Ruthless Clone Domination

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Ahh man, this brings back memories.” Naruto Uzumaki declared with nostalgia to his wife Hinata while they casually strolled into Ichika Onsen, the finest hot spring in Konoha that wasn’t owned by Busteez. There were four receptionists at the front desk, two male and the other two female. On the right side of the reception area were two separate changing areas, one labeled “male” and the other “female”. “Hey, you alright?” He asked Hinata right after turning to look at his silent wife.


“Ah-of course!” Hinata snapped out of her daze. “I was just thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight.” She gave Naruto a reassuring smile until looking away from him, her face slipping back into the conflicted expression it had before. Two weeks had passed since she lost her bet with the former Raikage. While Hinata and Naruto had something of an open marriage due to the Busteez franchise, it was another thing for Naruto to see Hinata get claimed and destroyed by another man, reluctantly accepting that she’ll be his exclusive cumdump for the time being. Compound this together with Naruto’s duties as the Hokage occupying most of his time and you get a whole world of uneasiness.


Saying that it was awkward for Hinata to be around Naruto was more than an understatement. A fucked her so hard in front of him that she confessed to liking his dick more than her own husband’s. But that wasn’t all. Hinata was subjected to public humiliation all throughout the village, ranging from A walking her like a dog to going with him to a lake with enhanced tits bigger than her entire body! The two day “vacation” at the Land of Waves would’ve been more appropriately dubbed as the two day vacation to the Land of Orgasms. With Suzuka Sexcraft, A had laid waste to her entire body, stimulating every erogenous pressure point she had until she was a cum-covered unconscious mess. For hours, A drained his big black nuts into Hinata’s mouth, pussy, and ESPECIALLY her ass. She had become a slave to the unrivaled, mind-numbing climaxes her dark-skinned master treated her. But the love she had for her husband made Hinata question if these events were overstepping the boundaries of their marriage.



“Phewww.” Naruto sighed, loosening his stiff muscles in the hot water. Being cooped up in his office all day made him prone to back pains. Spending his day off at the hot springs with Hinata was the perfect way to relax and reconnect with her after everything. It also helped that a perk to being Hokage meant free access to the springs anytime he pleased. The sound of footsteps from behind caught his attention, prompting him to look over his shoulder.


“Sorry it took so long. I had trouble fitting my clothes into the locker.” Hinata made clear while walking over to Naruto. She had a towel wrapped around her extraordinary bust and most of her lower body. Naruto grinned and gestured for her to hop in. She sat down at the edge of the springs and slid herself inside next to him, throwing the towel on the ground behind her.


The blonde-haired Hokage observed as his wife’s long hair floated in the water. While A had her get it cut, it was nothing for her to regrow it with jutsu. “Hehe, you look your best with long hair.” Naruto commented before scooping up some of her hair out of the water. “Gives those royal princess vibes you know?” She softly chuckled in response and cuddled up next to him, hugging his chest and laying her head on his shoulder. “I’m glad I can be with you after all this time Hinata.”


“Yeah, I missed you too dear.” Hinata blushed as the anxiety she had around Naruto earlier waned momentarily. “It was nice of your mom to watch Boruto and Himawari while we’re gone.” They both settled into the warm embrace, taking in the sounds of the water flowing. Being intimate with the love of her life was a change of pace for Hinata. With A, Choji, and everyone else she had sex with at Busteez, it was always raw physical feelings with no true emotions attached. But just being close to Naruto reminded her of the warm, comforting passion they used to have. She didn’t realize just how much she missed it until now. “Um Honey…when A and I…on stage…” Hinata began as the guilt started to creep back up.


“Don’t worry about it.” Naruto plainly replied before she could even finish. His wife made a sound of confusion. “You were caught up in the moment and at the mercy of Suzuka Sexcraft. And A isn’t exactly known for being gentle with his women.” The way Naruto gave his rationalization made it seem like he was trying to convince himself of his own words. Hinata started to say something, but stopped herself. She thought now would be a good time to address the issue since it hadn’t been brought up between them in private. But it appeared to only make things worse. The bonding moment was back to being awkward as neither one of them said a word.


Why did I have to say that?!‘ Hinata berated herself internally with a discontent look on her face. Everything was going fine! She didn’t know how else to alleviate the tension in the air. And then, a light bulb flicked on in her head. There was one particular way, the ONLY way to make amends for allowing herself to cum from another man in front of Naruto. His facial expression went from indifference to surprise as he felt Hinata’s dainty hands latch onto his flaccid penis.


