Psychic Sisters Sexy Shakes

(Note: This story is part of an short series of One-Punch Man stories)
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“What are you so happy about, Fubuki?” Tatsumaki asked her sister suspiciously as she washed her big little sister’s back. Bathing together wasn’t something they did often, but she was trying to get closer to Fubuki.


That and she could also use this time to subtly grill her sister and make sure wasn’t doing anything stupid was simply a nice bonus.


“Well…” Tatsumaki’s hackles rose at the sound of Fubuki’s voice; she knew that smug tone of voice she was using. It meant her little sister thought she had gotten one over on her older, stronger, and smarter sister. She was almost always wrong, of course, but when she did manage it, Fubuki was insufferable for days.


“What did you do?” Tatsumaki asked flatly, scrubbing Fubuki’s back harder than was strictly necessary.


“You know Saitama, that Caped Baldy you keep ranting about?”


Tatsumaki’s hands froze. Damn, this was even worse than she thought if that idiot was involved. Now she was almost sorry she had asked. And she did not rant about Saitama! She merely expressed her concerns and disappointments regarding him on a regular basis.


“Let’s just say that he showed me a very, very good time last night. And yes,” turning to look over her shoulder, Fubuki smirked at her gobsmacked sister, “I meant exactly what you think. And since it already happened, there’s nothing you can do about it.”


That smug remark knocked Tatsumaki out of her slack-jawed staring; her eyes narrowed, and small drops of water began to rise from the bath as her power stirred. “Oh really? Well, I can think of one thing I can do.”


Fubuki lost some of her confidence, now more confused. “Uh… what’s that?”


Spinning her sister around, Tatsumaki wrapped her legs around her, rubbing herself against her sister’s taller body. Face red with embarrassment, she didn’t let that stop her; pulling Fubuki closer with her arms, so their bodies were practically melded together, she latched onto her sister’s left nipple with her mouth, sucking in as much of her tit as she could manage.


“W-WHAT ARE YOU-OH GOD!” Fubuki cut off her own sputtered protest with a loud shout, followed by a husky moan. She stiffened in Tatsumaki’s grip, her arms out at her sides as her eyes closed; blushing just as hard as her sister, Fubuki was racked with unexpected pleasure as her sister used her lips, tongue, and teeth on her tit. If not for Tatsumaki holding her up, she likely would have collapsed into the water.


That’s right,’ Tatsumaki thought triumphantly, ignoring the small voice in her mind that was yelling ‘what the hell are you doing?!’ ‘I’m going to make you forget about that stupid Baldy. I’m your sister, the most important person in your life, and I’m going to make sure you know that!


Dropping her hands to squeeze Fubuki’s firm ass, eliciting a noise somewhere between a moan and squeal, Tatsumaki reached out with her power. Let’s see: a couple of scrub brushes, wash cloths, and a nice thick bar of soap. She could work with those. By the time she was done, Fubuki would be putty in her hands.


It was a good thing the sisters lived alone, as the shriek of pleasure Fubuki let out when the various items went to work on her body would have scared them half to death. And that wasn’t even mentioning the wave of psychic force that followed a second later.


Needless to say, Tatsumaki did a very good job of distracting Fubuki from all thoughts of Saitama.

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