Onee-sans Wake Up Service

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Yawning softly, Hanabi Hyuga walked out of the bathroom of her family home. She’d slept like a rock last night after the fun she’d had with her nephew in the bath. How long had it been since she’d felt something that big inside? Her big sister loved threesomes and lending her husband out, but since he’d become Hokage the most she could even hope for was one of his shadow clones. Hanabi almost felt bad for Hinata with such a workaholic husband. It was no surprise it had taken a toll on their marriage, this second honeymoon was just what the two of them needed. Hopefully that fixes whatever issues the two were having.


As she walked along the courtyard hall, she looked out towards the sky. The sun would be coming up soon, and her father had already left for some family business a few hours ago. She thought about going back to bed, but she wasn’t really all that tired. On impulse, Hanabi triggered her Byakugan, the veins around her eyes swelling as her vision expanded beyond human limits.


She first spotted Himawari, out cold in her bed and curled up against her teddy bear. She smiled, such a cute girl. In the room next to her was Boruto, he must toss and turn a lot in his sleep as his blanket was almost completely kicked away, covering only his left foot as he breathed through his mouth deeply. Hanabi smiled as she noticed the shorts he slept in had a distinctive swell in them. She licked her lips as she looked through his clothes, feeling her pussy getting hot again at the sight of his half erect cock, easily as big and thick as his fathers! And at only half hard to boot!


Pulling her vision back, the veins around her eyes shrinking back beneath the skin, Hanabi gave it only a few moments thought before she began walking quickly towards Boruto’s room. The door wasn’t locked and slid open silently, Hanabi closed and locked the door behind her before she crawled onto the futon with her nephew. He was out like a light, not noticing her presence at all as she tugged his shorts down, letting his half hard cock flop free. She starred at it longingly for a moment, her mouth watering as she wrapped her dainty fingers around the thick base. Her touch had a near instant response as he went from half to three quarters hard. Hanabi fought back a giggle as she gently stroked his length, loving the way it kept getting harder under her touch. In moments, he was already bigger than his father, his cock was easily longer than her forearm and four times as thick!


Opening her mouth wide, Hanabi took Boruto’s entire cock down her throat with a soft gagging sound. Instantly his dick was as big as the other night, so hard and thick she almost choked on it as she slowly pulled her head back. She lifted her head off fully, her mouth making a soft ‘pop’. She then slowly licked the underside of the youths cock from the base to the tip, loving the feel of it against her tongue. She was glad she hadn’t bothered to put on any panties when she went to bed, as they’d be completely soaked now as she moved to suck on Boruto’s balls, taking one into her mouth and rolling it around with her tongue before giving equal attention to the other.


“Uuhhnnnn…” Boruto groaned as Hanabi took his cock back into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head up and down as he began to stir.


“Mmmmph… Mmmmph… Mmmmph…” she moaned as her lips gliding up and down his length. She slipped out of her kimono, letting her heavy tits bounce free and moved to wrap them around the base of his cock.


“Oooooh…” Boruto groaned as his eyes began fluttering open. He looked down at Hanabi with a still half asleep look on his face, his blue eyes closing again before they snapped back open wide and he sat up, “O… ONEE-CHAN!?” he said in shock, then let out a low groan as Hanabi deepthroated his cock again and moaned around it.


“Mmmmmmmmph, guud morn’n Voruto-kun…” she slurred around his cock as she continued bobbing her head up and down.


“Good morning…” he replied as he ran his fingers through his spikey blonde hair, “Wait, what, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” he asked.


Hanabi smiled at him as she lifted her head off his cock again and made a show of licking his length from the base to tip again as she hugged her tits around its girth, “What, onee-chan can’t wake her little brother up in the morning?” she asked innocently, loving the way he shivered in pleasure at the feel of her tongue. She then began kissing his dick from the tip down as her hand slowly stroked him, “Should I stop?”


Boruto stammered and stumbled over several incomplete words and Hanabi giggled, “I’ll take that as a ‘No, please keep sucking my cock onee-chan.’ then.” she said before taking him back into her mouth, moving her head up and down faster, her lips making lewd slurping noises as she gagged several times. Boruto could only groan in pleasure as she felt him throbbing in her mouth.


“Mmmmph… Mmmph… Mmmmmph… Ish okay Voruto-kun, ‘ou can cum in muh mouph iph ‘ou vant to…” she slurred, knowing he was trying to hold himself back as she fondled his balls with one hand and felt them swelling just slightly.


“O… Onee-chaaaaannn…” Boruto moaned his cum filling her mouth with such sudden force that Hanabi had no choice but to swallow the first few spurts to keep it from shooting out her nose. Some men liked that, but sometimes it took forever to start smelling something other than cum afterwards. When he finally stopped cumming, Hanabi let him watch her roll the thick white fluids in her mouth with her tongue again. Boruto panted as he watched and Hanabi smiled and closed her mouth, making a loud gulp when she swallowed down every last bit. She then opened wide with her tongue hanging out, letting him see that not a drop was left.


“Mmmmmh, thank you for the meal Boruto-kun.” Hanabi giggled.


Boruto nodded and she giggled again, slowly crawling up over his small frame, making sure to drag her tits along his body. She loved the way he shivered in desire, his cock still rock hard between their bodies. “Now,” she breathed in his ear when they were face to face, “It’s your turn.” She said before moving up a little farther and letting her heavy tits fall over his face. Hanabi let out a moan as she felt him grab her fat tits, squeezing them both eagerly but still a little nervously.


