Scarlet Outfitted Sex Symbols

“Um, Scarlet? I have a question…”


Erza looked up from her preparations, feeling a familiar sense of amusement that Flare’s nickname for her was the same as the last name she had adopted. “Yes, Flare? What is it?” she asked politely. It had taken her some time to get used to Flare’s wide-eyed gaze; it was a little on the creepy side, but after her fellow redhead mellowed out, she had proven herself to be surprisingly sweet.


She even looked kind of cute right now, blushing up a storm as she looked herself up and down, apparently not pleased with what she saw. “It’s just… do I have to wear this?”


Erza blinked in honest confusion. “Well, some of the girls prefer to go around naked, so if you want-“


“No!” Now Flare was really blushing, her face the same color as her hair. “No,” she repeated, more calmly. “I meant, can’t I wear something that covers more?”


“I’m sorry, but no. Management says that we have to wear outfits like this or go naked, to better emphasize our sex appeal.”


Flare’s blush dimmed as she pouted. “…it’s embarrassing,” she mumbled.


“You’ll get used to it,” Erza promised her, getting up and putting a hand on Flare’s shoulder. “But there a couple of things that make it better.” At Flare’s raised eyebrow, Erza elaborated. “We get a lot of tips from wearing so little, not to mention getting paid a lot for it. And,” she smirked mischievously. “You’ll get to see Lucy in outfits like ours too.”


Flare’s expression brightened, a smile appearing on her face. “Blondie dresses up like this too?” Her smile turned hungrier; she looked to be on the verge of licking her lips. “Mmm, I can’t wait…”


“Well, you’ll have to wait a little. Time for us to go out and greet our guests. Ready?”


Sighing, but nodding, Flare followed her out. They posed in front of the closed gates; the first thing the guests would see would be two busty redheads, wearing virtually nothing, posing to show off their tits and ass.


It really got them in the mood.

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(Short Story by User: S22132)

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Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
3 years ago

Excellent advertising strategy.