Roleplay Romance Revitalization

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The Hotel room was plush with off-white wood panel walls and a deep red, nearly brown carpet. A king sized bed dominated one side of the room near the window. There was no TV that could be seen, but there was a very nice stereo and a large selection of music discs to one side. In all, the honey moon suite was everything the brochure said it was.


“The place sure has changed since we were last here.” said Hinata as she set her bag down by the closet and looked around.


“No kidding,” Naruto agreed, “The town was just a quaint little hot springs village before, now it’s a full blown city in just a little over a decade.”


“Well, the world has you to thank for that.” Hinata said with a smile, wrapping her arms around her husband and rubbing her heavy tits against his shoulder. “A lasting peace means a lot of prosperity and propagation.” she said.


“Propagation…?” Naruto echoed a little nervously.


Hinata giggled and rubbed her tits against him a little more, “Mmmmhmmm.” she murmured, then frowned slightly as she stole a glance downwards.




Not too long ago, even the most subtle words for sex gave him a raging hard-on that took at least three sometimes even four rounds to soothe. But recently, Naruto had barely touched her aside from tiny displays of affection in front of their kids.


“Worried about Boruto and Himawari?” she asked, pulling away and moving deeper into the hotel room. “They’ll be fine, my dad and Hanabi are looking after them while we’re away, and don’t worry about work, Kakashi-sensei can run everything for a bit while we’re away.” She smiled and moved close again, “This week, it’s all about us again.”


Naruto gave a weak smile and rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah, you’re right.”


Hinata suppressed a dour expression; in all honesty, she was worried about her husband. They hadn’t had sex in over six months. At first, she thought it was because he worked so much. As Hokage, Naruto used shadow clones to be practically everywhere at once, doing far more than what was required of him. Those nights he did come home he spent in a near comatose state. At first, she just blamed it on over working himself, but her big wake-up call that there was something wrong came when Sakura offhandedly noted that Hinata had been taking more nights working the VIP schedule in the club than she ever had.


She didn’t know what bothered her more, that Naruto seemed to be losing interest in her, his wife, as a woman, or that she was compensating for it by throwing herself into her sex work in Busteez’s VIP lounge! She spoke with Kakashi and Tsunade about it, and they both agreed to help her force Naruto into a vacation. She spent years waiting for her dolt husband to wake up to her as a man, and she’d be DAMNED if she’d let it all fall apart now!


The two of them quickly unpacked their things before Hinata left Naruto to order room service from the bed as she pulled a small brown paper bag from her luggage and went into the bathroom. She poured out the contents on the counter by the sink, giggling softly as she stripped herself down. Her heavy tits bouncing as she released them from the confines of her bra. She hefted them in her hands, enjoying the weight as she looked at her reflection. Next she shed her dress and panties, taking another look at herself in the mirror. Her deep black hair had grown long again in the last few months, nearly reaching down to her ass again. After everything with A, she wanted to let it grow out as she recovered from the repeated humiliations. The longer it got, the less ashamed she felt from being so openly humiliated. Thankfully the public had a short memory for the most part, and people were talking about other things a week after her last humiliation in the Land of Waves.

She smiled as she looked down at herself; her legs and pussy were perfectly hairless, smooth without the slightest hint of stubble. Among the contents of her bag was a small bottle of scented lotion she knew her husband liked. She quickly emptied it into one cupped hand and took her time spreading it all over herself. The lotion had a warming effect on her skin and made her nipples stiffen like rocks. She cooed softly as she took her time rubbing her fingers around them in slow circles, her pussy getting hot and damp already as she looked at the outfit she’d picked out especially for tonight.


First though, Hinata grabbed a compact and tube of lipstick from the pile of contents. Looking herself in the mirror, she applied a glittering gold eye shadow and matching lipstick before she began getting dressed in her little costume. The top was a single strip of white fabric trimmed in gold and linked at the ends by a gold ring. The thing barely contained her huge tits, the thinner areas sinking into her skin on the sides and back. Hinata knew if she so much and breathed too hard that it would snap of (Which happened to be the point).


The bottoms were even more daring, barely qualifying as panties as she tugged them up her long legs and thick sexy thighs. The crotch bit tightly between the folds of her pussy, making her squirm as it rubbed at her clit with the tiniest of movements. She finished the look with a dangling belly piercing, wrist wraps, a golden choker, arm bands, and thigh bands.


