Sakura Showdown: Raikage Must Lose

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Waiting impatiently and sitting in the Busteez employee dressing room, Sakura looked across a small coffee table to Temari. “Cutting it a little close you know!” she chided the blonde.


“Sorry, sorry, I’m not exactly an expert with computers you know. In the end I had to ask Shikadai for a little help, I don’t think I’ve been more embarrassed and annoyed!” she replied, holding out a tiny plastic memory card to her. “But it’s ready; just don’t blame me if you get a headache from it.”


Blinking her peridot eyes Sakura looked at Temari with a dubious expression, “Just what did you mix together exactly?” she asked.


Temari Shrugged, “Something called Dethmetal mostly, then a little rock, some of that weird techno stuff, and then some of that pop stuff the kids are listening to these days. None of it meshes well AT ALL, so consider yourself warned. I only listened to the whole thing once and it gave me a migraine!”


“That’s perfect!” Sakura said as she picked up the memory card and held it between her fingers, “The Former Raikage is going down tonight, cha!”


“You’re sure going to a lot of trouble to help Hinata.” Temari noted, “This is just shy of cheating you know.”


“I’ll deny this if you tell anyone, but she’s my best friend’s wife, I can’t just let her suffer whatever that dirty old man has in mind for her.” Sakura told her.


“I understand, but if you poke a hornet’s nest, you’re gonna get stung. You ask me, she brought this on herself.” Temari told her. Word had spread through the working girls of Busteez of Hinata’s and A’s little side bet. After his humiliating defeat on the first night of the Hotdog Challenges, Hinata had rubbed her victory in a little too much and challenged the former Raikage to win this competition every night for a week. That was last Monday, now it was Friday night, and Sakura was up next!


“So, he wins tonight and against me tomorrow, Hinata’s in for it?” Temari asked.


Sakura nodded, “I think so, I’m a little foggy on the details of if it was a full seven days or a business week. In all honesty, I don’t care either way. That jackass called me a whore when I first started working here!


“Um, you know that’s technically true right?” Temari asked cautiously.


“That’s not the point!” Sakura said, bringing her fist down on the coffee table and cracking its surface. “I am a high class Call-Girl!” she said proudly.


“Easy, easy, those coffee tables aren’t cheap you know!” Temari said as she backed away slightly.


Sakura sighed and looked down at the ruined table, “Sorry, the man is a jackass is all.”


“Riiight, didn’t I hear Naruto call you a whore once or twice in some private sessions?” Temari asked.


“That’s different, that was just role-playing to spice up the mood, and he didn’t mean it.” Sakura said defensively, then smirked, “Something you’re not very good with I hear.”


Temari just shrugged, “So I suck at role-play, sue me. Men who book me aren’t interested in playing, they just wanna get a piece of this ass!” she told her, turning in her chair to show off her sexy ass to Sakura, spanking herself for good measure.


Both of them laughed together and Sakura looked at the memory card again. She then looked up as the door opened and Tenten walked in still dressed in street clothes. “Oh, perfect timing!”


Tenten blinked, “Hmm, what’s up Sakura?” she asked.


The pink haired woman handed over the memory card. “Can you run this out to Hanabi? I wanna use this for my music tonight.”


“Sure, just lemme get changed.” Tenten agreed as she began taking off her clothes in front of her locker, “So, is tonight the last night on this little challenge? or was it tomorrow? I wonder if Hinata is nervous or anything.”


“She’ll be fine, because I’m taking him down tonight!” Sakura said while watching Tenten take off her bra, exposing her heavy tits. The brown haired woman then dusted them with a sprinkling of body glitter, making them sparkle in a rainbow of colors. She then donned her Busteez top which did nothing to contain them as her fat knockers spilled out the bottoms, exposing her dark pink nipples that began stiffening in the cool air.


“Can someone do my ass?” she asked them, holding out the small tin of body glitter, “I’m on waitress duty tonight and I can never get this stuff to apply just right.”


“I got you.” Temari said, getting up from her seat and taking the tin from her as Tenten stripped off her jeans and panties. Sakura watched as the blonde spanked the glitter onto the other womans ass, making a sparkly cloud in the air for a moment.


“You know, you have a really nice ass Tenten.” Temari said with a smile as she spanked her again, though not to spread any glitter this time.


“Ooooh!” Tenten gasped, “Thank you!” she said with a girlish giggle, “That’ll be fifty ryo please!” she said, holding out her hand.


“What!?!?!” Temari exclaimed.


“Hey, I don’t get spanked for free!” she said with a wink.


“Cheeky.” Temari muttered as she pulled a fifty ryo coin from her pocket and handed it to Tenten who thanked her before stashing it in her locker.


