Mrs. Hokage’s Trail of Degradation

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A, former Raikage of the Hidden Cloud sat on a bench under a large, blossoming Sakura tree where the leaves rustled quietly whenever a breeze went through them. The park itself was sparsely populated today as A had only seen a handful of people passing through while he awaited Hinata’s arrival. The blonde-haired hulk of a man took advantage of the tranquility and crossed his burly arms over his bare chest, meditating with his head down for the task to come. The training he received from the old man in his village truly bore fruit last night. A smiled broadly as the vivid memory of Hinata squealing and moaning like a pig whore ran through his sound mind. Despite leaving her in such a fucked-silly state for her husband to clean up, A didn’t derive pleasure from humiliating Naruto. He held nothing against him and respected the man for his humble beginnings, fighting tooth and nail against his enemies and even himself to get where he was now. His wife however… that mouthy bitch needed to learn some respect! And he had every intention of using this bizarre sexcraft to do it!


“Yondaime Raikage-sama?” Asked a feminine voice next to him. A opened his eyes and turned to see Karui Akimichi standing on his left side. She was dressed like a common housewife in a burgundy dress and sandals, although her immaculate, ebony tits still ballooned outwardly in the form of a low neckline that showed off her cleavage.


“Either I’m getting old or you’re keeping up with your training. I didn’t detect you in the slightest.” A praised her with a proud smile. Being a former Raikage, it was always pleasing to see a ninja from his village grow into suitable shinobi.


“I do still take occasional B-rank missions to keep from going soft.” Karui responded, her eyes lighting up with a happy smirk to match. “Being a wife and mother validates the need to stay sharp even more.”


“Hm, a proper resolve. I’d expect no less from someone I closely watched over for so many years.” A stated with a nod. “Speaking of family, how’s your offspring?”


“Chocho? She’s doing fine. In fact, I’m certain she’ll make it to Chunin when the next exams come along.” Karui informed, pridefully beating a fist against her giant breasts.


“Heh, I’m not surprised. You’re a splendid kunoichi yourself so it can only be expected that she inherits such talents. Not to mention she also has the Akimichi blood flowing through her veins. That’s quite a future prodigy you have to look forward to.” A earnestly complemented.


“Thank you, Yondaime-sama.” Said Karui as she held out a brown bag to him. “By the way, I picked up the items you requested.” A accepted the bag and looked inside. A sinister grin formed on his face as he inspected the contents.


“You have my thanks. I’m not too familiar with the shopping districts around here so you saved me a bunch of trouble.” He stated, prompting Karui to bow respectfully.


“I assume such attire and… trinkets are for whoever will be meeting you here today.” She prompted as A digged around in the brown bag.


“Indeed. The club may have been full last night, but I don’t think that was enough exposure for a shameless wench like Hinata.” A explained. “Which is why I’ll begin to make up for that today.”


“Begin to?” Karui questioned curiously.


“Of course, I plan to use each and every last one of these to teach her what it means to disrespect the Raikage!” He ended with resolved determination, holding up the gold VIP slips.


In response, Karui smirked and chuckled, earning a look of confusion from A. “My husband took her out one night as his bitch. Only he didn’t let her wear anything besides a leash and collar, and a butt plug.” She explained.


“Which is precisely why I brought this.” A replied while reaching into his white haori and pulling out a long, black rubber dildo. “It’s cast from a mold of my own with a little “surprise”, let’s just say.


“Wow…” was Karui’s only reply as her eyes went wide. With that said, A thanked her again and asked her to give his best to Choji and Chocho before he dismissed her. Instead of using a jutsu to leave in a dramatic form, Karui simply walked out of the park. “Maybe I am getting old.” A wondered silently to himself before sensing another presence. “Ah, finally here huh?”


Turning around, the dark-skinned hunk saw Hinata Uzumaki walk out from the beautiful bushes. Her tremendously thick tits were covered by a short-sleeve purple jacket and a long-sleeve white shirt underneath, both of which stopping right above her slim torso. A fiendishly licked his lips as he cited the tasty baby fat of Hinata’s pale, voluptuous thighs spilling out of her light brown shorts. “Good afternoon.” She politely greeted, her open-toed black boots clacking with every step.


“Afternoon.” A stated as he stood up to face her. “I’d imagine you had sweet dreams when you got home. Anyone would after being turned into a living sprinkler for so long last night.” Hinata silently narrowed her featureless lavender eyes to the ground, blushing as she recalled the overwhelming orgasms A gave her. “Here. Put all of this on in one of those bathroom stalls and we’ll get our “date” started.” The assertive black man held out the brown bag for Hinata to accept it.


“W-What?!” Hinata defiantly exclaimed as she inspected what was inside. “You can’t actually expect me to walk around in this right?! There’s no way I ca-”


“You can, and you WILL!!” A swiftly interjected, his tone giving her the impression that an argument wasn’t a luxury she could afford. “And for the record, you won’t be walking. You’ll be crawling.” He ended, smiling like a devil. Hinata exhaled in defeat as she was rudely reminded of her place as his servant so long as he had those slips.



