Post Workout Relief

Setting down the barbell with a faint grunt, Isane stood up in the nude, stretching and starting a cool down walk. She didn’t want to get any muscle cramps on top of the ache she already felt from her workout. It was hard to muster the motivation sometimes, but just because she and almost all of her friends and colleagues were on vacation, that was no excuse to slack off.


Stopping in front of one of the floor length mirrors, Isane studied her reflection, a small, satisfied smile on her face. While she might never be the strongest female Soul Reaper, she could say with pride that she was keeping herself as fit as possible. Not bad for someone from the ‘wimpy’ Fourth Division.


Of course, there was some exercises she definitely struggled with, particularly the ones that focused on her chest. It was already very big, almost embarrassingly so. If it weren’t for the fact that it got her so much sexual attention, and so many orgasms, she might have seriously considered doing something about it. As it stood, Isane did her best to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives.


A sound like a squeak and gasp combined came from behind her, and Isane closed her eyes, feeling a familiar blush of mingled embarrassment and excitement start burning on her cheeks. She had told herself that it was too early for anyone else to show up at the gym, but a part of her was aware that she was secretly hoping for just this kind of situation.


“See anything you like?” she asked coyly, slowly turning to look at Yushiro, amused that he was blushing even harder than she was, even as he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He certainly was a cutie, and if the rumors she had been hearing were true, very well endowed as well.


What more could a woman ask for?


Slowly walking towards him, Isane slid her eyes to his crotch, eyeing the massive bulge there and licking her lips. When she was close enough that her bare tits were almost touching him, she stopped. Locking eyes with Yushiro, she reached out to slowly pull down his shorts. Even with the distance between them, his cock still smacked into her when it was freed.


“Please…” Yushiro gasped, leaning back against the wall. He didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t need to; it was clear what he wanted, and Isane was more than happy to help. Dropping to her knees, she wrapped her tits around his erection, rubbing her huge nipples against the head of his cock, squirming as her pussy started to leak and drip down her thighs.


When Yushiro grabbed her head and pulled it down, Isane was surprised; she had assumed he would be more passive in their little sex rendezvous, but it seemed he had a dominant side. Not that she was complaining; opening her mouth wide, she took as much of his dick into her mouth as she could, feeling her jaw strain around his incredible girth.


It didn’t take long for Yushiro to cum. He had been caught off-guard, ambushed by Isane’s insanely hot body; with no time to prepare or pace himself, he groaned loudly as his seed spilled out, flooding Isane’s mouth. The overflow spilled out of her mouth and dripped onto her enormous breasts, coating them in sticky white fluid. Her face and even her thighs caught some of it as well.


Yushiro blushed harder as Isane stood up, giving him a look he couldn’t really interpret. Thankfully, when she spoke, she didn’t sound upset. “I’m going to go shower and dress. Then, you’re going to make me to the best breakfast you’re capable of. Understood?”


When he nodded, she smiled approvingly and walked out, feeling his on her swaying, bouncing ass.




Opening the door to let Isane into his vacation apartment, Yushiro found himself struck dumb again. Sure, he had just seen her nude, but her outfit (some sort of sweater, mini-dress combination) was unbelievably arousing, managing to cover just enough of her to tease and tantalize, while also revealing every sweet curve she had.


“Something smells good,” Isane noted, walking past him and standing in the middle of the main room. She gave him a dry look. “Though I bet that’s not why you’re drooling.”


He hastily wiped his mouth, feeling his blush deepen.


Isane giggled softly. “I’m starving, so I’m getting something to eat. After that,” she gave him a wicked smirk that made him weak in the knees. “Well… we’ll see. I never did finish my workout, and I’ve heard that sex can burn just as many calories. Want to test that theory with me?”


Swallowing hard, Yushiro gave the obvious answer. “Y-yes!”

(Story by User: S22132)

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