“I’ll run this out to Hanabi now.” Tenten said to Sakura, “Good luck tonight!”


“Thanks, and I don’t need it, I’m gonna show him what a ‘Call-Girls’ ass can do!” Sakura said, pumping her fist in the air, “Cha!”



Sakura enjoyed the roar of the crowd as she walked out onto the stage in her Busteez uniform. She made sure to shake her ass with every step in her high heels as she walked up to the main dancing area of the stage. Doing a slow sexy turn, Sakura made sure to give everyone a good look at her before she stripped off her top, letting her massive tits bounce free!


The cheers of the men turned her on as she made a show of stripping off her bottoms slowly, letting everyone take a good long look at her ass! She tensed the muscles in her butt, making the cheeks clap together as she stood up again and grinned broadly.


“I’ll say this; you certainly know a thing or two about showmanship!” A told her as he stood below the far end of the stage. He then climbed up with her before dropping his shorts. His cock was already half hard, hanging nearly down to his knees. Impressive, but Naruto’s went just a tiny bit past that point. She neglected telling saying as much though, Hinata’s mouth had gotten her in enough of a pickle with the former Raikage, Sakura intended to learn from that mistake.


“Okaay, are you all ready!?” Hanabi called into the mic. “Tonight will make five victories in a row for the former Raikage A! But can he achieve such feat against one of Busteez’s best and sexiest girls!? The Blowjob Queen; Sakura!!!!!”


Best and Sexiest?‘ thought Sakura as she blushed, ‘Awww, Hanabi, thank you!‘ she thought to the brunette with a wink before putting up her hands in a double V pose, “Cha!!!!!” she called out to the crowd and was rewarded with another roar of approval. She then spotted Tenten walking up to Hanabi outside the booth and handing her the memory card she’d given her a short while ago. Sakura grinned, already picturing A’s face when he lost tonight!


RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!!” both men and women in tonight’s crowd both cheered for their champion.


“Wow, not every day a man gets fans in here.” Sakura said to him.


“They know talent when they see it.” A replied. “Your little blonde friend was a decent challenge the other night. I expect you to do better!”


“Bring it pal, you ain’t got what it takes to conquer MY fat ass! Your streak ends tonight!” Sakura shot back.




HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!!” the crowd cheered and Sakura smoothly dropped into a splits, leaning forward on her huge tits and loving the cold feel of the stage against her nipples!


“Be sure and place your bets at the bar!” Hanabi said as her hands flew over the control board. A moved into position, straddling her back with a now practiced ease. She could feel the heat of his balls and cock as he slipped his thick dick between the pliant buns of her ass. Hanabi finished her preparations and held a hand up high, “ALRIGHT, HERE, WE, GOOOO!” she called as she pressed the play button.


Instantly the room was filled with an earsplitting noise that Sakura could only vaguely define as music. It was all drums and screeching guitars, there was almost no rhythm at all as she instantly began twerking her ass in a rhythm counter to the drums.


Above her, A groaned, “What is this shit!? Who on earth would call this music!?” he said as he gripped Sakura’s ass tight and tried in vain to match the beat. Not that there was one to find really, plus Sakura smiled as she changed to rolling her butt in a circular motion, her ass cheeks smacking against A’s pelvis with a light smacking noise that she felt more than heard!


“Stop that woman! I’m trying to concentrate!” A snapped at her.


“Hah! As if! You gotta pump it to the beat, not me! Now take thiiis!!!!” Sakura said as she began moving her ass even faster, loving the feel of him struggling against her as she moved counter to the music. She could already feel his dick twitching against her cunt as she heard him grunt and groan.


Without warning, the music shifted and Sakura’s eardrums thanked her for a second before a strange pop-y song began. It was so chipper and cheerful that even she felt a bit shocked as she found the songs beat and moved counter to it!


“GO RAIKAGE!!!! YOU CAN TAKE HER!!!!” cheered one man from the crowd.


“DON’T GIVE IN, GO GO GO!!!!” called another fan.


“HAAAAHHH, I WON’T BE BEATEN BY LOUSY MUSIC!!!” A roared, grabbing Sakura’s creamy ass tight, his fingers sinking deep into the soft mounds as he found the new beat and matched it thrust for thrust.


“Ahhhaaaaa!!!” Sakura squealed softly, feeling his cock rubbing against her pussy hard. Much as she hated to admit, this little fight was turning her on! “NO WAY, I WON’T LOSE!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR CALLING ME A WHORE!!!! SHANNAROOOOOO!!!!!” she called back and began slamming her ass back against him as she added a side to side motion to her movements. She heard him groaned and felt his cock throbbing against her ass even harder.


