Private Princess Paizuri

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“Sanji? Is that you?”


Hearing the voice of a woman always put a smile on Sanji’s face, and seeing who it was made it even better. “Viola-chaaaaan!” he sang, spinning up to her. Taking a gentle hold of her hand, he planted a kiss on her smooth skin. “What an unexpected pleasure! What brings you here?”


A small blush on her face, Viola huffed in equal parts exasperation and amusement. “I’m actually looking for Rebecca. Last I heard from her, she was going to meet up with your crew. I don’t suppose you know where she is, do you?”


“Ah…I’m afraid I do not; I HAVE seen her with my crew, but I’m not sure where she is now,” Sanji admitted, not happy about disappointing a lady. When her face began to fall, he hastily added, “But fear not! None of us will let anything happen to her, you have my word!” He struck a gallant pose, only somewhat let down when Viola giggled.


“I believe you. Your crew is full of reliable people. The Straw Hats have done so much for my people and my family; it’s still hard for me to believe, and we can never repay you enough-”


Sanji held up a courteous hand, gently stopping her. “You don’t have to worry about that, Viola-chan,” he told her, smiling more naturally. “We all had our own reasons for fighting, and we would do it again, a thousand times if necessary.”


“…it’s amazing how casual you are about something like that.” Viola shook her head in wonder. “I’ve started hearing a lot of rumors about your crew; now I’m wondering just how many are true.”


Sanji shifted uncomfortably and Viola was quick to change the subject. “Anyway, do you know where your crewmates are? I’m sure Rebecca is with one of them; you’re her heroes, especially Luffy-sama.”


Sanji chuckled, knowing how Luffy would react to being called a hero. “Let’s see…Nami-swan is out shopping, probably for clothes. She recently got a hold of a lot of treasure, so she’s on a big spending spree right now. She even offered to pay for everyone’s vacation here on Big Spender Island.”


That had been a shock. Luffy and Usopp had been convinced the end of the world was upon them, and even mosshead had looked unnerved.


Robin-chwan said she had business elsewhere, so I’m not sure where she might be.” Sanji took a moment to mourn not being with either of the lovely ladies on crew before continuing in a more casual manner.


“Luffy is at the biggest restaurant in town, guaranteed. The mosshead is either drinking, fighting, or looking at swords. Usopp said he was going to go looking for fertilizer for his Pop Greens, and Franky was going to scout around for parts for his inventions. I saw Chopper heading for the hospital, and I think Brook either heading for the lady’s baths or trying to tag along with Nami.”


Viola’s lips twitched. “I see; quite a variety of activities. But it also sounds like everyone is spread out across the island. I think my best option would be to wait until everyone was back together and see if Rebecca shows up then.”


“I would be more than happy to accompany you, my lady,” Sanji told her, bowing in his best gallant fashion.


“I was hoping you would say that.” Viola bit her lower lip, looking around furtively. “You said that we, that I, didn’t need to repay you or your crew. Well…what if I still wanted to?”


Sanji blinked, his heart beginning to beat faster. “Well, uh, I would never refuse a lady, of course. Um…what did you have in mind?”


Taking one last look around and using her Devil Fruit powers to ensure they were truly unobserved, before suddenly pulling Sanji deep into an alley. When she pulled off her dress, Sanji nearly had a heart attack of joy; it took all he had to keep from passing out via nosebleed.


Then she was kissing him, her huge breasts pressed against his chest, and Sanji had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming again. But no; thank the gods, this was very, very real. He kissed her back with a moan of desire, his hands roaming over her body.


As their tongues met and danced around each other, Viola hurriedly pulled off his clothes; they didn’t have much time before someone got curious or simply lucky. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to be so impulsive, but now that they had started, they needed to finish as quickly as possible.


Sanji gasped when Viola pulled back before he was abruptly pushed to the ground, his erection standing tall and proud. He watched with wide eyes as the beautiful woman dropped to her knees and wrapped her tits around his cock.


“Hurry and finish!!!” she hissed, wrapping her arms around her boobs to put more pressure on Sanji’s dick. “Before anyone sees us…” So far, so good, but it would only take one person to turn this into a humiliating ordeal.


Finally snapping out of his daze, Sanji opened his mouth, only to close it with a choking sound; it would be a very bad idea for him to yell out his joy, even though he really, really wanted to. “As you command,” he instead whispered back, the biggest smile of his life on his face.


Viola smiled back, feeling some real amusement at the incredibly goofy and perverted expression he was making, but then had to bit her lower lip to keep from gasping as Sanji began pumping his hips, pushing his cock through the tunnel her breasts made. It felt good, much better than she had anticipated, and she could feel her panties start to get damp. “Oooh, Sanji-kun…this is…”


His ego soaring at the obvious pleasure on Viola’s face, Sanji reached out and began gently fondling her breasts. She had to bite down even harder to keep herself quiet, widening Sanji’s grin.


But as she had pointed out, time was against them; much as he (and hopefully Viola as well) wanted this to last, they had to hurry. Speeding up as much as he dared without risking hurting her, Sanji did his best to make sure it was just as good for her as it was for him.


Viola whimpered and moaned as softly as she could; she was getting so turned on, her nipples hardening and her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each moment. Did they have time to properly…no, she couldn’t get distracted like that.


Even if it was extremely tempting…


Sanji had to clamp his jaws shut hard to keep in the scream of pure pleasure and release as he came, spurting his load all over Viola’s tits. Normally, he would never treat a lady like this, so casual and dirty, but since it was the lady herself who asked for it, he thought it would be all right.


“Ahhhh…” Viola leaned back, feeling horny and just a tad frustrated. Still, she smiled at Sanji. “I know it wasn’t much, but I hope you enjoyed that small reward.”


“Viola-chan…you’ve made me happier than I’ve been in a long time,” the blonde assured her, with total sincerity. “Now I really need a cigarette…”


Viola had to laugh. “I’m glad. And…” she leaned forward, giving Sanji an even better look at her chest. Then she was whispering in his ear something important. “…And that’s the dock number and the hotel we’re staying in. If you have time…”


She stood up and smiled down at his gaping face. “Maybe you can stop by, and we can spend a long time together, instead of being rushed.~”




Blinking as Sanji passed out, hearts for eyes and blood streaming from his nose, Viola sighed. “I hope he remembers the addresses when he wakes up…”

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