School Dance Part Two

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“Mina, where are you taking us?” Ojiro asked as the pink skinned girl led their little group out of the ballroom and into another part of the Madarin Hotel.


“You’ll see.” Mina assured him, on their way in, Mina had seen a schedule book open on the front desk monitor. She easily spotted the UA Ballroom Dance set in Ballroom A, but Ballroom B had been Labeled as ‘Canceled’ and the booking for it was for a group called ‘Evil Angel Studios’. Mina knew the name, a well known porno studio! What were they doing here? Why they canceled, Mina didn’t know or care, but if she was right…

She led their small group of seven to the second floor Ballroom, Ballroom B, and tried the doorknob. It wasn’t locked.


“See, now THIS is a room meant for people to PAR~TY!!!!” Mina said as her little group entered Ballroom B. Bored out of her mind at the supposed school dance downstairs, Mina took Kirishima, Toru, Ojiro, Itsuka, Shoto, and Mei away from that total snore fest!


“What was gonna happen here?” asked Kirishima as he walked into the ballroom. The place was wildly decorated, balloons, confetti, what looked like an amazing sound system with a DJ booth. There was even a buffet set up, though only a few cakes were laid out, still sitting under their glass serving domes, likely they were made here at the hotel instead of brought in by a caterer. Though what really stood out were the camera’s set up all around the room along with various microphones, the kinds on those long arms like they used on TV when they showed a behind the scenes filming documentary.


“I think I can guess.” said Toru as she went over behind the buffet and lifted up a long bandolier of small square shaped packet packets, each with a circular item sealed inside.


“Well,” Mina said with a smile, “I saw this room listed as a canceled event by a porn studio, one well known for orgy movies!”


“Yeah, that would make sense.” said Itsuka as she went over to one of the tables and picked up what appeared to be a ballgag.


“Oh fun!” said Toru, “I’ve never seen one of those up close!” she said as her dress moved over to where the ginger haired girl stood. She reached out for it and Itsuka handed it over to her without argument. Mina then watched with a smile as Toru put it on, though with her being invisible, it simply looked like it was floating in the air where her head should be.


“Howsh id wook!” Toru asked once she had it secured in place.


“Sexy!” Mina said with a thumbs up.


“Heeeey, this sound system isn’t bad!” said Mei as she went over to the DJ booth. Since she ran the booth at Busteez, Mina wasn’t surprised that’s where she went first here. The pink haired girl’s hands danced over the controls and a low thrumming sound filled the room as the massive speakers were powered up. A heartbeat later, pulsing techno beats blasted from the speakers and Mina smiled.


“Yeah!!! Now THIS is music!!!!” she said as she began moving her hips to the beat as she moved out towards a cleared area for actual dancing! “Come on guys, let’s dance!!!!” she said happily.


“Know what, fuck it!!!” Kirishima said as he moved out to join her.


“Yeah, fuck it boooiiiii!!!” Mina said as she used her fur boa to pull Kirishima closer. She’d seen Aizawa use his scarf dozens of times already, her boa wasn’t nearly as long or useful, but she was able to pull the redhead closer and pressed her sexy body flush against his! She rubbed herself against him suggestively to the music as she used her boa to pull his head in close.


“Now THIS is fun!” she said.


“Yeah, better than falling asleep to that borning band.” Kirishima agreed as he placed his hands on her hips. Mina grinned up at him as she moved her hands to grab his wrists, shoving his hands down to grab her rounded ass which she immediately pushed into his grip. Kirishima shook his head and smiled back at her, giving her ass a firm squeeze!


“Heheh!” she giggled as she swayed her body to the beat and began rubbing herself against him.


Across from them, Itsuka pressed her ass back against Todoroki’s groin as she pulled his arms around her waist, then up to her breasts as he pressed himself closer. Mina grinned as she watched as the red and white haired youth kissed the side of her neck softly, making the ginger haired girl coo softly.


“COMING AT ‘CHA LIVE FROM THE LAME PARTY, WE HAVE THE STUDENT’S OF UA CLAIMING THE EVIL ANGEL STUDIO PARTY! I’M MEI HATSUME, AND I’LL BE YOUR DJ TONIGHT!!! HERE’S ONE FROM THE EVIL ANGEL STUDIO PLAYLIST FOR YA!!!” Mei announced into the DJ mic as she tapped away at the controls of the booth. The techno song slowly shifted to something slower, but still serviceable. Mina smiled and lifted her leg up to wrap it around Kirishima’s hip. Her gown was not only form fitting, but incredibly flexible! The hem rode up around her long smooth pink leg as she began humping herself against him slowly to the music.


Out of the corner of her eye, Mina saw Toru pull out a box out from under the table where Itsuka had found the ballgag. She opened the box and pulled out what looked like a random assortment of leather belts. But when she held it up correctly it revealed itself to be a sexy bondage harness! “Oooooo, Ih’m twying dish ohn!!!” she said through the ballgag still in her mouth as she slipped out of her dress!


“Toru, really!?” Ojiro asked, but the invisible girl had already all but vanished as she slipped out of her dress, leaving only the arm length gloves she had on and the floating ballgag in her mouth to show where she was. Mina grinned, like herself, Toru hadn’t bothered with any underwear! A fact Kirishima had now discovered as he moved his hand to rub along her smooth pink thigh and up under her dress to grab her bare ass directly!


She grinned up at him as he audibly gulped and moved to drape her arms around his shoulders. “So, you having fun, or is your quirk acting up?” Mina asked playfully as she felt something hard pressing against her crotch.


“What do you think?” he asked, grinning back at her with his shark toothed smile. Mina giggled and began grinding herself against him even more. Across from them, she heard Itsuka moan softly and turned her attention there just long enough to see that Todoroki had pulled down the top of her pastel green gown with the gold trim along the seams. It reminded Mina a little of her hero costume, but way more formal. Once exposed, Itsuka expanded her tits out until they were both bigger than her head!


“Mmmmmh, squeeze harder!” she purred as Todoroki gripped them both in his hands, his fingers all but vanishing into the soft giant mounds.




“HEEEY~, DHON’T FERGIT ABHOOUT MEH!!!!!” slurred Toru, now fully decked out in the bondage gear she had found. Her body may have been invisible, but the box of toys she found more than made up for it! Her top heavy torso was outlined by the bondage harness, which had a pair of straps that stretched over her enormous tits, with rings that fitted around where her nipples should be. A set of unlinked binding cuffs showed off her wrists, and going off of how the strips of the open crotch design between her legs were glistening, Toru was VERY MUCH enjoying showing herself off in the sexy gear! Not surprising since the invisible girl was a total exhibitionist! Ojiro’s tail swished from side to side almost like a dog as he watched the girl strike several poses.


Not about to be outdone, Mina reached a hand to her side, grabbing the cleverly hidden zipper of her dress and pulling it loose. The fabric pulled away from her body like a layer of skin peeling away, exposing her heavy tits with their slightly darker pink nipples. Still holding onto Kirishima with one hand, Mina grabbed his left hand, the one not currently groping her bare ass and moved it to her naked tit. She let out a loud moan as he gripped it hard, causing a light trickle of her ‘milk’ to flow out. In order to have the bustline she wanted for this dress, Mina had purposefully avoided using her quirk, causing the excess acid she produced to build up in her breasts. When it came out through her nipples, it was about as harmful as lemonade, and tasted the same as well. Kirishima then leaned her back and wrapped his mouth around one nipple, sucking it hard and making Mina moan again in relief and pleasure!


