Negotiations in Bed

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“Commander, you went ahead and had a captain make contact with the ruler of Hueco Mundo without our permission!?”


“Well, you already gave your permission just now, so let’s chalk it up to me just believing in your wisdom ahead of time.” Shunsui said with a chuckle as he looked at the shadow of the stubborn Central 46 member that had been antagonizing him the entire discussion.


“You….! You…!” The man nearly snarled as he stood up from his seat, much to the Captain Commander’s amusement.


“Now, now, what’s done is done. And the commander is correct, we have made our decision on the issue.” One of the judges that had previously supported Shunsui spoke up as he signaled for the angry man to settle down. “Though, please try and remember to consult us before such action in the future, Shunsui-dono.”


“Haha…. Yeah, must’ve slipped my mind. Won’t happen again.” Shunsui said abashedly as he rubbed the back of his head. He didn’t have many supporters within the Central 46, so he definitely wanted to keep the few he did possess.


“Now, since that topic is settled, can we please get back to the original discussion?? We’re all in agreement that humans, Visored, and the Holl-, apologies, the Arrancar, will be allowed to participate in the upcoming Procreation Era, correct?” The same judge spoke up, listening as some of the other men within the room grumbled in disapproval, but none outright denied the claim.”Very well then, Commander, do you have any updates on your progress? Have any of the Shinigami we’ve tested so far shown to have completed their fusion successfully?”


“Well, it is somewhat slow going, that’s another of the reasons that I hoped to add other races into the candidate pool. As you all know, Unohana-san is already able to participate, as she did so in the previous Procreation Era. She is also the one administering all the tests though, so that is making the already slow progress lag even more. However, we’ve been able to test about 40% of our forces so far, at the moment the only successes have been Rangiku Matsumoto, the lieutenant of the 10th Division, Isane Kotetsu, the lieutenant of the 4th Division, and of course the Shihoin siblings. Though we were already aware they would qualify.” Shunsui finished with a sigh at the slow progress they were making already.


“So we only have four viable females and one male after nearly half our forces have been screened?” One of the men said in slight disbelief as more of the others began muttering around them.


“Indeed, so far luck seems to not be in our favor once again….” Shunsui muttered half to himself as he worried about the situation they were in. “Though I’m hoping that there will at least be a few candidates among the humans and Arrancar once we begin screening them. That is to say, if Harribel accepts our offer…. Oh, and I think Mayuri said something about potentially altering his lieutenant so that she could complete the fusion, but we’ll have to see how that pans out.” Shunsui finished with a groan as he thought of the mess he would likely have to clean up thanks to whatever crazy experiment the captain was up to. Oh how he missed the days when all he had to worry about was his quaint little division.


Looking towards the men, Shunsui was about to continue his assessment before he heard the door to the chambers behind them burst open, and one of the messengers from his Division came running into the room.



Standing at the entrance to the very heart of Seireitei, the First Division barracks, Harribel couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit of nervousness pooling in her stomach. This was the seat of power for her former enemies, the Gotei 13, and she was perhaps the first Hollow to ever step foot in such a place.


Naturally, she had been under close surveillance the moment she stepped foot into the Soul Society, and the further she proceeded towards the barracks the more eyes she felt glued onto her. Many were in plain view among the numerous Shinigami that had been assigned to “escort” her to the barracks, but there were dozens of other that were watching her every movement from the shadows, their ability to blend in to the environment developed to the point that even Harribel a difficult time sensing their location. In total, the queen sensed that there were easily more than a hundred people keeping her under surveillance as she sat in the waiting room, most of them waiting on edge outside while her escorts eyed her wearily within the room.


Though I can’t really blame them. Even if one or two of their captains were here I could probably destroy more than half this city before they even had a chance to stop me….’ Harribel thought as she gave the men a blank stare in return as they watched her wearily. However, her musings were cut short as the door to Captain-Commander’s chambers burst open, revealing a scruffy looking man in a pink kimono.


“Ah! Harribel-san! Welcome, welcome! Please come in!” The scruffy man said with a smile as Harribel stared at him blankly. Curtailing in response, the man gestured into the doorway he had just come through with a smile and a bow as the woman rose from her seat. Looking back towards the rest of the people in the room, Shunsui gave a frown as he saw all the Shinigami looking back at him. “Have you guys seriously just been glaring at her the entire time? Shoo, shoo! That’s no way to treat our guest.”


“B-…. But Commander!”


“It’s fiiiine. I got it from here, you guys go on and get some rest.” Shunsui said with another of his disarming smiles as the men all looked at each other with uncertainty, soon enough though they all awkwardly shuffled out of the room with their heads hung. “And that means you too, Onmitsukidō!”


Suddenly, as Harribel brushed past the soul reaper into his chambers she felt all the presences that had remained hidden from her sight disappear as well, slowly fading away like they had never even been there to begin with.


