Pinky the Sexual Relief

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Walking into the Heights Alliance dormitory, Mina Ashido groaned softly as she adjusted the shoulder strap of her overnight bag. Her return trip had taken longer than she would have liked thanks to the train breaking down, and it was already sunset outside. “Hey everyone, I’m back!” she called out cheerfully to Momo, Kyoka, Mineta, Kaminari, and Kirishima when she spotted them in the common area.


“Hey Mina,” Momo called back to her, “How’d it go?”


“Good good, I had fun!” Mina answered honestly. Mina had spent the other day at the Endeavor Hero Agency across the city. It was part of Midnight’s “Special Work Study” for her agency. Student’s that participated got work study points for doing so alongside a rather sizable paycheck. She and several other girls from class 2-B went to the other Agency as “Comfort Aide’s”, a fancy term for what were basically callgirls. Not that she minded, she wanted the extra credit points, and the money was nice as well. Setsuna, Pony, and Ibara all went with her along with a few pro-heroines.


The Non-student girls that went included Nejire-chan, Mt. Lady, and Mandalay. The service was only in a trial period, doing work outside the club was still pretty hotly debated among the girls working there, so Midnight only sent volunteers.


Walking over to the common area, Mina set her bag down next to the couch and slipped into a seat next to Momo and Kyoka. She winced slightly and adjusted her position slightly. Kyoka leaned forward when she noticed and asked, “Hey, you alright?”


“Yeah, my butt’s still a little tender is all.” Mina told them.


“Hey babe, welcome back.” said Katsuki’s voice as he came in from the stairwell. He was dressed in blue jeans and a black shirt with a mask from some Anime series about Shinigami printed on the front.


“KATSUKIIII!!!!” Mina squealed happily, getting up from her seat and moving to hug him tightly, “Didja miss me?” she asked after kissing his cheek.


“Whatever,” Katsuki said, feigning disinterest as he moved over to one of the single chairs and sat down. Mina immediately plopped herself in his lap, much more comfortable for her ass than the couch.


“So, why does your ass hurt?” he asked.


“OH! That’s simple, I really got railed on my trip, Izuku can be a little rough when he gets serious.”


“WHAAAAAAT!?!?!?!” Katsuki screamed.


“That lucky bastard…” Mineta grumbled to himself.


“Whoa, seriously? Midoriya doesn’t seem like the rough type.” said Kirishima.


“As big as he is I’m not surprised.” Kyoka said absently.


“What happened?” Momo asked, a blush spreading over her cheeks slightly as she looked away and began moving her jaw around slightly.


“Well, you see it’s like this…” Mina began.



Mina had never been to the Endeavor Hero Agency before, but it was pretty much as she pictured it would be. Basically like a big office building like where her parents worked. The lobby and reception area were on par with any big business place, a desk where a pretty young woman was the first thing she saw when they came in. Mina recognized her as Burnin, one of Endeavor’s sidekicks. She was easy to identify thanks to her long, flaming hair with two bangs on each side and a wider bang going from the centre of her forehead to the right. Mandalay went over to speak with her as Mina and Nejire looked around. “Haaaah, this place always seems so uptight you know Mina, not like Ryukyu’s agency, that place is so much more welcoming and stuff.”


“I don’t know,” Mina said, “I think he’s trying to look as professional as possible maybe?” Mina said to her.


“Nah, I think he’s just like, really uptight in all. So, who you gonna pic from all his sidekicks?” Nejire asked, “I don’t know about you, but we did a team up with Endeavor once during my early workstudy, and there’s this really handsome one I’ve totally got my eye on! He still hasn’t come by Busteez which is kinda depressing because I know he’s really into me! I mean he couldn’t stop looking at me when we were working together in stuff!” Nejire said in a rush.


Maybe because you wouldn’t stop talking to him?’ Mina thought quietly, ‘Also, how does she say so much without breathing?


“Alright, this way girls! Time to earn the crazy fees you charge!.” said Burnin after she was done speaking with Mandalay.


Mina and the other’s followed the fiery haired woman deeper into the building to an elevator near the back of the lobby. She pressed the call button and the nearest doors immediately opened. The heroines all moved into the surprisingly spacious elevator car followed by Burnin herself. She pressed a button marked for the fifteenth floor. Soft music played over the speakers, a gentle spanish guitar that Mina found to be rather nice compared to the usual Music played in other elevators. The elevator cab itself was pretty fancy, the walls were mirrored, but with scenic mountain images etched into them. There was even a small couch set into the back of the cab that Nejire quickly found.


“Mina, Mina, come sit with me!” Nejire said excitedly while patting the sofa seat next to her. “They didn’t have the sofa in here last time, it feels so fancy!”


“I thought you said it was uptight?” Mina said with a smirk.


