Revisiting their First Time Passionately

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Sitting in his room, Izuku Midoriya slowly worked his right arm up and down as he lifted a thirty pound iron weight. Each rep made his elbow ache slightly, but the pain was getting less and less with every passing week. A little over a year ago, after mostly shattering his arm defending Kota, lifting just a light five pound weight was almost sheer agony, now he was up to thirty just to feel the weight at all. He took that as a good sign as he finished his fifth set and set the weight down on the floor before using his foot to nudge it under his bed.


He then stood up and looked himself in the mirror as he held his arm out to one side. The scarring on his tricep was still pretty bad, but he took it as a reminder of how stupid he’d been early on in his training to control One for All. Knowing what he did now, it all seemed so obvious he wanted to kick himself for some of the choices he’d made. Going through a few cooldown exercises, Izuku glanced at the All Might alarm clock on his dresser.


11:45 a.m.


He didn’t have long to take a shower and get dressed. In the week since Ochaco and Tsuyu both became his girlfriends, the three of them had settled on a kind of schedule. Each of them would get one date with him all to themselves on the weekends, while the rest of the week they would share as their school and Agency work permitted. No secret dating, and no monopolizing on him.


Well, that was what Tsuyu and Ochaco settled on, Izuku himself didn’t get much say in it at all. Nana wasn’t kidding when she told him this would be a lot of work. Though the part about him having to pick one still bothered him. He tried not to think about it, he couldn’t really take the thought of hurting either of them by picking the other…


Izuku shook his head, pushing such thoughts away as he stripped down and went into the small bathroom of his dorm room. There was a small standing shower inside and he used it to wash off the sweat from his minor workout. After putting on some deodorant, he walked naked back out into his room with only a towel hanging off his shoulders.


“Nice view, kero!” said a voice from his bed.


“WAH!” Izuku jumped, startled to find Tsuyu squatting on top of his bed and smiling at him. She was dressed in another of her skimpy bikini outfits, this one had starshapes that just barely covered her nipples of her heavy looking breasts and a pair of bottoms that were unsurprisingly more dental floss than actual swimsuit. Her healthy looking legs were covered by the thigh high boots she wore with her heroine outfit.


“Ts…Ts…Tsu, what are you doing here?!” he asked.


“I didn’t wanna wait any longer.” she told him before hopping off the bed and walking over to him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed herself against his naked body, her big tits mashing against his chest as she pressed her lips against his own.


“Mmmmmh…” she cooed happily as she pushed her really long tongue passed his lips and down his throat. He’d gotten used to this by now, knowing to relax his throat lest he choke on her tongue. He slowly wrapped his arms around her slender waist, hugging her closer as he held the kiss with her.


Tsuyu made a soft sound at his embrace, gently pulling her tongue back before breaking the kiss and moving to rest her head against his shoulder. “Izuku…” she cooed quietly.


He leaned his head against hers gently and continued to hold her in his arms for several long moments before she finally pulled away slightly. “So, where are we going?” she asked.


“Oh, I got someplace special picked out, though you’ll wanna bring a change of clothes.” he told her.


“Kero?” Tsuyu blinked.


“We’ll be staying the night, I would have booked it for longer, but Momo and I have an, uh, appointment, tomorrow evening.” he explained.


“She’s needing that more often lately.” Tsuyu said as she pulled away completely to let him get dressed. Izuku went over to his dresser and grabbed some underwear first. Tsuyu made a plaintive noise as he pulled them on and he felt himself blushing.


“Yeah, the hospital has been having her test her abilities a lot more lately. Earlier this week she made another organ for an emergency transplant.” he told her.


“At least she didn’t burst into class and make a scene this time.” Tsuyu said with a giggle, “Honestly, that was really funny.”


“Glad someone was amused…” Izuku said with a drop of sweat hanging off his forehead.


“You shouldn’t be embarrassed,” Tsuyu told him, “You and Momo saved a little girls life that day.”


