Rukia’s Kido Surprise

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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WHAT??? DOES THAT MEAN THAT SHE’S STILL ALIVE?!?!” Kenpachi Zaraki shouted across the crowd of gathered Shinigami. Ikkaku and Yumichika tried their best to hold their Captain back from causing an even bigger scene than he already had. He and the members of his Division were probably the only ones who had only now found out that Retsu Unohana still lived.


Almost every higher ranking Shinigami was currently in the room, closely listening to the Captain-Commander’s speech. Shunsui Kyoraku simply sat idly at the edge of the podium, letting his Vice Captain do the work while he watched with a soft and warm smile on his face. Ten minutes passed until the members of his Division managed to calm Kenpachi down a little. He pushed himself off the wooden floor and strolled leisurely towards the lectern that he had given his speech from earlier. “I know, I know… You all have questions and concerns regarding this sudden development. Just know that everything I told you today, I already discussed with the Central 46. They gave it a go! If you’re still unsure about any of this, then I suppose it’s probably for the best if you ask the woman behind it all.” He picked up a small stack of paper and held it up in the air so that everyone could see it. “Regardless if you wanna join her club or just simply talk with her, after you fill out this paper, I will inform you about her exact whereabouts and about the next steps afterward.”


As if he flipped a switch, several people suddenly rushed towards the podium, eager to get their hands on the papers. They’re mostly members of the 4th Division who want to see their old and present Captain again, but quite a lot of other Shinigami were also eager to join the club. Momo, Mashiro, Kukaku (although Rukia had no idea how she had gotten into this meeting), Yumichika, Ikkaku, and many more all seemed enamored with the idea of working at the club. Strangely enough however, Rangiku Matsumoto wasn’t among them.


“Hm?” Rukia turned around, looking for the orangette. She knew for a fact that the Vice Captain had attended this speech instead of her Captain, who was already working for Unohana in the Human World.I could have sworn that Rangiku would be one of the first to storm the podium…


“Hey, shrimp!” a well-known voice suddenly called out to her, pulling her back to reality. A patch of red hair moved through the crowd as Renji walked closer towards his girlfriend. Like almost everyone here in the room, he was dressed in the standard Shinigami uniform, though he opted for a version that left his muscular and tattooed arms exposed.


A vein popped on Rukia’s forehead while her lips curled into a sour grin. “Shrimp?” she asked as soon as Renji was close enough to talk with him without shouting. “Where did you get that stupid nickname?!”


“What, you don’t like it?” Renji sounded like he was genuinely shocked by her reaction. “It’s from some cheesy manga that Ichigo once showed me.” He put an arm around the short girl’s shoulder, watching together with her as Nanao and Kyoraku tried their best to get the situation on the podium under control. “You don’t wanna go up there?”


“Pffff, nah! Why should I?” Rukia asked back as she leaned against her boyfriend. They had been together since after the war. And while they kept it a secret from almost everyone for as long as they could, it was only a matter of time until someone found out about their relationship. As fate would have it, that person just happened to be her older brother. But, surprisingly enough, he easily accepted that they’re a couple now.


Looking down on his girlfriend, Renji raised an eyebrow. “Really?!” He smirked as he then suddenly reached for her chest, her small tit easily disappearing behind his hand, “And here I thought that you would like that idea of enhancing those little titties of yours with that Kido that Captain Unohana invented…! Y’know, to have some more stuff to play with.”


Rukia squirmed under the redhead’s skilled assault. “Nnnnnnnnngh… jerk!!” she moaned through gritted teeth, her arousal skyrocketed as his fingers sunk into the flesh of her flat chest. “It seems like it’s still more than enough to keep you occupied! And besides…” Her hand shot downwards, to her lover’s crotch. With a firm hand, she squeezed his already quite hard cock. “As if you’re anyone to complain about size…!”


“Ohoho, feisty today, aren’t we?!” He kissed her on her forehead before bowing down a bit more to whisper into her ear. “You wanna take this somewhere else?”


She nodded. “Mhm! Seems like I have something to show you!”



Lilies drifted through the knee deep and crystal clear water of a beautiful lake. More water kept falling from above, drowning out every noise the two Shinigami made as they entered the hidden cave. Blue crystals from the walls reflected the light from outside, illuminating the cave as if they were under the open sky. Several bushes and cherry trees blossomed around the lake, making the entire scenery look more like the location of a honeymoon vacation instead of the training area that it actually was. The place had been left for itself ever since Ichigo learned what they back then thought was his Bankai.


