Ordering Maid Service

“Welcome back, Master,” the man was cheerfully greeted as he walked through the door. He grinned at the sight of his two ‘maids,’ still amazed at how sexy they both were.


The older looking one, Unohana, had the biggest tits hes ever seen, and they even looked and felt all-natural. How she had managed that, he had no idea; maybe she had incredible genes, or ate just the right foods, or had gone to the best plastic surgeon in the world. Whatever the reason, he sure as hell wasn’t complaining.


Nemu was usually a lot more stoic and reserved, but damn could she be a wild thing in bed, with all kinds of ideas and almost no inhibitions. Combine that with an ass to die for and her long, strong, slender legs, and he was left grateful that he been able to hire them both.


Of course, there were plenty of other very sexy ladies at that place, and he planned to have fun with all of them that he could afford. But that was for later; right now…


“Master, our new uniforms arrived,” Nemu informed him in her usual near-monotone. The contrast between her voice and her body was something that he found very attractive. “As you can see though, they seem to be too small.”


That was something of an understatement. The bikini like tops barely covered their nipples; in Unohana’s case, it was digging into her soft skin and looked ready to break at any moment. Nemu wasn’t much better, and he couldn’t wait to see how she looked from behind.


“Well, that’s a shame.” He did his best to sound regretful; from the brief looks they gave him, he didn’t think it had worked. “You’ll just have to make do for now, or,” he leered at them both, “you could both work naked. That would be fine with me.”


More than fine; he could feel his cock getting even harder at the idea as his imagination ran wild.


“All right, Master, if that’s what you want,” Unohana replied, already hooking her thumbs into her top to pull it off.


Nemu looked uncertain, moving one hand to the top of her head and the other behind her, as if to undo the knots holding her top up. “May I think about it, Master?”


“Of course, whatever you want to do,” he replied, distracted by Unohana slowly lowering her top and feverishly trying to calculate how much overtime he could work in order to get more money.


But if he was working overtime, he would have less time to spend with his sexy ladies.


Damn it… he would figure something out though.


Further musings were cut off by Unohana gently pushing him into a chair; the next second, she had her top off, was kneeling between his legs, and got his pants open, freeing his rock-hard dick. Wrapping her enormous tits around it, she began licking and kissing it while rubbing her breasts up and down.


Moaning with pleasure, he managed to look up over her head at Nemu, who appeared to be thinking. Apparently coming to a decision, she nodded and, to his increased delight, began doing a striptease, slowly removing her top while dancing and gyrating her body, shaking her tits and ass at him, and making him even hornier.


No more thinking tonight; all he was interested in was fucking, and lots of it!

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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