Schoolroom Seduction

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking down the hallway, Kaguya Otsutsuki offered a smile to the two female students she passed as they crossed her path. “Only three minutes to final bell you two get moving.” she said to them. Forcing her accent to something more ‘modern’ felt strange to her lips as Wasabi and Sumire nodded to her, talking about something nonsensical and giggling as they moved on. It took a great deal of her concentration not to look at the camera as Denki followed at her side. The wheeled device that the camera was mounted on was completely silent as the brown haired boy pushed it along. The ivory skinned woman was genuinely surprised by that, nearly everything on wheels she’d seen since her revival either squeaked loudly or made a rumbling noise as they moved.


More challenging than her accent though were these, things, jokingly called shoes! How did women stand it!? It had taken hours of practice to learn to walk in these five inch high heeled ‘pumps’ as Sarada had called them. Then there were her clothes. She still preferred her flowing kimono or yukata. The dark blue ‘business skirt’ was far too tight for her tastes; she could feel every motion of her ass with each step. The matching blouse she’d been given was rather nice though, it hugged her breasts nicely, and she greatly enjoyed the way Lord Boruto’s and the other men on set eyes’ were drawn to her exposed cleavage when she left the top few buttons open!


Doing her best to keep her expression neutral, Kaguya walked towards the corner of the hall. When she rounded it she grunted in surprise as she ran face first into the broad chest of the former Raikage, A. The big man was dressed in his usually tan and yellow colors, only now he wore tan dress slacks and a dusty yellow shirt with a white tie that had the sigils and marking for the thing called ‘math’ on it.


“Ooof!!” she said as she fell back on her ass, dropping the bundle of folders and papers she carried in her arms.


“I’m sorry!” said A as he knelt down and began helping Kaguya to gather the scattered papers. His voice was several octaves higher than normal, almost a high pitch, “I didn’t see you.”


“It’s alright, I was going too… Fast…” Kaguya said as she looked at A’s crotch.


“CUT!” called Mitsuki.


“Huh?! What’s wrong?” A asked, his voice at its regular baritone now. Kaguya saw Denki tap a button on the camera, cutting off the recording. She still didn’t quite understand HOW the little device worked, only that it did.


“Your cock isn’t hard enough.” Mitsuki said, “Lady Kaguya is supposed to be a horny teacher who loves big kumo-cock. The essence of the lead into the sex is she can see your bulge through your pants.”


“Also I think you made your voice too high,” said Kurotsuchi as she stepped out into the hall from the class room she’d been watching from. “Just use your normal voice is fine.”


“Agreed.” said Mitsuki. “Fluffer!” he called out.


“On it!” called out Sarada as she came out from the room where Kurotsuchi was watching from. Rooms where they weren’t shooting scenes in were being used by the rest of the cast and crew to remain nearby but also out of the way. Inside there were a number of folding chairs with names printed on the canvas backings as well as a long table where snack and refreshments were waiting.


Sarada was again dressed in only a simple white robe over her otherwise naked figure. Thanks to her large breasts when she tied the waist closed the hem of the robe came up passed her thighs, leaving her neatly shaven pussy exposed for all to see. Not that the dark haired girl seemed to mind as she untied the sash at her waist and pulled open the robe, revealing her sexy naked form beneath. Her massive tits jiggled and bounced from side to side as she walked over to A and got down on her knees. With a seemingly practiced ease, she opened the mocha skinned man’s pants and pulled out his half flaccid dick.


“Odd seeing you without those pills enhancing your tool.” Kurotsuchi said, “Seems almost small by comparison.”


“If I used them now I wouldn’t be able to get these pants on!” A explained simply, then let out a low groan as Sarada gripped his cock in both hands.


“Still huge.” said Sarada, “Easily on the same level as Nanadaime-sama, maybe even bigger.” she told everyone as she held A’s cock upright and began licking her way up the underside of his dick starting from his balls. She took the left one in her mouth, loudly slurping her lips against it before moving to the right one, making A’s ball sack shrink in tightly as his cock throbbed to a two thirds erection in her hands.


“Hmm, I remember Lord Naruto being bigger.” Kaguya commented, her jaw aching slightly with the memory of her ‘interview’ for her job at Busteez.


Sarada worked her own jaw from side to side like Wasabi had shown her to try and loosen her muscles. The young girl was surprisingly well versed in techniques to assist in this production.