Winking at her reflection, Hinata stepped out of the bathroom and found Naruto seated on the edge of the bed, the room service menu in his ever bandaged right hand. He didn’t look up as his eyes focused on the laminated bit of paper, “Hinata, which sounds better, the steak or…” he stopped mid-sentence when he looked up as she walked over, swaying her hips with every step. She could feel her tits bouncing in her top and smiled at him with her golden lips.


“Which sounds better, Master, steak, or me…?” she asked, touching a finger to her chin as she began squirming the way she did when they were younger and he gave her even the slightest attention. She made it look like she was trying and failing to hide the way the bottoms sank into the folds of her pussy.


“Ma… Master…” Naruto echoed, his voice still stunned. Hinata bit her lower lip slightly, squirming more as she felt his eyes taking in every inch of her. ‘Mmmmm, how long has it been since he looked at me like that?‘ she thought to herself.


“Yes, Master,” Hinata said, smiling as she inched a little closer, “Don’t you remember your obedient love slave?” she asked as she came closer, dropping to her knees in front of him and running her hands along his thighs. She fought to keep herself from smiling as she felt a familiar swell down one leg of his pants.


Naruto let out a soft shuddering sigh as Hinata traced her fingertips along the length of his erection though his clothes. “Mmmmmmh, I think master has made his choice…” she purred as she slowly climbed up into his lap, grinding her ass against him slowly. “Mmmmmmaahhhhh..!” Hinata gasped as Naruto grabbed her huge tits, squeezing them roughly in both hands as he leaned his head up and kissed her. Their tongue wrestled in one another’s mouths as he kneaded her breasts like dough before moving one hand to grab the curve of her fully exposed ass.


“Mmmmmmmh… Mashter…” Hinata slurred her tongue still in Naruto’s mouth as he easily lifted her up, using his hands as a seat for her ass as he turned around and sat her back on the edge of the bed. He then broke their kiss and stood up straight as Hinata leaned back on her hands, panting for breath, her face felt flush as she watched her husband strip off his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt.


Wanting to be the ‘Dutiful Slave’, Hinata reached up and unzipped his pants, reaching inside to pull out what she’d been craving for so long. She felt her mouth watering at the sight of his huge dick, so thick and long, the heady smell made her feel almost dizzy as she leaned forward, her mouth opening wide.


“Ooooohh…” Naruto groaned as she took more than half his length down her throat in one go. Her jaw ached as she began working her head back and forth, taking just a little more into her mouth with every motion. She then gagged and gasped as she felt his hands reach down to grab her head, forcing his thickness all the way down her throat, she could feel her neck bulging and cheeks puffing as her eyes rolled back.


“Mmmmmmmmmphh!!!!” Hinata moaned, her pussy gushing against the thong she wore as Naruto began fucking her mouth roughly, “GUH!!!…GUH!!!….GUH!!!….GUH!!!” she gagged over and over, loving it when he was this rough with her as she squeezed her legs together tightly to try and stem the steady flow of juices from her hot cunt.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, you like that Hinata?” Naruto asked, pumping his cock into her mouth faster as Hinata moaned louder around his length, her tits bounced in her top from the force of his thrusts, eventually the thin fabric finally gave out, snapping off and exposing her huge tits with their pink nipples already painfully hard with desire as Hinata could only moan helplessly around her husband’s dick.


“AGGUUCK!!! GUH!!! GUHH!!! AGGHH!!… MOAR!!… MARUDO… PHUCK MUH MOUPH MOAR!!!” she slurred, reaching a hand between her legs and grabbing the crotch of her panties. With a single tug the thin strip of fabric snapped like a twig, her pussy drooling heavily onto the comforter of their bed as she slipped three fingers into herself. They dipped in easily, and Hinata moaned even louder, fingering herself furiously as Naruto fucked her throat again and again.


“Ahhhhhnn, fuuuck…” Naruto groaned as Hinata felt his cum shooting practically into her stomach. She had no choice but to take every drop as she felt his balls against her chin as he came hard. Her hands moved quickly to both sides of her body and gripped the sheets of the bed as she had her own little orgasm.


