talent from them. Could be a 3 way rivalry with BSU HSU and Mei’s escort service. Man I can’t get over this chapter. A real queen indeed. Now I hope we possibly see someone really give her a challenge like a top student or someone from the other school. Also I hope we explore talent from the other school

2 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Thank you for your kind words Noctis. Mei is defintely sure of herself and she has the knowledge and skill to back it up. While she is in the adult industry, escorting is different than porn. Mei has never done porn and doesn’t want to because she’s a dominant personality and wants to be in control. In porn the performers are told what to do constantly from what positions to do in a scene and how long to what guys to work with. Directors and producers have all the control on the set. Shes also very personable and likes the more organic interractions that take place in her field. Getting to talk to and socialize. Well sex is part of running an escort service shes actually selling the companionship, personality and charisma of her girls, rather than just their bodies which keeps clients coming back for more. Its just as much mental and emotional as it is physicality and lust. This is why she took an interest in knowing Auron’s background. Xavier has demonstrated bits of this himself with brass and Ashani. As for the schools there are more than just BSU and Harlot State. We will get to filling those spots and storylines eventually but right now we are focusing on highlighting the Busteez freshman class roster. As for challengers for Mei, there is one man from her psstwho is able to drive her wild dont know when he will appear yet. BTW im toying with some ideas with bsu going against other schools, maybe even a war arc but thats down the line.

2 years ago

Interesting finally getting to know what Mei’s occupation, being a sex service for high society. Great that Sara found Fenixia and was about to get her to join BSU in a special class for women of her size. Nice of Sara to stake her reputation for Auron, and his reaction to first meeting Taiyohime, my favorite character, was really enjoying and that he got to cook for her. Sad that his first impression didn’t really impress her though, in fact disappointed her, hope he’ll be able to sway her judgement later as he improves. Aww nice having Diana help with Auron later. Lol was funny seeing how the food took the ladies on a trip to it’s Hawaiian origin as an effect. Great to have Mei and Auron exchange they goals/dreams trying to do something new and ambitious. It was neat having them dance and hot with how it slowly escalated from ethnic to seductive. Damn, Violette telling Nicole to watch her attitude, already showing some change after her day strolling the school, as they spectated the interaction. The sex scene was very erotic with it’s multiple poses and activities, satisfying that Mei was enjoying it, and loved how Auron was dousing Mei in crazy amounts of cum and she started to play around with it, hot to finally have Mei get some action and for Auron to fuck and cover this well protected beauty in cum! XD

2 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

Thanks for the remarks, glad you enjoyed the chapter. In regards to the cooking failure is part of development, this shows that his technique is not perfected which means there is still room to grow on his quest to establishing the culinary program he wants so thats actually a good thing. A springboard to perfect his craft of sorts. It could be possibly presumed that maybe taiyo has a well tested palette with food which could explain why it didnt work, also there are nerves. I chose the Hawaiian themed food because it shows some range over the standard classical french cuisine most chefs harp on. Although im no longer working the kitchen anymore I have 8 years experience as a line cook in real life, so I have fucked around and experimented with shit just like what he is doing. Diana was originally meant to be a one shot but I decided to bring her back to assist because it made for a good moment with the wake up. Mei has a unique style which tried to capture here. Salsa, mambo and some of the other latin dances are very sensual. Its often said that guys who move well in dance can also move well in the bedroom. The dancing was a bit of a litmus test mei was doing. Violette and Nicole are best friends from way back in the day in childhood. She’s acting in nicoles best interest with her words. Its a bit of tough love as Violette was humbled in her last chapter and shes trying to help Nicole avoid that herself. The Hawaii bit comes from the idea that food made with passion and love can figuratively take you to another place.

2 years ago

Was the restauran but with Mei inspired by Toriko. The way she reacts wille eating makes it sound like she is eating one of Accasias full corse menu

2 years ago
Reply to  Edgar

I’ve never read Toriko but the food reactions are inspired by Shokugeki no Soma.