“Hmmmm, that’s it poptart…” A groaned as Sarada got both his balls into her mouth, her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunks as she let out a moan of her own. Kaguya raised an eyebrow at the sight, it was impressive to say the least, she never managed that herself. With the more average men it was a simple matter, but men like A, the Hokage, and Lord Boruto… Kaguya felt her jaw ache sympathetically again as she watched Sarada release the big thick balls from her mouth before slowly licking up A’s length again, moaning erotically as she did so.


“Mmmmmmh, I love sucking big balls…” Sarada said in a breathy voice as she licked up and down the sides of A’s throbbing erection. “Aahhhmmmph!!!!” Sarada moaned as she opened wide and took A’s entire cock into her mouth. Kaguya let out a soft gasp as she watched the girl’s throat bulge with his girth as her lips made a lewd wet sound around his cock as she fondled her own naked tits, pinching and pulling at her nipples.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Sarada moaned, her mouth making all manner of wet slurping noises every time she lifted her head up. A’s cock now glistened with her saliva, making the veins along the shaft stand out even more. Kaguya licked her ruby lips at the sight. While she personally disliked A, she did rather enjoy the feeling of fullness a man like him gave her when he pushed inside.


“Easy now Sarada,” said Mitsuki, “If you make him cum we’ll have to wait for him to make a full recovery before we can film again.”


Sarada bobbed her head up and down a couple more times before pulling away entirely. “Haaaahhh…” she inhaled deeply as she stood back up and closed her robe again. “Call me if you need me.” she said to the albino skinned youth before heading back into the empty classroom.


“Okay, let’s reset for another take!” Mitsuki called to everyone.



“I’m sorry,” said A as he knelt down and began helping Kaguya to gather the scattered papers again. His voice was normal tone now, and sounded a lot better. “I didn’t see you.”


“It’s alright, I was going to… Fast…” Kaguya said as she looked at A’s crotch. She then licked her lips at the distinct swell going down his right thigh. “You must be the new math teacher I’ve heard about. No one told me you were so, tall…”


“I am,” said A as he offered a hand to help Kaguya back to her feet. She accepted and rose back to a standing position, “It’s been a challenge so far. Many of these students are rather unruly. But I’m sure with the right inspiration they will shine academically.”


“I’m sure,” Kaguya agreed, still staring at his crotch, “Say Mr… I didn’t catch your name.”


“It’s Kumo, Kuroi Kumo.” A told her.


“Kumo Sensei, a pleasure to meet you, I’m Shiroko Shinju, the Language teacher. I have a free period right now, how about you?” Kaguya said with a smile.


“The same.” A told her.


“Wonderful, has anyone shown you around the school yet?” she asked, “I just so happen to know a great spot for relieving stress.”


“Oh?” A said, raising an eyebrow.


“Mmmhmm, come with me,” she said, then whispered, “And if you’re as big as I think, you can come IN me too.” She knew full well A could hear her, but that was meant to be edited in post production later.


“What was that?” A asked.


“This way.” Kaguya said with a smile that made her cheeks ache. She wasn’t used to smiling like this. Even after practicing with Lord Boruto, it still felt unnatural on her face and made her cheeks hurt. Taking the lead, Kaguya guided A through the school to the music room. The walls here were properly sound proofed to prevent the school band from disturbing the other classes when they practiced. As to the room itself, Kaguya thought it was rather tacky to use a modern term. The walls were painted a soft plum color with hardwood floors and a few windows along one side.


“I didn’t know the school had a band.” said A.


“We don’t, well, not anymore.” Kaguya said, reciting her lines perfectly.


“What happened?” A asked as she led him inside and silently closed the door behind them. She then pulled away from the door so Denki could get in position to film her hand turning the latch on the knob that locked the door. Off to one side of the room, Kurotsuchi, Sarada, Wasabi, Sumire, and Mitsuki all sat in a line of chairs that were placed outside of the angles where they would be filmed. They then watched as Kaguya began taking off her blue blouse, undoing the buttons one by one, exposing her creamy white breasts beneath. Wasabi leaned forward in her seat, eyes wide with a broad grin on her face.


Their group had taken the faster route here. All the rooms that they would be using had two paths to them. One for the actors while being filmed in the halls, the other for the crew so they could get there ahead of them. Mitsuki nodded silently when she glanced in his direction and she let herself smile more naturally as Denki moved in to get a close-up of her face.


“Lack of funding from the school board.” Kaguya explained.


“Ah, I see, so why…” A began but trailed off when he turned back to look at Kaguya again just in time to see her pull open her top, letting her bare tits bounce free of their confines.