“It is, but this shows signs that Endeavor is trying to loosen up a little.” Nejire said back.


“It’s true,” said Burnin, “The boss has been a lot nicer and less demanding on everyone since last year. He still calls for only the best, but recently he’s been more forgiving of mistakes. It’s really helped with morale here.”


“Oh, well that’s good.” said Mt. Lady, “I always thought he had too much of a stick up his butt before.”


“Yu, you can’t say things like that on the clock!” Mandalay hissed at the blonde.


“What, you all know it’s true!” Mt. Lady replied as the elevator quietly lifted them to the fifteenth floor. The doors pinged quietly when they arrived and then slid open just as quietly as they had downstairs. Mina followed the group out and into a well lit hallway. The floor was black marble, and the dark wood paneled walls were segmented by golden inlays. Honestly, the whole setup reminded Mina of a bank really, one of those places that only let you in the door if you had a million yen or more to your name.


Burnin took the lead again, walking the group of women through the hallway and passed several offices where regularly clothed people sat at computers looking over spreadsheets and other files. Mina caught a small bit of text on one screen nearest the office window:


The nomu was restrained by Hero in Training Uravity and a civilian Hero Support engineer. The investigation continues as to who broke the 12 Nomu out of the treatment facility.


Ochaco?’ Mina thought, ‘She’s been really down the last couple of days. Ever since she came back from a trip to the agency crying.’ Mina and the other girls tried to talk to her about it, but she just asked to be left alone. She wanted to ask Izuku if he knew anything, but he had left the following morning and came here for a few overnight work study days. Mina tapped the breast pocket of her vest. Inside was a flash-drive with all her notes (such as they were) from classes, as well as their homework assignments. Another reason she volunteered for this assignment was to give the drive to Izuku to help him keep up with his regular classes in school.


They followed the fiery haired sidekick through a few more turns inside the building before the came to a hall that dead ended at a pair of large double doors. As they drew nearer, Mina could hear Endeavor’s voice on the other side of them.


“…You’ve all done very well these last few days, our investigation has made good headway While we wait for Midnight to see what the Toga girl might know we’ll be on standby unless the police make another break in their investigations.” he spoke like a general addressing his troops.


“YES SIR ENDEAVOR SIR!!!” came the replies of several male voices.


“Now, since you’ve all worked so hard, I’ve decided that deserves a reward. So I’ve agreed to work with Midnight on another venture for her new Agency.” said Endeavor. Burnin seemed to take that as a cue as she threw the double doors wide open.


On the other side was an office meeting room where Endeavor was speaking with four of his sidekicks plus Izuku. Mina didn’t know any of the sidekicks by name, though from the color schemes and make of all of their costumes, they all had a fire quirk of some kind. Izuku’s costume looked a little different from the last time Mina had seen it, it was a couple of shades lighter than before, and the black lines on the side were white again. Actually, when she thought about it, his costume looked a lot like the really cheap one he had at the start of their first year, though it still had the badass looking boots she really liked.


“These seven lovely ladies are from the Busteez Hero Agency and are here as ‘Comfort Aide’s’ to help you all unwind.” Endeavor explained.


“Hihi Izukuuuu!” Mina said with a wave to him.


“Mina…?” Izuku said, looking over at her with a surprised expression. Mina guessed he had no idea they were coming.


“AHEM!” Endeavor cleared his throat loudly.


Mina squealed lightly and stood at attention as did Izuku.


“As I was saying, these ‘Comfort Aide’s’ are here to help all of us relax. The ladies will take their pick as per my agreement with Midnight.” Endeavor explained. “Go ahead ladies.” he then said to Mina’s group.


“I call Deku!!!” Mina said, moving over to Izuku quickly and taking his left arm in hers, hugging herself against him, making sure to press his bicep between her big tits.


Setsuna, Pony, Nejire, and Ibara each took one of the other side kicks. Mina guessed the one Nejire picked was the one she was talking about earlier. Meanwhile Mandalay picked Endeavor himself while Mt. Lady was left to Burnin.


“Hmmmm, this is gonna be fun!” Burnin said as she hugged herself against Mt. Lady from behind, moving her hands to grab the other woman’s breasts.


“You know, I always loved this slutty outfit of yours,” Burnin said to the blonde heroine, “Though I like the one you dance on stage with even better….” she whispered hotly into her ear.


“Ahaa… Th… Thank you…” Mt. Lady said, a blush rapidly spreading over her cheeks as Burnin fondled her more. Mina grinned as she watched the blonde heroine’s nipples begin to stand out against the fabric of her costume.


“Hmm, alright, everyone enjoy yourselves to the fullest, I expect you to return refreshed and ready to work even harder to close our current case!”


