Paying a Paizuri Visit

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“It’s kinda weird for Nami to own a shop, don’t you think?” Luffy asked as he walked down the street towards Nami’s new sweet shop, both hands folded behind his head. “I mean, we’re not staying on this island forever.”


Sanji blew out a stream of smoke with his answer. “Nami-swan loves her money, and it’s not that different from one of the Emperors claiming an island then leaving.” Taking on a more serious demeanor, Sanji gave his captain a firm look. “Now remember Luffy, you can’t eat everything in the shop!”


“Awww…are you sure?”


Poking him in the forehead, Sanji arched his visible eyebrow. “Think about how important Mosshead’s swords are to him, or your straw hat is to you. This store belongs to Nami, so you don’t want to eat everything and leave her with nothing, right?”


Luffy’s pout had shifted into a frown when Sanji mentioned his hat; his right hand instinctively snapped upwards to hold it on his head. “Yeah…all right.” He quickly perked back up. “I wonder what kind of surprise she left for us?”


Sanji shrugged, a perverted grin on his face as his imagination went wild. Nami’s expression had been teasing, and Robin’s eyes had held a mischievous gleam, but refused to tell either him or Luffy exactly what was waiting for them.


“Well, we’re about to find out,” the cook stated, entering the store through the back entrance, automatically looking things over with a professional eye. It all looked good, not that he had expected anything less from Nami and Robin working together.


Then he stepped into the main area of the sweet shop…and stopped dead in his tracks.


“Wow, everything smells so yummy? Eh, Sanji? Why did you stop?” Luffy asked, tapping the blonde on his shoulder. When he got no reply, he squeezed past his cook; seeing what was waiting for them, Luffy blinked.


Once. Twice. Three times.


Then his face split into a massive grin. “VIVI! REBECCA! Wow, you both look so pretty and sexy! It’s so great to see you both again!”


Stepping fully into the room, he beamed at the two topless ladies, Rebecca blushing while Vivi just smiled happily back at him. Luffy idly noted that Sanji’s eyes had been replaced by hearts, and his face was frozen in a look of pure bliss as trails of blood leaked from his nose.


“It’s wonderful to see you and Sanji again as well!” Vivi told him with a bright smile, before giggling. “I see that Sanji hasn’t changed much.”


“Um, is he okay?” Rebecca asked hesitantly, her blush deepening as Vivi’s giggling made her breasts jiggle, rubbing against her own massive boobs.


“Eh, he’s fine. He hasn’t turned to stone or passed out from blood loss yet,” Luffy told them confidently, his black eyes roaming over both Rebecca and Vivi’s bodies. “There’s something different about you two…oh, I know!” He pounded his fist into his open palm as he gasped in realization. “You both changed your hairstyles!”


“…I see you haven’t changed in a lot of ways either, Luffy,” Vivi managed to say around her giggles. Rebecca gaped at him for an instant before also losing it, her bare tits jiggling as she barely managed to stay standing.


Blinking in confusion, Luffy shrugged it off. Turning back to Sanji, he began lightly slapping his cook’s cheeks. “Oi, Sanji, snap out of it. Do I need to get Chopper-WHOA!” he yelped as Sanji abruptly grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close, his visible eye burning.


“Luffy,” Sanji asked hoarsely. “Did we die and go to heaven?”


“Nah, it’s just Vivi and Rebecca visiting…I think? Hey, why are you two here?”


“We just happened to be in the area, stopping for supplies,” Rebecca explained, getting her giggles and her blush under control. “Nami somehow found out we were here, and asked us if we wanted to have some fun.” The pinkette shifted in place, her boobs moving with her, almost making Sanji lock up again. “It was…surprising when she asked for this…”


“But we decided, why not? It sounded like fun, and besides,” Vivi smiled warmly at them both. “We both wanted to repay you, all of your crew, for what you’ve done for us, our countries, and the world.”


“Shishishi! You don’t have to, but sure, thanks! Hey Sanji, you want to go first?”


Sanji, on the verge of bursting into flames at Luffy’s casual dismissal of the heavenly offering right in front of them, froze again. “…what?”


“Do you want to go first? I know you like this kind of stuff more than I do,” Luffy elaborated. While sex was a lot of fun, it was still something that Luffy could put aside, especially when there were yummy cakes and other deserts to try!


Sanji bowed his head, hiding his face as he began to shake, making Luffy frown in concern. “Sanji? You okay?”


Slowly, the blonde lifted his head…to reveal tears of joy streaming down his face. “Luffy…you truly are the greatest captain in the world.”


Then he blurred into a Shave, appearing right in front of Vivi and Rebecca, having somehow stripped out of his clothes completely, leaving him naked. “MELLORINE!!~” he shouted, only barely keeping his nosebleed under control.


Initially jerking back in surprise, the two topless beauties soon adjusted. “Welcome,” Rebecca cooed, trying to keep her eyes on Sanji’s face instead of his erection. “Please, allow us to serve you.~”


She finished with a wink, swallowing her giggles at Sanji’s hilariously over the top look of love.


“Just lay back and let us do all the work,” Vivi added with a wink, not hiding her amusement when Sanji promptly flopped back on the floor, his cock sticking straight up.