Soon after Harribel had entered the room proper, and as the man closed the door behind her Harribel noticed that this wasn’t actually the man’s office as she had expected, or at least it wasn’t decorated like one. The only notable piece of furniture was a large purple and blue bed in the center of the room that was shaped like a heart and covered with a litany of fluffy pillows. Around the bed were numerous pink petals from some plant that Harribel had never seen in Hueco Mundo and a small table on the side that looked to have a few drinks and other assorted knickknacks.


“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Harribel-dono. I don’t think we had the chance to introduce ourselves last time because of the whole war going on and whatnot, but I’m the new Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Shunsui Kyo- mmmph!” As Shunsui had nearly finished his practiced introduction, the man stopped as he suddenly found his voice being muffled and himself blinded by a white fabric that was thrown over his head. Reaching up to grab the fabric, the man found himself holding a familiar long sleeve crop top in his hands as he stared at it in confusion.


“What the….” Looking back up, Shunsui felt his heart pick up as he saw that a matching white skirt was now laying on the ground where Harribel had been standing mere moments ago.


“Well, at least you don’t beat around the bush like that ice captain from before.” Harribel called out as she walked towards the bed in the center of the room, now completely naked save for her bone white Hollow mask.


“Uh, pardon?” Shunsui questioned aloud as he stared unabashedly at the hypnotic sway of the Arrancar’s huge ass.


“Oh please, Commander. You and I both know what this bed is for. Don’t worry, I’m not offended, in fact, I prefer it this way. Now we can get this done while discussing a treaty at the same time instead of pussyfooting around like your subordinate did.”


“….Well, it’s nice that you’re so open minded.” Shunsui said as a lewd smile formed on his lips as the man quickly began following behind the blond, disrobing as he did. “Though maybe you’re a little too open minded, poor Toshiro-kun was so wrung out that we had to send squad 4 to pick him up after.”


“Hmph, maybe next time you should send someone more experienced then if you want to fuck me.” The cool beauty said with a huff as she laid down backwards onto the bed, spreading her legs without a second thought as she exposed her already wet pussy to the man. “Hopefully you’ll do a little better.”


“Well, I hope to be able to do more than just a ‘little’ better.” The bearded commander said with a more relaxed smile now as he dropped the pants of his shihakusho, revealing his already erect cock to the woman. The man was absolutely huge, with his length looking to be easily three times as long as the younger captain she had partnered with previously, but what really had Harribel’s juices flowing was that his girth was almost twice as thick as her own forearm.


Rolling her hips in excitement at the large cock approaching her, Harribel watched as Shunsui finally reached the bed and positioned himself between her legs, slowly grinding his length up and down her pussy.


“Just one moment.” The tall man said as he reached over to the table a few feet away and grabbed a small package from the surface. Eyeing it, Harribel raised her eyebrow in confusion as she looked at the plastic object.


“What is that?” The Arrancar questioned.


“Hmm? You don’t know what a condom is?” Shunsui asked, now with a slight raise of his own brow. “Ah, right. Now that I think about it they wouldn’t have something like this in Hueco Mundo. It’s basically a contraceptive to catch the semen so that you won- Woah!”


“We don’t need that.” Harribel interrupted once again as she wrapped her legs around the commander’s hips and pulled him forward with her powerful thighs. Immediately, to the pleasure of both parties, Shunsui found himself buried balls deep inside the woman as she took the condom out of his hand and tossed it behind her. “It feels better this way. Besides, isn’t the whole reason we’re doing this treaty so that your people can breed with mine? We might as well get started.”


“Well, that’s true but it isn’t supposed to be me specifically that you’re sleeping with…. Technically it likely won’t be you either if we were to just look at the statistics…. But hey, whatever, I’m in this deep already.” Shunsui said with his lewd smile returning as he laid his large hands down on Harribel’s huge chest. “And I’ve been wanting to get a hold of these puppies since I saw you back in Karakura Town.”


Though she wasn’t quite sure what the man was talking about, Harribel figured she could question him plenty later as they hashed out the details of the peace treaty they planned to enter into. Right now, the woman wanted to focus more on the giant dick stretching out her pussy and the huge hands pleasuring her sensitive tits. The Commander was obviously experienced, and he had the biggest dick she had seen in a while, so this would be a great way to relieve some stress before they started getting down to the brass tacks of their discussion.


Laying her arms back above her head, Harribel enjoyed the stimulation from the man as she felt her hot breath building in her mask as he began pumping his dick inside of her at a steady pace. Meanwhile Shunsui seemed to be delighting in her springy boobs as he alternated between groping, pinching, and bouncing her fat tits in each hand. Harribel had to admit, the man was definitely skilled, and this was the first time someone had hands large enough to encompass so much of her boobs at once.


Picking up the pace as she began bucking her own hips into the man in sync, Harribel finally began letting out the faintest of moans from behind her Hollow mask as she felt the man’s engorged head begin spearing into her womb at just the right spot to have her start seeing stars.


