Public Pool Paizuri

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“Abarai-kun, do you really want to do this?” Momo half asked, half whined, looking furtively as she walked down the hallway, trailing her redheaded friend and trying not to stare too hard at the way his tattoos ran all across his body. His bare back and butt looked very muscular; her fingers itched to touch him.


Glancing over his shoulder, Renji took a moment to appreciate the sight of his friend Momo, buck naked and cutely blushing, before giving her an incredulous look. “Momo, you ambused me yesterday in the hallway, just as naked as you are now, and gave me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. And that was just the start of what we did. Are you really that embarrassed now?”


Feeling her face turn even redder, Momo hurriedly looked away from his amused expression. “That was different!” she insisted, folding her arms under her chest, taking a little satisfaction at how Renji immediately focused on her breasts. “I wasn’t thinking clearly then, and I just went for it. And a pool is lot more public than a room.”


“Can’t argue with any of that,” Renji conceded with a shrug, before flashing a sly smile at Momo. “Then I’ll just have to make sure you’re so hot and bothered that you won’t overthink things and worry about them.”


“Jerk,” Momo muttered without heat as they reached the pool. Mercifully, no one else was there yet. Of course, Momo reminded herself, anyone could come in at any moment, so the potential for public embarrassment was still very real and possible. Just thinking about it was getting her flustered; maybe they should leave now-






Coming to the surface of the water with a splutter, Momo wiped the water out of her eyes, quickly wrapping her hair up in a bun. She looked up, ready to give Renji a piece of her mind for pushing her in like that-






“Argh!” Momo screeched as a wave of water hit her square in the face, making her gasp and splutter all over again. “Renji! You… you… JACKASS!” Oooh, he was really going to get it now!


“Heh, sorry about that,” she heard Renji reply, not sounding particularly sorry at all. “How about I make it up to you? I have a present for you that I think you’ll like?”


Now confused as well as angry, Momo looked up at him with a shake of her head to get rid of the water and froze. Renji was relaxing against the pool wall, and his enormous erection was sticking out of the water, seeming to point straight towards her. Momo drifted towards him, eyes locked on his dick; the memories of all the sex they’d had yesterday filled her mind, and she licked her lips.


“Seeing you all wet made me hard.” Renji’s smirk widened. “And I’m betting that seeing me hard is making you even wetter. Funny how that works out, huh?”


“Renji,” Momo said quietly, now close enough that her tits were touching Renji’s cock, “Shut up and fuck my tits.”


His eye went briefly wide at her brief bit of profanity, before he grinned wildly. “Don’t mind if I do!” Grabbing her breasts with both hands, he pulled her closer, his cock slipping in between her tits with ease. Pushing his hands together as Momo helped with her arms, Renji growled with pleasure as her soft, hot skin caressed his dick. It was almost as good as fucking her pussy or her ass, and he planned on doing both later, and more than a few times.


“Still remember that trick you did with your lips and tongue? If you can do it again, I’ll screw you in that position you liked so much?”


Eyes lighting up with eagerness at Renji’s offer, Momo hurriedly bent her head, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. All of her embarrassment was forgotten; if anyone walked in on them now, then all she wanted was for them to leave her alone until she got what she wanted.


Or they could join in. That might be even better…

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