Secret Sexual Room Service

The hotel door slammed open, Ichigo almost falling across the threshold, preoccupied as he was both kissing and carrying Rukia. His tongue ravaged her mouth as his fingers dug into her ass, squeezing it even through the white dress she was wearing.


Rukia was busy as well, running her hands over every part of Ichigo’s body she could reach, her tongue wrestling with his. She moaned when her ass was fondled; pulling her head back, she licked her lips. “Take me right now, Ichigo! I need it!”


Ichigo’s eyes were dark with lust, but he still chuckled, still holding her in his arms. “You’re so damn kinky. Wanting me to fuck you right now, right after your wedding, and right before your honeymoon?” He shook his head incredulously.


Rukia flushed, but she smirked back at him. “I don’t notice you complaining, or leaving.” She wiggled out of his arms and pressed her body against his, one of her hands going to his crotch and rubbing the hard length of his cock. “I know you want this just as much as I do,” she whispered seductively.


Ichigo’s answer came as a soft growl before bending over and capturing her lips in another rough kiss. In contrast, his fingers were fast and delicate as they stripped her of her wedding dress and then her underwear, leaving her naked. Rukia returned the favor, and soon they were both nude in the middle of the room, making out.


Suddenly, Ichigo scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, Rukia squealing as she landed. By the time she got her bearings, he was already behind her, pushing her onto her hands and knees. He grabbed her ass again, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her big ass cheeks. “I think you need to be punished for being so naughty,” he teased her.


Looking back at him over her shoulder, Rukia narrowed her eyes warningly. “Punish me how?” she asked, even a guilty thrill ran down her spine.


Ichigo grinned and slowly pushed his hips forward, until his dick was right up against her asshole. “By fucking your sweet ass first, instead of your hot, dripping pussy.”


Rukia couldn’t help it: she whined, her eyes getting even bigger as she stared imploringly at Ichigo. “But…that’s not fair! I’m so horny! Please, you have to fuck my pussy! I’ll go crazy if you don’t!” She wiggled her butt, hoping to change his mind, but actually only reinforcing what a great ass she had.


“Well, you can masturbate while I pound your ass,” Ichigo offered with a smirk, already pushing his hard cock into her ass. He took a deep breath, getting control of himself as her ass squeezed his dick like hot, soft fist. Rukia would never let him hear the end of it if he blew his load so early.


Moaning deep in her throat as her tightest hole was stretched further and further, Rukia lowered herself onto the bed, almost all her weight on her tits. Reaching under her body with her left hand, she gently stroked her pussy; even that small touch was almost enough to make her cum, but she managed to hold back. Cumming now would feel good, but when Ichigo got around fucking her pussy…


She shivered, almost losing control again. “Oh…oh…oh! Ichigo…it feels so good…!”


“I knew it would; you always pretend you don’t like it, but you love having your big fat ass pounded,” Ichigo replied, thrusting hard into her ass, slowly at first, to ensure he wouldn’t cum right away. Very soon though, he was moving his hips faster and faster, slamming into her huge ass and sending ripples through it. He gave her the occasional spank, just to hear her squeal and watch her writhe.


Rukia didn’t know how much longer she could last. As usual, getting fucked in the ass was painful at first, but now it felt almost as good as getting her twat seen to. Her masturbation wasn’t helping manners; if she pressed just a little harder, she would be cumming. “My ass…my pussy…oh God, it feels so good! Just a little more-”


Abruptly, she found herself pulled upright and then lifted into the air. Rukia barely had a second to realize what was about to happen before Ichigo slammed her down onto his cock, burying it in her pussy. “AAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!” she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her, her mouth and eyes flying wide open. “OOOOHHHHHH! YESSSSSS!”


“You like that, you kinky slut?!” Ichigo growled into her ear, bouncing her up and down as fast as he could. God, she was so tight and wet; he knew that neither of them would be able to keep this up for long. “You loving getting fucked by another man on your wedding night?”


“YES! IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!” Rukia squealed, grabbing her breasts and fondling them hard, letting Ichigo move her body and pound her anyway he wanted. Sweat drops rolled down her body and her tongue hung out of her open mouth as the intense pleasure grew and grew, until-


They screamed in unison as they came, Rukia writhing and twisting on Ichigo’s cock as he held her tight, her convulsing pussy pulling even more seed from his dick. Then it was over and they lay there, panting and waiting for their thundering hearts to calm down.


“Well,” Ichigo said at last, slowly pulling out of Rukia. “I would say your honeymoon is off to a good start, wouldn’t you?”


“Mmm, definitely,” Rukia purred, turning over to smile at him. “But it’s just getting started,” she added, sliding slowly down his body until her mouth was right next to his cock.


Ichigo chuckled. “Renji is a lucky son of a bitch.”


“And Orihime is going to be a very happy woman.” Rukia licked her lips, beginning to lower her head. “But not tonight; tonight, you’re all mine.”

(Story by User: S22132)

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