Isane and Rukia’s Car Wash Crush

Rukia took a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow.  The sexy car wash fundraiser that Busteez had put on was, unsurprisingly, doing very good business.  Her station wasn’t the busiest one, but she still had as many customers as she could handle.


It didn’t help that her partner had left a while ago; Isane had taken off during a brief lull, babbling something about making the car wash even more popular; something about removing her Kidō.  Rukia wasn’t sure  what that meant or how it would be possible to make them more popular, given the long line of cars waiting; but she trusted in her friend.


Hearing footsteps behind her, Rukia turned around, starting to smile at her friend, and then froze.  Turning back to run, she didn’t get far before a soft wall of breast flesh hit her.


The next thing she knew, she pressed up against the windshield of the next car, pinned in place by a veritable mountain of breast.  She had a perfect view of the driver, who was gaping with very wide eyes.  Behind her, she heard Isane say cheerfully, “Hi there!  Welcome to the Super Mega Sized Busteez car wash!  I’m Isane, and this is…Rukia???  Where did you go?”


Rukia just groaned.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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