“Mmmmmh, it’s okay Boruto-kun, you can be a little rougher, I’m not gonna break.” She encouraged him. She then felt his hands gripping tighter, his fingers sinking deep into her soft skin. She looked down at him as he slowly brought her right tit to his mouth, wrapping his lips around her nipple.


“Ooooooh, that’s it… Mmmmh, Onee-chan is all yours Boruto-kun…” she purred as she moved to gently straddle his waist, rubbing her sopping wet pussy against the length of his huge throbbing erection. [My god he’s huge, even bigger than the Raikage and even surpassing his father!] she thought as her body shook with lust.


“Mmmmh…” Boruto groaned as she continued stroking his cock with her thighs and pussy. His mouth moving from one breast to the other as he kneaded and squeezed both her tits together as he tried to get both her nipples into his mouth. She giggled as she felt his tongue lapping at them both before he began to nibble on the left one gently. He was learning fast!


Smiling, Hanabi continued rubbing her pussy along the length of his cock, loving how he just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger under her attentions. He seemed even bigger than last night now and she chewed at her lower lip at the thought of feeling him inside her again! She gently pulled her breasts away from him, giggling at the plaintive sound he made. She quieted him with a kiss though, pushing her tongue into his mouth and gently sucking on his own.


“Time for your main dish.” She told him as she leaned up and lowered herself onto his cock, moaning a little louder than she meant to at the sheer feeling of FULLNESS inside her pussy. “Ahhh, so biiiig…” she moaned, covering her mouth with her hands to contain her moans as she felt him sliding so deep inside her body!


“Ahhh, Hanabi Onee-chan!!! It’s so warm and soft… My cock feels like it’s melting inside you dattebasa!” Boruto moaned, his hands gripping at the futon on which the two of them rested.


“Ara ara, that what virgin’s say Boruto-kun, you’re no virgin anymore!” she giggled as she let herself grow accustomed to his size before she began moving her hips slowly. It was almost like a battle to keep herself from screaming in orgasm with even the slightest motion. “Mmmmmh, you’re filling me up so much Boruto, I love it! Move with me now.” She told him.


Boruto nodded, reaching up to grab her tits again as he thrusted his hips upward. [Boys and boobs.] She thought with a wry smile before moaning again as the two of them found a rhythm quickly. “Ahhhh, that’s it Boruto-kun, onee-chan feels so good right now!” she moaned as she rolled her hips into his inexperienced thrusts. “Mmmmmh, yes Boruto-kun, harder, fuck onee-chan harder!!” she moaned.


“Hanabi Onee-chan…!” Boruto groaned as she felt his hips moving faster now, thrusting his cock deep inside and making her stomach swell visibly with his sheer size!


“AHH, AHH, AHH, I’M CUMMING!!!!” Hanabi moaned, as she lowered herself all the way onto his cock as she felt her pussy gushing all over him. She placed her hands over his on her breasts, squeezing hard and her entire body shook with ecstasy.


A heartbeat later she felt Boruto cumming inside her as he grunted beneath her. Thick liquid warmth flooded her pussy and gushed back out around his cock. Hanabi stayed on top of his for several long moments, her body spasming every few seconds with secondary orgasms as they both recovered. When she finally felt she could move again, she ever so gently pulled herself off his cock with a soft wet sucking noise before laying naked next to him and nuzzling her cheek to his like a cat in heat.


“Mmmmmh, you’re gonna be quite the stud I think.” She whispered quietly.


“Huh, what was that onee-chan?” Boruto asked.


“Nothing.” Hanabi said with an impish grin.


“Oh, okay…” Boruto said.


The two of them then bolted upright as there was a soft knock at the door. “Onii-chan… Why is it so noisy…?” asked a sleepy voice.


“HIMA-CHAN!?” both Boruto and Hanabi gasp.


“Ahhhaaa… Just a sec!!!” Boruto called. “Don’t come in!”


Hanabi scrambled to gather her clothes, hurriedly dressing herself again before pulling the blanket back over Boruto and tucking him in as fast as she could. When they were both at least partially presentable, Hanabi unlocked the door to look at a sleepy Himawari, dressed in her PJ’s consisting over a purple tank top and pink leggings.


“Nee-chan, why are you here?” Himawari asked as she blinked her half-open eyes.


“Oh, your nii-san had a bad dream is all, I was checking to see if everything was okay.” Hanabi lied with a drop of sweat hanging from her forehead.


“It’s stinky in here, did nii-chan wet the bed or something?” the younger girl asked innocently.


Hanabi began nodding her head in affirmation. A grin on her face.


“He… HEY!” Boruto shouted.


“That’s okay, the dream gets me too sometimes… Night night…” Himawari said before wandering off back towards her room.


“ONEE-CHAN!!!” Boruto shouted at Hanabi.


“Better than truth, she’s too young to learn about that stuff.” Hanabi said with a wink.


“Uuuugh, maybe she won’t remember in the morning…” Boruto groaned. “Otherwise the whole village will think I’m a bed wetter.”


Hanabi snickered and then ducked as Boruto tossed his pillow at her.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Great work as always and great story boruto lucky guy for having a aunt onee-chan like hanabi and funny end with they were near to be surprised by hanabi.
Boruto cock is The Challenger For Raikage’s A. Cock Size Supremacy.
Hope to see a Rival match Raikage&Hinata vs Boruto&Hanabi with paizuri and anal if possible 😉 .

1 year ago
Reply to  Truth313

lol interesting thought, thank you truth!