“HO YEAH!!! NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A PARTY!!!!” said Mei as she switched the music again, a slower song with heavy saxophone usage, exactly like many studios used in their porn scenes! The pink haired inventor then reached inside the tiny purse she carried with her and produced a shiny silver coin that was a bit larger than a one hundred yen piece. She pressed both sides of the coin and it instantly expanded out to become a thirty centimeter long silver dildo that was at LEAST seven centimeters thick!


Well, THAT’S convenient!’ thought Mina as the other pink haired girl began licking the Dildo as she watched the unfolding orgy around her! Not too far from the booth, Itsuka had stripped herself out of her dress completely, showing off her sexy naked figure and flawless skin. She knelt down in front of Shoto to undo his pants, pulling his HUGE dick free and slowly brushing her tongue all along its length!


A short distance from them, Ojiro groaned as Toru had already gotten his pants off and was not so dry-humping her crotch back and forth along his cock. Her juices were positively dripping off the blondes thick dick as Toru moaned through the ballgag in her mouth.


“I don’t think this was the party the school had in mind, but I’m not complaining!” Kirishima said as he lifted his mouth from her nipple. Mina grinned back at him and moved a hand down to feel the stiff treasure between his legs.


“I’ll pay for the tux, ‘kay?” she said to him before triggering her quirk and using a fabric destroying acid to burn open his pants. Kirishima’s cock shot out like a rocket and Mina licked her lips slowly. “Mmmmmh, very nice!” she cooed as she saw his sixty centimeter cock throbbing between her legs.


“Mina!!!” Kirishima said in an annoyed tone. But she touched a finger to his lips as she pressed her legs together around his cock.


“Let’s skip the foreplay, ‘kay?” she asked as she pushed her assback slowly, then, when only the tip of his cock was between her legs, she shifted the position of her hips, taking the wide head of his cock inside her before she pushed forward again, driving his entire length deep into the sopping wet folds of her pussy!


“Ahhh, fuuuuck….” Kirishima groaned.


“Yeah!” Mina agreed as she moaned in sheer bliss at the feel of a big, thick, and HARD cock filling her up inside! “MMMMH, THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED!!!!” she screamed as she began bucking herself back and forth on his dick, loving the feel of it moving in and out of her tight little cunt!


Across from them, Mina heard Ojiro groaning as his cock seemed to move all on it’s own as the harness Toru had body floated over him. Glistening juices dripped off his thick rod as Toru moaned through her ballgag! Mina could only tell he carrying the invisible woman and was deep inside her from where his cock was positioned inside the harness. The tailed youth groaned again as the harness shifted position as Toru climbed on him with all the grace of a monkey and began bouncing herself up and down on his cock as Ojiro gripped her transparent ass in his hands!


A short distance away, Todoroki had Itsuka laid back on a table now, her dress completely stripped away as he slammed his massive cock into her. Her stomach stretched out with its sheer size as the green eyed girl screamed in pleasure. Mina watched as her legs wrapped around his waist, holding him inside her.


In the DJ Booth, Mina saw Mei grinning as she watched the entire spectacle as she licked the Dildo in her hands before lowering it out of sight. But then Mina saw her moaning in pleasure and rocking back and forth in her seat as she worked the silvery rod in her own cunt!


“Mmmmmmh, this is SO much more fun than downstairs!” she panted as she continued humping herself on Kirishima’s cock, “MMMMH POUND MY CUNT HARDER EIJIRO, I WANNA CUM FIRST!!!!!” she screamed in bliss.



Standing amid half a dozen Investors, Izuku Midoriya began feeling dizzy as he shook one hand after the next. He lost track of everyone’s names after the fifth man introduced himself. All the green haired youth could remember was that he was from some medical company in England. It had barely been twenty minutes and he was already feeling exhausted. Most of the men here had come to speak with Momo and himself. And even more of that group all had the same thing to say.


“Come to my country and we’ll make you rich with our support.”


Izuku was hoping to meet people interested in Justice, protecting people, promoting heroes as the backbone of society. Instead it seemed more like a giant cash grab.


Whenever he had the chance, Izuku looked around the dance. Most of his classmates were over in the dining area now. A few were speaking with some of the other investors scattered about the area. He spotted Kacchan and Ochaco talking with one American man. Kacchan was pointing to the shoulder mounted missile launcher on his left shoulder and speaking slowly. Ochaco would speak occasionally when it seemed there was something neither of them could understand.


I didn’t know she was good with English,’ Izuku thought to himself.


He then turned and saw Midnight standing by the bar that had been set up a few paces away from the buffet, Principal Nezu sat perched on her right shoulder as the two of them sipped at dark colored drinks. Midnight was in her full Hero outfit and seemed to be enjoying herself somewhat as she looked out over the students. Izuku saw her say something to Nezu, but couldn’t hear them.


“Mr. Midoriya…?” asked a man in a dark colored suit, pulling his attention back to the crowd around them.


“Oh, uh, sorry, I got distracted.” he apologized.


“That’s alright,” the man said, “I understand all this can be more than a little overwhelming.”


“To say the least.” Momo agreed. She smiled at him and said, “Mr. Jacobson here was proposing a system of screening for people in the most dire need. It would utilize the Organ Transplant waiting list and a group of doctors would go over the cases to decide who was in greatest need.” she explained.


“I think it would be unfair for the two of you to be expected to fill the entire worlds need all on your own,” he told them, “You are after all human beings, not machines.”


“That’s true,” Momo agreed, “On our trip to the United States, we did clear out a children’s ward together, but that was rather exhausting and pushed my quirk to it’s limit..


“While that was noble, and I’m sure all of those families are grateful, it was in the long run a mistake. Some would see that as proof you can handle more than what would be called a fair share.” Mr. Jacobson said.


“I don’t regret helping those children.” Izuku said, trying not to feel insulted.


“Nor do I.” Momo agreed.


“I understand, but…” he began, then stopped himself, “I misspoke, please forgive me.” he said before handing the two of them a card, “Please, think about my offer, and contact me whenever it’s convenient.”


The American man then excused himself as Momo and Izuku tried to move away from the crowd. “Wow, last time I saw someone get hounded like that was when I was looking for investors.” said All Might as he and Momo made their way to an empty table and sat down.


Izuku looked up at his teacher and mentor as he approached the table with his mother Inko Midoriya. All Might was dressed in a red white and blue tuxedo while his mother wore a dark green evening gown that fitted her nicely. She smiled kindly at him as she took a seat from a nearby table and sat down across from him.


“Is everything alright Izuku?” she asked him.


“Yeah, everything’s fine, just, from what we were told about this, I was expecting… Well, I don’t know, some actual dancing and stuff.”


