On Vacation and On Sexy Ninjas

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking along the beach, Boruto Uzumaki looked out over the water as the sun began setting over the horizon. He and his team were on mission in concert with Team 10 protecting a delivery of goods to a local resort. In lieu of cash payment, both Boruto’s team, Team 10, and their families were offered a free weekend at the resort and had full VIP access to all of the services provided here.


Sarada and her mother were off somewhere enjoying the spa, as was his own mother and little sister. Himawari was so excited to go to a spa with their mother. Hot stone massages and mud baths weren’t really Boruto’s idea of relaxing, so he didn’t go with them. Team 10 was still doing the last bit of guard duty for the trip, so Shikadai and Inojin were both busy. He had no idea where Mitsuki was after their last meeting this afternoon and decided to go by himself to enjoy the beach.


A sudden gust of wind blew sand in Boruto’s face, breaking his train of thought as he brought his arms up to shield his eyes. The burst of wind was far too strong for normal weather, more like something from a typhoon.


“Hey, what the hell is going on!?” he shouted.


“Huh, oh, sorry about that!” called a voice from out over the water. The wind quickly died down and Boruto unshielded his eyes to see a small boat gliding over the water towards the shore. There was a single passenger on board, a blonde woman with her hair up in short twin tails. “I got tired of rowing my way back so I used a jutsu to put some wind in the sails.”


“Oh, Temari-san!” Boruto said, then gulped when he saw her swimsuit. Or lack thereof. The blonde MILF wore a black sling-suit that barely covered anything. Her massive tits were practically on full display, showing off a pair of studs pierced through her fat nipples. Her arms, thighs, and neck were adorned with matching golden bands that were studded with glittering rubies.


“Yo.” Temari said, “I thought I told you to just call me Temari,” she told him as she hopped out of the boat and dragged it partially ashore. She stood at the water’s edge, the sun still going down behind her as she pulled that giant fan weapon of hers out of the boat and set it in the sand. “There’s a nice little island a little ways out, I’ve been feeling a bit rusty so I decided to go out there to train a bit.”


“Oh, I see, but what’s with the sexy swimsuit?” he asked her.


“I like this style of swimsuit.” Temari answered, then smirked at him, “Seems you do as well…” she said with a quick nod towards his crotch. Boruto looked down at himself, then blushed a bright red at how his dick now stuck out from under his shorts, standing hard as a rock from the right pant leg.


“I uh…” Boruto stammered as he tried in vain to hide his gigantic erection.


Still grinning, Temari turned around and stuck out her ass, showing off how her suit rode up between the creamy cheeks as she spanked herself, making the baby fat of her ass jiggle erotically. “I can’t fault your tastes.” she told him as she leaned against her fan and smirked at him. “How about you bring that beast over here?” she offered, “I haven’t stopped thinking about that time you dropped by the house.”


“Uh… Um… I…” Boruto said, still stumbling over his words, his eyes locked on Temari’s ass as she waved it from side to side before reaching behind herself to grip the fabric of her suit and pull it even tighter against herself. The crotch bit tightly into the folds of her pussy, showing off the moist pink petals as she grinned seductively at him.


“I’ll even let you do it up my ass.” she told him.


“Arrrgh!!!!” Boruto groaned in frustration as he jumped on top of her, grabbing her soft heavy tits in both hands! He loved the feel of them as he slipped his fingers under the thin fabric covering them to pinch both her nipples, grabbing the bolt piercings and twisting them gently.


“That’s the spirit!” Temari laughed as she grinded herself back against him, catching his erection between the soft warm cheeks of her ass. She chewed her lower lips softly as she leaned on her fan harder while Boruto pulled the straps of her sling-suit aside, fully exposing her tits. “I like it when a man takes charge of things!”


“Temari-san, your ass feels so nice against my dick!” Boruto groaned as he rubbed his thick cock between her ass some more.


“I told you to just call me Temari!” the blonde scolded him, standing upright and making him slide off her back and fall onto the soft sand. “Just for that, you gotta wait a bit to fuck my ass!” she told him as she knelt down in front of him.


Temari then lifted up her heavy tits and mashed them around his cock. They felt soft and warm, like two giant marshmallows enveloping his dick.


“Mmmmmmh, FUCK! you’re huge! This is easily bigger than your old man!”


“Nice to know I can beat him at something, dattebasa!” Boruto told her a grin.


“Oh you definitely win here!” Temari said with a grin, “Fuck, this thing is turning me on! So fucking big… Ahhh, I just wanna… AHHHMMMMPH!!!!” Temari moaned, opening her mouth wide and taking the top six inches of his cock into her hot warm mouth, her nimble tongue brushing against the underside of the tip as her cheeks puffed out with his sheer girth.


