Servicing the Raikage, or Not

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Standing naked behind Tsunade, Sakura watched as her mentor bounced up and down in the Raikage’s lap, taking the man’s monster cock deep inside her as he fondled and played with the blonde whore’s huge tits. The Raikage and his escort had come to Konoha for one of the regular boring summits. Naturally he heard about the new Busteez franchise that opened. When the subject came up at the meeting, Kakashi Hatake mentioned that he was running the place and used his influence to book them a special session with the most popular girls, namely Tsunade, Hinata, and herself.


“Oh GOD!! it’s so big!!! ahhhh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die!!!” Tsunade panted, her eyes rolling back in pleasure.


A, the Raikage only grinned luridly as he gave Tsunade’s right tit a hard squeeze, making the woman scream in orgasm again. “I knew you Hidden Leaf women were all whores deep down,” said A as he groaned, tugging on Tsunade’s huge left nipple, stretching her tit out into a cone shape, “I just never thought it would be so literal…” he moaned as he slammed the Hokage’s pussy balls deep on his rod, grunting as she came.


“Ohhhh FUUUUUUCK MEEEEE!!! I’m cumming… I’m cumming, cumming, cumming!!!” screamed Tsunade wildly.


Sakura said nothing even as one of the Raikage’s entourage members, a young man she’d met a few times named Omoi, began fondling her own heavy tits, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh like so much bread dough. Instead she simply covered the neatly shaven folds of her pussy with two fingers and raised her other hand in a gesture that conveyed her response to the Raikage’s comment.


The Raikage barely acknowledged the insult, turning his gaze on to Hinata, the only one still remotely clothed in her sexy red thong. They had been working at the Konoha Busteez for over a month now, and already they were the most popular trio. So popular that one had to book a session with them three weeks in advance!


“How about you girl?” he asked simply. Hinata blushed softly, holding up a condom while trying to hold the older man’s gaze. “Ahh, that’s a good girl. You’re next.” said A as he looked back at Sakura, “As for you, make sure Omoi here is well taken care of or I’ll be having words with your boss.”


Sakura didn’t lower her gesture as she walked off to one side of the VIP Room which had been suspiciously decorated to look exactly like the Hokage’s office. Omoi was attractive enough, though not as hung as most of the clients she’d serviced. No matter, just to show the Raikage what he’d missed out on with his insult, she snatched the condom out of the aide’s hand and tossed it aside. Pushing the youth down onto one of the couches, she impaled her pussy on his cock, loving the way he groaned in pleasure as her walls closed down around him. Still looking at the Raikage, Sakura made a show of working her hips, rolling and gyrating them over the man’s cock as her huge tits jiggled and bounced wildly.


“Ooooohhhh, yeah, soooo good…” Sakura moaned, though she was acting. Only three men she’d met working here had the skill to make her cum. But that didn’t matter, she was getting good money for this, and she’d give them a show! “Mmmmh, yeah, thrust it deep baby… Oooooo! that’s it, ahhhhh, you’re gonna make me cummmm…” she lied, slamming her hips up and down on the man as she glared at the Raikage, her expression clearly readable, ‘You missed out on some raw pussy, asshole.’


Omoi groaned beneath her, almost in pain as Sakura’s ass continued riding his average sized dick. She realized too late that he’d already cum, twice. Biting back a pout, she slowed down, giving him time to recover as she pulled him up and buried his head in her tits. Fuck she was annoyed, when was Naruto gonna visit again? Omoi was average for a man of his age, but Naruto was hung like a fucking horse, and had the stamina to match, at least then she could have some fun!

Story by Sailor Io

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6 months ago

Muy buena parte estoy feliz de comenzar a leer este fic

7 months ago

esta buena la historia me la puso dura pero una peticion para Rtenco podrias hacer un dibujo de mikoto o de yugao porfa plic soy nuevo y vi todos tus fanart de naruto y te falto poner a mikoto, yugao y kurenai (plis haz un de mikoto)

4 years ago

This was very good. Not bad Sailor Lo.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jedi-Gangster

It’s Io(One of Jupiter’s moons), and thanks!