“I’m yours, ladies,” Sanji said rapturously, his gaze pinballing from Vivi to Rebecca, trying to burn the sight of them into his memory. He groaned as they wrapped both of their breasts around his dick in a double paizuri. “Ohhhh gooood…”


“Mmm, it’s so hard and thick…” Rebecca told him, slowly moving her breasts up and down over the length of his cock.


Vivi nodded, moving her tits back and forth. “You’re so pent up; let us help with that.”


“Oh, you already are!” Sanji panted, his cock surging to new heights of hardness. Seeing Vivi and Rebecca’s boobs push together only made it better, something he hadn’t thought possible! “I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!


They both blushed, Rebecca harder than Vivi; the Alabasta princess was more used to Sanji, even if it’s been awhile since she had last seen him.


“You’re so sweet,” Rebecca told him…before leaning forward and slowly licking up the length of his dick. “Mmm, but you taste salty…”


“Really? Let me try,” Vivi said seductively, doing the same to the other side of his erection. “Yep; tastes great though, like everything you make.~”


AMAZING! AHH! FUCK! MELLORRRRRIIIIINNNNEEEE!!” Sanji shouted, arching his back; his hands shot out to grope their huge tits. “SO SOFT AND WARM! BEST ISLAND EVER!!


Now it was Vivi and Rebecca’s turn to moan as their boobs were squeezed and pulled on. Sanji was very gentle with them, which only added to their arousal. Their eyes met over Sanji’s cock; slowly, they leaned in closer…and closer…their lips met-




Sanji’s dick erupted into a fountain of semen, coating both Vivi and Rebecca with it as they squealed and pulled back.


“Ah! It’s so hot and sticky!” Rebecca said, wiping herself off.


“And there’s so much of it,” Vivi agreed, looking down at Sanji…only to sweatdrop when she saw he was passed out, a huge grin on his face.


“Shishishi, that looked like fun!”


Both ladies turned to see Luffy perched on a stool, finishing off a cupcake with his usual grin on his face. “My turn now?” he asked eagerly, hopping back onto his feet.


“Sure.” / ”Of course.”


“Awesome! Ooh, you guys haven’t seen me use my gears during sex yet right; this is going to be great!”


Vivi and Rebecca paled a little, but stayed calm.


How bad could it be, really?

(Story by User: S22132)

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8 months ago

The customers who were able to get a paizuri from these babes were really lucky, those tits look soft and probably feel like heaven

10 months ago

Damn dude ! there were four posts this week and all of them are freakin’ awesome !
Keep on being epic dudes !

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Question: What’s not to love about this artwork? Answer: Nothing! Everything looks incredible detailed and well drawn. Really great background as always with this “Cafè/Sweet Shop-setting” that we have seen now for the third time. And even if the first one (the one with the Vivi and Perona) isn’t really the same one as this I really like how different you draw the background everytime so it doesn’t became copy and paste like some other templates. But the sweets behind them are not for what we are here for and with those two sexy princesses in the foreground the rest is just the cherry on top (if we want to stay food related xD). Rebecca looks sexy as always and as if she is already excited for what is about to “cum”. And yes, I would really like some “FRESH Milk” from her mesmerizing boobies in the make-up version. Vivi looks just so happy to be there that it is almost heartwarming. Some “SWEET DESSERT” from/with this desert-princess would be really sexy as well. Needless to say that I think the make-up version to be the overall better of the two. What can I say? I’m just a sucker for those tattoos.

The Sanji and Luffy interaction in this chapter is really well written and with the latter just letting his cook have the first taste of those two sweeties who basically offer themselves to them is really nice. Although the fact that Luffy does it with the thought in mind to eat some real sweets while his cook isn’t watching seems to be too smart for the captain to come up with xD. The sex scenes with Sanji seem to be more comedic in nature than a lot of other stories which I highly appreciate since his reactions tend to be the best in any given intimate moment with another girl. I really hope that we get to see those two princesses take on the rest of the crew as it already was teased in this chapter.

Finally some One Piece again with another high quality artwork and story. Something I want to know and correct me if I’m wrong but is the first scene with: “It’s kinda weird for Nami to own a shop, don’t you think?” in response to my critic in the previous chapter? I might think too deep and it’s probably unrelated to that but I just wanna know…

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

The comment is not a response to your criticism from the previous chapter. I am pretty certain the writer just wanted to add a character wondering about Nami’s motives. I’m happy you like the art and makeup versions. Pleased that you enjoyed the story as well. Overall a warm reception!🌞🌞🌞

10 months ago

Two underrated ladies getting some hot action! Nice to see vivi and rebecca getting some massive tits, the story is very good, plus the way luffy is just not too into it and let’s sanji go first is quite good. The sex wasn’t much but from what we got it was great! The art is fantastic with the hair and size of their tits everyone did great.

10 months ago
Reply to  Combodestroyer

Thank you, I can see you are a fan of massive oppais! and Ya I think Luffy is more interested in eating and fighting than fucking lol.

10 months ago

I love how there is no explanation for how their breasts got so massive lol

10 months ago
Reply to  fujinotsuki

lol 👍