Renji watched as Rukia stripped out of her uniform, simply letting it fall to the ground as she walked into the lake. ‘Damn! She might not have the biggest boobs but that ass of hers never fails to impress me!’ he thought, his eyes glued to her petite yet remarkably bubbly butt. “So, you wanted to show me something?”


She turned around and put her hands on her hips, with a confident smile spreading on her face. “I do!” There was a thirst in her eyes as she looked her boyfriend up and down. Curling her finger, she beckoned him to step into the warm water with her. “You said that you wanted me to learn that Kido to enhance my breasts, right?”


“Hahahaha!” While wading in the lake, Renji ripped his uniform off his body and threw it on the shore behind him. His cock, while easily as thick as her forearm, didn’t even reach his knees as he walked through the water. “Let’s just say that it would make things a bit more interesting,” he said as he reached her, standing only an arm’s length away from her. “Not that they’re bad or anything of course! You’re beautiful just the way you are but… y’know!” he quickly added, his face blushing in a crimson red.


“Yes, I know what you mean,” Rukia cooed hoarsely as she took a step closer towards Renji. “If only you would have said something earlier…”


Renji raised an eyebrow, “Huh? Why?” he asked. Instead of answering however, Rukia made a few quick hand signs and muttered an incantation that he didn’t understand. Then a lavender light emitted from her tits as they quickly started to expand. “What the… No way…!!” He grinned from ear to ear as his GF’s tits pressed against his chest, pushing him into the lakewater. His cock pointed straight at the now massive pair of breasts. “No FUCKING way!!! You already know this Kido?!”


Her hair turned white, due to the Kido using more of her Spiritual Energy than she anticipated. “Something similar…” she moaned, sweat rolling down her back as she struggled to keep standing upright.


She then explained how her breasts just kept growing to a point where she had serious back problems and feared that it would bring dishonor to her brother if she was seen with them. When she talked with Unohana about her predicament, the dark haired Captain already had a solution to her problem: a Kido Spell that could hide her true size. Unohana apparently developed it for someone else before, though she didn’t tell her who that person was.


Renji only listened with one ear. He was far too focused on watching her breast reach sizes that seemed straight out of some saucy manga from the Human World. Both the massive mounds were now easily bigger than her entire torso and three times as fat. Ice began covering her legs as she seemed to take on the appearance she had whilst using her Bankai. He overheard her saying something along the lines of it being an aftereffect since she didn’t release the Kido often enough. Or something like that.


Damn… what a nice pair of tits…!


“You like them?” Rukia asked teasingly. She put her hands behind her back and softly swayed the mountains of flesh from side to side. A confident smile spread across her face as Renji’s cock seemed to get even harder just by him following her nipples move through the air.


In the blink of an eye, his hands shot forward and towards her breasts. His fingers sunk into her pink, stiff nipples as he pulled her down to him. “Like them? I LOVE THEM!!!” he declared loudly, already fondling and groping the soft and overly erogenous mountain of flesh.


HAAAAAA!!!” Her moan echoed through the cave, almost louder than the waterfalls behind her. She arched her back as the redhead began suckling like a newborn on one of her nipples. “GODDD, THIS FEELS GOOD!!!


He chuckled softly as he licked the massive nub of her right tit. “They’re delishioush!!” His voice vibrated through her entire body. He reached out with both arms and hugged himself even closer against the breasts that weighed down on him.


MMMMHH! Renji…!!” Drops of her arousal rolled down her frozen thighs as his arms sunk into her breasts, almost vanishing in the folds. She reached underneath the mass of flesh and searched for her lover’s erect dick. It poked against the underside of her left tit, begging for attention. ‘So hot and hard…!


While there were undoubtedly cocks out there who’s size made Renji’s seem small in comparison, she was certain that no dick out there was as hard as his! She wouldn’t be surprised if he could break diamond with a cock that hard! Stroking his length with one hand and massaging his balls with the other, Rukia watched as he squirmed and groaned in response.


“Gooooarrrrgh!!!!” He bit down on her nipple out of sheer reflex, causing her to moan louder than before. An idea crossed his mind. Letting go of her right tit, he moved his head over to her left. He traced his tongue over the now white haired girl’s areola, stimulating her in a way that he couldn’t have done if her breasts were still concealed. “Say, have you ever heard about a paizuri?!”


