Roleplay Rendevous

The roleplay sex games could be a lot of fun, but this was Karin’s first time doing a public one. Luckily, Kushina agreed to help her out, and the client had practically fallen over himself to pay for an extra redheaded slut for the evening.


The older woman even agreed to take on the more embarrassing role.


“Hi there, mister!” Kushina giggled vapidly, her black bra barely holding in her large breasts. Of course, having her shirt mostly unbuttoned helped show it off, though the man seemed more focused on her lack of a skirt. The teeny tiny panties barely covered anything, in the front or the back.


“My friend and I were out on the town, but we got lost.” Sticking her tongue out in a ‘silly us’ gesture, Kushina gave him a smile, one hand on her shapely hip. “Would you be willing to help us out? Pretty please?~”


Karin gave him a thoughtful scowl, well aware of her own blush. She had a skirt, which was more like a belt, and her lack of a bra was very apparent, as she had tied and knotted her shirt to hold her tits in place. Her nipples were clearly visible against the thin fabric, and she felt them stiffen as the man leered at her.


“And don’t get any funny ideas,” she told him, frowning harder. “We’re not those kinds of girls.” She actually managed to say it without breaking character, even though it was a blatant lie. She and Kushina were very much those kinds of girls now, and they loved virtually every minute of it.


“Of course you aren’t,” the man replied, and the ladies had to give him credit: he said it with a straight face and well faked sincerity.


And then he stepped between them and wrapped his arms around them, deliberately resting his hands on their asses. When he gave them a squeeze, they both squeaked in unison, making him chuckle.


“Don’t worry, ladies; just leave it all to me. I’ll show you a great time tonight.”


Karin and Kushina both hoped that was true. If not…, well, they knew plenty of studs that would be willing to help them forget any potential disappointments of tonight.


For right now, they set off walking, hips swinging, asses wiggling, and boobs jiggling as they accompanied their escort.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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