“M… Ms. Shinju-san…” A stammered rather convincingly.


“Please, call me Shiroko.” Kaguya said as she moved in closer, pressing A back against the wall, knocking over several instruments. “I said this is a great place to relieve stress, didn’t I?” she asked, and when he nodded she moved her hand down to grab his dick through his pants, “Well, this bad boy seems plenty stressed right now.”


“Ugh, whose dialogue is this?” asked Sarada.


“CUT!” Mitsuki called.


“Sorry! Sorry!” Sarada said sheepishly.


“Don’t worry, it wasn’t you.” Mitsuki said.


“Huh?” Sarada asked with a blink.


“Time to pop these.” said A as he walked over to one of the desks. There the dark skinned man had placed a small bottle of pills that seemingly glowed in the afternoon sun coming in through the windows. Grabbing the bottle, A twisted the top off and tapped two of the pills into his hand. Sarada handed him a bottle of water with the cap already off.


“Thanks poptart.” he said to her as he popped the pills into his mouth and washed them down with the water. “So remind me of the order of events?” he asked to Mitsuki.


“Kaguya-san will be the lead for this scene,” Mitsuki explained, “Your character is interested in being a great teacher, not dominating the school.”


“Yeah, but the girls of the school have other ideas!” said Wasabi, “You and Boruto become the school stallions that everyone wants to ride!” she explained excitedly.


A nodded, “So the women are the primary focus of events. I gathered as much from the script.”


“Mainly my character is in the spotlight, with Hanabi and Hinata’s characters after that. As we are the ones seducing students the most. Though the school nurse is giving us a run for our money.” Kurotsuchi said.


“Speaking of that,” Sarada spoke up, “I’ll need to chat with you about something after we’re done filming today Mitsuki. It’s about my scene with the nurse later.”


“Alright, please remind me after we wrap for the day.” Mitsuki agreed.


“Cold feet on doing it with her on camera?” asked Wasabi.


“Nah,” Sarada said, “Just something that might make things look better.”


“I only skimmed the sections not involving myself; remind me what your mother is doing?” A asked.


“Mom’s the school nurse, seducing both male and female students alike.

“Hmm,” A said with a nod, “Would be interesting to see what kind of scenes you have arranged for her.” he said before looking down at his dick, “Almost ready, we should get started again before it fully kicks in.”


“Agreed,” said Mitsuki, “Denki, are you ready?”


“All set here,” said Denki as he pulled on a clear hooded jacket. “I tested the camera and it can handle a full splash of liquids as advertised.”


“Good, so no need to hold back then Snow Princess.” Kurotsuchi said to Kaguya.


“Snow Princess?” Kaguya echoed with a raised eyebrow.


“It’s an old legend, I’ll tell it to you sometime.” Kurotsuchi said.


Kaguya was genuinely curious but decided to wait. “Alright, what order will we be going in?” she asked Mitsuki.


“Blowjob to start naturally, you’ll be getting fully naked during that part. Followed by a sixty-nine positioning, then a mating press on top of the teacher’s desk.”


“Don’t forget the pop-shot all over her face!” Wasabi added.


“What’s a mating press?” asked Sumire, “I’m not familiar with that one.”


“It’s basically a rougher missionary position.” explained Kurotsuchi, “The man is on top of the woman as he ‘smashes her pussy'” She said with air quotations. “The man does most of the work, while the woman holds on with her legs.”


“It’s best shot from the bottom of the two doing it, gives a great view of the man penetrating the woman.” said Denki as he got into position.


“And a personal favorite of mine.” said Kaguya as A got back against the wall as she pressed herself up against him.


“Kaguya hang on, use this.” said Kurotsuchi as she walked over with a small tube of lipstick.


“Why that shade?” Sarada asked as Kurotsuchi opened the stick and began applying it to her lips. “Her lips are that color already.”


“I know, but this brand purposefully leaves marks, so they’ll make nice messy marks on A’s cock as she blows him!” the dark haired woman explained as she finished applying the make-up. Kaguya then pursed her lips, spreading the shade evenly.


“And, action!” called Mitsuki. Kaguya put on her ‘predatory smile’ again as she moved through the scene once again.


“Please, call me Shiroko.” she repeated as she moved in closer, pressing A back against the wall, “I said this is a great place to relieve stress, didn’t I?” she asked, and when he nodded she moved her hand down to grab his now much larger dick through his pants, “Well, this bad boy seems plenty stressed right now.” she told him as she rubbed her hand along his length as it strained against his pant leg. She then pressed her mouth to his, sloppily pushing her tongue into his mouth while keeping enough space for Denki to catch their tongue’s intermingling.


