Ochaco Blowing Off Steam

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“Hey, don’t sound like that,” Tsuyu said with a smile, “‘Friend with benefits’, it’ll be a lot more fun than boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“What did we just walk in on?” Momo asked as they came up to the table.


“Midoriya and I are just settling in as friends with benefits!” Tsuyu said with a smile.


“Akaaff…” Ochaco choked on her punch and coughed several times. “What…?”


“Oh, that means…” Mina began.


“I know what it means!” Ochaco yelled, then blushed, “Um, Deku, so you and Tsu…?”


Me too!” Mina said with a laugh as she slapped the brown haired girl on the back and moved to take a seat.


“Mina too!?” Ochaco said, her eyes wide.


Um, me three…” said Toru.


The brown haired girl stood stiff for several long moments, her skin looking pale as she opened and closed her mouth like a fish. She then turned a dead eyed stare towards Izuku, and Mina suddenly felt very sorry for him.


“You,” she said quietly.


“Me…?” Izuku said nervously.


“Are,” Ochaco continued, “UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!” she screamed and tossed her drink in his face before dropping her tray and storming off.


She heard Izuku call after her but she ignored him as she left the luau area. Unbelieveable, just unbelieveable, nearly all the girls in their class! And she thought he’d be different. Sighing to herself, Ochaco headed back towards the hotel.


“…So I just explode my way up to him and smash his stupid face!” she heard Bakugo’s voice as she rounded a corner.


“We know, we were there.” came Todoroki’s voice, sounding more bored than anything.


“Well, I still think it was pretty awesome, say, how did you destroy that storm anyway Todoroki?” asked Mineta’s voice. Ochaco finally spotted the boys as they exited the hotel entrance, all dressed in swim trunks and loose fitting t-shirts.


“Storms are just a strange balance of hot and cold air.” Todoroki explained, “Dump enough of either into one, throw off the balance, the storm dies. I would have preferred to use ice, but it would have taken too long for it to destroy the balance.”


“Huh,” said Mineta, “Who’d of thought basic science class would be good for fighting villains…”


Steeling her nerves, Ochaco stepped out in front of the group, “Katsuki,” she said, moving closer.


“What?” he asked coldly, then said, “HEY! where do you get off using my first name!?”


“We’re going on a date!” she told him, reaching out to grab his wrist.


“WHAT?!” he asked, blinking in shock, then trying to pull his arm free, “THE HELL WE ARE!”


She gripped his wrist tight then negated the pull of gravity on him, lifting him into the air, “I said, we’re going on a date!” she yelled back at him as she lifted him into the air and pulled him along after her like a childs balloon.


“HEY!!! HEY!!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!!!” Bakugo yelled, flailing about in midair as she pulled him behind her.


“What happened to Uraraka?” she heard Mineta asked, “She looked so scary just now…”


“No clue, but I almost feel sorry for Bakugo.” Todoroki said.


“Almost.” the two of them said together before she stepped out of earshot.


Ochaco carried Bakugo several yards away from the hotel before she finally released her quirk and let him fall to the sand with a thud. Bakugo was up in an instant, coughing and sputtering.


“OKAY WHATS THE BIG IDEA?!?!” he trailed off as Ochaco brought her hands together again and closed her eyes, releasing her powers a second time. Instantly her tits and ass ballooned outwards. Her breasts swell four times bigger than her head, while her ass moved to three times its original size!


“Huh… Wha… Big…” Bakugo stammered as he stared at her.


Yeah, that was about the reaction she’d come to expect whenever she released her true body from the compression technique she could use. It was a shame she couldn’t use her ability to increase gravity on anything but her own body. There were a lot of uses she could think of if she could make objects heavier at will. She was also glad she decided to wear her one piece swimsuit that was VERY elastic, though she didn’t really care for the massive wedgie she now had.


“Yeah, so this is the real me, be flattered, you’re the only one at school I’ve ever shown this.” she told him.


He nodded silently, still staring at her tits. ‘Boys,‘ she thought with a quiet roll of her eyes then took his hand in hers, “Let’s go for a walk.” she said after a moment.


After a few quiet minutes, Bakugo finally broke the silence asking, “Okay, tell me what’s going on or I’ll blast you from here to the moon!!!”


“Oh spare the threats, I’m not in the mood!” she spat back at him. “Stupid Deku, stupid stupid stupid!!!!” she grumbled, stamping her foot in the sand.


