On the Steps towards Greater Sex

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“Dude, check this girl’s ass out!“


Nami slowed down slightly in her movements after hearing the comment that definitely wasn’t meant for her to hear.


“That orange-haired chick? You kidding me? That’s one of Strawhat Luffy’s crew! I don’t wanna mess with them, no matter how hot the girl looks!” was the other guys response, after taking a look over his shoulder.


The navigator wore something that could only, with much imagination, be considered as a cream colored sundress to go along with her vibrant red painted lips and fingernails. Which made it only natural for her to get this much attention from not just men but also a quite a few women.


“But… bro.”


“Do you wanna mess with her captain?!”


“… no”


“There we go. Now let’s go. I think she heard us.”


And with that, the two young men ran off as fast as they could, so that they wouldn’t invoke the wrath of one of the most fearsome crews on the planet.


“Such a shame.” was the young pirates response to the two young men’s action. “All they had to do was ask (and pay up) and this booty could have been theirs to take.”


She squeezed her own ass cheek hard, while watching them go as they hurried to get away from her, with a woeful look on her face.


“Well, it can’t be helped.” ‘I have my own places to be and I don’t think that the Pirate Empress likes to wait.


Nami continued her way past the stairs and through a torii gate to a set of buildings, where the Warlord was waiting for her. As for why there were so many buildings that looked like they were straight out of Wano Country, Nami wasn’t so sure.


Nico Robin and Kin’emon’s best guess was that this was constructed, on this otherwise pretty swampy autumn island, to honor the late Kozuki Oden, who stayed on this island during his travels with either the Whitebeard or the Roger Pirates.


Whatever the case, that hardly mattered in this situation. Nami was only her to get the promised money from the self-proclaimed “wife” of her captain, for keeping the rest of the crew occupied, while Hancock had some quality time alone with the scar faced captain.


Why that location had to be so far away from the ship or why just she had to come alone, Nami didn’t know but as long as the payment was right she didn’t care.


After a short time, the busty navigator reached the large room that the Warlord said her to go to. In it she saw her.


Sitting on a throne-like chair next to a long wooden table, with her legs crossed, Boa Hancock radiated lust and beauty just with her presence alone. Light shone through a small window behind the black haired woman and illuminated her almost nude body.


A small sling-kini dug neatly into the folds of her pussy. Her rock hard nipples pushed the tiny fabric that covered them aside and looked like they were about to spill free any second now.


For once, Nami was at a loss of words and nearly forgot the reason she was here.


She shook her head and forced herself to calm down. She had to be careful. That was not only the most beautiful woman of the world she was dealing with, but also one of the most dangerous and strongest.


“Greetings Hancock.” Nami swayed after quelling her own growing lust.


“Hello Nami.” Hancock replied with a friendly, yet somewhat ambiguous smile on her face. “Let’s get straight to the point. I don’t think that you want to wait much longer for your hard earned money, do you?”


The way Hancock phrased that last part and how she leaned over forward, pressing her pretty impressive tits against her thicc and meaty thighs, made it look like she was up for something a little bit more intimate.


Not wanting to get lost in lust and turned into stone, Nami forced herself to concentrate and not stare too deep into the black haired girl’s cleavage. With every breath the black haired woman took, her tits brushed against her own thighs, which eventually caused her nipples to break free of their confines.


“Yes? You wanted to say something?” the innocent question didn’t match the sultry way in which it was spoken out and Hancock knew it. “Or do you perhaps have other things in mind?”


Hancock stood up from her chair and walked towards Nami in an elegant and hypnotic fashion, which fixated the orange haired girl’s eyes on the Warlord’s giant tits. The way in which they swayed from side to side in a steady rhythm, with each step the older woman took, entranced Nami in a way which normally only a huge amount of Belly was able to do.


And was that cum leaking out of her pussy and ass?!


“I have my own little agenda, if you don’t mind and would like to affirm a few things before I give you the promised money…”


By now Hancock stood right infront of the shorter girl and put her hand under Nami’s chin and lifted her head upwards, so that their eyes would meet. Both girl’s eyes gleamed with lust at this point but with the Warlord so close before her, Nami felt more like a prey than anything else.


Hancock face moved closer and closer until their noses almost touched. Nami could smell the aromatic scent that emanated from the other women. It filled her head completely and made her feel dizzy in a way that no alcohol before ever did.


Suddenly, without warning, Nami couldn’t resist her growing urges anymore and plunged forward. The world’s most beautiful woman didn’t seemed to be surprised by this and greeted her with open arms.


Their mouths were connecting as each of the girls tongues invaded the others. Hancock grabbed the navigators impressive buttocks and gave it a firm squeeze, causing Nami to squeal in surprise into Hancock’s mouth.


Their mouths then disconnected and while Nami was still panting heavily, Hancock was already a few steps ahead of her. “Want to take this up a notch?”


Hancock didn’t wait for an answer and simply laid the more submissive girl down on the table. Her hands began to roam all over Nami’s body and with a few, experienced moves, she pulled her out of the sleeveless dress.


Nami’s now naked body was quite the sight to behold. Her tits, although smaller than those of the black haired empress, were much softer, which made a stark contrast to her rock hard nipples.


A small river of her juices drenched her red thong soaking wet and already began dropping down onto the expensive, crafted table.


Hancock didn’t care. She was the most beautiful woman in the world afterall. Everything she does will be forgiven.


With one hand she held the navigators hands firmly above her head and pinned her to the table. She began kissing the orange haired girl’s body from her lips, down towards her boobs. Hancock took her time with the nipples and gave each of them a thorough licking and sucked on them.


“Mmmmph. Yessss! More. I want mooooore!!!”


Nami’s body squirmed and writhed uncontrollably under the experienced woman’s skillful assault on her tits.