“Mmmmmh, that’s hot!” Wasabi said, her voice barely a whisper as A groaned softly into the kiss, reaching his hands up to grab her blouse and pull it off. She let out a moan when she felt his dark hot hands on her huge creamy white tits, squeezing them roughly as she pressed her body against him harder.


“Mmmmh… Ahhh…” Kaguya moaned as she opened A’s pants and pushed them down. “Oh my!!!” she gasped as she grabbed his twitching cock in both her hands, barely able to grip the entire thing as she got down on her knees. The camera lingered on her shocked reaction.


“Holy shit! You are so fucking huge!!! This might be the biggest dick I ever seen!!!” she panted as she looked up at A.


“Ohhh… Wow teachers at this school are forward…” A groaned.


“Cocks like this are so hard to find.” Kaguya said as she brushed her tongue along his hot length, “So big and hard… Ahhh, and the smell is driving me wild!”


The last part wasn’t a lie, he smelled strong, a heavy, manly stink that was almost dizzying. The only other cock she’d ever encountered like this was Lord Boruto’s!


Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Denki moving around, changing the angle from which he was filming. She saw the young man tap a small button on the side of the camera then whispered quickly, “A-sama, make sure to keep Kaguya’s hair out of the camera’s way…” he told them. He then tapped the button again before A nodded and reached down to push Kaguya’s hair aside.


She then moved her hand to the zipper that ran along the side of her skirt, pulling it open and slipping the tube of fabric down her long legs. Kaguya was relieved to be out of the skirt as she quickly ripped off her panties before pressing A’s massive cock between her tits and wrapping her ruby colored lips around the wide tip.


“That’s good Kaguya, now work the shaft with them,” Mitsuki said, his voice oddly soft. So soft she only barely heard it, “Make sure to show off just enough of his cock that viewers can gauge the size.”


“Mmmmph, hmmmph… Mmmph, Mmmph…” Kaguya moaned, making sure to have her lips smack and slurp loudly against A’s cock.


“Hooho…” A groaned, leaning back against the wall as he began stripping off what remained of his own clothes.


“That’s it, now give a slow lick from the balls to the tip…” she heard Wasabi whispering as she squirmed in her chair. Kaguya risked a glance in the girl’s direction, seeing her wriggling in her seat, both hands between her legs as she licked her lips while she watched. Next to her, Sarada quietly shushed her.


“Mmmmmahh… I just love a big cock like this…” Kaguya said as she lifted her head free and did as Wasabi suggested, licking A’s cock from the balls to the tip, stopping every few inches to lightly kiss his length, her lipstick leaving perfect swatch marks along his rod. Kurotsuchi was right about the lipstick. It did look rather erotic as Kaguya bent down on all fours, wrapping her mouth around A’s cock again.


“Good,” Said Mitsuki, “Denki, get a shot of her pussy then pan around her body.” Mitsuki directed.


“Go slow Kaguya, don’t let yourself choke. And stick your ass out more!” whispered Kurotsuchi.


Kaguya tried not to be insulted by that, after all, A was HUGE! She let out another low moan as Denki slowly panned around her body. She heard the camera whirling softly as the zoom function moved back and forth.


“Yeah, that’s it… Ohhh…” A groaned, looking down at her with a barely hidden smile, “Oh you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth Shiroko…”


“Mmmmmpph…” Kaguya groaned, slowly moving to take A deeper into her mouth. She could feel her throat swelling around his girth as her eyes rolled back slightly. Kaguya LOVED the feel of a big cock in her mouth! The aching sensation in her jaw turned her on, and the feel of her throat stretching was almost like being fucked in her pussy!


“Mmmmmmph!” she moaned again, shaking her ass from side to side.


“Ohhh yeah…” A groaned, “Yeah, don’t stop… Take it all…” he groaned as he reached down to grab her horns. Kaguya let out a moan of pure bliss, her vision blurring as A gripped her horns tight and pulled on them, forcing his cock all the way down her throat. She couldn’t choke if she wanted to as her entire body shook in pleasure!


“MMMMMMPPPH!!!!” Kaguya howled, her pussy gushing as she came instantly!


“Hoh?” Mitsuki whispered, “Raikage-sama, do that again.” he instructed.