“There is that.” he agreed as he pulled on a shirt then a pair of jeans. “Tsu, can you hand me that sleeve on my nightstand please?” he asked her.


“Kero, you mean this?” she asked as she found a black spandex tube measuring just under a foot long. He nodded and she brought it over to him. Izuku then fitted his right arm through the sleeve. It was a compression band that helped with the pain in his elbow from all the damage he’d done to it last year.


He then quickly packed a backpack with a change of clothes before moving to embrace Tsuyu again, kissing her lips softly. She cooed happily and hugged herself close before the two of them went upstairs to her bedroom where she packed her own bag for their trip. She also donned a simple sarong around her waist and a loose fitting oversized t-shirt over her bikini top.


Once packed, the two of them walked downstairs together.


“I don’t know what you’re upset about, I asked you first, but you said you were busy!” said Mina’s voice as the two of them entered the common area.




“Huh, guess he found out about the other day.” Izuku said as the two of them found the young blonde shouting at the pink skinned beauty. He had said he would go to Kacchan himself and resolve things, but Mina insisted that he let her take care of everything.


“AND YOU!” Kacchan shouted the instant he spotted Izuku, “I’LL DEAL WITH YOU LATER DON’T THINK YOU’RE OFF THE HOOK EITHER!!!”


“Ok, the loser I get, but why the little perv!?” he said to Mina in a, for him, slightly calmer tone.


“Hmm? Oh Tsu told me he has a big dick is all, and a size queen like me isn’t gonna settle for anything but the best!” Mina said back, closing her yellow on black eyes and sticking her tongue out cutely.


“Kero!” Tsuyu gulped.


“Hmm, when did you and Mineta…?” Izuku asked.


“Long story, let’s go!” Tsuyu said as she lashed out with her tongue, grabbing him by the waist and hopping towards the door with him in tow.


“Whhoooaaa, Tsu hold oooon!!!” Izuku shouted.




“Oh I’ll get you some gold coupons if that’s all this is about Katsuki!” Mina said sweetly before she left Izuku’s range of hearing.


Once outside, Tsuyu put him down and moved to hold onto his left arm. The two of them walked together to the bus station not too far from the campus. Izuku already had the tickets he’d purchased online earlier this morning, he just showed the driver his phone and the man scanned the screen with a handheld barcode reader. He and Tsuyu then found their seats after stowing their backpacks in some overhead compartments.


“So, you gonna tell me where we’re going that we need to take the bus?” Tsuyu asked.


“It’s a surprise.” he told her with a smile.



“KERO!” Tsuyu gasped upon their arrival at a familiar Hot Spring’s resort. Earlier this year, the class had come here for a bit of training, and Izuku had gone to the baths at the resort only to run into a naked Tsuyu. That was their first time together and where the story of their relationship began. Everything that has lead to their moment together now, began here.


“Izuku!” Tsuyu said happily as she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug.


“I thought you might like it. Last time we were here everyone was training and we only got to use the hot springs after everything, so I thought it might be fun to just be here to enjoy the entire resort.”


“You thought right!” she told him before kissing his cheek with a smile.


The two of them checked in easily enough and set their backpacks in their room. Izuku was shocked to see how much nicer the actual guest rooms were as opposed to the large group rooms they stayed in last time. Their room in particular had a direct exit out to the beach where a number of modified Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom! Tsuyu stood in the doorway and looked out over the beach as Izuku moved up behind her, wrapping his arms around her slender waist and hugging her against him.


“Kero, kero…” she croaked happily as she leaned back against him. She then turned in his arms and wrapped her own around his shoulders. “I love you…” she whispered softly before leaning her head against his shoulder, “And I’m sorry.”


“Sorry, about what?” Izuku asked, pulling back to look into her dark colored eyes.


