Paper Perfected Paizuri

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Standing on a hilltop overlooking a grove of cherry trees in full bloom, Naruto Uzumaki savored the fresh air. Peaceful days were actually hard to get used to with so much craziness behind him. But recently, it seemed that these peaceful days might not last. Only a week ago, Kakashi had called him to his office early in the morning to show him a reborn Kaguya Otsutsuki. Now, he was here to meet one of the other individuals that Orochimaru had brought back from the dead.


Naruto wasn’t privy to the full list, but Kakashi had promised that he would be among the first to meet each one when they came to the village. So far he only knew that there were four successful revivals, hopefully Kakashi had gotten Orochimaru to stop there. He looked out as the sun started to set in the distance and took a deep breath.


“You don’t have to hide you know.” He said out loud.


“You’re good.” said a woman’s voice as the air seemed to part from itself to reveal a blank piece of paper behind it. Multiple leafs of paper then fell away from the air, revealing a beautiful woman with lavender hair standing behind them, “How long did you know I was here?”


“Pretty much since I got here.” Naruto said to her, “I see he left your abilities intact. Konan, right? Pain’s right-hand girl?”


Konan nodded, the two of them had only met briefly, but she was a hard person to forget. “I’m sorry.”


“For what?” Konan asked, blinking in confusion.


“That your rest was interrupted like this.” He told her.


Konan laughed, a gentle sound that made Naruto smile, “It’s not your fault, and it isn’t like I remember anything from being dead. I just remember fighting that masked madman, then waking up in a lab and being told it was several years later. At first I thought I had been in a coma or something.” She explained.


Naruto nodded, “That makes sense. I take it Kakashi-sensei already explained your reasons for being allowed in the village?”


“Mainly to keep an eye on me, and keep the knowledge of how I was revived contained.”


Nodding again, Naruto beckoned her over to the railing where he had been leaning. She walked over to stand next to him and looked out over the village in the distance. “Kakashi told me there’s a place where I can work to earn a good living and such. He mentioned Kaguya Otsutsuki was working there now. I didn’t even know who that was until I looked into a history book.”


Naruto nodded, “It’s true, but did he mention the particulars of that job?”


Konan laughed again, “Yes, he did.”


“Oh thank god…” Naruto sighed with relief, “I had no idea how to explain it myself.”


“Oh please, you’re not a virgin are you?” Konan said with a chuckle.


“No!” Naruto said a bit louder than he meant.


“With that reaction I have my doubts!” she snickered.


“Hey!” Naruto snapped at her as she broke into peals of laughter that took a couple moments for her to bring back under control.


“Okay, but seriously, I have a little something to offer that might be a little unique.” Konan told him.


“Oh, what might that be?” Naruto asked.


“This…” Konan said as she weaved her hands in several signs Naruto could barely follow. His blue eyes then went wide as the lavender haired woman’s chest ballooned outwards, expanding so wide that her tits spilled out of her kimono.


“What the..?!” Naruto gasped.


“Nice huh?” Konan said, striking a pose to show off her new tits. “It’s a little trick of my Paper Jutsu technique.”


“Those are made of paper?” Naruto asked, his jaw still hanging open.


“Technically yes, but they feel real to the touch. Why don’t you see for yourself?” she asked, thrusting her breasts out towards him. When he didn’t immediately grab them Konan took hold of his wrists and placed his hands on them herself.


They felt soft to the touch, Naruto’s hands reflexively gave a squeeze and Konan smiled at him. “Wanna see what else I can do with them?” she asked him.


Before he could reply, Konan led him over to a nearby bench and shoved him down onto it before dropping to her knees in front of him. Her giant tits spilled over his lap, the nipples turning stiff in the air as a cool breeze blow over them, carrying the scent of the cherry blossoms. One thing he instantly noticed was the weight. Konan’s breasts had almost none to them. In appearance and feel, they were flawless, but for such huge knockers, they may as well have been balloons!


Without giving him time to protest, the violet haired woman deftly undid his belt and unzipped his pants with a seemingly practiced ease. “Impressive.” He said as she reached her soft hand inside and pulled out his cock.


“I AM a kunoichi you know. I have plenty of experience with feminine interrogation.” She told him.


“Huh, what’s that?” Naruto asked, never having heard that term before.


“This.” She said as she stroked his cock slowly. Her hands were so very soft and warm, and she looked up at him with eyes he’d only ever seen on Sakura and Hinata when they were competing for his attention. Slowly, Konan leaned down and brushed her tongue along his length. Naruto let out a shuddery groan at the feel of her wet and slippery tongue against his skin.


