One, Two, Three, Four, Get on the FuckFloor

Kushina made sure she could handle the show. Multiple sexual partners at once? No problem. Showing off her slutty body? Please; she loved doing that. She had brought two condoms, ready for action


But now, watching Hinata take a huge dick up her ass and another one in her tight pussy, she wasn’t feeling quite so confident. Holy hell, those things were bigger than her arms put together! No way would the condoms fit them; she wasn’t sure they would fit in her ass and pussy either.


Hinata’s reaction wasn’t helping either.


“YES! RIGHT THERE! Fuck me like the whore I am!!! Fill my hot pussy with your thick cock!!! Stretch my asshole with your meaty dick!!! I LOVE IT!!!”


And she really did. Beware the quiet ones, the saying went, but few if any people would have predicted the once shy young woman would turn into such a raging nymphomaniac.


Looking over her shoulder, her face flushed, Hinata smiled at Kushina. Raising her voice to be heard over the crowd, she asked, “Who wants to see a foursome? These two hot studs fucking us two hot and horny sluts while we make out and grope each other’s big tits and asses?”


The resulting roar nearly deafened Kushina, and the rain of money abruptly turned into a flood. With a hungry gleam in her eyes, Hinata grinned at the older redhead. “You heard them; I hope you’re ready.” Her tongue ran slowly over her lips even as she kept bouncing and moving her body with the thrusting cocks. “Because I’m going to make you scream.”


…this was either going be really great or really bad, Kushina decided, feeling her flush stain her cheeks. And she probably wasn’t going to know until it was all over.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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