“Yes sir, Endeavor sir!” Izuku and the other sidekicks replied instantly.





Most of the sidekicks all left the meeting room immediately, but Izuku stayed a moment to walk over to Mandalay. “Good to see you Mandalay,” he said to her, “How’s Kota doing, I’ve been meaning to write him for a while, but things have been so busy lately.”


“Oh he’s doing well. He recently asked Tiger to help train him in how to better use his quirk believe it or not!”


“Wow, that’s great, does he want to become a pro-hero like his parents?” Izuku replied.


Mandalay shook her head, “No, he’s more interested in becoming a fireman, fighting forest fires specifically. With his quirk he’d be well suited to it.”


“Hmm, a young man with a Water Quirk then?” Endeavor asked.


Mandalay nodded, “Same as his parents, Water Hose.”


“Ah, I see, sad he doesn’t wish to follow in their footsteps, but, and the irony isn’t lost on me for saying this, we need more firefighters in the world.” Endeavor said with a chuckle. “Tell the boy I wish him well then, and should he change his mind, I’ll see if I can find a place for him at my Agency.”


“I will!” Mandalay said.


Wow, he really has loosened up,’ Mina thought as she watched the entire exchange quietly. She remembered the boy from Last year, when they went to the training camp that couldn’t have gone worse. Mina shuddered at the memory of Mr. Aizawa’s remedial study group… It was so great that Class 2-A had Midnight for their home room teacher! Learning under her was so much more fun!


Izuku said his farewells to Mandalay and Endeavor before leading Mina out of the conference room and back into the hallway. As she followed him to the elevator, she remembered the flash-drive in her pocket, “Oh, Izuku, here.” she said as she retrieved the drive and handed it to him. “It’s some of my notes from class, as well as a list of our homework from the last few days.” she explained.


“Really, thanks Mina, this’ll be a big help!” he told her as they reached the elevators.


“So,” she asked, “How are things going here?”


“Pretty good, I wish I could tell you about the investigation we’re doing, but Endeavor wants it kept quiet until things are fully resolved.” he said apologetically.


“I understand, avoid leaks, don’t panic the public, that kind of thing. Though I have a rough idea of what’s happening already just from what I’ve seen in the news.” she said as the elevator arrived and the two of them got in together. “Oh, Ochaco’s gonna do an interview on her fight at the Airport tomorrow!”


“Oh, really? That’s great…” Izuku said, though he didn’t sound enthused at all.


“Alright, spill, what’s going on with you and her? First she comes back to the dorms crying, now you get all mopey when I mention her, what’s up? I thought things were going great between you three.”


Izuku sighed as he pressed the button for the tenth floor then scanned an ID card against a panel set into the elevator. Mina guessed the tenth floor was restricted to employees only. As the elevator descended, he began to explain what happened the day before he returned to the Endeavor Agency. How he reunited with that Melissa girl she had met on I-island, the new suit she’d given him which he currently had on, and how he’d taken her to Busteez.


“Oh the new girl! I saw her name on the work schedule, but I haven’t seen her yet. I thought her name looked familiar.” Mina said as they arrived on the tenth floor. She had met Melissa briefly during her trip to I-Expo, she had been really bummed to learn that she’d been playing cards with Tsuyu and Toru while Izuku and the others got to rescue everyone.


“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting her to go work for Midnight’s agency,” Izuku said as he explained everything that happened after that.


“AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!” Mina peeled with laughter, “Okay, NOW it all makes sense!” she said


“It’s not funny Mina.” Izuku said.


“Sure it is!” said Mina, “It’s all just a big misunderstanding! All of you are gonna feel silly once you have a chance to actually talk about it.”


“How so?” Izuku asked.


“Well, Tsu told me you guys have a little deal going right?” Mina asked as Izuku led her through the halls on the tenth floor. “And YOU specifically are allowed to be with girls on Agency grounds and such right?”


He nodded.


“Then technically, YOU haven’t done anything wrong, Ochaco just didn’t know Melissa was a new girl, or that she had come onto you! This is like right out of some cheesy romance novel!” she told him, “Everything will be fine, trust me.” Mina said.


Izuku nodded with a smile and continued to lead the way through the floor. They took several turns before Izuku stopped at a door ‘Midoriya’ etched into a plastic plate that was then slipped inside a metal holster. Izuku placed his ID card against a plastic plate set next to the plain wooden door. There was a soft beep and Mina heard the distinct sound of a lock coming undone.


Izuku opened the door for her and Mina’s yellow on black eyes went wide, “Wow, is this like, your apartment or something?” she asked excitedly as she looked around. The room itself was about the same size at their dorm rooms back at school, and it reminded her of Todoroki’s room, with its tatami mat floor, plain white walls, with Japanese style etching artwork on them. There was a second door to the right of the entrance that was sitting open. Inside she saw a full bathroom complete with a japanese style bath!