All Might laughed, “Yes, this year seems to be a bit more focused on the investors than usual. From what Nezu told me, many of them came at the last minute. Normally by now we’d be into the quirk demonstration.” He then laid a hand on Izuku’s shoulder, “I know it’s taxing, but try to endure it a little longer, this night could play a big part of your future as a Hero.” he told him.


Looking up at All Might, Izuku nodded, “I’ll do my best All Might.” he told him before getting up and looking over to Momo. She smiled back at him and nodded.



“…Here’s my Card Mr. Bakugo, I do hope to hear from you soon.” the man from the NRA said as he gave his card to Katsuki who readily took it and pocketed the card in one of the compartments on his belt.


“Thank you sir, I’ll keep everything you said in mind going forward.” he said politely and smiled back as the two of them shook hands.


“That went well.” Ochaco said. “See, I told you, smile a lot and don’t insult people and things go better!”


“My face hurts.” Katsuki said as he took on his usual scowling expression. Before their arrival, Ochaco had spoken with him about how to get on the good side of the investors. At first he tried to brush her off, until she used her increased gravity quirk to pin him to the floor. He regretted teaching her that trick as he found himself unable to even lift a finger. His entire body felt like one giant lead weight!


“Trust me Katsuki, that brash attitude of yours will only make any investor want to avoid you. Smile, be polite, and don’t insult anyone no matter how stupid they may seem!” she had told him.


“Al…right, just, let, me up…” he managed to say between clenched teeth. When she released her quirk he was up instantly, “WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA PINK…” he stopped short when she aimed all five of her fingers at him again with a serious expression. When he backed down she smiled at him again.


“Better.” she told him before heading back to her room to get dressed.


Katsuki came out of his thoughts when their furball of a Principal went back to the podium after jumping down from Midnight’s shoulder. “Alright everyone, now that we’ve had time for some introductions and initial greetings, let’s get to why this event is called a dance!”


Principal Nezu then snapped his fingers and the bandset down their orchestral instruments to replace them with more modern ones. The white furred little creature then jumped down from the podium and struck a pose as a lively rock themed song began to play!


The students from both class A and B cheered as they moved out onto the dance floor. Among the first couples to really get moving was that idiot Kaminari and his date. ‘Seriously?’ Katsuki thought, ‘The fool couldn’t get a date so he came with Mt. Lady!?


“That’s almost as bad as bringing your cousin as a date.” he said aloud.


“Hmm? What is?” Ochaco asked as she took a seat next to him, a plate of food from the buffet in her hand. He just gestured towards the two blondes moving in tune to the music. At least he didn’t look like a total fool. Mina’s dance lessons from last year’s Cultural Festival were paying off.


“How is that bad?” Ochaco asked around a spoonful of what looked like a pudding, only instead of yellow it was a soft pink color.


“He had to buy a date.” Katsuki said.


Ochaco took another spoonful, “Well, it’s not as if our class has a decent boy to girl ratio.” she said in Kaminari’s defense. “And Kyoka was already coming with Togata. Oh look, there they are!” she said, using the spoon to point to the pair. Togata was wearing his Costume as Lemillion, and Kyoka was in a somewhat sexier version of her own heroin outfit. She still wore the pink t-shirt that hugged around her now huge tits thanks to Recovery Girl, but instead of black jeans, she wore a set of black leather booty shorts with white stockings covering most of her exposed legs. And instead of her usual leather jacket she had on a black leather bikers vest with EJ in metal studs on the back.


“EJ?” Katsuki said, then snapped his fingers, “Oh, Earphone Jack, little too on the nose if you ask me, still, not bad. She looks ready to kick some ass like that.”


“Hey you two! Whatcha sitting for, the fun finally started!” said a new voice as Mirko walked past the two of them arm in arm with Koji Koda. She then turned to her date, “Thanks for asking me here kid, I’d have been stuck on outer patrol otherwise!” she said to him.


“N… No problem, besides, my roommate wouldn’t have let me hear the end of it if I didn’t.” Koda said back.


“Huh, roommate?” Katsuki said as the two moved out onto the dance floor. Mirko took the lead and began moving in a breakdancing style that showed off those muscular legs of hers. Quite the feat given she was wearing an all white evening gown that went well with her hair. Koda himself was in a matching off-white tuxedo that fitted well over his body frame.


Katsuki and Ochaco looked to one another, then back at the pair as they danced together, “The rabbit!?”


“I didn’t know animals talked back to him.” Katsuki said.


“I’m not sure if they do, at least not like we’re talking now anyway.” Ochaco said as she took another spoonful of her desert and looked around.


“What?” he asked her.


“You see Mina and Toru anywhere?” Ochaco asked him.



Howling in pleasure, Mina bucked between Todoroki and Kirishima as she straddled Todoroki’s waist while Kirishima mounted her from behind. Their little excursion to the upper ballroom had fallen into a full on orgy as Mina got all the boys to take her at once! She reached her hand up to grab Ojiro’s cock and stroked the thick rod slowly as she looked over at the three girls watching her with a mix of shock and envy! Well, she guess it was envy on Toru’s face at the way the harness she had on was moving from side to side as she squirmed.


“Ahhhhh, yesssss…! I’m such a pervy pink slut!” Mina moaned before taking Ojiro’s cock into her mouth. Her throat stretched to contain his length as she gagged on it lightly. Above her, Kirishima groaned in pleasure as he pushed his stiff cock deeper into her asshole! Mina loved the feeling as she bucked her hips against both boys and pulled her mouth free to gasp for air!


“Watch me more!!!” she said to Itsuka, Mei, and Toru, “Watch me get FUUUUUCKED!!!” she screamed as her entire body shook in orgasm! “COCKS! I HAVE THREE COCKS ALL FOR MEEEEE!!!!


Standing between the other two girls, Mei grinned as she pulled out her phone and aimed it at the little gangbang as Mina took Ojiro’s cock in her mouth again. She deepthroated his length and held up both her hands in a “Double Peace” pose. “Yeah, show us how pervy you can get Mina!!!” Mei cheered her on.


“Yessssh, take picturesh uv meh, mashturbate to me getting ploooowed!!!” Mina slurred around Ojiro’s cock as she saw Toru make a thick pink dildo from one of the tables vanish inside herself repeatedly.


“You fucking slut, we’re gonna punish you for being such a perv!!!” Kirishima told her as he pushed his cock in harder, “Secret move, ROCK COCK!!!!” he said and Mina howled as she felt his dick get twice as hard inside her, yet at the same time it felt even smoother than before, like polished stone!


“Thiss ish amashing!!!!!” Mina slurred, bobbing her head back and forth faster now, “GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!!” she gagged around Ojiro’s dick, looking up at him with her dark colored eyes and watching as he bit his lower lip gently.


She then pulled her head free, rubbing the blonde youth’s dick all over her face almost like a cat as she looked over at her audience, “Look at me girls, look at my perverted face!!! Look at meeee!!!” she moaned, loving the way they watched her as Kirishima and Todoroki found a solid rhythm, pulling out and then pushed in, her pink ass jiggling wildly now from the force of their combined thrusts!


