Sanji’s Library Distraction

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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When the Straw Hats found that the main attraction of the latest island they were stopping at was the enormous library, the happiest of them was Robin. The archaeologist’s smile had been wider and brighter than normal, and she had wasted no time in disappearing among the maze of bookshelves.


However, right behind her was Sanji. And despite the snide insinuations of a certain mossheaded swordsmen, the cook was not looking for pornographic stories. No, Sanji loved fantasy books, where knights in shining armor rescued beautiful princesses and they lived happily ever after.


And if some of those books had rather…detailed sex scenes, that was simply a bonus.


Now, let’s see…ah, there we go!‘ Sanji thought happily, spotting the section of the library he was looking for. He took a step forward, but was abruptly pulled back into a private corner by a pair of slender but strong arms. The smell of perfume and the feeling of breasts pressing against his back kept him from instinctively attacking.


Then he was turned around, and Sanji had just enough time for his eyes to widen in surprised delight before Charlotte Pudding pulled him down for a searing kiss on the lips. Her tongue plunged into his mouth; she moaned, softly but full of need, and Sanji responded, pulling her closer and letting his hands drift over her body.


“Pudding!” Sanji gasped when the kiss ended, barely able to contain his shock. “How are you here?!”


“Sh-Shut up! You’re too loud!” Pudding snarled back, reminding him that they were in a library, also managing to keep her voice to a vicious whisper. Her face was reddening rapidly, and her hands were busy removing Sanji’s clothes, her two personalities warring with each other as usual. “I’m here, you’re here, and that’s all that matters, right?” she asked, a vulnerable expression of need briefly appearing on her face.


Sanji blinked before a gallant, gentle smile spread across his lips. “As wise as you are beautiful,” he whispered to her, drawing her into another kiss as Pudding did her best impression of a tomato.


“I-Idiot! Moron! Pervert!” she growled, rubbing against his body as she urgently shed her clothes. ‘I swear, if anyone interrupts us, I’ll fucking kill them; I don’t care who they might be!


Sanji had to bite his lip to keep from shouting his approval as Pudding’s nude body was revealed to his now heart shaped eyes. It almost seemed familiar, but that was impossible; they had never made love before, he definitely would have remembered such a momentous occasion! He was just glad it was finally happening!


Pudding gave him a hard shove, pushing him down into a chair. Quickly settling on the floor between his legs, she kissed Sanji’s cock all over, her face bright red as it rapidly hardened and lengthened. “You’re…you’re such a hopeless pervert!” she accused him, before taking his dick into her mouth and sucking on it hard.


Sanji’s entire body stiffened, his hands gripping the chair as hard as he could as he struggled to stay quiet. While he didn’t really care for himself if someone saw them, he would never expose any woman like that without her permission, nor did he want them to be kicked out of the library.


But by the seas, it was so hard when Pudding’s mouth was worshiping his cock, making it feel better than he could ever remember. Right before he thought he couldn’t hold it any longer, Pudding pulling her head back, her lips popping off from Sanji’s dick.


Then she was on her feet and turning around, pressing her ass against his stomach and his erection against her dripping wet pussy. Biting her lower lip, Pudding slowly sank down, all three eyes rolling upwards as Sanji’s hot cock pushed deep inside of her.


If this is a dream, I never want to wake up! Sanji thought gleefully to himself as he began bucking his hips, bouncing Pudding on his dick and building up the pleasure for them both. When she leaned back with a muffled squeal, he couldn’t help but suck her right nipple into his mouth. Her left hand grabbed onto his leg and Pudding’s right hand began scratching at his back as she writhed on Sanji’s lap.


It was taking all Pudding had to keep from screaming her pleasure for the world to hear. She had forgotten how great fucking Sanji felt; ironic, given her Devil Fruit powers. ‘And I’m going to have to use them again soon…


The dark thought was washed away when Sanji’s right hand dropped down to gently rub her clitoris. Pudding bit down harder on her lip, almost to the point of drawing blood as her arousal skyrocketed. ‘FUCKING PERVERT! Who does he think he is, making me feel so good?! I’ll-


Stiffening as she felt the orgasm coming, Pudding twisted around in Sanji’s lap, kissing him hard and muffling her scream of bliss against his lips. She heard him grunt and then shout into her mouth as his own orgasm slammed into him; his cum shot into her pussy, and she clung to him hard enough to leave bruises as she shook and shivered from the pure pleasure shooting through her.


When it was over, they stayed in each other’s arms, panting as quietly as they could, both of them thankful that no on had found them yet. Then Pudding felt a gentle hand under her chin, lifting her head until she was staring at Sanji’s bright smile.


“That was…words can’t describe it, but amazing will have to do,” he told her sincerely, making Pudding’s face light up like a firework display. Then he was kissing her again, and she was kissing him back, anger already forgotten.


Her right hand rose, settling against his head. Pudding got ready to activate her Devil Fruit power, to erase Sanji’s memory once again…


…before letting her hand drop down; she hugged him hard with both arms, blinking back tears from her trio of eyes before closing them.


Fuck it. Just…fuck it. No more; I’ll let him keep his memories. And whatever happens next…


We’ll deal with it together.

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 months ago

YES ! It wasn’t only a dream this time AND Pudding let him keep his memories as well ! I hope she gives the other memories back to him too. Sanji’s future looks bright.
Btw friggin love the ahegao with the 3 eyes.

3 months ago

One of my favourite One Piece couple, and you really did them justice with this beautiful artwork and S22132 with the story, good job guys!

3 months ago

Yay, she finally kept his memories! 😀

These two are one of the few I can see actually becoming canon lovers at the ending of One Piece. Nice timing too, as we had Valentine’s day just yesterday. And since both are nosebleeding perverts, they would be doing this all the time. lol

I really loved the position and their body proportions, great work! 10/10

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago

A library, huh? Really interesting setting, something I wouldn’t connect with some sexy action at first but hey, it works. And quite good at that. I also like little details like how you gave Sanji hairs? (I assume) on his feet just how he has in the series and how the lighting reflects off of the glass of the bookshelf. For the act itself, it is drawn exceedingly well and both their expressions are excellent. I like all versions roughly the same ammount, maybe the makeup version a bit more simply because of the many lipstick mark on Sanji’s body. The cum version is good aswell but nothing really special. Just the right ammount for her though.

I like how you gave the island a little more character than just “it’s an island, where the strawhats are staying for some naughty action.” Perhabs I’m reading too much into it but I think that the mention of Nico Robin in this chapter could indicate that we get some more action from her in the future. Not quite sure how Pudding got here but I think that this is one of the major flaws of any One Piece story here. So many characters who don’t necessarily know each other or are near each other, which will lead to some random encounters, who feel sorta out of context. The sex, while nothing groundbreaking or new, was still enjoyable and the end where Pudding decided not to erase Sanji’s memories, was just heartwarming.

Interesting new background (sort of), but the centerpiece, obviously, has to go to the two fantastic performers in the middle of it, with some truly unique expressions.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Really? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Compared to the recent masterpiece you recently posted on Patreon (Yoruichi X Mila Rose) and the other “Patreon only” stuff, who are simply drawn divine or the other One Piece artworks in the Café setting, where everything is connected nicely, with most characters established previously and who are said to be on the island, this one is pretty modestly rated. Not to mention, the recent stories like Flare X Natsu, Ichigo X Noel, etc. I don’t wanna justify myself, I just believe that rating something more objective and not to let one distracted by the fact, that the characters in the artwork are your favorite ship or from your favorite series, helps you (the creator) and S22132/Sailor_Io (the writers) more to craft even better masterpieces.