Nel’s Anal Affection

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Orihime Kurosaki hadn’t been so turned on in over a year as she watched Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck slowly sucking her husband’s cock! The teal haired woman’s lips easily slid up and down Ichigo’s massive cock as she took it down her throat. Her neck bulged from Ichigo’s girth as she gagged softly around it.


“Oooh, Nel… That, feels amazing…” her husband groaned.


“Does it feel good darling?” Orihime asked.


Ichigo nodded, leaning his head back on the towel where they lay. After Nel had come back from the small washroom shack, she’d watched as the other woman began servicing her husband for a few minutes before their little group had moved out to the beach. She would have been happy to stay where they were, but that lounger didn’t have enough room for four people to be comfortable.


Orihime lay back on the towel and began to masturbate as she watched. Nel looked so very sexy right now, the way her lips dragged along her husband’s dick. The way his cock glistened with her saliva every time she pulled her head back. It just turned her on so much! She moaned as she dug three fingers into her own pussy, rocking her hips against them slowly. The orange haired woman just loved seeing another woman with her husband. When Rangiku had told her about this place and how she planned to visit, Orihime couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


She loved Ichigo dearly, but he could be so uptight! On their wedding night, when she’d brought Rukia in, she thought he was about to have a heart attack. Though once he’d calmed down, she knew he’d had a great time. And after everything she’d read about this place, she knew he’d enjoy himself here as well. Being so far into her pregnancy, Orihime couldn’t attend to her wifely duties as much as she wanted. And while he would never in a million years admit it aloud, she knew it bothered him as well.


Which is when Rangiku called and told her how good of a time Ichigo was having, Orihime had a brilliant idea! Though breaking that idea to her husband and getting him to agree to it would need a little…. Finesse. For now though, the orange haired woman loved seeing the look of ecstasy on his face as Nel took his entire cock between her pouty lips.


Lying opposite Orihime, Rangiku moaned as Ichigo toyed with her pussy! He continually dipped his fingers in and out of her neatly trimmed pussy. The wet squish of his fingers moving in and out excited Orihime as she moved her own fingers in and out of her pussy.


“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph, hahh…” Nel gasped as she lifted her head up slowly, Ichigo’s cock slipping out of her mouth slowly. Long glistening ropes of her drool stretched away from her lips and hung in the air until they drooped down to his pelvis and snapped away. “Mmmmmh, such a tasty cock Daddy…” she purred. Orihime giggled, she’d told Nel about how some girls like to call the lovers who provided for them ‘Daddy’. She liked the idea and had taken to calling her husband that.


“You like my darling’s cock Nel-chan?” Orihime asked.


Nel nodded, “Yes, it’s so yummy and feels so good in my mouth, Nel just wants to suck and suck and suck!”


“Mmmmmh, then get back to it!” Orihime told her as she reached her free hand down and pushed Nel’s face back onto Ichigo’s cock! The teal haired woman moaned happily and gagged lewdly around it as she took it all the way into her mouth.


“Oooooh, yeah…” Ichigo groaned.


“Mmmmh, enjoy it darling!” Orihime told him, then looked to Rangiku, smiling as the strawberry blonde woman continued humping her pussy against his fingers. “And you…” she said to her, “Kiss me.” she said as Rangiku looked up at her.


“Mmmmh gladly…” Rangiku cooed, leaning her head across Ichigo’s chest. Orihime leaned in from the other side and kissed the other woman deeply. Her lips had a sweet taste to them, as if she’d dusted them with sugar. Orihime savored the flavor as she slid her tongue along Rangiku’s. The two women swirled their tongues together openly, making sure Ichigo had a full view of the show. Orihime could almost feel him watching as he groaned again, his body jerking slightly between them. She heard Nel gag slightly and looked out the corner of her vision to see the green haired woman gulping loudly as she swallowed down Ichigo’s cum!


“Mmmmmmmh, Ranghikuu…” Orihime slurred against the other woman’s tongue.


Rangiku moaned back, reaching across Ichigo to pull Orihime closer, closing their mouths together. Orihime let out a long low moan as she kissed back, her tongue now wrestling with Rangiku’s. The orange haired woman’s pussy felt like it was on fire now as she continued fingering herself furiously. She let out a little squeaking moan as she felt herself cumming, a minor orgasm, but she loved it just the same, it only made her crave more. Orihime loved feeling like this, loved being able to indulge in her base desires with the people she loved!