“I bet I can make you tell me anything I wanna know without using any unpleasant force at all.” She said before wrapping her plump lips around the head of his cock. Naruto groaned again, feeling the warmth of her mouth, her teeth barely even touching his dick as she began sucking him slowly. Grunting softly, Naruto couldn’t hold back as he felt his cock shoot to full erection in her mouth! Konan gasped and gagged softly, pulling herself back in surprise.


“Holy fuck…!” she coughed, her eyes wide at the sight of his massive dick.


Naruto chuckled, “Too big?” he asked with a smirk, still remembering Hinata’s reaction their first time together. He had thought the poor girl was gonna faint, which was odd because until then, Naruto thought he was actually below average in that department.


“Are you kidding!?” Hinata had asked, “This is the kind of thing you find with a horse or something!” Naruto remembered her saying.


“No,” Konan said, “I like a challenge! Also, I might enjoy this a bit more now. So many of the men in the Rain village weren’t even a quarter of this. And Nagato might have been, but his condition put sex out of reach, not that either of us were interested in that for our relationship.”


“Really, I thought you two were…?” Naruto let it hang there as she took his cock back between her pillowy lips.


“Nuh-uh…” she slurred in the negative, slowly bobbing her head back and forth, her lips making lewd slurping noises as she slowly worked her way down his length. “Jusht fwiendsh…” she slurred, “Mmmmmh, sho viiig, muh jaw achesh sho guud!”


“Ohhh, that feels good dattebayo…” Naruto groaned, looking down at her as she took his entire length into her mouth, her throat visibly swelling with his girth.


“Mmmmph, ahh, yeah? Then how about this!?” she asked as she suddenly pressed her massive fake tits around his cock. They felt smooth soft, and so very warm, just like the real thing, only she could completely cover his cock with them as she rubbed his length up and down slowly.


“Ooohhhhh…” Naruto groaned softly, loving the feel of her tits as Konan smiled up at him.


“So, does your girlfriend do this for you?” she asked him.


“All the time…” Naruto replied. “But she’s nowhere near this good…”


Konan giggled, “You flatterer. So how often do you two go at it?”


“As often as we can, though lately she and Sakura have been competing for my dick.” Naruto told her.


“Mmmmmh, I can see why, this is easily the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!” she told him as he reached down to grab her tits, squeezing them both roughly in his hands. Konan moaned for him, opening her mouth wide to take the top few inches back into her warm wet mouth. Naruto watched and groaned softly as her head slowly bobbed up and down.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, just like that, go deeper…” he groaned, closing his eyes and leaning back to enjoy the feel of her mouth.


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Konan moaned, her mouth making wet slurping sounds every time she raised her head back up. “Mmmmmh, I wuv dish pheeling! Muh mouph ish sho phull!!! Mmmmmph!” she moaned, her words slurred badly by his cock.


“Oh yeah, that feels great dattebayo… But how deep can you go?” he asked her.


Konan looked up at him with a twinkle in her amber colored eyes; she then let her fake tits fall away from his lap before she slowly began taking his cock down her throat. “Mmmmmmmmph, shooooo phiiiiick!” she gagged around him as his pubic hairs began tickling her nose.


“Ohhhh, yeah, that’s it…” Naruto groaned as Konan held his entire length in her mouth for several long moments before she began raising her head until only half his rod was in her mouth, then lowered herself back down on him again.


“Guuugh, guh, guh, guh…” she gagged repeatedly, “MMMMMMMMMPH!” she then moaned, making her throat vibrate around his cock.


“Ohhhhh, yeah, don’t stop, moan louder!” Naruto told her.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!” Konan howled around his cock, and Naruto groaned with her as he began cumming instantly, his hot thick spunk practically shooting straight into her stomach!


“Guuuuuuuuugh…” Konan gasped when she lifted her head free and gasped for breath. “How’s that?” she asked, rubbing his cock against the right side of her face while stroking it with her right hand.


“That was amazing dattebayo!” Naruto gasped, still panting for breath slightly. “But are you willing to go all the way?”


“Naturally.” She said without hesitation as she stood up and slipped out of her kimono. Her skin was flawless and smooth. She even smelled great as she climbed up onto the bench with him, thrusting those huge soft tits in his face. She pressed them around his head as she expertly self-guided her pussy onto him. Naruto let out a slow breath as he felt her hot and tight pussy engulfing his cock.


“Ahhhhnnnn, big, so big, I love this, I understand why you have girls fighting over this beast!” she moaned.


