Quirk Symbiosis – Creation Level 2

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“Hmmm, Quirk Symbiosis?” said Nurse Chiyo as Momo sat in The Endeavors Infirmary, “Exceedingly rare, but not unheard of. But do you know if young Midoriya’s Quirk got any sort of enhancement from you?”


“I don’t think so, at least nothing that I noticed.” Momo answered honestly. She, Chiyo, and Midnight had been here for the last three hours after they caught her cutting her arm with the edge of a seashell. Her intent was to try and test if her new ability would be hampered by certain materials. Midnight has seen her dragging the shell over her arm and instantly grabbed her and dragged her back to the ship. She then spent two hours explaining that she wasn’t trying to hurt herself out of any kind of depression, but because she’d discovered she could finally generate organic matter. And when she cut herself, her skin regenerated almost instantly.


The next hour was spent telling them about her previous experiments and what she thought had triggered this in the first place.


“Quirk boost then,” Midnight offered as she leaned against the wall dressed in a black one piece swimsuit that ride up her crotch and barely covered her breasts, though it couldn’t be called a sling suit as most of her midriff was covered, “Remember when Endeavor teamed up with that guy who could manipulate wind? They used their combined powers to make that firenado.”


Chiyo nodded, “Not the best example, but you’re not wrong.”


Midnight laughed, “Still though, to get it from his semen, that’s both erotic and hilarious!”


Momo felt herself blushing as Chiyo tapped her chin in thought, “Ms. Kayama, would you please bring young Midoriya here?”


“Sure.” Midnight agreed, leaving the room.


“Um…” Momo began to say, but the nurse cut her off with a wave of her hand.


“Let’s wait until Midoriya is here, there’s something I need to ask him first.” she told her.


“Uh, okay.” Momo agreed. The two of them sat in silence until Midnight returned a few minutes later with Izuku. He looked nervous standing next to her in his swim trunks.


“Thank you Ms. Kayama, now, I need to have a word alone with these two, call it doctor patient privilege.” Chiyo told her, and her tone left no room for argument. Midnight blinked, but didn’t argue, leaving the infirmary and closing the door behind her.


“I’ll get straight to the point, Midoriya, did you transfer One for All to Ms. Yaoyorozu?” she asked.


One for All?‘ Momo echoed in her mind.


Izuku was instantly flustered, “What!? No! I didn’t do anything like that, wait, Nurse Chiyo, why are you mentioning…?”


The nurse held up her hand for silence. “It’s alright, I had to make sure. From what I know of it, if you’d transferred it you’d know, even if by accident. That means one of my theories about it has been confirmed.”


“Could someone tell me what’s going on, what’s One for All?” Momo asked, “Isn’t that a line from an old book?”


Chiyo looked at Izuku again, “It’s alright, and she’ll need to know if I’m to explain what I believe has happened to her own Quirk.”


Izuku nodded and Momo felt annoyed now, “Can someone please explain what you two are talking about!?”


“One for All. It’s the name of my Quirk.” Izuku said, “And, I wasn’t born with it.”


Momo sat stunned as Izuku laid it out for her, a Quirk that gave him his insane powers, how it was created long ago and passed from one person to the next. How All Might passed it to him just before he entered UA High, and how passing it led to their teachers retirement from the pro circuit.


“You know, a lot of things actually make sense now.” Momo said after he was finished.


“You should know my dear that this is an important secret and must be kept at all costs.” Chiyo told her.


The dark haired girl nodded, “I understand, but why tell me?”


“Because, your ingestion of Midoriya’s semen is most definitely what is augmenting your quirk, allowing you to make organic matter.” Chiyo said bluntly. “Traces of One for All are in Midoriya’s DNA, and while in most cases ingesting it without him willing its transfer to a new host wouldn’t have any effect at all. However, in your case, the way your quirk works allows you to use that trace amount as a kind of super fuel. Not unlike putting nitrous in a car engine makes it go faster.”