“It’s employee overnight rooms. There’s about fifteen of them on this floor. They are for sidekicks to stay in during extended investigations and such, in case they need to be on call when the time to take action comes. Or for V.I.P.’s under Endeavors protection.” Izuku explained. “Endeavor wants me here for a bit of a stretch, so he assigned this room to me.”


“Oh I see.” Mina said, “That makes sense.”


Izuku moved over to a small desk set against the wall to the left of the entrance. Mina spotted his laptop plugged into the wall on top of it as Izuku moved to sit down, “Thanks for this.” he said as he took the flash-drive she’d given him and plugged it into the computer, “Now I won’t be as far behind when I get back.”


“Izuku, you’re not actually gonna do homework now are you?” Mina asked as she moved to sit on the edge of the desk, “I AM here in an OFFICIAL Busteez capacity you know.” she told him as she leaned forward, letting him get a look down her top and making her tits jiggle enticingly.


Izuku gulped, “Well, I… That is, with everything that happened with Ochaco…”


“Oh hush, didn’t I tell you not to worry about that?” Mina said as she stood up and reached out for his arm. She pulled him to his feet and smiled as she pressed her body against him, “Everything will be fine, and I’m here as your comfort aide, so, let me ‘comfort’ you!”


“But…” Izuku began, but Mina held up a hand and cut him off.


“The only ‘butt’ I want you talking about is mine, got it?” Mina said, she then pulled him back towards the entrance of the small apartment. Dragging him in behind her, Mina was about to look for a lightswitch when they came on automatically! So fancy!


The bath was more modern than she expected, but still very nice, with tiled floors and walls. There was an overflow drain set into the floor near the bath which came on by itself and began filling with steaming water. She whirled around to look a Izuku, “Oh come on, you gotta at least let me wash your back in here, this place is awesome!”


She could see the indecision playing over his face and pouted slightly. She then reached her hands up to grab the front of her costume, pulling it down and letting her tits bounce free! Izuku let out a small yelp as she winked at him while sticking her tongue out, “Pleeeeeaaaase?” she pleaded cutely.


“What about Kacchan?” Izuku asked, “Don’t you think he’ll get mad?”


Placing her hands behind her head, Mina shook her body from side to side, making her pink boobs sway for Izuku. She grinned to herself at the way she saw his eyes watching her nipples move like a pair of pendulums. “Nah, it’s fine, he knows why I came out here.”


Sighing in surrender, Izuku nodded, “Yay!” she cheered as she helped him undress before stripping down herself. “So, this is the new suit you mentioned?” she asked as she slipped off her bodysuit and neatly folded it before setting it on the back of the toilet. Unfortunately there was only one basket for someone to place their clothes in, Izuku offered it to her, but her costume was just regular fabrics with a high acid resistance. With what he told her about the suit Melissa gave him, she didn’t want to risk it being damaged.


“Yes, it has a function that when activated, allows me to use my quirk without any restraint. The downside being I can only use about ten full power blows with each limb before it’ll break. So I have to save it only for emergencies.” Izuku explained.


“Still, that’s awesome!” Mina said, watching as he folded the suit and placed it in the basket before setting the basket itself onto a shelf. She then moved to press her naked body against his back, giggling at how tense he got. “You still get nervous when girls get close, honestly it’s cute, you know that?” she whispered into his ear.


“Aheheh,” Izuku chuckled nervously, “Really, I hadn’t realized…”


“Relax Izuku, it’s not like we haven’t done this before, remember our class trip to that island a while back?” Mina asked as she moved to trace the fingers of her right hand up his right arm. She stopped when she reached the scarred tissue on his tricep, running her finger along the outer edges of the damaged skin. She remembered the classes first training camp, how Izuku had messed up both his arms really bad when fighting a villain. It wasn’t long after that that he switched to a kicking fighting style. She asked him about it once, and he told her how the ligaments in his arms had suffered really bad damage from that fight, but that he’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant saving a life.


Unfortunately Mr. Aizawa overheard that comment and nearly strangled Izuku warning him he’d better not fight like that again if he wanted to stay at UA.


The two of them moved closer to the tub and Mina filled a small plastic bucket with warm water from the bath, dousing herself, then Izuku before grabbing a bottle of liquid soap from a cupboard set into the wall by the tub. She noticed it was well stocked with a variety of soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene products. She picked a gender neutral soap and poured a generous amount over her big pink tits. It smelled really nice, not a flowery scent, but the clean soapy scent most men preferred to use. She smiled as she moved to kneel in front of Izuku so he could watch as she rubbed her breasts against each other, building a rich and thick lather for him.