Hancock lifted her head from the other girl’s meaty tits. “What was that? I didn’t quite understand you, slut. Try again!” was Hancock’s response as she simultaneously shoved two of her delicate fingers past the soaked thong and deep into Nami’s moist, inviting pussy.


PLEASE!” Nami begged. Her eyes made it obvious that she was putty in Hancock’s hands. However, Hancock had other plans.


She pulled her hand away from the navigator’s needy, littly snatch and traced her now glistening wet fingers slowly upwards. Her fingers slightly run across the other girl’s smooth skin as they moved past her belly button and right through her cleavage.


Sweat began running down Nami’s body as the empresses fingers moved across her sensitive and aroused body. Nami closed her eyes in anticipation of what was about to come next.


When the sensation suddenly stopped Nami opened her eyes again, only to find the dripping wet fingers of the empress dangling right above her closed mouth. She saw the first drops of her own juices falling down.


Her own sweet nectar dropped right onto her red painted lips.


“Drink it, slut! Or we will end it right her and there.”


Hancock’s strict tone made it pretty clear that what she said wasn’t a suggestion but an order. And so Nami opened her mouth and let three more drops of her sweetness fall right into it.


“Good little slut. You deserve a reward.”


Before Nami could react or even realize what was happening, she found the black haired girl sitting right above her. Her cum stained pussy centimeters away from her gasping mouth.


“I will grant you the honor of letting you eat me out.”


Nami was shocked. ‘She wants me to lick her cum filled pussy?! There’s no way in hell I’m doing something like–


Her train of thought was cut short suddenly as the empress simply let herself fall down onto Nami’s face. The orange haired girls mouth was completely covered by Hancock’s pussy. Cum and the Warlords juices dropped down into her wide open mouth and mixed together into a sweet, yet salty blend.


“You should be grateful. This is your captains, the love of my life’s seed, I am willing to share with you here.”


Fearing the consequences, Nami began licking Hancock’s pussy. Her tongue moved around the moist opening in a slow circular motion, taking as much jizz as she could. She tasted Luffy’s cum before but never was it mixed with another woman’s juices.


It made for a unique flavor, something she had never experienced prior.


“Mmmmh. Such a good and obedient little slut.”


Hancock moved her entire body in a 69 position so that she was now facing Nami’s gushing and inviting cunt. Her juices soaked the table that creaked in protest under the motion on top of it.


Nami’s tongue instantly came to a halt once Hancock started to eat out the Straw Hats young navigator. With just a few skilled strikes of her tongue, Hancock managed to bring the orange haired girl to the brink of orgasm.




The sound of Nami moaning into her pussy echoed through Hancock’s body and only affirmed her belief to make the other girl cum first.


After a little while of teasing and denying Nami the sweet release and orgasm she so desperately was craving, Hancock decided to end their little time alone. With one final strike, Hancock managed to get the young navigator over the edge.


MMMMMMMPH!!! YEEEEESH!!!” Nami screamed in ecstasy into the black haired girls pussy. Her tender, young body writhed uncontrollably on the table. Her mind shut down completely as wave after wave of pleasure hit her body like lightning strikes.


Her juices were spraying everywhere. The well crafted table was now definitely ruined and the empresses’ face was dripping wet from the other woman’s nectar.


While Nami was still recovering from the aftermath of such a mind shattering orgasm, Hancock lifted herself up and began to get dressed with her clothes that were laying only a few meters away from the action, in the corner of the room.


“Well, that went pretty much as expected.” Hancock said, sounding unimpressed and relieved at the same time. “I’m glad that you are no obstacle between me and my husband.”


“Huh?” Nami croaked weakly, not understanding what was going on.


“Oh, I just wanted to make sure that you were not a woman that could match my future husband’s stamina and lust. And after our little encounter now, I can safely say that you are no threat. I doubt that you could last any longer than 10 minutes with him, without blacking out.”


Nami slowly came to the understanding, of what was going on.


“I already talked with Nico Robin about this during her plan to get revenge on you, she said that she won’t get in my way. Same thing couldn’t be said about you, so I had to make sure by myself.”


Nami’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief. ‘No threat? Not lasting longer than 10 minutes?


“By the way, my crew dropped the promised money at this location, you can get it any time.” she dropped a small piece of paper on Nami’s still shaking body as she was on her way to leave the room. “I even paid a little extra, since you were so obedient just now, and don’t need to be taken that serious as a threat.”



After a few minutes have passed, Nami found the strength to get up again. She was furious. Flames of passion and rage burned in her eyes.


THAT BITCH!!! I will make her regret ever uttering those words!” she shouted, slamming her hand hard on the wooden table, making it crack. “I’m a crew member of the future King of the Pirates. I won’t grant her the privilege of belittling me!”


She picked off her now with juices stained clothes and dressed herself as well. With the paper with the coordinates on it in hand she walked out of the building, making sure that noone notices out of which room she came. ‘Hancock can pay for ruining that table herself!


“I will teach her to take me seriously!”

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
15 days ago


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Ooh, Nami will definitely get her revenge. For now she has some serious training to do. I was thinking of something of a “pineapple diet” XD. But we will see…

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
15 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym


15 days ago

Great story. I liked how you used the pic as a framing device for Nami’s meeting with Hancock. Their encounter was very sexy, but of course Nami can’t take being dismissed like that, even from one of the Warlords, lying down. Her revenge, or attempts at it, should be fun to see.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago
Reply to  s22132

Thank you man. Always great to hear words from another writer. I already have a few different scenarios for Nami’s “revenge” in mind…

15 days ago


15 days ago
Reply to  Memetiksoun

Nami art or story?

13 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago
Reply to  Memetiksoun

If you mean story, then I would be more than happy to include her in upcoming ones.