AHHHHHH, CUMMING!!!! I’M CUMMING SOOOO MUUUUCH!!!!!!!!” she screamed as Kirishima grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly as he pinched her nipples hard, making her harmless “milk” spray out in tiny yellow-white streams.




“Damn, look at her go!” said Kendo as she watched with a mix of awe and surprise.


“This is, actually really hot!” added Toru, “I’m glad you said it was okay for your boyfriend to go along with it.”


“Eh,” Itsuka shrugged, “I gotta admit, I was curious if Mina could actually take three guys at once.”


AHHHAAAAA, SO GOOD, FEELS SO GOOD!!!! I’M GONNA BREAK…! I FEEL MYSELF GOING CRAZYYYYY…!!!” Mina screamed as she took Ojiro’s cock into her mouth again, bobbing her head back and forth wildly as she felt warm, wet, and thick bursts of liquid inside her ass and cunt! “YESSSSSSH, CUM IN MEEEEH!!! PHILL ALL MUH HOLESH!!!!!” she begged as she moaned her entire body in long undulating motions, stirring all three dicks inside herself as her vision doubled when her eyes crossed in pleasure. Ojiro groaned as she felt his cock throbbing in her throat, his cum spraying almost directly into her stomach as Kirishima and Todoroki’s cum began pouring back out around their cocks. Mina felt her entire body stiffen as her vision turned white for a moment as she came hard! The naked pink girl then fell limp between the two boys she was sandwiched between. She coughed out a small bit of Ojiro’s cum as she panted for breath.


“It’s all overflowing… Your dicks are rubbing together inside meeeeee… I’m so muuuuuch…!!!” she panted slowly.



Sitting at a table next to Izuku, Momo let out a long sigh. She and Izuku had only spent maybe half an hour talking to all of the investment representatives, but she felt as though they had been talking for hours! The dance had gotten into full swing now as most of her classmates and their dates were on the dancefloor. Izuku had gone to the buffet to get them both something to drink as Momo’s throat felt almost raw from so much talking in such a short time.


“…So, what do you think Midoriya will do Tsu?” asked the voice of Tenya Iida as he and Tsuyu Asui walked by her table. She gave a wave to them both as Tsuyu tapped her chin in thought.


“I’m not sure honestly, but I don’t think they will accept the offer.” Tsuyu said before she noticed Momo sitting just a few paces away. “Oh, sorry Yaomomo, kero.” she said to her quickly.


“It’s alright,” Momo told them, “This whole night has practically been about that offer.”


Tsuyu nodded, “Like I was saying, I don’t know what you two have decided, but I wouldn’t think Izuku would take it, since it’s his dream to be a hero like All Might.” she answered Iida, but now allowing Momo to be part of the conversation. Thankfully she didn’t have to say anything as the music shifted again and Tsuyu said, “Oh, I love this song, come on Iida, kero!!!” The green haired girl then crouched low and hopped over to the dance floor, her tongue lashing out behind her to wrap around Iida’s waist and drag him along behind her!


“Tsu, wait, hold wahhh!!!” he tried to protest as Tsuyu yanked him onto the floor with her. Momo snickered as she watched Tsuyu begin twerking her ass back against Iida as he stood stiff as a statue in the crowd of the other students. Momo brought a hand up to her mouth as she gasped at how Tsuyu moved, shaking her perfectly rounded ass with a practiced ease as she moved herself to the beat of the music. The frog girl didn’t seem to care at all how her movements made her cheongsam dress flutter about wildly, occasionally showing off her bare ass when she dropped down on all fours and waved her butt from side to side.


The embarrassed look on Iida’s face was priceless as Momo quickly used her quirk to make an instant camera and snapped a photo discreetly. Thankfully the dance also had a few flashing strobes going now.


Turning her attention elsewhere, Momo smiled as she spotted little Eri running out ahead of Kyoka and Togata. Her smile was bright and cheerful, it made Momo’s heart feel a bit lighter as she remembered that same smile on the faces of all the children they helped back in America.


Eri jumped up and down to the beat of the drums playing on stage, her long silver blue hair flowing around her as she did a little twirl on her toes. Momo’s smile faded slightly, ‘Hey, that dance looks familiar…’ she thought as a blush spread over her cheeks as Eri bent down to touch her toe then slowly pulled her hand back up her leg!


“Oh crap!” Momo said, “That’s Mina’s stage dance! She’s too young for that!!!” she said as she quickly got up. The dark haired girl recognized Mina’s Busteez Stage routine easily enough, that girl just loved showing off her legs! She didn’t have to go far though as Kyoka stepped in and began talking to Eri quickly. Placing a hand over her heart, Momo sat back down and sighed in relief.


“Hmmm, is everything okay Momo?” Izuku asked as he returned. He handed her a glass of punch and she gratefully accepted.


“Not anymore, Kyoka just stopped what could have been a bit of an emergency.” she told him.


Izuku sat down next to her again and smiled. He looked out over the crowd now filling the dancefloor and watched as their friends moved to the music. “Eri and Kota look like they’re having fun,” he said after a moment, “I’m glad.”


Following his line of sight, Momo spotted the pair with Togata and Kyoka, the four of them were all doing the two step technique Mina had taught them for their festival performance. Momo sipped her drink and smiled as Eri spotted them and ran over.


“Deku Nii-chan, come dance with me!” she said, smiling happily up at him.


Izuku returned her smile and looked over to Momo. She nodded back to him and he got up, letting Eri take him by the hand and lead him back out onto the dance floor. The music changed again and Momo watched as Izuku knelt down to be at eye level with Eri as they danced together to the beat of the music. Momo was rather impressed that he could dance squatting down like that, it couldn’t have been comfortable at all. Then again, not all that long ago, he broke his bones almost daily, something like this had to be nothing!


“Come on Eri, let’s have some fun!” Izuku said as he picked Eri up in his arms and hopped into the air, but instead of coming right back down, he hovered in the air for a few seconds before falling back down like a feather. Eri giggled happily, clinging tightly to his neck as he hopped up again, doing a slow spin in mid air before coming back down. Momo felt a warm sensation in her chest as she watched.


Izuku once told her about how he fought against a low level villain trying to gain fame by breaking into the UA Cultural Festival, it was why he was so late getting back. But now, seeing him with the girl, she understood why he fought so hard to help bring out that smile.


“Awwww, that so adorable, my baby is dancing with her like a big brother!!!” gushed a woman’s voice. Momo turned to see All Might in his regular form walking arm in arm with Inko, Izuku’s mother and the best cook working at Busteez! Inko was dressed in a pretty satin evening gown that was dyed a deep forest green that went well with her hair. Momo was surprised to see Izuku’s mother wearing her hair down fully. It was obvious she’d been to a salon recently from how smooth and shiny it was now.


Momo giggled, “Eri even called him onii-chan.” she told her.


“Awwwwww!!!” Inko said again, tears welling in her eyes. “I wish I could have given Izuku a little sister like that!”


“I’m sure he’d be a wonderful big brother to her too.” Momo said.


“I agree.” said All Might, he then turned to Inko and smiled warmly at her, “Would you care to dance Mrs. Midoriya?” he asked her.