“GRRRRAAAAHHHHH!!!” A groaned, the music shifting again to a rock song, the beat was easier to find this time, and Sakura let out another whimper as she felt the tip of his cock teasing her pussy over and over as he shifted to pulling his cock way back before thrusting between the cheeks of her ass again. She could feel her own wetness making things slippery and decided to push herself even more! Gritting her teeth, Sakura clenched her ass even more, adding her own chakra to the mix to enhance her strength. Her ass smashed and pounded around A’s cock like a vice and she heard him grunt in either pain of pleasure, she couldn’t tell and she moved her hips with all her might.


“WOOOO, GO SAKURA-CHAN!!!!” said a familiar voice from the crowd. She glanced around and spotted Naruto sitting in the crowd, drink in hand as he cheered her on.


NOOO, DON’T GIVE UP!!!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!! RAI-KA-GE!!! HOTDOG!!!” cheered a group on the other end of the club.


The Music shifted again to a techno beat, and Sakura felt her head starting to hurt a bit. Temari wasn’t kidding about the migraine. Pushing through the pain, Sakura moaned as she rolled, twisted, and swirled her ass against A’s cock. Sweat beaded all over her naked body, and the smell of sex and sweat filled her every breath as she felt his cock twitching between her ass hard. A different wetness pulsed between her cheeks and she grinned, she knew the feel of a man’s precum all too well now.


“I’M TAKING YOU DOWN!!!!!!” Sakura screamed, slamming her ass back and forth faster than the beat of the music.


“I, WON’T, LOSE!!!!” A howled back at her, his hair standing on end now as yellow arcs of lightning danced over his dark skin. His cock began throbbing like crazy between the cheeks of her ass as he let out another roar!


Is he using Lightning Style on himself to keep from cumming?!‘ she thought as she felt his whole body stiffen slightly. She figured he was paralyzing his muscles to hold off his own orgasm. That was insane! Not against the rules, but still insane! The music began pulsing faster and faster as A and Sakura slammed their naked sweating bodies together.


HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” they roared at one another before the music came to a sudden and complete stop! The noise was still echoing in Sakura’s ears as a loud ‘SPLURRRT!!!!‘ sound erupted from her ass along with a veritable geyser of thick, hot, cum! A’s cum shot out from the bottom of Sakura’s ass like a cannon aimed directly at crowd!


“LOOK OUT!!!” Sakura shouted, turning her head in time to see the blast headed for the audience.


Hanabi lept in front of the crowd in the trajectory of the blast. The veins around her opal colored eyes swelled as she held out her palm at the stream of cum. The air around her rippled as she released the chakra from her body and countered the shot with her Kaiten technique. Unfortunately, the spinning from her Kaiten technique resulted in the gout of cum splashing out in all directions! A thick, white, smelly rain then fell back on the crowd. The cheers were instantly replaced with sounds of disgust and a few womanly screams.


“Ahaaa, well, RAIKAGE WIIIIIIINS!!!! And um, sorry about that. Would the ladies working the floor please retrieve towels and wet naps from storage.” Hanabi said sheepishly.


Sakura let herself fall limp onto the stage, panting hard as Hanabi made the usual speech on how those who won their bets could collect their winnings. Followed by several more apologies for the mess.


“Well fought.” A said after a few moments, “You nearly had me several times.” he told her as he climbed off her back. Then, to her surprise, he offered a hand to help her to her feet. “You have a very strange taste in music.” he said.


“Oh, well, I…” she stammered a bit as she took his hand and got to her feet, “I thought it might help me win.”


“Almost.” he told her again, and then gave her a serious expression, “I apologize.”


“Huh?” Sakura asked with a blink.


“For what I said back then. You’re clearly no whore, you’re a worthy opponent, so I’m sorry for calling you that.” he told her while keeping eye contact. Sakura was so stunned she couldn’t reply, only open and close her mouth several times before A released her hand and turned out to face the crowd again.


YEAAAHHH!!!!” he called out, holding up both hands in triumph. The crowd roared with him, though slightly less enthused than before. Sakura chalked that to the rain of Raikage spunk Hanabi had hit everyone with.


“Well, how about that?” she said to herself. She guessed the former Raikage could be decent after all as she headed back stage to get herself cleaned up.


“Sakura, I’m sorry, I really thought that mix would work!” Temari said the instant she stepped back into the changing room.


Before Sakura could reply a voice said, “So, that assault on the ears was your doing then? And I’m guessing you put her up to making it Sakura-chan?!”


Both of them turned to see Naruto standing in the doorway, one side of his hair seemingly glued to his scalp. “You two made quite a mess of the establishment tonight. Also, several important Konoha businessmen were in the audience at my invitation, including Mr. Kaminarimon.” he informed them, “Both of you, in my office, Now.” he said in a low and even tone that was somehow more frightening that his full Kitsune Release mode!

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