Princess Delight for a Pirate King

“Welcome,” Boa Hancock cooed, posing in nothing but a tiny thong as she displayed herself proudly, though not without a blush on her face. “We’re so glad you were able to stop by! We’ll be sure to take good care of you.~ You know who I am, of course.” She preened, bringing her hands up to tweak her nipples, gently biting her lower lip as she felt them harden under her fingers. “You’re very lucky; the most beautiful woman in the world will be attending your every need for as long as you stay here.”


Seeing the rising lust in the expression of their client, Boa smirked before nodding at her friend. “And as an added bonus, Nico Robin will be your companion as well.” The Snake Princess was slightly jealous of the other woman’s larger breasts, but consoled herself with the thought that not everyone cared about that. Besides, she was still the more beautiful and overall sexier of them.


Hands behind her head, Robin put on a seductive look as another pair of arms sprouted, covering her nipples while massaging her breasts, making her face flush. A third hand appeared much lower, concealing her pussy and simultaneously rubbing it, making her even hornier.


“And that’s not all I can do,” Robin told the client breathily. “I can create full body clones of myself.” She allowed herself a smirk at the sudden spike of interest. “Essentially, I’m a one woman harem, all for you.”


By now, their client could hardly hold themselves back, and the two pirates exchanged knowing looks. “So,” Hancock drawled, doing a sexy little shimmer and shake, “what would you like to do first?”


“Just don’t take too long to decide,” Robin purred, moving behind Hancock and pressing her breasts against the other woman’s back. Arms appeared in a flurry of petal, rubbing and caressing the Pirate Empress’ body all over, making her moan softly. “Otherwise, you might just have to watch us… entertain ourselves.”


“Unless that’s the kind of thing you’re into; we won’t judge you,” Hancock said, moaning again. Robin was so good at this, and the fact that she could touch every part of her body at the same time made it even better.


“I’ll just watch for now, and when you’re both good and horny…” Their client grinned widely. “I’ll step in.”


Robin smirked back. “Sounds good,” she replied, gently nibbling on Hancock’s ears, using her real mouth and a duplicate. Hmm, take it slow, or see if she could break her record?

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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