Boruto groaned in pleasure as he leaned back in the sands. Temari then produced a kunai seemingly from nowhere and sliced his shorts to shred, leaving him naked on the beach. “Mmmmmph, dat’sh vetter… Wanna shuck this cawk so mush…” her voice slurred around his length as she began bobbing her head up and down slowly.




Temari’s plump pink lips made lewd smacking noises every time she pulled her head up. Boruto’s cock quickly became coated in her saliva as she drooled all over him, then used her tits to smear it all over his rod.


“Ahhha… Te… Temari… That feels so great dattebasa!!!” Boruto groaned again, “Your boobs are so soft and warm, I love the way they feel!”


“MMMPH!!!!” Temari moaned, moving her head faster now, her lips dragging wetly across the surface of his cock as she slowly pulled her face free. “Heheh, you know how to flatter a woman.” she told him as she slowly dragged her tongue along the length of his cock from the base to the tip. She then sat up on her knees and turned around quickly. Leaning forward, Temari thrusted her ass back against his cock and reached back to grip the rear string of her sling-suit, pulling it aside to show off her twitching asshole.


“Now, take that big dick and destroy my ass with it!” she told him is a husky tone.


“You sure are forward, dattebasa…” Boruto said as he got up onto his knees behind the blonde woman.


“Being coy is for club fantasies, I just wanna FUCK!” Temari told him as Boruto gripped his cock and positioned it up against her tight little asshole. “MMMMMMMMH, YEEEEAH, FUCK THAT’S SO FUCKING BIG FUUUUUCK!!!!!” Temari groan as he began pushing inside. He groaned at the feel of her asshole clenching around his cock like a vice. There was almost no resistance to him sliding in, before long he felt his balls slapping against her hot cunt.


“SHIIIIIIT, YESSSSS, MY ASSSS, MY ASSSSSSSS!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!” Temari screamed, her voice echoing in the open air. The blonde MILF clenched her butt around Boruto’s cock, making it hard for him to pull back; it was almost as if her ass were trying to suck his cock inside!


“OOoooOOooh…” Boruto shuddered in pleasure, “Te… Temari… Your ass, ohhh, this is even better than your pussy!” he told her, slamming his cock into her hard once he managed to pull about half of his length back out. Temari screamed again in pleasure, her tongue hanging off her lips like a dogs as she bucked and rolled her hips back against him.




“Temari… Ah… Temari…!” Boruto groaned, working hard to pull his cock back, only to have Temari’s vacuum ass pull him back inside!


“HOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH!!!!” Temari howled like an animal, her hands clawing small holes into the sand as she began drooling in pleasure. “SO GOOOD, SO BIIIIG, I’M CUMMING, I’M FUCKING CUMMING IN MY ASSSSSSS!!!!”


“AHHHHAAAA, TEMARIIII…” Boruto groaned as he slammed his cock into her again and again, her butt cheeks rippling with every thrust as his balls smack and slapped wetly against her hot sopping wet cunt.


“YESSSS, AGAIN, SAY MY NAME AGAIN!!!!!” Temari screamed, rocking her hips back against him harder.


“Temari… Temarii… TEMARIIII!!!!” Boruto howled as he began cumming in her ass.


“FUCK YESSSSSS, AHHHH IT’S SO THIIIICK, I FEEL IT FILLING MY STOMACH, FUUUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Temari screamed as her entire body went rigid and at the same time quivering like a beam of steel that had just been struck hard. Then, just as quickly, she went limp as a deboned fish, falling beneath him, her face landing in the sand as she let out a long moan in sheer bliss.


“Haah… Ahhh… Hahh…” Temari panted beneath Boruto as he felt her ass finally loosen its grip on his dick. He pulled his cock out of her with a rude sucking noise, it reminded Boruto of the sound a drain made when it was suddenly unclogged and all the water went rushing down the drain. Or in this instance, out of it. Once his cock was free a flood of thick white fluid gushed out of Temari with another rude noise.


“Mmmmmmmh, thanks kid, I needed that!” Temari said, “Haven’t had a good ass fucking in what feels like forever.”


“Yeah uh, glad I could help, but um…” Boruto said.


“What, don’t you dare said it wasn’t good you little punk!” Temari said as she leaned up and fixed him with a glare.


“Not even! That was great! But you destroyed my suit, now how am I gonna get back to the hotel!?” he shot back at her.


“You’re a ninja, just sneak in without being seen!” Temari told him as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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