“Liking what you see?” she asked while licking her lips slowly as she saw his massive cock beginning to swell like a fire hose. “I guess so!” she said as he had to lean back before his cock pressed against his chin.


“You said you wanted to wash my back!” he said quickly.


“And I will,” she said, “Eventually.” she told him before moving forward and grabbing his cock with her tits! “Mmmmmmmh, so big and hard! What girl could say no to something like this?” she asked him as she began rubbing her tits up and down gently, loving the way his cock felt against the soft skin of her big pink breasts. The lather spread up and down his length easily, giving everything a nice slippery feel as she took her time and moved in long, slow strokes.


Mina loved the way he groaned at the feel, it only turned her on even more as she kissed the tip of his cock playfully. “Mmmmmh, you and Katsuki both have such big dicks, I love the way they feel against my body, the throbbing heat, the rock hard stiffness, and the smell…. Mmmmmmh the smell makes me so horny!” Mina purred as she slowly ran her tongue in slow circles around the tip of his cock, the only part she hadn’t gotten all soapy with her tits.


“Ahhha… Mina…” Izuku groaned as she continued. Licking her lips again, Mina clenched her thighs together, the heat between her legs was only getting worse as she moved to press her naked body against him, sandwiching his dick between their bodies as she leaned in to nibble on his ear gently.


“You don’t have to hold back you know,” she told him, “I love having this big, hard, throbbing cock stuffed inside me…” she cooed as she rubbed her body up and down, spreading the lather all over his naked torso.


“Mina, you’re such…” Izuku began.


“A slut? I know, it turns me on!” she said as she pushed him back and off the yellow stool he’d been sitting on. “I love doing stuff like this, getting all hot and sweaty and stuffed in every hole. I want you and Katsuki to DP me one day, pound my ass and pussy so hard that my body conforms to your cocks and never recovers! Mmmmmmmmh, just thinking about it now has me so wet I might cum just imagining it!” she told him as she looked down at his shocked face. She giggled at his dumbfounded expression as she moved to rub her tits in his face before using one hand to douse them both again with hot water, rinsing away the soap before she pressed her mouth against his in a sloppy wet kiss.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Mina moaned into his mouth, slipping her tongue between his lips to suck his own back into her mouth. She then grinned inwardly in triumph when she felt his hands on her ass! Gripping her pink cheeks tightly as he rolled on top of her! He then moved to begin straddling her waist with his dick nestled between her tit, the massive length easily reach up to her face.


“Nnnnuuuummmmmm, ahhh, yessss… I want thiiiis…!” Mina purred, rubbing her cheek against his cock like a cat in heat, a little trick Pixie-bob had taught her for getting men really turned on! She then licked the side of his cock slowly before leaning her head up to take the tip into her mouth!


“Ooohh…” Izuku groaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue around the tip again, only this time sucking on it at the same time. She then let out a loud moan around his cock as Izuku grabbed both of her horns!


“HMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!!” Mina squealed is orgasmic bliss! Stars danced over her vision as the green haired youth began pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while humping her tits at the same time. It wasn’t as much of a secret anymore, but the horns on her head were insanely sensitive to touch, and not in a bad way! When Nejire played with them once last year, Mina had to bite her lip to keep from creaming her panties in front of the whole class. Though now, she thought that might actually be fun!


“MMMMMMPH, HAWDERRRR, PULL ON DEM HAWDERRRRR!!!!” Mina moaned around his cock as her vision blurred, her eyes crossing on their own as her pussy gushed like a broken faucet. “AGUGH GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!!” she gagged as Izuku fucked her face harder, his hands gripping her horns so tightly Mina thought she’d pass out from pleasure as she pressed her big tits around his cock for him.


“MUH MOUPH!!!! AHHHHHH, MUH MOUPH PHEELSH SHO GUUUD, PHUCK IT MOAR!!!!!” Mina slurred as she bucked beneath him lightly, her pussy aching for attention as she moaned more.


“Ahhha, Mina, this feels, so great…” Izuku groaned as Mina let herself get lost in ecstasy for just a moment before she tasted something thick and salty in her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out as huge amounts of cum filled her mouth and sprayed back out around her lips to splash on her face! Mina barely had time to swallow any of his delicious cum before the next wave assaulted her face.


“MMMMMMMMH, ISHUKUSH CUM!!!!! SHO TASHTEY!!!!!” she gargled and moaned as she swallowed what she could before Izuku fell back and off of her, his hands releasing her horns.


“NO!” she yelled as he only sat there for a moment, panting lightly, “WE’RE NOWHERE NEAR DONE YET!!!!” she yelled at him as she washed off the cum still covering her with another bucket of warm water.


“Mina, are you okay? Your face is…” Izuku began but she stood and lifted him by his armpits.