“H-Hinata, what’re you…?” Naruto proceeded to ask only for Hinata to cut him off with a kiss. Her sturdy handjob become more rapid as she obsessively sucked on his lips. He felt Hinata’s pillowy boobs mash into his chest, turning him on enough that Hinata’s fingers started to spread out around his expanding girth. The assertive MILF ended the kiss and was elated to see the results of her advances. Naruto’s massive, two foot cock poked out from beneath the water’s surface.


It’s been so long…!‘ She noted while moving in between his legs and sandwiching the mighty prick between her narrow cleavage. “Please darling, let me taste it.” It was so big that Hinata didn’t even have to bend her head down to slip her tongue inside the foreskin. A hungry smile arose on her blushing face as she licked circles around the rigid dickhead, sensually stretching out the tight layer of skin concealing it.


“Ahh! Hinata, that’s great!” Naruto applauded in bliss before throwing his head back. Hinata furthered her efforts to please him by lowering her stout lips down half of the wide shaft, pulling down his foreskin along the way. She made a strained face as her jaw ached from the musky meatpole stretching it to the limits!


“I MISHHED THISS SHO MUCHH!!” She mumbled while giving Naruto a paizuri-blowjob combo. Despite the struggle, she LOVED the salty taste of his monster cock. She compressed her abundant tit flesh around it and rolled herself upwards, continuously wringing out a profuse amount of precum for her to slurp up and savor. Popping her mouth off the tip, Hinata pumped his dick faster with her breasts to the point that water started splashing on both of them! She knew Naruto was going to cum any second now from the way he grit his teeth and how his cock throbbed between her doughy melons.


“GOD DAMN IT!” He roared before abruptly raising to his feet and pulling Hinata up with him. She shrieked in response and quickly wrapped her legs around his torso. Naruto grabbed her thick, voluptuous ass cheeks, relishing how the tender meat spilled between his fingers. He wiggled his lower body so that his dick would swing upwards and then be thrusted upwards, shoveling ten inches of it into Hinata’s asshole! “I can’t hold it anymore!”


“HOLY SHITTTT!!” Hinata screamed as Naruto blasted his pent up load of cum deep inside her ass. “It’s so thick…and warm… KYAHHH!!” Without giving her time to settle into it, he mindlessly forced all of his dick inside her speared asshole until his balls slapped the bottom of her ass. Hinata’s cunt leaked and squirted like a broken faucet as she came from the giant cock plunging into her. “Fuck me!! SHRED MY NAUGHTY ASSHOLE APART!!” She cried out with a twisted smile on her face. The walls of her anus reflexively clenched his member, its soft tightness eliciting a deep growl from Naruto. He squeezed her prodigious booty cheeks and swung her up and down the ass-impaling cock like a ragdoll! “MAKE ME CUM MY BRAINS OUT!!!” It was rare for him to hear Hinata speak like this. She had her moments of dirty talk, but he knew this was A’s influence taking over. It infuriated him, knowing that A had her howling like this for all of their many private sessions!


“GRRAHH!!” Naruto growled like a behemoth as he coated Hinata’s rear again. Even though this was his second orgasm, Hinata could feel him shooting inside of her with just as much velocity and volume as the first time! He stumbled backwards and sat on the edge of the springs while they both caught their breath. “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Naruto chanted while making a hand sign.


As she recovered from her anal orgasm, Hinata saw four smoke clouds poof out of nowhere behind them, clearing up to reveal two clones of Naruto. The original Naruto holding her scooted back more so they were completely out the water with Hinata laying on top of him. She moaned as he sucked on her hypersensitive nipples, nibbling at them like an infant. “Don’t mind us, we’ll just be helping ourselves to that mouth of yours.” The clone on the left said as he and the other clone stroked themselves.


“Yummy. Bring those cocks over here and fuck my face!” She earnestly demanded, licking her lips cravingly for the meaty shafts in front of her. To her surprise, Hinata suddenly felt a pair of firm hands forcefully spreading her bubble butt. The reason this was a surprise is because the original Naruto’s hands were holding her waist. She turned around and saw another clone grinning at her as he tried pressing his dickhead into her stuffed anus. “N-Naruto wait! I’ve never had two up my-GURRGGH!!!” Her complaint was cut short by one of the clones turning her head back in front of them and plugging her mouth full of dick!


“You wanted us to ruin that face right?!” The clone taunted as he swung himself forwards, launching his cock down her warm, wet throat. “Hey, how you doing back there?” He asked the clone trying to get inside of Hinata’s ass.


“It’s too tight. Even with our cum lubing her up I’ll never get in.” The clone replied as he prodded against her butt to no avail.


“Got an idea.” The original Naruto said, briefly pausing from sucking on her breasts. “If you two throatfuck her hard enough at the same time, that should create enough momentum for the me in the back to get inside.” Hinata’s eyes went wide as she overheard her husband’s methodical plot to eradicate her ass. The clone in her mouth pulled out and repositioned himself so that the other clone’s cock would be at a perfect angle to fuck her mouth. “On the count of three. One, two…!”