OOOOOOOOOO~of course I h- ha~AAAAAAAAAVE!!!!” she moaned loudly, bucking her hips against a non-existent dick as her arousal reached new heights every few seconds. Her eyes met his while she continued fondling his balls and stroking his cock. “You wanna try it OUUUUUU~t?”


“Well, it’s not always that your tits are big enough… So why not give it a shot?!” he asked sarcastically, his tongue still swirling around her areola and her fist-sized nipple.


“J- Jerk…!” Rukia muttered, but did as he requested. She let go of his cock and balls and instead put both her hands on her breasts, pressing the two mounds hard around the Vice Captain’s cock.


While she was unable to suck, lick, or even see, his dick, due to her tits fully encompassing it, she could still feel his length clearly. It rubbed over basically every single sweet spot of her breasts, bringing her closer towards the edge of orgasm whenever she moved them.


Leaning back on his hands, Renji watched as his girlfriend kneaded her breasts around his cock, squeezing it tighter than her pussy ever did. “Grrrrrroh… damn!! That feels good!” he groaned, his fingers digging in the sandy ground beneath the water.


“So harrrrrrrrrrrrrd…!” Rukia cooed. A seemingly never ending rush of her love juices ran down her thighs as she massaged her partner’s dick with every inch of her tits. ‘Who would have thought that giving a titfuck would be so, so…’ she thought, her pussy clenching around an imaginary cock. “SO GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!


Renji closed his eyes, enjoying every second of the situation while he slowly bucked his hips up and down. “Hahahaha. You really seem to enjoy this, huh?!” He pulled his hands out of the water and grabbed her tits once more.


Their fingertips touched as they both massaged her breasts. “SO GOOD!!! I LOVE IT!! HOW CAN A TITFUCK FEEL SO GOOD?!?!” she howled in ecstasy, her face a bright red as she got ever so close to her own orgasm. From the way his balls pulsated against her breasts, she assumed that it wouldn’t be long for Renji to cum as well. “FUCK!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!”


OHHHHAAAAAARGH!!!” Pearls of sweat rolled down his face and dropped from his chin onto his muscular chest. “I… hurr… hurr… hurr… love you… GOOOOAAARH… too!!!”


RENJI! I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” she informed him, while moving her tits at an even faster pace. Her breasts slammed against his stomach, resulting in a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP that echoed across the cave. Saliva dropped out of her open mouth as she arched her back. “RENJI!! RENJI RENJI RENJI RENJI RENJI RENJI RENJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!” she repeatedly said like some kind of chant.


RUKIAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” he roared with her, pushing his cock one last time as deep as he could between her tits. Then, as if someone pulled a plug, he shot his load!


Rukia pressed her breasts as hard together as she could, not wanting to let a single drop of his cum escape as she climaxed herself. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” she howled as if she was possessed. Literal gallons of sticky white cum erupted between her tits, a musky smell filled her nostrils, her rapidly beating heart drowned out every other noise. In short, she was in heaven!


For five solid minutes, they simply laid there. Even if Renji wanted to move, Rukia’s giant breasts on top of him prevented him from doing so. He gently caressed her hair as it slowly regained its original, black color. “That… was amazing!”


Snuggling against her boyfriend as best as she could with those enormous tits, Rukia put her head to rest on his heaving chest. She watched with a smile on her face as his cum kept rushing out of her cleavage and dropping into the crystal clear lake. “Up for round two?”


“I could do this all day!” he said with a confident grin on his face, but without intentions to move anytime soon. Simply laying there with the girl he loved for ages on top of him proved to be just as pleasurable and satisfying!


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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11 months ago

Love that Rukia got the same treatment Ochako did in the old MHA series. All this time she was simply holding back. Goddamn beautiful and some well deserved booby justice for Rukia.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Happy to hear that you like it. There’s definitely more to come with her!

Ichigo Kurosaki
11 months ago

Excellent hot Rukia is back
Toshiro x Matsumoto x Isane
Ichigo x Karin x Ririn
Mizuho x Keigo
Izumi x Isshin

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago

Sorry, not interested in incest stuff. Aside from that, I’ll only have to wait for fitting artworks.

Ichigo Kurosaki
11 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

ok sorry

the bird that pooped on your car
the bird that pooped on your car
11 months ago


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago

Hey, happy to hear that you like it!