“I would love to Mr. All Might sir.” Inko replied as the two of them walked out onto the dancefloor together.


The music shifted again as the band began playing a slow dance song and Izuku brought Eri back down to the ground again. “Come on Katsuki, you did fine before!” came Ochaco’s voice as she dragged Bakugo along behind her. Momo turned to watch as the brown haired girl pulled on the blonde youth’s arm like someone trying to pull a stubborn donkey!


“And I told you, I don’t do slow dances! They’re lame as hell and a waste of time!!!” Bakugo shouted back at her.


“I don’t know, sounds to me like you’re afraid to even try Bakugo.” Momo quipped as the pair came by her table.


WHAT!?” Bakugo snapped at her, “I’m not afraid of anything!”


“Really, then just go out and and dance with your date.” Momo said.


“I don’t see you dancing with that loser!” Bakugo protested.


“He’s currently occupied.” Momo said with a smile, gesturing over to Eri and Izuku, now swaying slowly to the music as Eri stood on top of Izuku’s feet. They moved to pass Iida and Tsuyu who smiled at Eri and gave a little wave as she pressed her back against Iida. Swaying slowly to the music as her butt rubbed against his groin.


“See Tsu, THAT’S a proper way to dance!” Iida said to his partner while looking over at Izuku and Eri.


“Kero, really?” Tsuyu asked, before hopping up onto Iida’s feet, and making him wince in pain as she let her full weight land on him. “Better?” she asked with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.


Izuku gave the pair a nervous smile before he led Eri closer towards where Momo sat as the girl rested her head against his stomach and closed her eyes. Smiling down at the girl, he reached a hand down to pat the top of her head gently.


“Awwwwww, that’s so adorable!!!! It’s like the flower girl and groom at a wedding!!!” Ochaco gushed at the sight of Izuku and Eri dancing.


“Yeah,” Momo agreed, “It is…” she said as she watched the pair with a warm smile. Her heart beated slightly faster at the thought.


“Looks stupid.” said Bakugo.


“Katsuki…” Ochaco said, a dangerous tone in her voice as she glared at him, “Okay spill, why don’t you wanna dance with me!?” she demanded.


Bakugo crossed his arms over his chest and looked away, “I can’t slow dance.” he said in the quietest tone she had ever heard from him.


Momo and Ochaco both blinked, “Huh?” they said in perfect unison.


“I CAN’T SLOW DANCE OKAY!??!?” he shouted at them which was loud enough for everyone nearby to hear, “I don’t know how!”


Ochaco smiled as Momo fought hard to suppress a laugh. “Oh, well, that’s easy!” said Ochaco as she touched the tip of her fingers to his chest. He glowed lightly as she used her quirk to negate the pull of gravity on him. “Just let me take the lead!” she said cheerfully as she pulled him along like a balloon onto the dance floor. Momo noticed she did that a lot with him as he protested in vain.


Momo watched as Ochaco set him down so that his feet hovered just a couple centimeters off the floor. She then placed his hand on her hip while gripping the other. Momo giggled at how he grit his teeth as Ochaco took the lead and began moving them across the dance floor. The dark haired girl quickly lost sight of the pair as they moved into the crowd. She then turned her eyes back towards Izuku and smiled as Kota walked over to him and Eri.


“May, I, cut in?” he asked nervously.


Izuku smiled at the boy and looked down at Eri. She nodded and Izuku let her step off his shoes as Kota bowed to her before taking her hands in his. The green haired young man then politely stepped away as the two children found their own rhythm to the music as he walked back over to Momo.


“That was sweet.” she told him as he sat back down.


“Thanks. I’m so glad to see them both so happy now.” Izuku said as he watched the two moving around the dance floor. Eri rested her head on Kota’s shoulder, making the boy blush a bright red. Momo giggled again and looked over to Izuku.


“Izuku, let’s go get some air.” she said to him as she stood up slowly.


“Huh, uh sure.” he agreed, standing up with her.



Izuku followed Momo out into the hallway outside of the ballroom. He watched as the dark haired girl leaned her body against the wall and let out a slow breath.


“Momo, is everything alright?” he asked, concerned for her.


“Yeah, just, after meeting with everyone, it’s all just so much more real now, you know?” she replied.


Izuku nodded, “Yeah, but I still think we’re doing the right thing. None of the other offers were all that different honestly. And a couple, well, I have my doubts about their sincerity.”


It was Momo’s turn to nod, “Yeah I caught that too, especially those guys from that American and Middle Eastern company.”


He smiled back at her and reached out to take her hand, “Wanna go for a walk?” he asked, “You did say you wanted some air.”


She took his hand in hers, and Izuku again marveled at how soft her skin felt as he gripped it gently. The two of them then walked out to the hotel lobby and then outside the hotel itself. The night air was surprisingly refreshing, it surprised Izuku how stuffy the ballroom felt suddenly in comparison. He finally understood what it meant to, ‘get some air.’ The hotel had a walking path that went around the building, probably meant for people to jog on for their morning workout routines, but it made for a leisurely evening stroll just as well.


The two walked together quietly, listening to the sounds of Tokyo at night as they looked up at the stars together.


“Izuku, we’re doing the right thing, aren’t we?” Momo asked. “I mean, we could help so many people, but…”


He squeezed her hand again and turned to face her, “Having second thoughts?” he asked.


She nodded meekly, “No matter what choice we make, someone suffers for it…”


“I know, but isn’t that the case with any choice?” he said back, taking both her hands in his now. He rarely ever saw her like this, so unsure and vulnerable. Last time was during their first year midterms, when she fought against Eraser Head alongside Todoroki. He hated seeing her look so frightened as he let go of her hands and reached up to touch her face. Momo stiffened slightly as he pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply!


As he held his lips against hers, Izuku could feel the tension melting out of her as her arms wrapped around him. Hugging him closer, the dark haired girl kissed him back. Izuku held the kiss with Momo for a long while, his head feeling light as their tongues slipped and slid against one another. The wind began blowing a little harder all of a sudden and he gently broke the kiss and pulled back to look at her. She smiled back, leaning her head down to touch her forehead to his own.


“Thank you, Izuku.” she said. He only nodded his head and reached out with his thumb to wipe away the single tear that had come down one cheek.


“Um, Izuku?” Momo asked.




“How high are you planning to take us?” she asked, then smiled as she looked around again, “Not that I mind, this view is so beautiful.”


“WHA…!?” Izuku yelped as he suddenly looked down to see they were indeed floating high in the air! “S..SORRY!!! Sometimes I can’t help it when I get emotional!” he said, “Lemme concentrate, I’ll get us down safely!”


“You didn’t mean to…?” she began, then giggled as she shook her head and she hugged him closer, “Let me.” Momo said, holding his body tight against her own as she looked behind her to the hotel. “We’re about fifteen stories up, annnd, that room looks empty…” she said as a pair of beautiful white angelic wings unfurled from beneath her cloak. They flapped once, propelling both of them towards a nearby balcony of a dark room.


