Relieving the Captain of his Duties

Momo felt that it was too surreal to be true. As she kept stroking Toshiro’s erect dick with her large breasts, Momo couldn’t help but blush deeply.


A week ago, she and Ragiku met to talk about Toshiro. They were concerned about the white-haired Captain, he was overly stressed out due to the work, said stress was affecting him really hard, since he was not properly eating or sleeping. The ladies thought about it for some time, when Rangiku gave the idea to take Toshiro to the beach, so he could relax and relieve the stress out of his system.


It took a considerable effort, but the girls were able to get Toshiro relieved from service for two days due to medical reasons. Toshiro himself gladly accepted to go with the girls to the beach.


At the beach, Rangiku and Momo used a Kido spell that made the beach house they were in along with everything else in an area of about 300 square kilometers invisible and inaudible, so they wouldn’t be disturbed.


At the first opportunity he had, Toshiro settled himself under the shadows of a parasol, and he closed his eyes to take a nap. A few minutes later, Toshiro woke up with his head resting on Momo’s lap, her creamy boobs were dangerously close to his face, and Rangiku was by his side, hugging him, pressing her breasts against his body. This was all part of the plan to help Toshiro. Momo and Rangiku thought that simple R&R was not enough, so they came up with a more sensual idea to relieve his stress. As in have him fuck them to his heart’s content to relieve his stress.


For that offer, Toshiro was a little more hesitant to accept. However the wardrobe malfunction they were suffering, Hinamori’s swimsuit was being torn to shreds, and the top of Rangiku’s bikini was barely able to contain her breasts, may have some part in his change of mind.


Now that they were into it, Hinamori was starting to waver. She could feel the veins and muscles of Toshiro’s throbbing thing pulsating between her breasts. She was doing this to help Toshiro, but on other hand, he was his friend, and their relationship was entirely platonic, so this act seemed wrong, but it felt so good, she simply couldn’t wait to have that huge sword penetrate her.


Matsumoto noticed her fellow lieutenant’s emotional turmoil, she knelt down behind her, her breasts pressed on top of the smaller girl’s head, and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Seeing such scene made a light blush appear on her face


Toshiro gasped for air, Hinamori’s soft orbs felt so good when pressed against his trunk of a cock, and it was driving him crazy. He felt like he was about to release his seed on her face at any time. “H-Hinamori…”


The girl stopped to look at her childhood friend. “Yes, Shiro-chan?”


“I would like to try a 69 position with you.” The young man said bluntly, trying to sound serious, though the red blush in his face showed otherwise.


Hinamori gasped surprised, her blush deepened. Rangiku smirked slightly, and she preemptively handed a condom to Hinamori. This treatment was going to be a huge success, and turning wild really fast!


(Story by Autobotmindmaster123)

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