“Oh fuck!” Harribel moaned out as she felt her pussy begin tightening even further around the huge cock as her pleasure reached new heights. “Keep that going, Commander!”


“Gladly.” Shunsui responded as he bit his own lip, trying to contain the release that threatened him at the sheer tightness of the Hollow Queen’s pussy. “Though, I have to say, you’re kind of a hard sell, your majesty. You’re not even blushing.”


“Well, maybe if you work that dick a little more then you’ll be rewarded with one.” Harribel bit back with what the Shinigami could only imagine was a smile beneath her mask.


Soon Shunsui began using his grip on her breasts as well to increase his force once again as he began thrusting into her even harder than before as he played with her boobs in an absolutely inimitable way that Harribel was sure she could get hooked on if she received such pleasure enough times.


This treatment continued on for minutes as the two both narrowly avoided giving each other their release, before they finally arrived at the exact moment as the other. Harribel signaled her impending orgasm by tightening her thighs even further around the man’s waist, forcing him to restrict his thrusts to quicker more compact bursts into her cunt as Shunsui called out to her.


“Oh fuck, cumming!”


Just as the elder shinigami announced his release, Harribel felt her own explode out as well as her womb was flooded with a deluge of incredibly thick seed. Bucking her hips out of pure instinct to milk more of the man’s cum from his orgasm, Harribel finally let out her first true moan of the night as she felt her eyes roll into the back of her head as the man’s spunk overflowed around her soaking lips.


YEESSSSSS!” The queen cried out into the cool air.


Despite his relentless creampie, Shunsui still continued thrusting inside of the blond Arrancar throughout the entire release, much to Harribel’s excitement, as the two rode out their simultaneous orgams together. Finally, however, the man started slowing his hips over the course of nearly a minute as his orgasm began to taper off as well, before he finally halted all movement, his cock still buried inside the woman.


“Hah…. Hah…. Well, if all the other Arrancar are like you, I’d say you pass with flying colors.” The man panted as he rested his still throbbing dick inside of the woman while idly continuing to play with her tits.


“Hah….You’re not so bad yourself…. For a Shinigami….” Harribel said with a sigh of her own as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. “Well, how about we begin discussing terms over round two?” Flexing her pussy walls, she reached her hands up before tightening her grip around the man’s broad shoulders. With strength that belayed her size, the woman easily flipped Shunsui over until their positions were reversed as she mounted him cowgirl style. “I’ll move this time.”


“Eh, I mean, I’m all for it, but you don’t want to take just a little break? Like, maybe a minute or two?” Shunsui said with a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead.


“No.” The woman responded coldly as she began bouncing up and down on the Commander’s lap with practiced ease. “So with the peace treaty, how about we start with an alliance of mutual defensive aid?”


As Harribel trailed off into an in-depth discussion on their respective governments future interactions, Shunsui couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat run down his back at the sight of the woman picking up the rate of her humps more and more.


Man, Toshiro-kun, I might be meeting up with you in Squad 4 sooner than I thought.

(Story by: A Stray Cloud)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 days ago

Woah, the Shunsui action came much quicker than expected, although I have to say that the it’s quite the stretch for me to say that the man in the artwork is Kyoraku, since he lacks the hair and has a different sking but I’m not gonna complain (Shunsui FUCK YEAH!!!). I like the worldbuilding aspect so far, it’s by far more complex in my mind than what’s happening in the other Bleach stories, Naruto or my One Piece stories. Harribel seems to be an actual beast in bed and I have to admit, you are quite skilled in writing dominant female characters on a site that mostly features rather nymphomaniac sluts. Don’t know how to feel about Kyoraku being among those dominated men though because I hold him in quite high regards but hey, it’s your story and you can write it however you want, right?

So yeah, really grateful for giving Kyoraku (and the older artworks) some much needed attention.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
7 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, unfortunately everything might not fit perfectly with the art (I think this character was supposed to be Sado) but it did give me a chance to write more shunsui so that’s always fun.

Glad you like the worldbuilding so far though. There should only be a little more next time and then we’ll be into lots of fuckin =)

8 days ago

I wonder if Harribel would view ichigo as the perfect mate due to his hollow nature and powers. Also due to his hybrid nature he would have the biggest dick in this series, monstrously animalistic in size. Do you know what would be a good idea, if unohana was assigned to be ichigo’s sex teacher, how she may seem nice but she is a depraved lustful women who’s been assigned to deal with ichigo’s shyness by putting him through perverted and super ecchi situations in order to bring out his inner perverted sex machine.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
7 days ago
Reply to  Flinchin

Well, those are certainly fun ideas though. You’ll see soon how partner’s are decided though. =)

8 days ago

woow un ver un dibujo donde harribel le agaran las bubis y levante los brazos si que es un deleite para mis ojos…pd :espero que en el futuro haya mas este tipo de dibujos.

A Stray Cloud
A Stray Cloud
7 days ago
Reply to  john-kentway

Yo tambien lo espero!