WE’RE. NOT. DONE. YET!” she told him as she looked him square in the eye, “I HAVEN’T CUM ENOUGH!” she said as she straddled his still hard cock and began rubbing her cunt back and forth along its insane length. Her pussy could feel the veins throbbing along his shaft as she let out a low moan of raw WANT! She had enough focus to trigger her quirk in her thighs, spreading a harmless acid with the potency of lemon juice, but the viscosity of jelly along the length of his cock. She then moved to lean on her hands against the tiled wall, shoving her ass out towards him.




“Mina, I…” he began, but she fixed him with a glare from her dark eyes and a loud wet slap of her hand on her own ass.


“FUCK NOW, TALK LATER DEKU!!!!” she commanded him. Izuku gulped as he moved closer, pressing the tip of his cock against her asshole. Mina realized too late that she handle lubricated the top few inches of his cock before she felt him pushing inside her!


“You want it like before, fine!” Izuku said as green arcs of electricity crawled over his body. She could feel them zapping through her body lightly as his cock went in deeper.


“WAIT! SLOW D–” she began, but stopped as her eyes crossed and she bit down on her lower lips as Izuku’s cock stretched her asshole WIDE! “MY ASS…” she moaned, then screamed as the lubricated section of his cock slammed into her, “MY ASS FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!!!”


“Mi… Minaaahhh!!” Izuku groaned as he reached out to grab her hips before driving his cock all the way up her ass! Mina felt her stomach stretching out as his length plunged her depths and his balls slapped against her now once again gushing pussy!


DON’T STOOOOOP!!!!!! FUCK!!!! MY!!!!! ASSSSSS!!!!! OH FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK!!!! SO FUCKING BHIIIIIG!!! IT’S SO HARD, I’M GONNA GO FUCKING CRAZYYYY!!!!!” Mina screamed at the top of her lungs as Izuku pinned her against the wall, her nipples were so stiff from arousal she though they might actually cut the ceramic tiles as Izuku slammed into her again, and again, and again. She couldn’t see straight anymore as she came over and over, her hands clutching at the walls looking for something to grip onto as the SMACK SLAP SMACK SLAP of his pelvis against her ass echoed along with the sounds of her own howling moans.


YESSSS!!!! YES YES YESYESYESYES!!!!! FUCK MY ASSS, JUST LIKE THAT!!!! MOLD IT TO YOUR COCK IZUKUUUU!!!!! OH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Mina screamed as she heard him groaning behind her. The arcs of green energy became more intense, and with them his thrusts got rougher, stronger. Mina pressed herself against the wall, everything was a blur as she panted in ecstasy, drool running down her chin as she lost count of how many times she came.


YESSSSS, YESSSSS!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!! GIANT COCKS UP MY ASS ARE THE BEST!!!! DON’T STOP FUCKING MEEEEE!!!! DON’T HOLD BACK, GO PLUS ULTRAAAAAAA!!!!” Mina shrieked. She then screamed again in wordless orgasmic bliss as Izuku pounded into her ass so hard she could feel the tile cracking in front of her.


“Mina… Oh, fuuck…!” Izuku groaned and Mina felt a sudden fullness in her stomach as Izuku’s cum rapidly filled her ass!


“AHHHHH!!!!” Mina moaned again as she felt Izuku slam into her one last time, her stomach felt so stretched by his dick that it might never return to normal, but she didn’t care as her mind was nearly blank with pleasure.




The sound of Izuku’s cock pulling out of her was followed immediately by the sound of him falling flat on the floor!


“Huh, what?” Mina said with a blink as she pushed herself away from the wall, hot thick cum pouring out of her ass as she turned around to see him unconscious on the floor, his cock slowly shrinking to its flaccid state.


“Izuku!!!!” Mina screamed, her voice full of concern. Her worry faded only slightly when she heard him groaning slightly in his unconscious state. Calling on her basic first aid training, Mina checked his pulse, it was fast, but that wasn’t surprising. As she looked over his other vitals she remembered this had happened before when she called him and Mineta to the Busteez Agency so she could be the first to use the new simulation in the VR room.


“Nana, wait…” Izuku muttered in his semi-conscious state.


“Who’s Nana?” Mina asked no one. She waited another minute, keeping a close watch on his pulse. It began to slow and after another couple of minutes he began to come around. “Jeez, don’t scare me like that, you spoiled the mood!” she told him when he opened his eyes.


“Ugh, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” Izuku said as she helped him sit up.


“What happened?” Mina asked.


“Funny story, it’s actually a new way for me to train in controlling my quirk believe it or not. But sometimes, I think I push a little too hard and when I cum, I kinda pass out.” he explained.


Mina looked at the cum that had emptied out of her and was now going down the drain set into the floor. “Think it might be sudden dehydration?” she asked with a grin.