“For trying to push you away like I did, saying we weren’t a couple when we washed up on that island before.” she told him as she rested her head on his chest again. “I didn’t know how I really felt at first, not until I saw you with Ochaco…” she said softly. Izuku smiled and kissed the top of her head gently, taking in the scent of her hair. She smelled like an afternoon rainstorm in the summer. He always liked that about her.


“Don’t even worry about that.” he told her as he reached a hand up to run his fingers through her dark green hair. She looked up at him again and he leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. He held her like that for a long while before breaking away to look outside their open doorway to the beach area. An idea came to him as he moved over to the doorway ad crouched down on one knee.


“Get on,” he told her.


“Kero?” she croaked, tilting her head to one side.


“Trust me.” he said with a smile.


Tsuyu nodded and climbed up onto his back. He held on to her long legs with both arms as she leaned against his back, her heavy tits resting to either side of his head. Izuku then triggered One for All over his entire body.


“Hang on tight.” he told her as he stepped outside.


“Kero!” she acknowledged just before he took off at a high speed run, then once they were clear of the building, he leapt high into the air! He’d gotten better at the long distance jumping in recent weeks, though he still couldn’t do miles at a time with a single jump, not yet at least, but it still put all of the pre-quirk olympic long-jumps to shame.


“Haha!!” Tsuyu laughed softly, hugging herself tight against him and squishing her big soft tits around the side of his head. They landed a few hundred yards away from the Inn, kicking up a massive cloud of dust. Tsuyu coughed quietly as the cloud cleared slowly.


“Sorry, still working on the landings.” he told her.


“It’s fine, kero.” Tsuyu assured him as she continued hugging him tightly. When he moved to let her down she hugged herself against him a bit harder, “Um, can we stay like this a while?”


“Uh, sure!” said Izuku as he felt his cheeks turning red again before he stood up again.


“Kero, kero…” Tsuyu giggled as he stood up straight and began walking along the beach. He smiled up at her as she loosened her grip gently, her hands resting on his chest as they walked.


“It really is pretty here.” he said as they reached the area of the beach with the modified cherry trees. Rumor was they were modified by a quirk to be in bloom year round.


“It is,” she agreed, “Shame we didn’t get a chance to explore the first time.”


“I don’t know, I think we still had a lot of fun before.”


“Kero.” she croaked and leaned herself against him, purposefully mashing her breasts around his head, “Yeah, that’s very true.” she said.


They continued walking for a while before Tsuyu asked him to let her down. The two of them came to a rather isolated area of the beach, the view was amazing! The ocean spread out before them for miles, the waves gently lapping against the shoreline as the two of them sat down in the soft fine sands. Izuku laid his hand over Tsuyu’s lacing his fingers with her own. She moved to lean her shoulder against his, closing her eyes and making a soft cooing sound.


“You can jump a lot farther now, more than even I can.” she said after a while.


“Yeah, though landings are still tricky, I could have gone higher, but I didn’t want to risk too rough a touchdown while carrying someone.” Izuku told her. He’d finally figured out how All Might did his long jump landings by moving the focus of One for All into his legs, but he still had trouble managing it to the point where he didn’t bury himself in the ground upon landing.


“I might be able to help you with that. Leaping is always the easy part, landing depends on a lot of different things.” Tsuyu told him.


“Yeah, no kidding. Remember the entrance exam? When I took out that big Zero Point enemy?”


“I remember hearing you shattered both your legs and your arm.” Tsuyu said, “I was in a different test area.”


Izuku blinked, “Oh that’s right, I forgot. It was Iida and Ochaco in the area.”


Tsuyu stuck her tongue out at him, “Anyway, what were you saying?”


“Yeah, back then, I shattered both my legs like you said, I didn’t take into account landing when I jumped back then. Then again, I didn’t know how to control my quirk like I do now.” he said, “I was gonna use my remaining arm to break my fall, but Ochaco saved me from that.”


“I heard. Recovery Girl had to fix you up right after right?” Tsuyu asked.