“Like that you slut teacher?!” A asked, it was an add-lib, but it fit the setting as Kaguya only could moan wordlessly in pleasure. “Then take THIS!!!” he grunted, still gripping her horns as he pumped her head back and forth on his cock.


“AGUGH!!! GUGH!!! GUGH!!! GUH GUH GUH GUH GUUUGH!!!!” Kaguya gagged! Drool dripped down her chin as she felt A’s cock pounding her mouth and throat over and over. She could barely think anymore as she reached her hands up to grip A’s thighs, “HARGERRRRR!!!! PHUUUUCK MUH FASHE!!!!!” she moaned. ‘Ahhhh, this feels so good! My horns, ahhh my horns are driving me crazy!!!‘ she thought to herself as she came again and again.


“This is gold!” Wasabi whispered.


“Is she okay?” asked Sumire, “That looks like it hurts…” she said softly.


“Does she LOOK like she’s in pain?” Sarada whispered as harshly as she could and not be picked up by the camera’s microphone.


“Good point…” Sumire agreed.


“MMMMMPH!!! AGUGH GUH GUH GUH GUMMMMINGGGGG!!!!” Kaguya moaned, her entire body shaking in pleasure as A made her cum again and again, his tight grip on her horns was driving her wild as she gagged softly on his cock as he fucked her face hard!


“Okay, now move positions you two.” Mitsuki directed.


“HAAAAHHAAAAA…!” Kaguya gasped, taking in a deep breath as A pulled her free of his dick. Long sticky ropes of drool hung from her lips, connecting to his still throbbing dick. The huge shaft was now nearly twice as thick as when they had begun a few moments ago.


Once she’d caught her breath, Kaguya stood up, pressing her naked body against A, her skin looked like fresh snow against his darker tone as the two of them kissed lewdly again. A grabbed her thigh and pulling it up around his hip, grinding his gigantic hard-on against her dripping pussy as their tongues wrestled one another for the camera!


Slowly, the pair moved to lie on the cold hardwood floor. Kaguya barely felt it though as her skin felt almost hot with genuine arousal. Sometimes she hated how sensitive her horns were, but right now it was helpful for the filming. Laying A down on his back, Kaguya climbed on top of him, straddling his face as she gripped his cock in both hands.


“Fuck you’re so big!” she said in an excited voice, “Mmmmmmmh, I love it, aaahhhmmmmmmph!!!” she moaned, opening her mouth wide and taking his cock back down her throat! The already thick coating of saliva on his shaft made it easier for her to slide his thick length through her mouth. Moaning for the camera, Kaguya leaned forward, making sure to go slow as Denki came around to her face. She looked right up at the camera; her lips making wet smacking sounds as they slipped over the dark surface of A’s fuck meat.


“Mmmmmmmmh,” was all A said as his hands grabbed her ass, his fingers gripping almost painfully tight. She could feel his digits sinking deep into the soft flesh of her ass as he leaned his head up to brush the length of his tongue along the moist pink folds of her cunt.


“Hmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmmmmph…” Kaguya moaned, bobbing her head up and down. ‘What is he doing?!‘ she thought, ‘I thought he trained in Suzuka technique?‘ Of the men she’d serviced working at Busteez, only a scant few had ever tried licking her pussy. Lord Naruto and Lord Boruto were both skilled in this, but A? Kaguya fought the urge to roll her eyes at the feel of his tongue repeatedly brushing along her pussy. ‘Don’t just put your tongue in there, focus on my clit too you fool!‘ she thought angrily at him.


Moaning again, Kaguya began rolling her hips, grinding her crotch against A’s face, trying to get his beard to brush against her clit so she could at least feel SOMETHING. At the same time she took his cock all the way down her throat, her nose pressing against his balls, filling her nostrils with his scent. Oddly enough, his nuts smelled good, and Kaguya realized they still carried the lingering scent of Sarada’s perfume!


Above the pair, Denki moved back and forth, changing angles regularly to get shots of A’s cock between her lips and of his face buried in her pussy. More often than not Denki came back to focus on Kaguya’s face, maybe he saw A’s lack of talent as well.


“That’s good, now Raikage-sama, piston fuck time.” Kurotsuchi said, “Denki, get some good close-ups.”


Denki didn’t reply verbally, only giving a thumbs up as acknowledgement as he moved back to get a clean shot of Kaguya’s face. Once in position, Kaguya braced herself as A began thrusting into her mouth HARD!


“GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH…” she gagged and moaned as his hefty balls repeatedly smacked against her face! Long strings of drool peeled away from her lips, flinging out in all directions as Kaguya let out another long moan of pleasure.


“Oh wow…!” whispered Wasabi, “Oh I wanna learn how to do that!”


“Trick is keeping your throat as relaxed as possible.” said Sarada. She then turned to see both the other girls staring at her, “What?! Mom taught me. She’s the undisputed Blowjob Queen of Busteez after all.” she said with a hint of pride.


“Ahh…” both girls said as they turned to look back at Kaguya. The white haired woman moaned and gagged in front of the camera for almost a full five minutes before she and A separated from each other. She then helped pull him to his feet and took him over to the teacher’s desk at the front of the room, making sure to walk in a way that made her huge tits bounce up and down more than they would have naturally.


“I can’t wait anymore…” she breathed heavily as she swiped her arm across the desk, scattering the random assortment of items spread over its surface. She then turned to face A with a lustful expression on her face, licking her lips slowly for the camera as Denki took a close up of her.


“Fuck me now, bury that huge dick inside me! I don’t care if you breaks me!!!” she moaned, putting one leg up onto the table, exposing her puffy pink pussy for the camera. She then used her fingers to spread the wet pink lips wide, her clit throbbing in the cool air of the room. She smiled down at Denki as he crouched down between her an A, his camera trained on her pussy as she dipped her fingers in and out of herself, masturbating for him, “Mmmmmmh, hurry, I want it now, I need it…” she said, trying to sound as horny as she could.


Denki quickly moved aside as A shoved Kaguya down onto the desk, climbing on top of her and pressing their mouths together. She wrestled her tongue against his as she felt his massive cock pressing against her stomach. The heat coming off him was almost like a furnace as she arched herself for him. A let out a low chuckle as he positioned himself.


“I think I might like it here at this school.” he said as he pushed his cock inside.


“OOOHHH FUUUUCK…!” Kaguya moaned in genuine pleasure, her pussy gushing hard just from the feel of being filled to the limit! “THIIICK, SO THIIIICK, AHHHHH…!” she moaned as Denki filmed every centimeter of A’s cock sliding inside. Kaguya could feel her abdomen stretching up as he stuffed her pussy completely!


“Denki dear, be sure to catch the stomach distention.” Kurotsuchi said, “Show everyone how full she’s getting!”


The brown haired youth again gave a thumbs up acknowledgement as he moved to their side. A moved slowly at first, purposefully making sure Denki caught her belly tenting upwards as he pushed inside. Kaguya bit her lower lip, she loved this! So full, so good, and everyone watching her in awe as she took this mighty beast of a cock into her body! She then wrapped her legs around A’s waist, hugging herself against him as Denki moved again to catch a shot of A’s cock spreading the lips of her pussy wide.


“OOOOHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Kaguya howled as the big man began pounding into her from above. All she could do was hang on and scream in pleasure as she felt his cock diving in and out of her over and over. Her ruby painted nails, dragging across his back, leaving eight long distinct lines over his shoulder blades as she screamed, “OH FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUCK!!!”


“Go faster A-sama.” Mitsuki directed.


Groaning, A began slamming into Kaguya’s sopping wet cunt at a rapid pace. The desk bounced and scooted along the floor in protest as she felt her pussy gushing around his cock.


“Huurr, hurr, hur… Oh fuck Shiroko… Your pussy is amazing!!!” A groaned.


“SHUT UP AND FUCK MY HOLE!!!!!!” Kaguya screamed at him, “YES, RIGHT THERE, MORE, MORE MORE MORE!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!” she screamed as she began cumming in earnest, loving the feel of her pussy being stretched out to its limit! “OH FUUCK I’M CUMMMMMINGGGGGG!!!!!” Kaguya howled as she really did cum, nearly drenching Denki in her juices.


“Nice spray!” commented Kurotsuchi.


“Indeed,” agreed Mitsuki, “Denki, how is the camera and picture doing?”


Denki gave yet another thumbs up as he moved in closer, he was in the splash zone as droplets of Kaguya’s juices rained on his face.


“Good, Raikage-san, whenever you are ready.” Mitsuki said, giving the okay for him to cum.


“Gurr, hurr, huurrr… Ruaaagh…!!” A groaned as he pulled his cock free of Kaguya’s pussy, the thick shaft making a loud wet sucking noise as it pulled free, leaving the ivory skinned woman’s pussy gaping wide as he moved to wedge his cock between her massive tits and aim the tip at her face, he then used her tits to stroke his glistening erection quickly since his hand couldn’t hope to grip the entire thing.


