Naruto on Cloud Tenten

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Tenten fanned herself slowly as she walked side by side with Naruto through the building. She, Naruto, and a few others had traveled to Sunagakure for talks about the next Chunin Exams to be held there. She hated this village in the summer, day and night were both blisteringly hot, and the building where the meet was to take place had a broken air conditioner.


“It’s hot…” She breathed as she and Naruto turned a corner. “Maybe I should have waited until I got back to get this.” she added, lifting the back of her shirt to show off her new trampstamp tattooed just above the crack of her curvy ass.


“Yeah…” Naruto agreed, sweat dripping down from his headband and into his eyes. “Looks great though.”


“Thanks. So, you two set a date yet?” Tenten asked. It was the biggest news in Konoha, that Naruto and Hinata were officially engaged. Though she had been there at the club when he proposed to her on stage in front of everyone.


“Nah, not yet, Hinata has been busy both with missions and helping Hanabi get used to working in the club rotations. After this I’m planning to sit down with her father and work out some logistics.” he explained as the two of them moved to step into an elevator together.


The late night city lights twinkled outside the window of the elevator as Naruto pressed the ground floor button. Tenten leaned against one side of the elevator as they began to descend slowly, “So, I guess you won’t be coming by the club as often afterwards, huh?”


“As if, Hinata said she’d drag me there herself if she had to. She doesn’t care who I’m fucking, so long as it’s HER finger the ring is on.” he explained.


Tenten licked her lips, “I was hoping that’d be the case.” she said as she tapped the emergency stop button, bringing the elevator to a grinding halt.


“Tenten, what the hell…ummmpph…” Naruto began to ask but stopped as Tenten pushed him up against the window of the elevator, covering his mouth with hers. She quickly stripped out of the simple loose top and pants she’d been wearing, rubbing her soft tits against him as she tore open his shirt and pressed them against his chest.


“I can’t stop thinking about that little birthday gift Samui and I gave you,” she breathed, deftly undoing his pants and smiling as she felt his already half erect cock in her hands, “I haven’t had a decent fuck since and I’m going crazy!”


Naruto chuckled, “Never thought you were this forward Tenten.” he told her, then smiled as she blushed slightly, “Really, all you had to do was ask.” he told her as he helped her take off the remainder of his clothes.


Tenten smiled, kneeling down to lick his thick huge cock, “I’m so jealous of Hinata, getting to get this every night… Ahhh, it’s not fair…” she whined before taking his cock down her throat, moaning at the way it made her jaw ache so good.


“Oooooh, believe it…” he groaned, his dick throbbing in her mouth.


She bobbed her head up and down on his length, moaning as she took it deep down her throat. Her fingers rubbing her clit, juices already dripping along her thighs. She then lifted her mouth free and rubbed his length along her face, licking his balls slowly, “Ahhh yeah… this is what I want…” she panted before licking and kissing her way up his torso, “Mmmmmh, fuck my ass Naruto, I want it in my ass so baaaaad..” she whined.


“You’re really getting good at the dirty talk, Tenten.” Naruto grinned, grabbing her soft ass and lifted her up with ease. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned as she felt his cock rubbing along the folds of her hot cunt. Sweat beaded all over her naked body as she felt her asshole stretching around his rod.


“OOOOH FUUUUCK…” she moaned, bracing her feet against one side of the elevator car and rocking herself up and down on his cock. “YEAH!!! RIGHT IN MY ASS!!! HARDER!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE HARDER!!!!!!” she moaned.


“Easy Tenten, we’re still in a public building you know!?” Naruto warned, thrusting his hip against her, bouncing her up and down on his length.


Tenten nodded, quieting her cries as much as possible as her entire body shook in pleasure. She then smiled at him, “It’s your fault for having such a great dick!”


Naruto groaned, “I’m not apologizing for that, believe it!” he told her, slamming her up and down faster as she held onto him tight. She shuddered in pleasure as she felt him cumming inside her ass, the hot spunk spraying back out around the huge plug that was his dick.


“Yeah, right there, aaahh fuck…” Tenten moaned.


“Seriously, what are you two doing?” a voice asked dryly.


Tenten stiffened and saw Temari’s reflection in the window of the elevator, her eyes wide with shock as the blonde simply looked at the pair. “Fucking in a stopped elevator, so cliché.”


The brown haired young woman closed her eyes and smiled weakly before sticking her tongue out at the blonde girl’s reflection. Temari rolled her eyes and reached inside to press the close door button, “Five minutes, then get your clothes back on.”


“Thanks!” Naruto and Tenten said together.


Story by Sailor Io

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