Using her wings, Momo reoriented them in the air so Izuku’s back was towards the balcony. The two of them then landed with a grunt as they hit the balcony floor together. Momo lay on top of him, her wings shrinking back into her body slowly as they looked at one another and laughed. He smiled up at her and reached his right hand up to stroke her cheek slowly with his knuckles. She leaned her face into his touch and let out a soft sound before she kissed the base of his palm and looked back down into his eyes.


Their lips came together again in a more passionate kiss than before! He accepted her tongue into his mouth and lovingly sucked it gently as she began pulling at the zipper to his costume! He in turn found the clasp that held her cloak around her neck and released it. Momo then sat up quickly, pulling the top half of his costume open all the way, exposing the shirt he had on underneath. Izuku shrugged his arms out of the jacket and Momo grabbed the waistline of his shirt, pulling it up and off of him before they kissed again. Izuku released the front clasp of Momo’s costume next, her big tits spilling out of it and pressing against his chest. They felt so warm and soft, with only the stiff points of her nipples poking at him as he pulled the top half of her outfit down over her shoulders.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Momo moaned into his mouth as the two of them struggled to get up without breaking the kiss. They made their way to the balcony door that led inside the room. It wasn’t locked, allowing them inside with ease. Motion sensors in the room triggered the lights as they came inside. The interior of the room looked like part of a movie set, with cameras and filming equipment scattered about the room. Izuku spotted a script lying on the bed, but only caught the words ‘Evil Angel’ written below a long title.


Ignoring all of this, Izuku and Momo continued stripping one another’s clothes off as quickly as they could. He only stumbled once as he kicked his way out of his pants, his shoes making getting out of them tricky. Momo then pushed his shorts down, unleashing his now fully hard cock before he pushed her costume down her legs. She stepped out of her clothes easily, standing naked in front of him save for her red boots. Izuku pushed her up against the wall, kissing her harder as he grabbed both her luscious tits. He gripped them tightly as she placed her hands on his hips and pulled his pelvis flush against her, pressing his massive cock between their naked bodies.


“Mmmmh, Momo…” he breathed into her mouth.


“Ishuku…” she slurred back, her hands moving to grab his ass as he broke their kiss and leaned down to suck on one fat nipple. “Ahhhhh…!” Momo moaned, lightly humping her body against his as he swirled his tongue around her nipple before biting it gently. He could feel the heat from her pussy against his balls now as he moved from one tit to the other.


“Mmmmmh, Izuku… Hurry…” Momo panted, her voice thick with desire now as their mouth reconnected. He felt her sucking on his tongue now as he reached a hand down to grab her ass next. The dark haired girl cooed and moaned back at him, lifting her leg up to wrap around his waist as she grinded her pussy against the base of his cock. Izuku could feel her cunt dripping juices down over his balls as she let out another moan.


“Now… I want it now…” Momo moaned. Izuku did too, he wanted to feel the inside of her pussy with his cock as he hooked his elbow under the knee of the leg she’d wrapped around him. He knew from their training and from her dancing just how flexible Momo was as he lifted her leg up high! Standing her in a vertical splits as he pulled his hips back and used his other hand to guide the tip of his cock to the soft wet folds of her hot pussy.


OOHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Momo screamed in instant orgasm as he shoved almost his entire length inside her! “FULLL, I’M SO FULLL!!!! IT’S AMAZINNGGGG!!!” she moaned as Izuku hugged her creamy thigh in both his arms, holding Momo upright as the girl screamed in pleasure.


“Ahhh, Momo, you’re pussy, it’s so hooot… Ahhh…” Izuku groaned as he felt her inner walls clenching around his cock as though it never wanted him to leave! Still holding her leg, the green haired youth began thrusting his hips. He loved the way it made Momo moan every time his cock made her stomach distend slightly with its length as it went balls deep inside her.


YES!!! HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER IZUKUUUUU!!!!” Momo screamed as she rolled her hips as much as their position allowed her. Her pussy making all kinds of lewd, wet, squishing noises as she stirred his cock around inside her. “OH GOD!!! SO GOOD, I… I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!!!!” she moaned as her hands clawed at the air before she wrapped her arms around him again, digging her nails into his back as she screamed into his ear.


DON’T STOP, FUCK ME MORE, I WANNA CUM IZUKU, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM HARD!!!!” she begged, her nails now dragging slowly across his back as he began swinging his hips faster.




The sound of flesh against flesh echoed in the hotel room as Momo screamed and moaned in ecstasy. Her cries only silenced whenever Izuku kissed her again, the two of them wrestling their tongue against one anothers in a frenzied passion! Momo then shifted their position, moving to wrap her other thigh around him and letting her full weight fall down onto his cock, driving it into her deepest depths!


Izuku caught her easily, triggering One for All in the process. Green arcs of electricity sparked around them both as he held her up by her ass and carried her over to the bed. He laid her back on the plush mattress and fell over on top of her. Momo kept her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he began slamming his cock into her again. The bed creaked and groaned in protest from the force of his thrusts.


“YES, IZUKU… YES, YESYESYES!!!!” Momo moaned, rolling her hips into his thrusts as he felt her pussy letting loose a new constant stream of juices. “DON’T STOP!!! DON’T FUCKING STOOOP!!!” she howled as her body shook in sheer pleasure, “YESSSSS, CUMMING, I’M FUCKING CUMMING SO HAAAAARD!!!!!! CUM WITH ME IZUKU, CUM IN MEEEEEE!!!


“Ahhhh!! Momooooo!!!!” Izuku groaned as he sped up his thrusts, the mattress creaked even louder now and he heard something snap in the bed, but he didn’t care as he shoved his cock in as far as it would go as he came hard!


AHHHH YESSSS, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING FROM YOUR CUM SHOOTING INTO MEEEEEE!!!!” Momo screamed, her face was the very picture of ecstasy, her eyes crossed and rolled back in their sockets as her mouth hung agape in a silent scream. He could feel her entire body shaking beneath him as he emptied his balls into her!


The two of them then went slack, a pair of sweaty bodies stacked atop each other. They stayed like that for a long time before Izuku found the will to lift himself up. He panted for breath slowly, Looking down at Momo as she did the same. Her big tits heaving up and down with her long slow breaths. She looked so beautiful right now as Izuku looked down at her, and she back up at him. They kissed, a long, passionate, yet loving kiss they lasted for almost five whole minutes before they pulled apart again.


“Are you ready?” she asked him.


He nodded, “Are you?” he asked back.


“I’m not worried anymore.” she told him as they got off the bed and began gathering their clothes. “Um, I think this room is taken, and the occupant just isn’t here…” Momo said as she got dressed again.


“I think you’re right,” he agreed, “I’ll leave a note apologizing, and we can have the hotel bill us for any damages.” he told her as he looked over at the ruin that was once a top quality bed.


“Good idea.” Momo said as she put her cloak back on, “Let’s go.”



The pair made their way back to the Ballroom, walking hand in hand as they went over to where Principal Nezu sat perched on Midnight’s shoulder. The two were speaking with All Might and Izuku’s mother, Inko. Endeavor and Mitsuki were there as well, each with a drink in their hands as they listened while the principal spoke.