“But wait!” Midoriya said, “That also wears out the engine faster as well, could it be any danger to Momo!?”


“Hmmm, of that I can’t be sure, it would require more testing on her part, combined with close monitoring to see if there are any detrimental affects.” Chiyo told them, “However, Yaoyorozu you told us that you can feel a draining sensation every time you use the enhancement?”


Momo nodded, “Yes, now that I know a bit more about what’s happening, I can sort of feel it inside, if I were to say I started at 100% um, fuel let’s call it for now, I think it’s at maybe 85% currently. But that would just be a guess. The biggest drain on it I felt was when I tried making a plant. The injuries didn’t really pull as much.”


Izuku turned to her, “Injuries?”


“Ms. Kayama and I found Ms. Yaoyorozu hurting herself with a seashell. We brought her back to the ship worried she might be suffering a psychotic break.” Nurse Chiyo explained.


“I got a little over zealous trying to figure out my new abilities.” Momo told him, and then explained how her body had regenerated her injuries in the cave the other day, and her later experiments in her room after.


“That was foolish and dangerous young lady,” Chiyo chided her again, “You should have come to the teachers with this right away.”


“You’re right, I just, I guess I was so excited that I wanted to try and figure it out on my own.” Momo admitted.


“Well, no sense crying over spilled milk.” Chiyo said with a sigh as she walked over to the door and opened it, letting Midnight back inside. “Well, now we come to the much more awkward part of this conversation.”


Momo and Izuku both blinked in confusion, “Ms. Yaoyorozu has expressed a desire to explore this new ability we’ve dubbed as ‘Creation Level 2’ for the time being. But to do that, we’ll need your consent and cooperation Mr. Midoriya.”


“Meaning…?” Izuku asked, still confused, though Momo had already figured it out and felt her face turning bright red.


“Ahhh, I can’t believe I’m recommending this…” Chiyo began.


“Meaning you two will need to get busy on a semi-regular basis!!!” Midnight barged into the room, clasping her hands in front of her and moving them side to side in excitement.


Izuku audibly gulped, “Whaaat!!??”


“Now, now Ms. Kayama, that isn’t what I was going to suggest. I wanted to use vi–” Chiyo began to say, but Midnight cut her off again.


“I know I know, but we don’t know if having Midoriya masturbate into vials will be enough! What if it only works if his cum is fresh!? Isn’t it good science to replicate all the conditions of an experiment to see if the results are the same!?” she asked.


“That’s! Technically true…” Chiyo conceded.


Midnight clapped her hands together and turned to look at them, “Well then, what do you two say to a little experiment then!?” she asked excitedly, “I propose you two have a little fun in my room, it has a really nice bed, and after we can see if that tops off the tank so to speak?”


“Ms. Kayama!?” Chiyo gasped.


“It’ll be fine…” Midnight said, waving her hand dismissively, “I’ll supervise even, make sure things don’t go too far.”


“Still, I can’t…!” Nurse Chiyo began to say, but Momo spoke up.


“Actually, I don’t mind…” she said softly, blushing bright red as she said it.


“Huh!?” Izuku and Chiyo said together.


Steeling herself, Momo looked to Izuku, “It’s okay with me Midor… No, Izuku, I don’t mind. I… I want this; I want to find out everything I can about this power you’ve given me. If I can master this, I’ll be able to help so many more people than with just my regular Quirk alone.” she told him, then looked away before saying, “If, if you don’t want to though, I understand…”


“Ahhh, you look just so adorable right now!” Midnight squealed and moved to stand behind her, “Midoriya, how could you possibly say no to that?” she asked, placing her hands on Momo’s shoulders and looking across to him.


“Ah… Al… Alright.” Izuku said after a moment.


“Perfect! Now, come with me!” Midnight said as she grabbed both their wrists and dragged them out of the infirmary and into the hall. Momo had to struggle to match the older womans pace as she led them through the ship. Eventually they arrived at Midnight’s room, and their teacher opened the room with her card key.