Suddenly Ichigo pushed the two of them apart and Orihime gasped. Rangiku whined plaintively, but then giggled as Nel crawled between them, licking her way up Ichigo’s chest.
“Mmmmmmh, Nel wants her butt stuffed with Daddy’s big dick!” she giggled.


“Hmmhmmhmm,” giggled Orihime, “I think we can arrange that! You’ve been wanting that since we got here!”


Nel smiled back at her as Orihime moved down to her husband’s legs. His balls were as big as coconuts, she could almost see them pulsing with the cum stored inside! Using both her hands, Orihime gripped the base of Ichigo’s cock, holding it steady for him and helping guide it up and into Nel’s puckered asshole. The insanely thick phallus made a squishing sound as it slid into Nel, stretching her hole wider than she imagined it had ever been before!


HAAAAH, NEL’S ASS!!! NEL’S ASS FEELS SO GOOD DADDY!!!” Nel moaned as she pushed herself down fast, her rounded ass smacking against Orihime’s face. “HMMMMMMMMMMM!” she squealed, and Orihime giggled, the woman truly was a masochist. The orange haired woman gave Nel’s ass a kiss and lick as Ichigo thrusted his hips. The baby fat of Nel’s butt jiggled from the impact and Orihime felt a shiver run through her at the sight.


“Mmmmmh, yes darling, fuck her harder!” she moaned, licking Ichigo’s huge balls, “Ahhhn, make her feel it deep inside!”


Ichigo only grunted as he continued thrusting his hips hard! The wet SMACK SMACK SMACK of his balls slapping against Nel’s ass was one of the most erotic sounds Orihime could imagine. She then heard the now familiar sound of Rangiku moaning and tilted her head to look past Nel. Orihime giggled at the sight of the heavy breasted woman straddling Ichigo’s face! She could see his tongue slipping out and brushing along the dripping folds of the other woman’s cunt.


MMMMMMMH!!! YEAH! THERE, RIGHT, FUCKING, THEEEERE!!!” Rangiku howled in pleasure, gripping her own massive tits and kneading them roughly as Ichigo held onto her thighs. Orihime smiled and moved to crawl up Nel’s bare back, sliding her arms around the other woman. Nel moaned happily, leaning her weight back against Orihime, squishing Orihime’s tits against her back. Leaning her head over Nel’s shoulder, Orihime kissed and sucked on Nel’s neck. She moved her hands to grab her big fat tits, loving the feel of them in her hands as she hefted, kneaded, and rubbed them together.




Orihime loved Nel’s little quirk of always referring to herself in the third person, and the way she called Ichigo ‘Daddy’ only turned her on even more! She released one of Nel’s tits and moved that hand down between Nel’s long creamy legs. She then slipped three fingers into her tight little pussy, giggling at how hard it gushed at her touch!


“You like that Nel-chan?” she whispered into her ear, “Like feeling my husbands fat dick fucking your naughty ass!?” Nel could only nod as she panted hard, rolling her body into Ichigo’s thrusts. Orihime giggled and nibbled on Nel’s ear gently, “How would you like to have him fuck you like this all the time?” she asked her.


YESSSS!! NEL… NEL WANTS THAAAAT… OHHH NEL CUMS JUST THINKING ABOUT IIIT!!!!” she replied. Orihime smiled and pushed a fourth finger into the other woman, holding her body tight as Nel shook in one orgasm after the next.


“Good, because there’s something I wanna offer you…” she told Nel then whispered her proposal into the other woman’s ear like she had with Rangiku earlier. When she was done, Nel turned her hazel colored eyes towards Orihime. They shimmered with open lust and desire as she nodded and moaned. Orihime kissed her and held the other woman tight as Ichigo brought her to another orgasm! She then released her other breast and moved that hand down to feel the way her tummy distended up and down from Ichigo’s cock.


So big…’ Orihime thought, ‘Ahhh, it’s stretching Nel’s body so much! I bet she’s already addicted to him!’ She then giggled as Ichigo thrusted his cock balls deep into Nel’s asshole as he came.


AHHHHN, YES DADDY, CUM IN NEL, CUM IN NEL’S ASSHOLE, FILL MY BELLY UUUUP!!!” Nel begged. Beneath them, Ichigo grunted and kept his cock buried inside the teal haired woman.