“Okay, I agree with you there, but why are you mad at him?! I thought you were in love with the idiot or something?!” he replied.


Ochaco went stiff at that comment, then stamped her foot again, “That idiot, I was supposed to be his first!”


“Keh, heheh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Bakugo began laughing hysterically, “THAT’S what you’re so worked up about?!?! ah jeez, and here I thought he’d actually done something to you.”


“He- he did!” Ochaco protested. Bakugo then closed in on her, leaning down until his face was close to hers, “Really, and what did he do wrong? You said first right, so I’m guessing it has something to do with what happened on the beach earlier? When that frog girl started blowing him in front of everyone?


Ochaco gulped, she’d heard something to that effect, but she didn’t know until now that it was Izuku and Tsuyu.


“Thought so, so you’re really just mad at yourself for not making the first move!” he told her then pulled away, “If you’re gonna be mad at that idiot, do it honestly, like me! One day I’m gonna pound that smug face of his into the dirt for humiliating me!!!” he told her, smashing one fist into the opposing palm, making a small explosion.


“Deku has never once humiliated you! nor has he ever wanted to! In spite of everything you’ve said and done to him, he still considers you his friend!” Ochaco said.


“SHUT UP!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?” Bakugo spat back, leaning in close, “That idiot hid his quirk from me, letting show off mine all the while laughing at me behind my back!”


“He has not!” Ochaco said, not backing down.


“YES HE HAS!!” Bakugo yell, now nose to nose with her. “And one day…” he never finished as Ochaco kissed him hard, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him back. She pushed her tongue passed his lips, drawing his own back into her mouth as they fell onto the soft sand together. Ochaco felt the resistance go out of him as he began kissing her back. She then negated his weight again before rolling herself on top of him. Sitting up on her knees, straddling his legs, Ochaco hooked her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her swimsuit, pulling them away and down, releasing her heavy tits. They bounced unnaturally as she never released the gravity negation on them, just the compression she used to make them smaller. She giggled silently to herself at the way his eyes followed them as they jiggled up and down.


She then reached down and grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands to her tits before leaning down and kissing him again as she lifted her ass in the air, wriggling out of the remainder of her suit. She let out a low moan as he gave them a squeeze, his fingers digging deep into the soft flesh. The chestnut haired girl then placed her hands on his chest, blushing as she felt the hard muscle there and moved them down to his waist. Grabbing the waistband of his shorts, Ochaco pulled them down and felt something warm and thick press against her stomach.


“Holy…” she began as she leaned back and looked down at the huge half erect cock pressing against her stomach. It was already so MASSIVE!


Yeah, and Deku thinks he’s all that wearing that speedo before.” Bakugo said as Ochaco scooted down, taking the massive thing between her equally huge tits. Bakugo made a soft groan at the feel of her soft tits pressing around his dick, and she gasped in shock and awe as he swelled to his full length!


The side of his cock pressed against her cheek, his scent filling her nostrils and making her dizzy. Gulping once, Ochaco steeled herself, pressing her massive tits around the hot tempered boy’s huge dick; she slowly moved her body up and down.


“Ooooh, that feels great, your tits feel awesome Gravity Girl…” Bakugo groaned.


“Yeah? You’re the first person to see them.” Ochaco told him, “So feel proud about that!”


“HAH! that idiot Deku doesn’t know what he’s missing!” Bakugo said with a laugh.


“Yeah, that’s right!” she agreed, moving her body faster now. She rather liked the feel of his cock between her tits; it was honestly starting to turn her on as she brushed her tongue along the underside on one upstroke. Mashing his cock between her tits, Ochaco looked down at the fat wide tip of his dick. Her jaw began to ache just looking at him as she opened her mouth wide.


“AHHHHMMMMMPH!!!!” she moaned, taking the tip between her lips, swirling her tongue around it as she began taking him into her mouth.


“Oooohhhhooo…” Bakugo groaned, watching her as she worked her way down… She could feel her throat stretching around his cock as she took him deeper and deeper. She was thankful for her training at UA to overcome the side effects of her powers. A side bonus was that she had completely lost her gag reflex in the process!


“MMMMPH!!! MMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMMPHH!” Ochaco moaned, her lips making wet slurping sounds as she managed to take a third of his cock into her mouth before he began bobbing her head up and down.


“Ohhh fuck… How are you doing that, what are you? some kind of school prosti… OWWW!!!!” he began to say, but stopped short when she punched his stomach and continued her motions, taking him deeper every time she moved her mouth down.