Izuku nodded, “So yeah, I’d love to get some pointers on landing from high up.”


“I’d be happy to help out, kero.” Tsuyu said before she smiled at him and quicking moved to straddle his legs and pushing him down onto his back, pinning him down, “But that can wait!” she told him as she pressed her mouth to his in a passionate kiss!


He smiled against her lips as he slipped his tongue back against hers as he moved to encircle his arms around her waist. He felt her lightly sucking on his tongue as he moved one hand down to grab her rounded ass. Tsuyu giggled against his lips and pressed her ass back into his hand.


“Mmmmmh, kerooo…” she moaned into his mouth as he rubbed his hand all over her all but bare ass before giving her a playful spank! “Kero!” she yelped, breaking the kiss and staring down at him. The two of them then laughed as she sat up on his waist again and began grinding her ass against his crotch as she slipped her hands under the shirt he had on. Izuku raised his arms for her as she pulled his top off. She tossed the shirt aside then giggled as his hands went straight for her tits! “Want me to make them bigger, kero?” she asked.


He shook his head, “You don’t need to for me.” he told her as he pushed her bikini top up, loving the way her tits bounced free, her nipples a bright pink and already so stiff. He pinched them both between his fingers, turning them like dials and loving the look of bliss on Tsuyu’s face. He then sat up slightly, his lips closing around her left nipple and sucking it roughly as Tsuyu shed her top completely before hugging his head to her chest. He loved the soft feel of her skin, the way her entire body smelled like summer rain. He could breathe that smell forever as he felt his cock begin to strain against his shorts.


“Mmmmmh, bite it kero!” she moaned. He grinned inwardly and did as asked, biting down gently on her nipple before pulling his head back slowly.


Tsuyu let out a long moan of pleasure as he tugged her entire breasts into a cone shape before letting go and watching it jiggle back into shape. He then repeated this with her other nipple, loving the sound of her breaths turning to pants as she began rocking her hips against his lap faster.


“Izukuuu… Iz… Izukuuu…” she panted as he began kissing up her breasts slowly before connecting their mouths again. “Kero!” she croaked before sliding her tongue down his throat again.


“Mmmmmh… Shu…” he slurred around her tongue as he gripped her ass with both hands. He then heard a pair of loud snaps and felt something dragging against his crotch lightly. It was only when he saw Tsuyu’s bikini bottoms being tossed aside the straps on both sides torn apart did he realize she’d ripped off her remaining clothes!


Hugging Tsuyu tight, Izuku rolled them over in the sand and Tsuyu used her feet to tug off his shorts and kick them away! His already half hard cock swelled the rest of the way as he felt her hot pussy against its length.


“Kero kero… Hu… Hurry Izuku…” she panted softly, “Take me, right here…!” Izuku needed to encouragement as he moved to position himself against her. “KEEEROOOOOO!!!!” Tsuyu moaned as his cock slipped inside her with ease! Her stomach tented noticeably with his length inside her. “SO BHIIIIG KEROOOO!!!! I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!!” she moaned as her hips bucked against hip, shoving his cock even deeper inside her.


Izuku groaned, choking lightly around Tsuyu’s tongue still down his throat. How she could speak so clearly with her tongue out like that was still a mystery to him. When she heard him gag lightly she pulled her tongue back and smiled cutely, “Sorry.” she said.


He responded by kissing her again as he began pumping his hips. Tsuyu wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly, hanging on as he slammed into her pussy again and again, his cock making lewd squishing noises every time it pushed back inside her.


“Kero, kero, kero, kero!!!” Tsuyu croaked every time his balls smacked against her ass, “Yesss… more, pound my froggy pussy harder Izukuuuuu!!!!” she moaned.


“Ahhh, Tsu… you’re squeezing my cock so tight!!! It feels amazing!!!” Izuku groaned back as he got up onto his knees, using his hands like a seat to support her after triggering One for All. She felt almost weightless to him then as lines of energy spread all over his body.