“Your son is a fine student Mrs. Midoriya, sometimes a trouble maker, but I can’t recall a single great hero that didn’t break the rules on occasion to do the right thing.” Nezu told her.


“Even I got in trouble a few times when I was going to school here.” said All Might. “I still have nightmares of Gran Torino’s disciplinary measures….” he said while shaking.


“Hmmph, too bad we were in separate years, I would have liked to see that.” said Endeavor. Mitsuki playfully slapped his thick bicep in admonishment.


“It’s kind of hard to imagine you being frightened of anything Mr. All Might sir.” Inko said.


“You can call me Toshinori ma’am, your son is one of my most promising students, I think that makes it alright.” All Might said to her.


“Oh, well then please call me Inko.” she said back to him.


All Might nodded, then looked up as Izuku and Momo approached them. His smile faded only slightly as he and Izuku locked eyes. Izuku nodded to him and All Might turned to Principal Nezu.


“Principal Nezu sir, it’s time.” All Might told him.


Nezu looked over to Momo and Izuku and he gave them a gentle look of understanding. “You’re sure?” he asked them.


“Yes,” Izuku said.


“It’s the right thing to do.” Momo finished.


“Very well.” Nezu said as he jumped down from Midnight’s shoulder and went back up onto the stage. With a wave of his hand, the band stopped playing as he walked up to the podium and jumped up on top of it. Clearing his throat, he tapped the microphone to get everyone’s attention. “Students, faculty, esteemed guests, a couple of your classmates have an announcement they would like to make.” Nezu said as Izuku and Momo walked up onto the stage. Izuku could hear his heart pounding in his head as he and Momo moved over to the podium. Momo squeezed his hand reassuringly and turned to smile at him.


He smiled back as they went up to the podium as Nezu jumped down, yielding the floor to them.


Izuku cleared his throat then spoke into the mic, “E….Everyone…!” he said, his voice far higher than he meant it to be, causing the speakers in the room to screech with feedback. Izuku winced and Momo smiled.


“Let me start.” she said so only he would hear. She then looked back out over their friends, “Everyone, as many of you know now, Midoriya’s quirk and my own have a unique compatibility known as Quirk Symbiosis. This allows me to make living tissue and thusly replicate perfect organs and other tissues for transplant.”


There was a soft murmur through the crowd below as everyone acknowledged this. Izuku then spoke up, feeling more confident now, “As a result, we have been given an offer from one of the guests here to join a special program that will allow us to use this combined power to save many lives all over the world.” he said.


Momo continued, “On our recent trip to the United States, we were given a glimpse of just how much of a difference this can make in the lives of others.”


“And so, after much consideration,” Izuku said, pausing and taking a deep breath, he spoke together with Momo, “We have decided to accept the offer, and get married.”


WHAAAAAAAAAAAT~!?” the combined Students of Classes A and B shouted together.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

You’re killing my IzuOcha heart Sailor

1 year ago
Reply to  Mememachine

Just keep reading, there is method to the madness

1 year ago

They’ve come a long way since the beach cave… I’ll be tuning in next time as well for sure because this is getting more interesting !

“The white furred little creature then jumped down from the podium and struck a pose…”
In my headcanon Nezu just dabbed right here and absolutely no one can change my mind.

1 year ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad


1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I’m not the best to define dab but you can see it happening in the cutscene before the dance hall boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

Ooooh boy this chapter….. idk how to describe it. This chapter was long and had lots of good moments while as some more boring ones so I will try to do my best to tell everything that happens but this will be a long review. First Let’s start with the art because it is a hell of a good pic, not perfect but it is hot as hell.
As the story begins our pink queen mina leads , Kirishima, Toru, Ojiro, Itsuka, Shoto, and Mei into a separate room that was rented by a porno shoot and the classmates all are about to have the time of there life as mei works as the DJ while the rest of the rowdy people shake there tits and asses on the dance floor which is pretty amazing.As things heat up with the horny heros unable to not touch each other things get hot quick as toru finds a ballgag and puts it on which is kinda hot. As toru body becomes visible thanks to the outfit in the room, mina the slut she is needed to up her and get her own fun as kendo and shoto have fun mei just happens to find a nice long thick dildo for some naughty fun as the group orgy is getting hot and slutty real fastAs each girl finds her partner the scene cuts to momo and deku shaking hands of business people hoping they will choose them as they recap momo and deku’s heroic deeds in the past few chapter, we see uraraka control bakugou as they talk to some of the men there scouting them. As people slowly start dancing.As the scene cuts back to the orgy of there dreams. As the queen of pink just needed all the cocks to herself as she was being stuffed like crazy and all the other girls looking on as mina being fucked silly. As mei records mina being the queen slut of mha as her sexy little face shows us just how naughty she is.Next comes what I think is the 2nd best part and that’s the eri chan at the dance It starts off with momo/deku/asui/tenya sitting at the table talking about the decision that momo/deku have to make as asui and iida head to the dance floor and asui really amazing and seductive dance showing eveyone that fat frog ass.
And I think this might be the only part that could be cut out but its still good as bakagou tells eveyone he can’t slow dance. As kota takes eri and momo and deku slip away from the dance floor we finally can begin the final actAs deku and momo start talking to each other as they start to think about the future. As they walk through the halls and talk about the offers they get. As they kiss they float up 15 stories into a room that was booked by evil angle and they kiss and strip each other
And so deku plows the hell out of momo and they have lots of rough passionate sex and the final scene ends with deku and momo agreeing to get married .
This was a fucking read and a half omg
Art: 8.5/10
Story: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Sex: 8
Overall: 9/10
This was a fucking great story with alot of great moments and some that could be removed. The ending was a shocker and idk how I feel about it but overall one of the best mha stories.

1 year ago

I’m still gonna get a 10/10 out of you one day!

Glad you liked the chapter. I’m looking forward to doing the next few chapters, one in particular has me very excited because of what happens.

1 year ago

Jesus wept! This was quite the chapter from beginning to end! On that note, here’s another entry Hiryu’s Reaction and Review!

Let’s get started with the picture itself. Definitely a big size difference between Izuku and Momo being displayed here. Yet it’s still very detailed and colorful.

Now let’s get on with the overall story. And this one is a doozy! XD Let’s begin with the makeshift dance party and eventful orgy. This to me was perhaps the second biggest highlight of this entry. Like it was clear from the moment this kicked off the chapter that it was going to be a real tone setter for the rest of the story. And boy was it just that. I personally really like it and how it went, from the small party to the orgy to the eventual gangbang. Nice work, Mina. Haha. Also, I caught that Evil Angel reference! Not bad, though I’m a bit surprised you didn’t go with a JAV company name now that I’m thinking about it {like Moodyz, SOD [Soft On Demand], Fitch, Madonna [the company NOT the singer], Giga, etc}. Yeah I’ve been around. XD

Not only that, I really liked much more of the conversations the actual dance had, including the one All Might and Inko had and the proper dancing everyone there actually did. Even Bakugo admitting he can’t slow dance and Ochaco keeping him in check almost the whole way through as well as Eri trying to do a very inappropriate dance for her age [good thing Kyoka stopped her XD], as well as getting to see more of the state of mind of Deku and Momo, before and after their alone time, which was as impressive as the sex itself.

