Next Rounds On Her

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTS! It’s time for the event you’ve all been waiting for….! the Busteez Hot Dog Challenge!!!” the young Hyuga girl yelled into her microphone, her voice blaring from the speakers. The gathered crowd cheered even louder as the former Raikage A walked up onto the stage. The muscular man raised his good arm for the crowd as he walked naked up to his next challenge. Hinata had picked Samui for his opponent this evening.


The young blonde woman gulped nervously as she stood naked atop the stage with him. “As you all know, the rules are simple,” Hanabi explained as Samui gave him a weak smile and turned to display her naked body to the crowd. Many cheered and sent money fluttering through the air as she jiggled her ass and tits for them as Hanabi continued, “A challenger must hot dog his cock between the enormous asses of our Busteez girl to the beat of a song of her choosing. If he cums before the song ends, he loses, And if he breaks from the beat of the music then that is considered a violation and he also loses.”


Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot dog!!!!” cheered the crowd in anticipation.


“Tonight’s challenger is the former Raikage, A-sama!!! After defeating last night’s challenge, he’s going for a second run, will he last, or will he take another walk of shame!?” Hanabi said with a grin.


A fought to keep his usual deadpan expression, the little Hyuga girl just HAD to mention his one loss! Maybe he would use one of his VIP nights to teach her a lesson as well.


“Alright, let’s get this show on the road people! As usual, the bar will be accepting bets until the last thirty seconds of the song.” she announced as Samui nodded to the Raikage and got down on her knees, leaning forward and doing a perfect splits. Her already huge tits worked like a pair of pillows for her as she twerked her creamy round ass. More men cheered and some women as well as A moved to straddle her back. She slipped his huge erection between the deep crack of the blonde’s huge ass. It was already slippery and smooth, with a scent like honey, he didn’t waste time wondering what she’d applied to herself as he pressed her soft buns around his thick rod.


“Okaaay, here, we, GOOOOO!!!!” Hanabi cheered as she pressed a button on the console she sat behind. Instantly a fast paced pulsing beat filled the club, and A began pumping his hips to the beat as best he could. It was tricky, as the music moved almost faster than he could. ‘Damn that Hinata, the whore must have picked this song!‘ he thought as he moved his hips, his pelvis making lewd smacking sounds against the tip of Samui’s ass as he slipped his dick back and forth faster.


“Ahhh, Raikage-sama, please, be more gentle with meeeeee…” Samui whimpered softly so only he could hear her, “My ass, ahhh my ass is so sensitiiiive…” she moaned.


“Really Samui, I’m disappointed,” A said as he found his rhythm with the music, “You’re so serious on the battle field, when did you become a mewling stage whore?” he asked her.


“Ahhhannnnn, when you and the Hokage destroyed meeeeeee….” Samui moaned, her body shaking beneath him as she began cumming already, her face flush with pleasure.


“Hmm, when did…?” he began, but then he remembered a few years ago, he and Naruto had both double penetrated the poor woman during that sex show competition. He allowed himself to grin wryly; Samui had been orgasmed nearly into a coma that night!


“No mercy,” he told her as he brought his hand down on her ass, making it ripple erotically as he pumped his hips faster.


“AHHHAAAA!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” Samui screamed as she began rocking her hips back against him.

“Wooohooooo, Samui getting off already folks, and not even a full two minutes in!” Hanabi jeered from her spot in the DJ booth.


Hot dog, Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Dog!” the crowd cheered, tossing money up onto the stage as A continued slamming his thick cock between Samui creamy asscheeks. He let out a low groan, and gritted his teeth slightly as he tried not to enjoy the silky smooth feel of her warm skin gliding back and forth over his dick.


“AHHHH!!!! A-SAMAAAAAAA!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!” Samui moaned, bucking her hips in time with the beat of the song as the music picked up the pace. He could feel her pussy gushing in orgasm, wetting his cock as it moved even faster now.


“Oh, oh, almost there folks, one minute to go!!!!! Will A-sama hold!? Place your bets!” Hanabi announced as just the tiniest bit of precum spurted from the tip of A’s cock. Luckily, that didn’t count as a loss as he began moving even faster, making Samui’s ass ripple and jiggle like a pudding mold as the blonde screamed in pleasure.


A groaned, biting his lower lip slightly as the music reached its peak then abruptly ended. Half a second after that he pressed his cock all the way between the cheeks of Samui’s ass as she raised her hips up high and he began cumming hard, his spunk raining down over both of them.


“And we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hanabi cheered from the DJ booth, “Wow, who would have thought, two nights in a row! Congratulations to A-sama, those who placed their bets can collect their winnings at the bar.” Hanabi said as she switched on another song while A got up and helped Samui to her feet. The two waved to the cheering crowd before moving off stage.


“Our next dancer this evening is none other than the super sexy MILF Sakura Uchiha!!!!!!” Hanabi announced. A gave the pink haired woman a brief nod of greeting as they passed one another. Sakura nodded back, acknowledging his victory tonight.


Ten minutes later, redressed and cleaned up, A walked back out into the main area of the club.


“Saw you struggling a bit there.” said a familiar voice


A followed the voice to a small round table to the left of the stage. There sat Hinata Uzumaki, her hair currently in its short bob cut and a mixed drink sitting in front of her. As he circled into her field of vision, he noticed her Byakugan was active.


“Really, did Samui’s ass feel that good? I picked her because she’d be an easy win you know, you gonna disappoint me now?”


“Watch your mouth woman, Samui is from my village, calling her an easy win is more than a little insulting.” A said with a dark tone.


Hinata giggled, “Clearly you haven’t made use of her since the the FuckFest. Poor girl cums just from having something almost considered large penetrate her. Though in this line of work, that’s not exactly a bad thing.” she said back before taking a large sip and finishing her pink drink. The Hyuga then brought the glass down on the table hard enough to make a loud ‘clang’ sound. “Play time is over, tomorrow I’ll pick someone who’ll be a clear challenge for you.”


“Bring it on woman; I’ll defeat any whore you put in front of me!”


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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