Izuku blinked, and she nodded toward the drain. She saw the light go off in his head and the two of them laughed.



“And after that, we took a proper bath, I helped Izuku make sense of my notes and waited while he got his homework caught up before we went to bed. I woke up this morning and my ass was a little on the tender side.” Mina said as she finished recounting her story to everyone.


The room was so silent she could hear a cricket chirping outside.


Mina looked around at all the shocked expression on everyone’s faces. Mineta was actually drooling from her story, not surprising. Kaminari wasn’t much better. Kyoka was blushing from head to toe, and Momo was looking more than a little flushed.


“What?” she asked, “You all asked.”


THAT, DAMN, NERD!!!!!” Katsuki grumbled.


“Oh Katsuki don’t be like that, it was just work, you know that!” Mina said sweetly. “Though I meant it about the DP thing, when you think you might wanna try that?” she asked.


“WHY!!!???” Mineta screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks, “WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO MIDORIYA!?!?”


“Honestly, because I don’t think he wants it so much. The little perv act is a total turn-off.” Kyoka answered plainly, as though it were obvious.


Mineta stiffened as if turned to stone by her words.


“Still Mina, did you have to get so graphic?” Kyoka asked, still blushing as she snuggled against Momo.


“Again, you all asked.” Mina said nonchalantly, she then got up off of Katsuki and stretched, “I’m a bit hungry, is there any dinner left in the kitchen?”


“In the oven.” Kaminari answered her, “We saved you some soba and beef, should still be warm.”


“Thankies!” Mina said cheerfully. While she was in the kitchen she heard a blast from the common area followed by Katsuki’s voice, “THAT DAMN NERD, HOW DARE HE USE MY GIRLFRIEND LIKE A TREADMILL, I’M GONNA TEACH HIM A LESSON HE’LL NEVER FORGET!!!!!”


Mina sighed and began working her jaw up and down, ‘Maybe a good blowjob will calm him down.’ she thought to herself as she opened the oven, “Oh, this looks tasty!” she said happily when she found the bowl of soba noodles they saved for her.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

I hate you deku IS A KIND L Loraly kind soul
And gay

6 months ago
Reply to  Inosuke

No one said he was

Draven Kennedy
Draven Kennedy
1 year ago

Honestly enjoyed this. Izukus hypercock was a bit over my limit but it’s also not me visibly seeing it and I’m not roleplaying the character so that’s not on me to determine. Bakugo seems to be a little much of an asshole for the softy moments he has (hes in here like twice what am I saying?) But stays pretty true to character. If I can find a Mina voice actor and get some of my old Voice acting friends together we might be able to voice act this for you, also I’d have to be a narrator because my Bakugo is too deep, but if you get anything with All Might in it, I’m down to Voice Act as the symbol. I’d also need to find a Endeavor VA and a few for some of the pros. Now for random rap lyrics from Escanor Vs All Might.

“The antenna’s just fine
See’ I’m getting a signal
News flash Delaware smash is ready to mingle
And the lesson that I’ll teach
It is scarily simple
You might really be a god
I am a symbol
The smile that I wear
It is more then the dimples
It’s to show everyone that we are better assembled
So villains might come
But there is no fear
And can you guess why
Cause I am here
I inherited this quirk’ yes
But it was earned
May not be endeavor
But I’ll leave you covered in burns
May not roll with Dabi
But cremate and stuff you in urns
Class dismissed
I guess you still had something to learn”

1 year ago
Reply to  Draven Kennedy

Oooookay, glad you liked it, though I’d love to hear Mina shouting her lines from this

1 year ago

I should be outta town for like, 3 weeks, the good part is I’ll have a bunch of new images to look when I’m back, looking forward to the awesome stuff.

(Honestly hoping this thing going on with Deku and Uraraka is not some lame excuse for kacchako to happen)

Alright, I’m gonna head out, see you dudes and ladydudes.

1 year ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

Yeah I can agree with that. I really don’t want to see Uraraka with Bakugo. The dude is just a pain in the ass. Plus Deku and Uraraka have been rather sweet together both in the manga and these stories so I’m hoping this is just some drama for tense and not to force that Ship.

Leland Romeyn
Leland Romeyn
1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Gotta agree as well. Bakugo is so unlikable. I was actually really annoyed when he called me his girlfriend because it felt like he only says that when he wants to be angry at people for fucking her. Like if you asked him normally he’d say she wasn’t his girlfriend.

This is the same guy who told an eight-year-old to kill himself. So I have no sympathy for him.