Momo gasped at the sight that greeted her. She thought her own room aboard the ship was nice, but this was on a whole other level! The floors were a deep navy blue, with white walls and ceiling with gold trim all around. The bed was a huge double king with bright red sheets that looked like satin, and pillows all around.


“Not bad huh?” Midnight asked as she walked inside, slipping her arms under the straps of her suit and shrugging out of the top half. Momo heard Midoriya gasp as she bared her tits to them both. If she was being honest, Momo rather enjoyed the sight as she did the same.


“Uh, um…” Izuku gasped.


“Now now, now is not the time to be shy.” said Midnight to him as she stripped out of her swimsuit completely and walked over to Momo. “What say we give him some encouragement?” she whispered to her.


“Encouragemmmmph!” Momo began but was cut off as Midnight kissed her full on the mouth. Her dark eyes went wide with surprise, but only lasted a moment as she parted her lips for the older woman. Midnight’s lips were sweet, like a mix of honey and cinnamon sugar. Momo guessed it was her lip-gloss as she slid her tongue back against the other womans.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Midnight purred into her mouth as her hands moved to remove her bikini bottoms, pushing them off her ass and letting them slip down her legs.


“Heh, never fails, boys always love seeing girls make out,” Midnight whispered to her after backing the kiss gently. Momo turned her head and saw half of Izuku’s cock hanging down one leg of his swim trunks, straining against the material to try and stand fully erect.


“Oh, and kudos to you Yaoyorozu-san for even getting that in your mouth!” she whispered again as she moved to stand behind her, reaching around to grab her tits and squeezing them gently before bouncing them in her hands for the green haired youth.


“Ahhaaa…” Momo gasped, moaning at how good her tits felt in Midnight’s hands, the other woman knew just how to hold her tits as she squeezed her thighs together as her pussy began feeling hot. “Uhhm, Izuku… Get on the bhed…!” Momo gasped, repeating what Midnight told her to say while trying not to moan too much. She whimpered in excitement as she felt Midnight begin to nibble on her ear.


“Oh, you’re enjoying this more than I thought, you go for girls too? Oh, and may I call you Momo for the time being?” Midnight asked as she edged Momo towards the bed while Izuku stripped naked and sat down on the edge.


“Ye… Yes…” Momo breathed softly and nodded, “Ohhhhh, sensei!!!!” she moaned when Midnight’s hand went between her legs, sliding a single finger inside her.


“Mmmmh, I was right, you’re not a virgin…” Midnight whispered, “Chiyo owes me five hundred yen.”


Momo didn’t have time to feel offended as her teacher began slipping her finger in and out gently. Her touch was so tender, but so perfect! Momo couldn’t help but moan as Midnight brought her to a fast orgasm just as she fell to her knees in front of Izuku.


“Ahh, Momo, are you okay?” Izuku asked.


“I’m… I’m fiiiine…” Momo moaned, reaching a hand up to grasp his throbbing erection. Part of her wondered if it was just seeing her and Midnight naked, or if her teacher was right and guys really did enjoy watching two girls together. If it was the former she was really turned on by the thought, the latter would have annoyed her if Midnight wasn’t so good at what she was doing!


Gripping his cock, Momo pulled Izuku’s length towards her mouth, panting softly as she brought her lips towards the tip. “Hmmmmph…” she moaned as she took the top four inches into her mouth, her jaw aching from his thickness. She closed her eyes, grinding her hips against Midnight’s hand as the teacher added a second, then third finger. She then began slowly taking his length deeper into her mouth.


“Wow, seriously, is that the technique you used!?” Midnight asked, “I’m amazed you even got him off with that!” she told her as she grabbed Momo’s ponytail with her other hand and pulled her back.


“You can’t just take it all in! You gotta work to get him more excited first!” she told her.


“But I…” Momo said, stopping when her body shuddered in pleasure from a second orgasm.