“Hold on… Tight, Tsu…” Izuku said between gritted teeth as he focused. Tsuyu had been the first girl he’d ever been with, and he had no doubts she could handle him as he began slamming his cock into her. “I’m gonna go, PLUS ULTRAA!!!”




The sound of her bouncing on his cock as his balls smack against her ass was louder than the ocean now, louder still was Tsuyu as she howled in ecstasy.


“KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KERO KEROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Tsuyu croaked over and over until her entire body suddenly became slick as her mucus began gushing out of her every time he slammed inside. Izuku vaguely felt a dragging sensation across his shoulders, realizing later that it was Tsuyu digging her nails into his skin as she began moaning wordlessly, barely able to keep enough air in her lungs.


“Tsu… I… I’m gonna…”


“AHH, KEROOO, YES… INSIDE, INSIDE ME KEROOO, FILL ME UUUP!!!” Tsuyu screamed before kissing him again as she tightened her hold around his body with her limbs. It was like she was saying ‘No way you’re cumming outside of me!’


“Tsuuu…” Izuku groaned as he pulled her down, pushing his cock all the way inside her again just as he came hard.




The rude noise was a mix of his cum filling her womb and a thick clear mucus gushing from almost every pore below Tsuyu’s neck! Izuku released One for All and instantly felt as if he’d run a marathon on his own natural strength. He fell backward, Tsuyu landing on top of his with a grunt.


“Kero, hah, kero, hah, kero, hah, kerooo…” Tsuyu panted as she lay on top of him, too weak to really move, “Sorry…” she said after a few minutes.


“For what?” he asked. Tsuyu then lifted her arm, now covered in a sticky mud as her body mucus mixed with the sand. Izuku closed his eyes and shook his head, “Nothing to be sorry about, I take it as a compliment.” he told her.


“Kero!” Tsuyu croaked happily before kissing him again. He kissed her back and moved to hug her again, loving the slick warmth of her body against his.


The two of them lay there like that for a long while, until the sun began setting in the distance and the tide washed in. They then separated, Izuku’s cock pulling out of Tsuyu’s now gaping pussy with another rude noise. The green haired girl then washed off the worst of the mucus in the ocean before retrieving her bikini. Tying the torn sides closed, the two of them walked hand in hand back to their room at the inn.


“Izuku?” Tsuyu said.




“I love you.” she said to him.


He stopped and pulled her close, reaching a hand up to cup his palm against her cheek. She leaned into his touch, half closing her eyes happily, “I love you too.” he said began to her.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Back at it with the wholesome stuff, keep up the outstanding job boys.

1 year ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

Well, somewhat wholesome, Froppy’s a messy lay if you do her good! LOL

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

This story was quite hot in lots of ways, I personally prefer deku/uraraka but I love asui chan as well like damn that ass is so fat.
I love the interaction between deku, mina, asui and bakugo it was funny. As we continue to the sex it was fast and hot, I personally have a weakness for playful biting during sex so that was great. Deku compelety destroyed her Froggy pussy and it was incredible. Keep up the good work.

1 year ago

Hehehe, it was fun to write.

1 year ago

To be honest I don’t really care much for the lovey dovey relationship stuff because I don’t see the scenario of who Izuku ends up with as a big deal partly because I don’t care for shippings/pairings in general.

That said the pic is great. Tsuyu looks hot in her bikini as it highlights her curves and the story is well written as usual. Hopefully the other guys in 1-A would get chances to get in on the smut so it won’t be mostly about Izuku this time around.

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

I have plans to show other characters in the near future, don’t worry.

1 year ago

Great story, love how lovey dovey this chapter is, it’s very fitting for the both cute and hot pic. Tsuyu and Izuku make a great couple 👍

1 year ago
Reply to  xfuski


1 year ago

Your mha art got better

1 year ago
Reply to  jay