Rubbing her hand over Nel’s belly, Orihime chewed on the other woman’s ear gently, “Does it feel good Nel-chan, having my husband fill your stomach with his cum?” she asked her aloud.




Across from Nel, Rangiku giggled as she watched the entire display, “Mmmmmh, I see why you like this Orihime, Nel looks so sexy right now I want to kiss her!”


“Then go ahead!” said Orihime as she urged Nel to lean forward. The two other women kissed, their tongues invading the others mouths. Nel moaned into Rangiku’s mouth as she came even harder than before!


Nel then practically went limp in Orihime’s arms. The orange haired woman held her up as she gave her a few moments to recover.


“Ahhh, hahh… Ahhh, haaaah…” Nel panted slowly, still barely conscious. “More please…” she begged weakly.


Orihime and Rangiku both giggled as they helped the teal haired woman up, Ichigo’s cock sliding out of her ass with a very rude noise. She laid Nel back on the towel, letting the cum drain from her stomach. It didn’t take long as Nel’s asshole was still gaping wide. Orihime could have put her entire fist in there and not touch the inner walls!


“Nel’s ass is destroyed…” Nel giggled.


Orihime smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it right up later.” she promised her. She then watched as Nel’s stomach returned to its normal, smooth, well toned size. Rangiku then stood up slowly and smiled as she stretched like a cat.


“Mmmmmmh, I’ll be right back.” she said and headed off in the direction of the ladies room on the beach. Now that Nel had agreed, all that was left was how to get her husband to agree to the idea of a second, and third wife! Orihime had no doubts Rangiku could get the leave, a single human lifespan in the living world really wasn’t much to the Soul Society. And Nel, well, Nel was free to do as she pleased!


Ichigo could be so old fashioned though, this was gonna be tricky…


“Okay! Now how about we try something new!?” Rangiku said when she returned.


WAH!?” Nel, Ichigo, and Orihime exclaimed altogether. Rangiku had returned from the bathroom, and for some reason she had on what could jokingly be called bikini bottoms, if bikini bottoms were made of dental floss. But stranger than that, her tits were now GINORMOUS! Orihime had never seen breasts so big! She didn’t even think that size was even humanly possible. If Chizuru were here, she’d die of blood loss from the nosebleed she’d have at the sight.


“I read about this feature being introduced to new female gigai models. Wanna try it out Ichigo?” she asked with a smile. “Though, I might need to go even bigger to satisfy your dick after blowing that big a load!”


“Not a problem!” Orihime said as she used her powers to restore Ichigo’s vitality again.


“You ladies are gonna kill me…” Ichigo groaned in surrender.


“We’ll just get you a new gigai body if that happens dear.” Orihime said impishly.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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21 days ago

Newsflash: beach arc is still best arc !
And with these modified gigais with massive proportions it looks even more promising now !

19 days ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

Hehe, glad you approve!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
21 days ago

Starting of almost right after the last chapter ended is a really nice idea. Especially with the role Orihime plays in these two chapters. I like how she is practically the mistress ordering her husbands soon to be wifes around. Speaking of which, nice to know that Orihime wants to make a harem for her “darling”, which is a rather nice idea. I wonder who will join them as well. Since it’s Orihime, I guess it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that Chizuru will become one of them. I assume that Yoruichi also wouldn’t say no, and if it’s just to tease Ichigo. Nice sex scene, once again I like the interactions between the three girls and how they gradually exhaust Ichigo in this pleasure hell.

Full on sex scene in this chapter, which is something I haven’t seen that often.

19 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks, Orihime is fun to write as a kinky girl. Soon as I finish this arc, I plan to do a timeskip to after Kazui has been born.

21 days ago

Ichigo’s got a top notch trio ready and willing to fuck his brains out. I may be jealous, lol.

21 days ago

Lol, yep, orihime is fun to write as kinky. Though I’m not sure who corrupted her more, Yoruichi or Chizuru

21 days ago

Love the threesome of Rangiku, Orihime and Nel. Looks like Orihime plan is going really fine and she will have two other woman to share her husband. Good luck Ichigo and the new female gigai models will leave some interesting scenarios as Orihime is using one right now and not sure about Nel. So maybe a bust power up will come soon

21 days ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Hehehe, though it’s technically a foursome! Lol