“I know we’re here for the sake of science and all, but I think you should use a bit more professional skill if you want the best payout!” Midnight explained as she leaned in close to Izuku’s cock.


“With big dicks like this, you need to lick the shaft more,” she told her, “Get him coated all over with your saliva, like this!” she said before slowly licking his cock from the balls to the tip, leaving a thick trail of saliva. “And don’t be afraid to drool a bit, the more saliva the better. And also, don’t neglect the balls! So many girls do I don’t understand why. They need stimulation as well,” Midnight explained to her, moving to kiss and lick Izuku’s heavy balls, moving her free hand to gently lift one up, massaging it with her slender fingers. “This can help loosen up his load a little more. Normally I’d use this on a guy who had already cum a couple times, but in this instance, we want as big a first load as we can get!”


Momo blinked through the haze of pleasure she felt as Midnight never stopped moving her fingers back and forth. It almost felt as if she were in class, then, as she moaned again in pleasure, Momo suddenly realized that she WAS!


“Try it with me now,” Midnight said as she leaned in close again. Momo nodded, each of them taking one of his balls, and licking him from the base to tip. Momo did her best to match Midnight’s pace, but it was tricky and she slowed to work more saliva in her mouth. She then watched as Midnight opened her mouth wide, taking half of Izuku’s cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her neck swelled with his girth and she heard him groan softly at the sensation.


“Ahhhnnn, this… this feels amazing Midnight-sensei…” he panted as Momo watched her take even MORE into her mouth, her lips making wet slurping noises as they slid along his length.


Midnight giggled around his cock as her lips pressed against the base. Momo watched in awe as she held herself there for several long seconds before pulling her head back up slowly. Momo watched as she pulled back, her lips making all short of lewd slurping sounds as she moved. But when she was at the half-way point, she moved her head back down, touching her lips to the base of his cock again, then back up, then down.


Izuku let out a low groan, “Ahh, this feels… So good, better than even Asui-san…”


Momo choose not to take that personally as she knew Tsu could likely do things with her tongue that she could never hope to match. She then moved to lick and suck on Izuku’s balls again. Trying and failing to get an entire one in her mouth as Midnight pulled her head up until just the very tip of his cock was in her mouth, then moving to take his entire length again in a single motion!


“Mmmmhmmmmm, sank ‘ou sho mush, gust hearing dat makesh me sho wet!” Midnight slurred around his cock as she continued bobbing her head up and down. Momo watched in awe as her throat expanded and contracted visibly as Izuku’s cock moved through it with wet squishing noises. Her lower lips trembled slightly as she bucked her pussy against Midnight’s fingers, her juices running freely down her thighs now.


“MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH…!!!” Midnight gasped when she finally pulled her mouth free, long ropes of drool connecting her lips to his cock for a moment before snapping and vanishing. “Your turn,” she told Momo, then whispered, “I got him set to pop any second now, so just take it easy and don’t choke.”


The dark haired girl nodded, licking her way up Izuku’s thick cock like before, tasting Midnight’s drool on him before she engulfed his length in her own mouth. She loved the sound of him groaning as she took him down her throat. Next to her, Midnight made approving sounds as she removed her hand from between her legs. Momo let out a plaintive whimper, but Midnight only grinned as she put her fingers back inside, only now stroking her from behind instead of reaching around her waist.


“That’s it Momo, now, lift this sexy ass up a little as you go forward, better angle.” she instructed, digging her fingers deep into her pussy and pulling her ass up with them.


“MMMMMHHMMMM!!!” Momo moaned, cumming again and vibrating her throat around Izuku’s cock as her lips pressed against its base.


“Ahhhnnn, Mo… Momo-san… I’m cum… Cumming!” he groaned as she felt his thick cum blasting directly into her stomach! She didn’t even have to try and swallow as she could feel his spunk flooding her belly. Momo’s eyes rolled back in her sockets, blurring her vision as she came with him, her pussy gushing like a burst water balloon! Distantly, Momo felt a surge of energy spreading out from her stomach throughout her entire body; it could only have been One for All refilling her new power. But she didn’t really care as she let herself enjoy the feel of Izuku cumming inside her hard!