A impatiently leaned back against a Sakura tree, his finger tapping it continuously. “Where is that damn woman?” He ranted to himself. It had been ten minutes since Hinata left to get changed and the bathrooms weren’t too far from where they had met up. In that short span of time, couples, and a few elderly walkers had begun passing through the park. Suddenly, he heard an outburst of whispers and gasps coming from the right side of the trail, coincidentally the side you’d have to walk to get to the bathrooms. He laughed like a mischievous child pulling off a successful prank as he knew only one thing could stir up such random commotion.


Heads turned and followed the Hokage wife’s timid, hesitant struts as her naked body was damn near visible to everyone! Around her neck was a red dog collar with a long chain for a leash dragging on the ground. The only thing covering Hinata’s supersized funbags was a bikini top that consisted of four black straps connected to a golden ring in the center to support it. However, one could easily see her dark pink areolas outside the thin confinements. It was astonishing to A that her bountiful figure didn’t snap the g-string hugging her thighs. If someone told him they tied a pair of shoelaces around her crotch, he’d believe it. To top off the depraved prostitute attire, she wore open-toed white boots that ran up past her knees, an ironic contrast to the black ones when she first arrived. Hinata stopped underneath the tree where A was, her beat red face coming off as uncharacteristically cute to him. “Well, are you happy now?” She nervously inquired with the seething awareness of all eyes on her.


“Heh, not just yet.” He replied, confusing the gorgeous Hyuuga MILF as he crept up closer to him. “Motherhood truly is a beautiful stage in a woman’s life.” He followed up the remark with a fast glance downwards at Hinata’s beach-ball titties. His strong hands went underneath her knockers, sinking into them up like quicksand. Hinata stood in place and moaned with her eyes closed while A’s tongue made clockwise circles around her lickable areolas. “Not bad.” He said, the sweet taste pleasing him as he alternated from one boob to the other. The other park visitors could only freeze in place as the Hokage’s obscenely-dressed wife willingly offered her body to the Raikage in broad daylight!


“It’s…h-happening again!” Hinata announced and threw her head back as the familiar effects of Suzuka Sexcraft influenced her body. “My nipples itch! It’s b-burning!!” Her chest petals indeed began erecting themselves harder and with more sensitivity than ever before. They stuck out through the bikini straps to the point that anyone could see them from a side view. She started to reach up and pinch her aroused nipples, but A slapped her hands away.


“I didn’t give you permission to play with yourself bitch!” He roared, pulling her into himself so that his brick wall of a chest mashed into hers. Hinata’s high-pitched orgasmic scream echoed throughout the whole park! The sudden squishing of her hypersensitive tits against A’s bare chest knocked her mentally and physically off balance. “From here on out you move and speak only when I command you to.” As A laid the ground rules, he reached around her back with one hand and attempted to move her g-string to the side. “These Konoha women and Kaguya have some of the biggest asses I’ve ever dealt with!” A commented silently while he struggled to move the thong submerged in Hinata’s buttcrack over her broad pound cake of an asscheek. When he finally got it out the way, he reached into his haori to whip out the dildo molded from his own big black cock.


“HYYYIIIII!! S-SO DEEP!!” Hinata hollered through gritted teeth as A heartlessly stabbed her unprepared ass with the long sex toy until every inch sunk it. He felt her insides squeeze on it, a telltale sign that she came once again. For further confirmation, he rubbed his fingers along her slick, gushy snatch. A tugged her thong and moved it back in place, trapping the fat dildo up her thick ass.


“There’s lots more of that to look forward to if you behave like a good girl. Do I make myself clear?” He asked his broken-in cocksock.


“Yeshhh, Waikahgay-shamaaa!” Hinata babbled with crossed eyes as she tightly hugged him, trying to climax from her nipples again by smearing herself into his chest. A looked around at the public audience he and Hinata attracted. Some were disgusted, speechless, and even horny from his sexual superiority over Lady Uzumaki. “That’s right. I own this cocky whore now!”



The merchants working the outside vendors of Konoha’s business district were treated to an exclusive sight they’d never forget. A strode down the center of town while Hinata submissively crawled on the dirty ground in front of him like a pet animal. The usual expression of humble nobility she had on her clear baby face was replaced with her mouth opened at all times, panting as though she were a dog. One of the men that owned a prominent sushi joint felt his penis stiffen for the first time in years as he watched Hinata’s colossal udders swing and sway with every movement she made. “Haah, haah, haah, haah!” She breathed audibly while looking back at A, who was holding the chain-leash connected to her collar.


