Redhead Rod Jobs With Hot Bods

“Redheaded sluts are the best, aren’t they?”


“Definitely, especially when they’re on their knees and sucking your dick.”


The first guy nodded, grinning down at the babe slurping away on his tool. Her wide, red eyes were a little on the creepy side, but damn if she didn’t have a sexy body, with big tits and an ass that wouldn’t quit. And she really knew how to give a blowjob; even as he watched, she brought up her hands to fondle his balls. Her tongue flicked over the tip of his cock, making him groan.


His buddy was enjoying himself too. His whore, Erza he thought she was called, had licked his rod all up and down the length of it, coating it with her spit. Now she was taking it in her mouth. He had always been proud of how long and thick his cock was, but finding a woman who could take it all in her mouth was a tall order. He wasn’t sure if Erza would be able to manage it, but she was sure as hell giving it her best shot.


“So after the blowjob, which are you going to fuck first, her pussy or her ass?”


“I don’t know, man. I mean, the asses on both of these chicks are great, but if they’re this good at giving blowjobs, I’m betting their pussies will be tight as hell.”


“True, true. I’m also thinking about getting a paizuri; these tits,” he reached down to grab the soft mounds, Flare blushing and moaning softly in pleasure, “are amazing, and I’m sure they would feel even better wrapped around my cock.”


“Heh, can’t argue with that. Well, it’s not like we’ll be missing out. We have plenty of time; we’ll have all their holes well pounded before the day is done.” Emphasizing his point, he grabbed Erza’s head and started pushing his dick even further into her mouth. She gagged at first but quickly adjusted, moving with him as the penis slid down her throat.


Deciding his friend had the right idea, the other man followed suit, Flare’s eyes going wider than ever.


Damn, what a great vacation.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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