When he finally stopped cumming, Momo slowly pulled herself free, coughing only slightly as she took a deep breath of air. She then turned to look at Midnight; their teacher was smiling proudly at her.


“Midnight-sensei?” she asked.


“I guess you can call me Nemuri,” the older woman told her.


“Nemuri-sensei, would you mind if Izuku and I went all the way now?” she asked softly, still panting slightly.


“Huh, what?” Izuku asked, but he didn’t try to complain when she turned to him with a look of open lust on her face. She didn’t want to say it directly, but she was horny now, VERY horny, and she wanted to feel his huge dick inside her!


“Well, I should say no, but, I’ll allow it if you use a condom!” Midnight said with a smile, “Now, I think I just might…” she began, but Momo closed her hands together and focused. She knew latex by heart now from all her practice battles with and alongside Kaminari. She placed her clasped hands at the tip of Izuku’s cock, and opened them slowly, forming a membrane of latex in the space between her hands. She then began dragging her hands down his cock, producing more latex as she went.


“Well, that’s convenient!” Midnight said with her eyebrows raised.


Momo continued dragging her hands down Izuku’s cock, creating a custom condom for him in a bright red color. She’d often heard how condoms were terrible at transferring sensation, and that’s why most guys hated using them. If she did this right, Izuku would feel everything as if there were nothing there! Once complete, Momo brought her hands together again, remembering the formulation of a water based lubricant. Horny as she was, she wasn’t crazy enough to think she could take this huge thing without help!


She liked the way Izuku groaned at her touch as she smeared the lubricant up and down his length. It told her she’d formed the condom just right! She then pushed him back onto the bed before climbing up on top of him. His massive dick sandwitched between their bodies as she pressed her mouth to his, kissing him deeply. She could feel his cock throbbing against her stomach as she grinded herself against him gently.


“Yes, such youthful passion! I never tire of seeing it!” Midnight squealed as she watched from the side of the bed.


Momo ignored her as she raised her hips up, using one hand to guide Izuku’s cock to her pussy. Steeling herself, Momo lowered her body, “Nnmmmhh…” she groaned as his cock spread her pussy to the utter limit! “So thick… Izuku, ahhh, you’re filling me up so much…”


“Momo… Hahhh, it’s so tight and warm… Mmmmh, you feel amazing…” he told her as she managed to fit half his length inside now. She was so happy not to be a virgin right now, as losing it to something like this, she knew that make it so she’d never be satisfied with anything less!


“Be sure to take him in slowly Momo,” Midnight offered.


Momo nodded, then plunged herself down, “Ooooohhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!” she screamed in utter ecstasy, cumming instantly on his cock!


“Momo!?” Midnight and Izuku shouted together.


“I’m okay, I’m okay, just, cumming, yes Yes YES!!! CUMMMMMMIIIIING…” Momo moaned, looking down at her visibly distended stomach as she held his length inside.


“That was dangerous Momo, you…” Midnight began, but halted, her eyes wide as she looked at the younger girl’s belly. “Holy hell…”


“SO GOOD! ANNNNHHH!! FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE MEEEEE!!” Momo moaned as she began rocking herself back and forth. Every tiny motion was making her cum as she moved her hands to grab her own tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples as she began slowly lifting herself up with her knees, only to lower herself back down again.


“MMMMMHHH!!! don’t just lay there Izuku… Fuck me, FUCK MY HOLE!!!” Momo panted.


“Ahhn, Mo… Momo, I don’t want to… Hurt you…” Izuku groaned, obviously trying to hold back.


“It’s okay, you can’t, anything you do, my body can heal, remember?’ she asked as she bounced her body up and down, watching as the swell in her abdomen moved with her motions. “So don’t worry… Just, MMMMHH!!! do what feels good…” she told him as she rocked her body up and down on top of him.