She then coughed hard, cum and saliva dripping from her lips when he finally pulled out. She wiped her mouth with one arm, smearing the arm wrappings with her gold lipstick. More of her make-up was left in a set of golden rings along her husband’s still throbbing shaft as she quickly shed her remaining clothes, sitting naked in front of him; her legs spread wide and her dripping pussy on full display.


Hinata gasped and moaned as Naruto dove his head between her thighs, his hot tongue brushing over the puffy pink folds of her cunt before slipping inside. “Ahhhnnn, Narutoooo…” Hinata moaned, her tits heaving as she gasped for every breath as he began nibbling at her clit as his unbandaged fingers reached up and began dipping into her now. “Yes… Naruto, my Master… ahhh, so good, don’t stop… Ahhhnnn…!” Hinata moaned, fighting to keep herself from bucking her hips in ecstasy. She chewed on her lower lip as her toes curled inward, gripping the strings of the carpet as he quickly made her cum again.


The blonde man then lifted his head from her legs, covering her mouth with his own as he pushed her back on the bed. Hinata wrapped her legs around his waist just as she felt him inside. Her pussy spreading wide around his cock as she let out a long low moan.


“Yesssss, darling…. My Masterrrrrrr….” Hinata screamed, bucking her hips against Naruto as he began pumping his cock back and forth. The bed rocked beneath them as they climbed onto it more, shedding their remaining clothes. Hinata gasped then moaned as Naruto hooked his arms under her knees, spreading her legs wide as he began pistoning his length in and out of her. Her huge tits jiggled and wobbled from his every thrust as she moaned louder.


“Mmmmmhhnnn… Hinataaaa…” Naruto groaned, pounding his dick all the way inside, his length making a barely visible dent in her smooth belly as Hinata felt her entire body seizing up in ecstasy.


“Oh GOD!!! NARUTO-KUUUN!! YES!!! TAKE ME!!! FUCK ME!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!” Hinata panted as she came again and again, her hands moving to grab her own tits, pinching at her nipples as she lost count of her own orgasms. She panted for breath as Naruto easily flipped her over with his cock still inside, turning her on all fours as he spanked her ass hard, making her cum again.


“AHHH!!!! HAAAHHH!!!! AHHH…!” Hinata panted, her tongue rolling from her lips as she rolled her hips back at his thrusts, her ass wobbling like a jello mold as she felt her husband’s dick throbbing inside her. “AHHHHA!!! PLEASE MASTER!!! CUM INSIIIIIDE!!! FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!!” she moaned.


No sooner than the words left her mouth did she feel a familiar and welcoming warmth inside as Naruto groaned loudly. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass as Hinata howled in pleasure, her back arching and her fingers clawing at the sheets.


The two of them fell in a tangle of arms and legs on top of the bed, panting and sweating. Several long moments passed before Naruto spoke first, “Where… Did that… Come from?” he asked.


Hinata turned her head enough for him to see her smile. “From your book.” she answered sweetly.


“My what?” Naruto said, blinking in confusion. He pulled out of her, his cock still fully erect, and allowed her to roll onto her back again. Hinata guided his length back inside before she answered.


“I was cleaning your office at the house one night, and I found a story written on some pages in one of the desk drawers. I think it was a continuation of Jiraiya-sama’s erotic novel series. Though you hadn’t finished it.” she explained.


Naruto blushed slightly, “Oh yeah…! I started on that before I was inaugurated as Hokage because I wanted to finish what Ero-sennin started….annnnd weellll I kind of forgot due to work and family life…” he said with a chuckle.


Hinata giggled, squeezing her inner muscles around his dick, making his moan softly, “Well, I liked it, and I think you should finish it. As his prize student, you’re the only one worthy of finishing that story.” She then moved to roll herself on top of him, “I know Jiraiya-sama needed to do a lot of ‘research’, and I’d be more than willing to help you get all the material you’ll ever need.”


Naruto smiled, and then let out a low groan as Hinata began moving her hips in slow circles, stirring his length inside herself.


“Ohhh, you’re too good to me dattebayo…” he groaned.


Hinata giggled, “I brought along a few more of those fun little outfits I read in your book, we should get researching right away.” she said with a grin.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)