“Take this you slut teacher!!!” he told her before his cock erupted in a powerful white stream of thick cum.


Kaguya opened her mouth wide in preparation to receive the thick spurts of tasty hot fluids. “AHHHH.. HUH?!—” Kaguya gasped suddenly as A semen blasted her face with a powerful concussive force like a fire hose putting out a fire. Kaguya panicked as she gasped for air. A was completely drenching her with a powerful stream of cum. Her gargling sounds can be heard as she writhed back and forth, trying to get her face in a position to breathe.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” A roared ferociously as he came with all his might on Kaguya’s face. The surrounding area was caked with his genetic goo as he continued his extremely potent orgasm.


Nearly everyone but Mitsuki had their mouths a gaped as they watched him ‘cum-bathing’ Kaguya.


A’s cum surged for nearly three minutes before subsiding, leaving Kaguya’s face and tits completely coated, though with her pale skin it was difficult to see a difference between the two. Her hair however was now a shade darker as it lay plastered to her scalp, thick globs dripping off both her horns as she lay panting on the desk.


Kaguya coughed and gasped for air as she looked around disoriented.


“Heh, you’re right, that was good for stress!” A said as he got up and began retrieving his clothes, not minding her condition.


“And CUT!!!!!” Mitsuki shouted.




Everyone turned to the sound of someone clapping inside the frame of the door to the classroom to see Tsunade standing there, a wide grin on her face. “Bravo, quite the show! Now I get why people like to watch in the voyeur room at the club!”


“Lady Tsunade.” Mitsuki said, offering a polite bow.


“Glad to see things are going well.” Tsunade said. She was dressed in her regular outfit of a gray sleeveless robe with dark blue loose fitting pants. Her green robe she wore over that was oddly missing. Hanging over one shoulder was a small medical bag with a golden clasp on one side.


“Lady Tsunade, good to see you.” said Sarada. Wasabi, Sumire, and Kurotsuchi all offered their own greetings as well.


“Princess.” said A as he began getting dressed again.


“What brings you by?” Mitsuki asked, “None of your scenes are scheduled today.”


“Doing a favor for Sakura.” Tsunade explained as she entered the room fully. Kaguya was still panting from performing, her legs felt like they were made of rubber and her heart was still racing in her chest. She offered a weak wave to the blonde as she came over to her.


“Looks like I came just in time too.” said Tsunade, “I brought the first batch of that medicine your mother developed.” she said to Sakura.


“Oh, it’s ready?” Sarada asked, sitting up straighter.


“Yep, took a little extra work to get it into an injectable form, but we figured it out together. Though I think the warning mentioned on the scroll is twice as important when in this state.” Tsunade said.


“Can someone explain what you two are talking about?” asked Kurotsuchi.


“Mom recently inherited a REALLY old scroll from grandpa. Inside we found all kinds of chakra free Jutsu’s and recipes for medicines.” Sarada explained.


“Chakra free jutsu?” echoed A, “Like my Suzuka techniques?” he asked, sounding skeptical.


“Among a ton of other stuff, yeah, grandpa said it’s been passed through the generations for a really long time, but only to the women in the family. Since he was an only child, my great grandmother told him only to give it to his daughter. He just kind of forgot about it until he found it sitting in a box in the attic. So he finally gave it to my mom and we found all kinds of secret techniques inside along with recipes for different medicines and aphrodisiacs. One we thought would be really useful since Lord Raikage would be working with all of us.” Sarada told them.


Tsunade unslung the bag she was carrying and opened it; from inside she withdrew one of those new auto injector devices that used compressed air to quickly deliver medicine to the bloodstream. Kaguya had seen them used in those fictional shows Lord Boruto liked to watch on the television.


“Seems the Haruno family had to deal with vaginal damage due to insanely large penetrations a long time ago. And they developed a medicine that sped up recovery of the vagina considerably.” Tsunade explained.


“How considerably?” Kurotsuchi asked.


“Observe.” Tsunade said as she looked down at Kaguya’s still gaping pussy. She then made a fist with her free hand, “I hear Lady Hinata was in pretty much the same shape after her round with, what did you call it Sarada?”


“Cockzilla.” Sarada answered.


“How quaint.” A said dryly, “But accurate poptart.”