“You don’t know the half of it.” Naruto told her.


“Tell me.” Konan said as she began rolling her hips in a slow circular motion, stirring his cock around inside her.


Naruto reach out to rest his hands on Konan’s shapely hips, squeezing them gently and slowing her motions as he began moving his hips with her. He smiled as she moaned in pleasure as he looked up at her, “One time, Hinata sent me two of the girls working at Busteez to see me for my birthday because she wouldn’t be home for it.”


“Kinky.” Konan moaned, “Mmm, I guess you’re not a virgin after all… Mmmmh, thrust faster, ahhh, yeah, like that!” she panted.


“That’s nothing, after that, Sakura and Hinata had a little contest to see who got my cock for two weeks. Honestly, I think Hinata gets off on seeing me with other girls.” He told her as he moved his hands from her hips to her plump ass.


“VERY kinky! AHHHH yeah, pound my naughty little pussy harder!!!!” Konan moaned.


“Wow, I never thought you’d be so slutty from when we met before.” He said to her as he stood up, holding her up by her fat ass as he bounced her up and down on his cock. He felt her wrapping her legs around his waist as she draped her arms around his neck for further support.


“Mmmmmmhhmmmhmmmm, I liked to keep an All Business look for Nagato. Ahhhhh, I haven’t been able to let myself go in sooooo long…” she told him, “Besides, I think you like slutty women, don’t you?”


“You got that right dattebayo!” he told her as he bounced her up and down on his cock, her thighs smacking wetly against his own as her pussy began gushing every time his cock sank all the way inside! He then turned around and rested her against the back of the bench, climbing up on his knees as he slammed inside her harder.


“Mmmmmmh, fuck me, fuck my hole harderrrr…” Konan moaned.


“Hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr…” Naruto grunted every time he slammed his cock balls deep into the moaning womans cunt. He loved the sound of her moans as her pussy clenched and unclenched around his dick as he felt her cumming again and again.


“Big, big, big, SO FUCKING BIIIIG!!!!” Konan screamed as she clung to him tightly. She then grabbed his head and pressed her mouth to his, forcing her tongue between his lips and drawing his own back into her own mouth. “Mmmmmmmmh…” she moaned into his mouth. “Don’t… Don’t hold back, you can cum inside me.” She told him after sucking on his tongue so hard he felt his head beginning to spin.


Nodding, Naruto groaned loudly as he slammed his cock all the way inside again just as he began cumming hard.


“Uhhhnnn, fuck it feels like a hose going off in me…” Konan moaned, “Fuuuuck yes, I love this feeling!!!” Naruto panted softly as he held his cock inside her. Konan then asked, “How many girls were brought back like I was?”


“Four, that I know of, but you and Kaguya are the only ones I’ve met.” He told her.


“Guess that means only two of the rooms I saw were still occupied.” Konan said calmly. She then looked at him, her face almost expressionless again, aside from the flush to her cheeks; there was no sign of the moaning slut he saw just a moment ago.


“So like I said, I can work at the club gathering intel for you. You’d be surprised what a man will give up when he’s high on pussy.” She said, with just the barest hint of a smile on her face.


“Wait, what!?” Naruto said as he pulled out and stood up straight in front of the bench.


“I wasn’t really trying this time, but I got you to tell me some rather intimate details of your sex life, and without making you brag. I also learned one of the three other people brought back like I was. Imagine if I tried seriously.” She told him.


“I, uh, that is… Oh fuck me dattebayo…” Naruto chastised himself.


“Don’t feel bad, even a Kage can fall for this if he or she isn’t careful.” Konan said, sitting with her legs spread wide and Naruto’s cum slowly pouring out of her fully exposed pussy. “Um, you want me to finish taking care of that?” she asked with a nod towards his still throbbing erection.


“Wah!?” Naruto said, looking down at his dick and blushing.


“Points for staying power. Most men I’ve been with roll over and fall asleep after a session that intense.” She said with a more genuine smile. When he didn’t reply she added, “If you feel bad about me getting info out of you, think of it as punishing me.”


“You…” Naruto growled and moved back onto the bench.



Sakura Haruno stepped out of the market, Hinata by her side and bags of groceries tucked under each arm. “Thanks for helping with my shopping Hinata. Sasuke’s back so rarely I wanna give him a home cooked meal.” She told her friend.


“No problem, I…” Hinata began, but stopped as a long wailing sound pierced the air.


“What was that?” Sakura asked as she and the others in the market looked around for the source of the sound.


“I don’t know, but for some reason I suddenly feel jealous…” Hinata said.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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