Pumping Cheek to the Beat

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Grinning to herself as she lay in a splits on stage, Hinata looked back and watched as the Raikage pumped his cock between the cheeks of her huge ass! “That the best you got?” she asked, “I mean seriously, what is that, your little finger? Pathetic.” she said with a laugh.


“Watch your mouth woman, or I’ll watch it deepthroating my dick, and not gently!” A shot back as he continued pumping his thick cock back and forth, hot-dogging her ass harder. The baby fat of her ass rippled with his every thrust as he moved his hips in time with the pulsing music.


She chewed her lower lip, enjoying the feel of his hot dick rubbing against her asshole and cunt as he picked up the pace when the beat intensified. He had to keep up with it, which was the game. Her own idea, men would come on stage with a dancer, rubbing their cock between the asscheeks of that girl in time with the music of the DJ’s choice. If they could keep it up through the whole song without cumming, they won a free VIP night, if not, well, at least they got off and the women got paid handsomely for the attempt. So far no one had managed to pull it off with Hinata’s thick ass, though she loved letting the more well hung men try, the feel of them rubbing against her so vigorously… She let out a low moan, hoping that the former Raikage wouldn’t hear her.


“Awww, getting tired already?” she teased when he began having trouble matching the beat of the song, “Let me help.” she said and began wiggling her hips slightly, the fat of her ass jiggling and matching the beat with ease. She often danced to this song; keeping up with it was second nature now. She smiled as A groaned, their flesh smacking against one another as the audience cheered, tossing money onto the stage until it fell like snow.


“Ooooh YEAH!! that’s iiiit…” Hinata groaned, her pussy already dripping as A spanked her huge ass hard with his synthetic hand, “rub that huge dick between my big, fat whore ass harder…” she moaned, loving the feel of such a enormously thick cock against her. She licked her lips and grabbed her heavy tits, kneading them roughly as she rolled her ass into A’s thrusts. She was getting close now, so close… She chewed her lower lip, she hadn’t had a decent orgasm since that afternoon with Choji in the alley. Sure, he was coming by her house later this week, but she wanted more!


“Hmmmmmmmmhhh…” A groaned as the song reached a crescendo, the beat pulsing throughout the entire club. She then felt a hot wetness spreading over her ass and thighs as he grunted again, thick cum spraying everywhere as he came hard. There was a collective groan from the crowd as a number of them likely just lost their bets on him.


“What?” she asked, “Done already? I hardly felt a thing, next time use your dick and not your pinky!” she told him as she got up and shook her ass on stage, flinging off his cum, “Is there anyone here MAN ENOUGH to take me on!?” she asked defiantly.


“Wow!” she heard her sisters voice over the speakers, “Not even the former Raikage could win tonight’s challenge! Can anyone defeat my sister in the latest Busteez Competition, the Hotdog Beat Challenge?”


Hinata grinned, holding her arm out and making a beckoning gesture with her hand, “Bring it on! Isn’t there anyone here that can satisfy me?!” she challenged with a wink.


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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