Hinata’s jaw structure suddenly stretched and deformed as the clones forced their bulky dicks into her tight esophagus, making her throat bulge out obscenely. The force of their pelvises smashing into her face knocked her back enough that the clone from behind got his cockhead into her ass. “It’s in!! But not all the way. I think one more will do it!” He cheerfully commented before getting ready to plunge forward himself this time. Even with just the tip, Hinata felt a fullness she had never known before. It scared to think of what the full thing would feel like! “One, two…!”


OHHH MUHHHYYYYY GAWDDD!!!” Her eyes widenened as she yelled out as best as she could with two dicks down her throat when the clone behind her finally managed to get his cock all the way inside her, wiping out any remaining resistance her asshole had left. All four Naruto’s worked tirelessly like a systematic machine built to dominate and ravage their wife. Excessive drool and spit bubbles coated the monstrous dicks facefucking her while she had a seemingly endless anal orgasm. Not even A with his Suzuka Sexcraft could compete with the life-fulfilling satisfaction she felt from having two Naruto-sized cocks invading her asshole. “WUUATEE!!! SHLOWW DOWN!! YOU’RE GONNA BUREAK MUHHYY ASHHHOLE!! Hinata’s eyes crossed as she deliriously pleaded, blanking out of consciousness. NOW she was feeling a fullness she had never known before!


“Fuck yeah! Don’t hold back on her guys!” The original Naruto encouraged from below while timing his upwards thrusts with the clone in the back. Strings of cum and ass juice formed around their thick dicks as they forcefully dominate Hinata’s hole. The two in front pulled out and jerked themselves off. This gave Hinata a chance to inhale some air and come back to waking reality somewhat. Until her face and mouth got absolutely plastered with at least a liter of thick spunk from one of the clones!


HEY! WAIT! COUGH!! COUGH!! COUGH!! H-How can you still shoot this much!?” She weakly asked as she suffocated on the splurge of nut batter clogging her throat. Hinata’s entire face was painted white now. “Haaah…h-honey, slow down. Can you give me a few seconds to-” The only answer she received to her unfinished request was the other clone deepthroating her and pushing the gooey juice deep into her stomach!


“Shit, I’m gonna cum!!” The clone in the back announced. Both he and the original Naruto fucked her like speed demons one last time before hilting themselves deep inside and releasing everything they had left in their balls. The amount was so copious that even when it exploded out of her ass and into the water, it stayed afloat and didn’t break up! The clone sighed and dispersed once he finished ejaculating.


“Eat that dick, take all of it!!” The facefucker clone ordered while shoving Hinata’s face down to his balls. Mentally, Hinata was long gone by now and in a twilight state of sleep and orgasm. He proceeded to pull out and hurl his own liter of jizz onto her face and tongue, adding to the depravity before dispersing with the other clone.


Naruto threw her harshly to the side so she was laying on her back next to him. He thought he was empty, but there was still more fury left in his heart and in his cock. He got in between Hinata and threw her legs over his shoulders. “You’re MY woman! I own your mouth, tits, pussy, AND this huge fucking ass!!” He affirmed possessively before grabbing her plump, bubbly ass and plunging his cock inside of her pussy for the first time throughout the entire session. He piston fucked her with a barbaric instinct to breed and conquer her womb. “I’LL CUM INSIDE OF YOU SO MUCH THAT NO CONTRACEPTIVE JUTSU IN THE WORLD WILL STOP ME FROM KNOCKING YOU UP AGAIN!!”


“Agugh, guh, guh guh gugh…” Senseless gurgles was the only replies Hinata could make at this point. If it wasn’t because of the fact that she was choking on too much leftover cum in her lungs, then it was definitely because she was getting misused like a human fuck doll. Hinata thought that getting your mindbroken was when you experience so much pleasure that it’s all you could feel. The heartless savagery Naruto subjected her to for the next hour proved her wrong. Getting your mind broken is when you experience so much pleasure it hurts!



It was over. Hinata was left with an asscrater and a pussy the size of two male thighs put together, a second layer of skin made entirely of cum on her face, and a VERY exhausted jaw. “S-sorry. I kind of got carried away there.” Naruto apologized, laying next to her as he realized the damage he had done.


“It’s…COUGH!…okay.” Hinata barely responded as she woke back up. “I can’t see anything though…or feel my ass…hahaha.” Naruto gave a tired chuckle in response.


“That was fun, we should do this again sometime! Maybe on a second honeymoon…” He suggested while blankly looking up to the blue sky.

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