“HEY!!! WHAT do you……” he trailed off, all the rage vanishing from his face as Ochaco deepthroated his entire length! She felt rather proud of herself as her lips pressed against his pelvis. She honestly didn’t think he could have done it at first, but now as she moaned around his cock, vibrating her throat, she smiled at the way his eyes rolled back slowly, and he leaned back in the sand again.


Moaning again, Ochaco began rocking herself back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her mouth slowly as she moved a hand to rub at her now dripping pussy! She’d never felt this wet before as she rubbed furiously at her clit, bobbing her entire upper body back and forth over Bakugo’s massive dick! Her tits dragged in the sand; digging twin trenches and making her moan even louder at the feel of the friction over her nipples!


“Oh fuck, keep going, yeah, THAT’S IT! FASTER…!!” Bakugo groaned, smashing his fists into the sand. Explosions burst from around his hands, sending up a cloud of dust as she felt his cum surging into her stomach!


Ochaco held her position as best she could, the feeling of so much liquid pouring into her was strange at first, but it soon stopped and she pulled herself free with a loud gasp. She sat across from Bakugo, panting for breath as the two of them stared at each other.


The two of them were silent for a long moment before Bakugo jumped forward, pressing his body on top of hers. She smiled up at him for a moment, then blushed as she turned her head, “Um, be gentle…” she whispered.


The grin on his face melted off, replaced by a look of confusion, “Wait, what? Be gentle? This can’t be your first time!?” he asked.


“Uh, um, yeah, kind of…” she admitted.


“Arrrrrgh! DAMMIT!!!!” Bakugo cursed, punching the sand again with another explosion as he got up. His erection shrank before Ochaco’s eyes, a surreal sight as it went from massive, to huge, to big, then to what she guess had to be average for a man, though it did look excessively thick.


“What, what’s wrong!?” she asked as he pulled up his shorts.


“I’m not about to take a girls virginity when she’s clearly not thinking straight. You’re only doing this because you’re mad at Deku for a stupid reason. I can’t take advantage of something like that! THAT’S VILLAIN SHIT!!” he told her as he walked over to retrieve her swimsuit and handed it to her. “Here, do whatever it is to make yourself look normal again and get dressed. It’s been pure luck no one’s caught us already.”


She accepted the suit from him and nodded as he turned to walk away. Ochaco then touched her hands to her tits and ass, concentrating and increasing their gravity until they all shrank to a more normal size. She then stood and said, “Um, thanks, you know, you’re actually pretty sweet…” she said, blushing as she pulled on her swimsuit.


“Ah SHUT UP you idiot!” he yelled at her as he stormed off, “Fucking virgin wanting me to pop her cherry!? Hell no, I don’t need that kind of shit…”


Ochaco began putting her suit back on, sighing softly as she looked out at the sun as it began setting in the distance. It annoyed her to admit it, but Bakugo was right, she wasn’t mad at Izuku, she was mad at herself. She should have made a move earlier, but she always supposed he’d eventually ask her out first. They’d start dating steady after that, then… She began to blush again as she visualized their first night together.


“WOW!!! How on Earth did you do that!?” came Mina’s voice as the pink girl burst out from the bushes nearby. Ochaco jumped in surprise as her friend ran over to her and looked her over inquisitively. “Seriously, I’m jealous here, I mean, I threw myself at him earlier and got blown into the air for my trouble. You do it and the two of you are all over one another!” she told her then turned to shake her fist at his departing back, “You big jerk!”


“PISS OFF!!!!” his voice came back, barely audible now.


“Veeeeeeeeee!!!” Mina said, sticking her tongue out and pulling her eyelid down in his direction. She then turned back to Ochaco, “So seriously, how’d you pull all that off? Huh, Ochaco, He~llooooo?”


The brown haired girl still stood frozen, her face beet red as she realized Mina had seen EVERYTHING.


“He~llooooo?” Mina repeated, tapping Ochaco’s nose gently, making her sneeze.


“Bless you, now, how did you make your tits and butt so big, that was really hot, almost as hot as you deepthroating that huge dick without choking even a little, really, I’m in awe here!”


Ochaco didn’t think her face could get any redder as she got suddenly dizzy and fell back into the sand unconscious.


“Ochaco, hey, Ochaco, you okay!?” she distantly heard Mina asking excitedly before everything faded to black.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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