“Well,” Tsunade continued, “As you can see,” she said as she put her fist inside Kaguya’s pussy, though the ivory skinned woman didn’t feel anything at all. “Right now I can get my whole hand inside and not contact the vaginal walls. Normally distention like this would take several hours to normalize, and maybe a day or two to recover completely unassisted.”


“Go on,” Kurotsuchi said, paying close attention now.


Tsunade pulled her hand back, “But with one dose of this,” the blonde said as she pressed the injector to a spot just a few centimeters above Kaguya’s clit and triggered the injector. There was a soft hiss and a sensation of warmth as something was introduced to her bloodstream. The warmth quickly grew to an almost painful heat that then subsided just as quickly as it appeared.


“Woah…” several of the onlookers said together.


“What? What is going on?” Kaguya asked.


“And as you can see, her pussy is completely normal again!” Tsunade said, a hint of pride in her voice as she slipped two fingers into Kaguya, making her sit bolt upright with a yelp.


“See, even sensitivity is restored.” Tsunade said.


“It’s not that, your fingers are like ice!!! Withdraw them from me this instant!” Kaguya hissed at her.


“Oh,” Tsunade said with a blink, pulling her hand away, “Sorry.”


“You mentioned a warning before?” A pressed.


“Right,” said Tsunade. “It basically just said never use this DURING sex. Seems doing so can make the womans vagina memorize the shape of the penis inside, and then restrict orgasmic release to that penis and that penis alone!”


“That does sound dangerous.” Sumire said, “It could make a girl a slave to one man.”


“Any medicine if misused is dangerous.” Sarada said, “But I thought for the purpose of the film, it would go a long ways towards speeding up recovery times between shots.”


“Agreed.” Kurotsuchi said, “This scroll you mentioned, I assume it’s in a secure place?”


“It is now, in a safe that only someone with a Sharingan can open.” Sarada said, triggering her own Sharingan. “Mom plans to ask dad to seal it in another dimension with his Rinnegan thing when she finishes her research.”


“Good to know, I’ve seen what the Suzuka techniques can do, I’d hate for other techniques of the same kind to leak back into the world unchecked.” Kurotsuchi said.


“SOOOO cool!” Wasabi said, “Hey, this mean we don’t have to worry about A stretching us out when our scenes come up?! That’s great!”


“Don’t get too excited Ms. Izuno,” Kaguya spoke up, “I’m still feeling rather sore internally.”


“That’s not surprising,” Tsunade said, “The compound only repaired the vaginal distention, you still need to recover in all the other areas.”


“Well, if we’re done here, I’m going back to my hotel.” said A, “No offense to your caterer, but I’d like a fresh hot meal for dinner.”


“Denki?” Mitsuki asked.


“I got everything, I’m sure, I’ll need to go over the footage on a larger screen tonight to be sure, but I don’t foresee any trouble.”


“Good, I’ll be off then.” said A as he put on a belt and headed for the door.


“Where are you staying?” Tsunade asked.


“The Konoha Mountain Villa, what’s it to you?” A asked with a mildly annoyed tone.


“Care for some company for dinner? I like the roasted chicken breast they serve.” Tsunade asked.


“Hmmph, I don’t mind, but you’re buying your own food!” A said as he walked out the door.


“How about we bet on it? loser pays…” Tsunade said as she picked her bag back up and left with A. Their conversation faded from earshot the further they walked away.


“I am curious,” Kaguya said as she got up from the desk. Denki handing her a towel she then began to use to clean herself off, “What other techniques were there?”


“Oh lots,” Sarada said, “Too many to count really, there were two that stood out to me though.”


“Dish dish!” Wasabi said.


“Well the first one has this weird trick that lets you turn your hair into hard as steel spines. What made it weird was it was used to attack with your pubic hairs, making them shoot out like needles.” Sarada explained.


“Eew!” Sumire shivered.


“Yeah, though I guess it could be really useful when some creep is trying to stick something somewhere you don’t want it.” Sarada agreed.


“That’s true…” Sumire said.


“And the other?” Denki finally spoke up.


“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Mitsuki. It was the only jutsu on the scroll that needed Chakra. Only my maternal bloodline members can use it.” said Sarada.


Mitsuki’s bright yellow eyes blinked as he tilted his head curiously, “Oh, can it be used for the film?”


“Yep, and it fits in perfectly with the plot with the school nurse, it’s called the Futanari-no-Jutsu!” said Sarada.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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so who is gonna be shaped. you cant drop an idea like that and not do it.

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Great work and story
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