He nodded to her and moved his hands up to her hips, gripping her tight as she watched red glowing lines crawl over his body, “PLUS…!!! ULTRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” he yelled as he bucked his hips up against her. Their bodies slapped together loudly as Momo howled in pleasure. She could barely see anything as her eyes rolled back in her head.


“OOOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!” she screamed as Izuku pumped into her again and again, bouncing her up and down on his gigantic dick. The slap slap slap slap of their bodies impacting one another echoed in her ears as she panted hard, her hands reaching down to grip his shoulders just to keep herself steady.


At the very edges of her vision, she could see Midnight masturbating furiously as she watched the two of them! Dipping her fingers in and out of herself as she climbed onto the bed. Momo didn’t even try to resist as the older woman kissed her, their tongue sliding together as Izuku’s dick slammed into her again and again. Momo moaned into Midnight’s mouth, unable to feel anything other than the huge dick pounding her relentlessly!


“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEE!!!!!” she moaned when Midnight broke away, “FUCK ME!! FUCK MY HOLE!!! MAKE IT MEMORIZE YOUR COOOOOOOCK!!!!!” Momo howled, having lost count of her orgasms as she teetered on the brink of consciousness.


“Ahhhhnnn… Momoooooo!!!” Izuku groaned as he began cumming inside her. Momo could feel the condom she made filling rapidly with his seed, and she was glad that she also reinforced it with elastic carbon fibers!


“OF FUCK YES!!! FILL ME!!! FIIIIIIIILL ME UUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!” Momo screamed as she lowered herself all the way onto his cock for just a few second before she completely passed out!



Momo woke to find herself in her own room, it was night outside and she could feel the ship moving. Sitting up slowly, the dark haired girl winced as her entire body felt sore, especially between her legs.


“Well, I think that counts as a small coma.” said Midnight’s voice.


“Uhhnnn, how long was I out?” she asked, looking around and finding her teacher standing at the foot of her bed with a grin on her face. She was dressed in a simple white bathrobe and slippers. Her hair looked freshly washed and she smelled of lilacs.


“Oh, not long, about ten hours. Kind of my fault, I may have let out a little of my quirk when I was cumming with you two.” she told her, “We did confirm that your regeneration is automatic when your unconscious so hey, there’s that, though Chiyo thinks it’s slower when you’re not willing it consciously.”


“Oh, so I was injured?” Momo asked as she tried to move, though the soreness made her think twice about it.


“You’ve seen Midoriya’s dick, you tell me. I’d brace myself for an earful from Chiyo later if I were you. Though between us, I’d have done the same.” Midnight told her with a smile as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed, “By the way, I’m guessing that super condom of yours was to gather this…?” she asked as she held up a bandolier belt loaded with several vials of a thick white fluid. “We went ahead and collected what was saved, and Chiyo fashioned this for now, until you can make something more your style.”


She handed the belt over and Momo pulled one of the vials free. It seemed to hold a shot glasses worth of semen inside and was capped with a rubber stopper. She still wasn’t sure if it’d work this way, but she wouldn’t know until she tried.


“We’ll be back to the mainland in a week or so–”


“A week? I thought this was just a four or five day trip? We would be leaving the day after tomorrow?” Momo interrupted


The damage taken to this ship was worse than we originally thought. It still has not been cleared for safe traveling. We are rerouting a another ship to our location which would take a week” Midnight replied and Momo simply nodded.


“Anyways, I’ve already scheduled some tests with a hospital affiliated with the school. If you really wanna go through with all this, you’ll submit for all their testing.” Midnight told her.


“I do,” she said, gripping the vial in her hand, “And I will.”


Midnight clapped her hands together, “Wonderful, now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to discuss something else with you. You may have heard I’m opening my own agency…”

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Muy bueno. La combinación de dibujo de Ero-enzo hace esta historia aun mejor <3

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