4 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Maye but imo i think bakugou would still do it considersing that he always bullied Midori for being quirkless, you make a good argument but, he still bullies/bothers midori all the time.In all honesty the only moment i saw them get along fr is when they were fighting against nine, but i may be forgetting some things so please do correct me

1 year ago

Does Izuku have the biggest dick in my hero academia?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Izuku has the biggest, now I really don’t want the why is such and such bigger than so and so like from the Naruto/Boruto series. This is how it is being written, deal with it. 😛

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh no I’m not mad actually I’m happy because Izuku is my favorite character.👍

1 year ago

Isn’t Ochako doing LOTS of sex stuff while working at the very blatant sex club. All these times she gets upset feel pretty hypocritical. I feel like that could push Deku into choosing to accept the marriage with Momo.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zemthyri

Wait and see.

1 year ago

Who has a bigger dick Izuku,bakugo, or Todoroki

1 year ago

You gonna make any new Izuku and Mitsuki chapters or Izuku and midnight chapters also any Izuku and my.lady chapters?

One more thing who has a bigger dick Izuku,bakugo, or Todoroki?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Maybe, yes, and yes.

1 year ago

Amazing story as always Sailor! Quick question, are you going to make a Nejire and Deku smut story soon? If you do then Awesome!

1 year ago
Reply to  Dgaf_123

I think I might sometime, but no promises.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I agree that you should make one at least soon. Nejire is becoming a popular character and she fits great with Deku since they both share their curiosity of knowing quirks. Not to mention they look great together. Hopefully you make one soon Sailor.

1 year ago

First off that’s a wonderful image of Mina. The position she’s in really shows off her curves I especially like how it highlights her fat ass.

Second of all. The story’s well written as usual, it’s nice to little bit of world building before the smut. The sex scenes were great it’s always a treat to see Mina acting like the super slut she is even though the Izuku and Mina pairing is a wee bit used overused in my opinion but it didn’t take away from the story overall. I have to say that was a harsh roast Kyoka gave my boy Mineta.😆

All in all, excellent work gentlemen. 👍

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. But what do you mean Mina and Deku is over used?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

What I meant is that most of the chapters where Mina is the girl in focus always has her being paired up with Izuku so this is what I mean that the Izuku and Mina matchup is a bit overdone. There are other guys in the series where she can be paired with so it doesn’t have to be Izuku all the time.

1 year ago

That was a lot to take in, both metaphorically and literally! This was a nicely written chapter.

This not only deals with some of the aftermath of the last chapter, but it also shows else some of the others have been up to. Case in point, Mina, who was the main focus here. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to her in a moment. XD

First, I really liked how you handled the other characters who appeared, especially Nejire. God that girl can talk! Not only that, very commendable work with how Endeavor’s agency was handled. Building interior and all.

Next, I also liked how most of the chapter was a flashback as Mina went into the story with some of the others. Including Bakugo, who seriously needs to mellow out, and Mineta, who is as horny and perverted as ever.

As for Izuku, this really handles things for him quite well. Including his living quarters in the agency. Also, nice move with him getting notes for his studies. He could really use it. Not only that, I liked how he and Mina discussed the Ochaco and Melissa problem too.

Which now leads me to the main point of the chapter, Mina herself and the sex. That was very top notch from start to finish. I knew she was a real slut but SHIT! She really went into overdrive with this one! Though I do admit that Izuku dropping on the floor like he did actually did concern me. He really isn’t used to One for All’s sexual power yet. But luckily he’s getting better.

Finally, the picture itself is very nicely done. It really fits.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Very well done! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I’m really glad you enjoyed the story this week. I wanted to make up for the shortness of last week. I should mention that my patreon has a slightly kinkier version of the cumshot for all the cumflation fans here.

Izuku’s passing out will be explained in detail next chapter that focuses on him. Though recall chapter 1 this season and you’ll see what happened.

I’m working to build a little conflict here with a villain doing his own thing. And more battle scenes from time to time.

Hope everyone continues to enjoy this series.

1 year ago

Well, here’s hoping Bakugo gets revenge! And I believe Ochaco isn’t feeling all that happy with Izuku since he banged Melissa…

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m planning for Bakugo to be severely humbled in a class a few chapters down the line. The aftermath of that will make him rethink his attitude quite a bit. He fails the class HARD! While everyone else passes, even Mineta.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Alright, it’s fair that he needs to be humbled, I get it, but hopefully he’ll get to regain some of that confidence in a healthy and character building fashion.

1 year ago

Bakugo such an angry boy, then again that’s why I’ve always found him so annoying in the actual series. Nice chapter Sailor, it was interesting getting a chance to see how things work at Endeavor’s place. It’s a nice change of pace from being in the Busteez building all the time. I think this was the tamest request I’ve asked from Rtenzo in terms of body sizes hahaha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

It was a fun image to work off of, making it fit the story line was a bit tricky at first until I figured out what to do.