Nearly Naked Night Fun

Fiddling with what could, with some imagination, be called a dress, Lisa stepped into the room, stopping short when she saw Nanao. The younger woman was blushing up a storm; unsurprising, considering she was dressed in a very similar outfit to Lisa’s own. The Visored idly noted that while she possessed the bigger bust, Nanao was the clear superior when it came to lower body. Stomping down on the temptation to spank her successor, Lisa gave her a commiserating smile instead. “Who picked out your dress?”


“Rukia,” Nanao admitted, her expression caught between fondness and embarrassment. “She was very insistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was actually reminded of her brother a few times.”


Snorting softly, Lisa stepped further into the room, studying Nanao as she did the same in return. “Orihime got to me. For such a sweet girl, she can be very stubborn when she really wants something.” Her expression turning thoughtful, she added, “Which should be expected, actually, given how long she’s pined for Ichigo-kun without giving up.” It was admirable, slightly sad, and just a little scary.


Nodding, Nanao looked herself over one more time before sighing in defeat. “I suppose it could be worse.” At Lisa’s questioningly raised eyebrow, she elaborated. “We could be completely nude instead of just partially so.”


“True, but in some ways, this is worse, since it draws attention to specific features,” Lisa countered. Her breasts, for example, were just covered enough to maintain some decorum, while her butt couldn’t even boast that. Nanao had it even worse, since she had even more of her body exposed, with a much larger ass as well.


“Ladies. You look wonderful tonight.”


The pair of glasses wearing beauties looked up; their mouths went dry, and they could both feel a definite tingle in their pussies as they took in the sight before them.


Shunsui had actually cleaned up, and very well too: he was clean shaven, his hair was neatly pulled back into loose ponytail, and his suit looked very expensive. Also, to his credit, he wasn’t leering over them, instead merely smiling gently as he strolled towards them.


Lisa was the first to recover, folding her arms and giving him a regarding look. “You don’t look too shabby yourself, Captain-san.”


“Please Lisa-chan, call me Shunsui. We’re on vacation, after all, and we should all relax and enjoy ourselves. That especially includes you, Nanao-chan.”


“Uh, yes si-, I mean, yes, Shunsui-kun.” Nanao’s blush brightened to dangerous levels as she spoke, and Lisa hurriedly stepped in again to give her time to recover.


“So, what are we doing tonight?” she asked, trying to sound casual. She had few ideas in mind from the magazines she read, but while Shunsui would likely go for them, she didn’t want to scare off Nanao-chan so soon. The girl was adorably sexy, but very uptight as well.


The laidback captain shrugged, never losing his smile. “Eh, I don’t have anything planned. I say we just go out on the town, have fun, and see where that takes us.”


That got a reaction from Nanao; she rolled her eyes, adjusting her glasses as she stepped forward. “In other words, your usual plan for the day.”


“So mean, Nanao-chan!”


Shaking her head at their antics, Lisa locked arms with both of them to pull them out of the room. She wanted to have fun tonight, and the sooner they got out and about, the sooner it could happen.


Not that watching and listening to Nanao and Shunsui bicker wasn’t entertaining…




Lisa moaned as Shunsui’s talented tongue did marvelous things to her hot, wet pussy. Her moans traveled out her mouth and into Nanao’s as they kissed, tongues intertwined, and their bodies pressed together. Nanao was bouncing up and down, riding Shunsui’s cock, forcing Lisa to wrap her arms around her in order to keep kissing her.


The Visored didn’t mind, not in the least. She could tell she was close to cumming, and she suspected Nanao and Shunsui weren’t far behind. Then, they could switch positions; maybe she could get fucked by her former captain while he licked Nanao out. Or she could lick Nanao while Shunsui fucked her silly and kissed her friend. With the three of them, there were a lot of possible combinations; young as the night was, she was sure they would have time to explore them all.

(Story by User: S22132)