And finally, there’s that ending, the biggest highlight here. Okay, tap the brakes! Stop right there! After everything that’s happened, they’re seriously going to go through with the arranged quirk marriage after all?! My reaction is the same as the other students in the ballroom. WHAT?!?!?! O_O This is definitely going to create some serious problems with some relationships going forward!

Well, this was a hell of a way to go. If this is how things will end today, I can only wonder how it begins next weekend! Can’t wait to see the fallout from this.

Still, very nice work! Keep it up! 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks as always for your review Hiryu! I always look forward to them. The parts of this chapter I enjoyed most were the Eri bits, and Momo and Deku’s time alone. The orgy I never planned for, so it was tricky to do. I’m glad so many were surprised by the end, I did my best since this all started to keep everyone on edge on what they would choose. But this roller coaster isn’t done yet!

That said, you’re right, I should have gone with a JAV studio, but I just didn’t think of it, I will make a change when I do the compiled chapters. I said earlier I just went to and typed in orgies, Evil Angel was one of the first studios listed.

Writing Eri is always fun, as is showing that Class A might be a bad infuence on her 😛

1 year ago

Well thia story wasn’t so bad you see the romance growing and the fun of just fucking for some chararcters and seeing how this goes it been a pretty interesting ride because it still feels like a growning moment for each student and them finding out okay here who wants to have fun who wants a serious relationship and other who just there for support. On side note after reading the orgy scene I wish that was the pic for today i would have love to seen a wide spread of that.

1 year ago

Loved this chapter, it was overall a very fun read, but I can say I enjoyed the orgy and gangbang scene the most (Mina finally got what she wanted lol). I have to admit that even though I expected Momo and Izuku to decide to get married in the end, I didn’t expect it to happen this soon, this will surely cause a lot of reactions from their classmates, but either way it has been great to see the development in Izuku and Momo’s relationship.

1 year ago

Well this was an exciting chapter I ever read. I like with the part when Mina and others entering a room set by a porno studio and have all out orgy party before Mina made it into one women gangbang for herself, what a dirty greedy girl she is, in a good way.

Also, the cute moments with Eri dancing with Izuku then with Kota. But I have to ask how did Eri knews about Mina’s stage dance though?

Anyway the best scenes with Izuku and Momo from the touching romance moments to a wild sex scene in a porno set studio of Evil Angels. Though to my disappointment, I was expecting that when they doing it in the studio, maybe one of them were accidentally activated all the cameras in the room and started filming them having sex with either of them not knowing. That wouldn’t been so funny to read. But the real kicker was the fact the the two accept the offer and decided to the married much to the great reactions of everyone there. I can’t wait see what the next chapter unfolds.

Outstanding work Sailorlo for the incredible chapter. 😆👍

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

I’m glad you enjoyed the story, as to how Eri knew about Mina’s dancing, well, this is set in their second year, so Eri’s been hanging around for a while. Only reason we didn’t see her last year is I didn’t know of her, my knowledge was limited to the anime at the time. I’m all caught up on the series now.

I did consider doing that with the cameras, but it didn’t flow well when I tried doing it while writing.

I had the most fun doing Momo and Deku’s time alone together. The emotional connection between characters is what helps the fucking scenes work better. I unintentionally created a few Izumo Shippers with this arc.

1 year ago

So it’s finally happened. Figured they would given how important saving lives is to Izuku. I wonder how many villains are gonna try and kidnap them for emergency transplants.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

So, don’t like the chapter?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I do like it. I was waiting for them to make a decision. It was in the “will he or won’t he” flux for quite a while.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Then say so! 😛 I can’t tell when you make a vague comment like that. 🙂 anyway, things will get very interesting at the wedding.

1 year ago

This was an interesting chapter. Interesting in the sense that the main event, aka the orgy, was maybe one of the weaker moments. It’s not badly written, but for me it felt like it was just getting in the way to a point.

The chapter felt long and having 2 cut aways to the orgy is what I think contributed to it, especially since it technically stopped being an orgy when Mina decided to literally hog all the dicks. That kind of turned it more into just a gang bang rather than an orgy. Not only that but also turned it more into a cucking situation where the girls had to watch their boyfriends or date fuck someone else in front of them. I like my sex scenes to be more personal and such so for me this was more of a turn off because it’s just gluttonous fucking for the sake of titillation.

I also want to add that not having the picture be said orgy or gangbang was a major wasted opportunity on Enzo’s part. Especially with how much build up was put into the dance throughout this entire season. It’s just with all this build up to the dance I thought he had something special up his sleeve to go with this payoff. I think the reason why people suggested the orgy in the first place was because they literally wanted to see it drawn by him. So that’s more of a strike against the picture and not the story.

I will say I really enjoyed the other aspects of this chapter however. Seeing Deku and Eri dance was extremely adorable and maybe the highlight for me as we can see what kind of makes him so special compared to the other guys in UA. All the discussions about the people they’re meeting and how they too are affecting the couple’s decision. There’s a lot of good build up to the actual climax of the dance.

I’m rather curious if Evil Angel’s studio was mentioned before as I can’t recall, but if it wasn’t then I’m curious if there is some foreshadowing with them. Momo and Deku’s sex scene was more in line with what I thought was good. It wasn’t gratuitous, it was a natural progression of the story. We saw how this bond built up, what these two mean to each other now, and this scene was them cementing their commitment to one another. A very solid sex scene that served the plot and boosted the conclusion.

I’m very interested to see how everyone reacts to the news, especially since so many people seemed to have been having a good night, and that’s probably shattered now aka Ochaco and Kyoka.

Great Job Sailor!

1 year ago
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Thank you!

There’s nothing planned with Evil Angel studios, I went to a porn movie website and typed in orgies, then pick the studio that came up most in the search. Nothing more to it than that. I had Mina recognize the name because well, Mina’s a horny slut. Kinda like how Wasabi in the Naruto series knows a lot about porn, like the way it’s made and such. I can’t give any spoilers, but Kyoka and Ochaco will have very different reactions to this. Also, there’s another reason WHY Izuku accepted. That to be revealed in the next chapter.

1 year ago

I was honestly sort of expecting this, all things considered…though I do like how it was built up to in a more natural way, what with Izuku getting to know Momo better as well as being able to see what a difference their symbiosis could make. I don’t think everyone is gonna take it well though…which makes me worried for the next chap.

1 year ago
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Next chapter is reactions to everything. I can’t tell you much more than that. I’m glad you liked the story. It was best that things develop more naturally between the two of them, having both learn they have compatibility both genetically AND emotionally. Otherwise, Shoto was right and it was just a quirk marriage.

1 year ago

It would have been great to see the image of Mina being fucked by three cocks, although the image of Momo is also excellent.
Good job and great chapter

1 year ago
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The side bit with Mina was put forth by a fan on HF. Unfortunately, there weren’t any completed images available to set the scene too, so that was exclusive to the story itself. However, it does show everyone how big a slut she is, but don’t shame her!!! Sluts are awesome!!!!

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You mean Hentai foundry? I’m curious to see it