“What’s wrong mutt, tired already?” A scolded his human pet as they stopped in the middle of the street. He wasn’t complaining however. Any man could enjoy the view of Hinata bent over in front of them. Those chunky, soft thighs and that broad, sweat-glistening onion booty propped up in the air wiggling from side to side for a huge cock’s attention. “Not yet. Maybe in a little while when I feel like it.” Ending the unspoken discussion, A tugged at the leash, yanking her head as a sign to keep moving.


Sometime later, A noticed a recurring pattern in Hinata’s movements. She would crawl forward for about five seconds before arching her back and scrubbing herself across the dirt and then continue moving. “Hey! Speed up! You don’t want to get punished do you?!” He emptily threatened her as they walked through other shocked pedestrians. All of them saw the same look on Hinata’s face: fuming bliss in being a masochistic slave. Her entire body was sweating from the ordeal and she had no doubt tracked dirt onto her outfit and bosom. The fellow villagers, whom once respected her as the wife of Lord Seventh, saw her as nothing more than a disgraceful, filthy creature. And she loved every second of it!


A took pride in his work. This bitchy little housewife had fully submitted to him and even got off to it in public. But he still couldn’t discern the reason as to why she kept dragging her breasts through the ground. Now she was twisting her upper body left and right, slapping her flesh balloons loudly as they clapped together. “Wait…is she trying to-?!”


A quickly stomped over to her. “Still trying to act out on your own huh? Now I know why you’re taking these long pauses.” He started to explain as he crouched down behind her. “Your using the ground to stimulate those puckered titties aren’t you? Even after I made it clear no pleasure will be tolerated unless permitted by me!” Hinata screeched in pleasure as A’s other palm came crashing down on her left boob!


“WOOOOF!!” She barked in response to the sweet stinging. Her pussy clenched hard and sprayed the dirt with aroused cunt juice. A smacked gently yet roughly her other titanic titty with enough force to leave a dark red handprint on its flesh. He roughly groped as much of her meaty melons that he could. “HYAAHHH!!” She hollered, breaking out of character. His skilled groping was just too good!!


“You WANT to get punished in front of all these people!” The former Raikage confessed for Hinata before tugging at the nipple and pulling it as far away as he could. Her tongue jutted out of her mouth as she climaxed from just ONE of her breasts getting punished. “That’s enough for now. Anymore and I wouldn’t even be able to resist turning you into a sperm factory in front of these people.” A admitted while fixing the bikini straps back over her breasts and getting up.



“I must say, Konoha outshines my village in terms of product quality.” A noted as he observed all the items on the shelf. He had chosen to walk the obedient Hinata into a grocery store that she herself regularly shops in. Some of the canned foods were a rare find back at the Hidden Cloud and equally just as expensive. He continued walking around, tugging Hinata away from incoming shopping baskets. Her jaw was growing sore from the hours of panting like a canine but she still worked to keep up the imitation. Familiar faces gasped at the low state she was in but Hinata acted as though she didn’t even know them.


A made it to an open cashier with nobody else in line and got ready to pay for a green rubber ball he found. “L-Lady Hinata?!” The cashier said, stupified by what he saw crawling next to A. He was a young man with green eyes and a lanky build. His neck-length brown hair was tied up in a ponytail.


“Shigechi-kun-WOOF!” Hinata spoke with words for the first time in hours, however A quickly yanked the leash to remind her dogs don’t speak. A looked down at Hinata, and then back to the boy she identified as Shigechi.


“Lady Hinata, why are you parading around like this?! And with the former Raikage at that!! Don’t you have any conscience for how Lord Seventh will think of you?!” Shigechi frantically questioned Hinata. She always came off as a generous, pure woman to him. Seeing her like this was less than desirable in so many words.


An idea popped into A’s head as he saw the cornered look Hinata was making now that her morals were being questioned. He remembered the additional feature his dildo came with and laughed. “My apologies, young man. It appears you and Mrs.Hokage are acquainted with each other. I’ll let her personally explain why she’s in the situation she is now.” A stated while reaching into his pocket. “Go ahead Hinata, you have permission.”


“Umm…well I…” Hinata couldn’t even make eye contact with Shigechi. They had conversed plenty of times when she came by for grocery shopping and he was the only one at the register. This was just as uncomfortable for her as it was him.




“Ahhhnn!!” Hinata toppled over onto her stomach as throbbing vibrations in her anal cavity magnified. The dildo that A gave her as a buttplug also served as a vibrator, the miniscule remote control having been concealed in his pocket the entire time. “I…IeeeIIIIII!!!” She tried to speak again but A dialed up the speed and intensity of the toy. It now sounded like a flying beetle and was moving in circles inside Hinata, stimulating all her sweet spots to the max. Hinata’s quaking body began to rise off the floor with her ass up high and her face contorting below. “I UNDERESTIMATED THE RAIKAGE!! I MOCKED HIS SKILL AS A MAN AND NOW I’M PAYING FOR IT! He fucks me so GOOOOD, better than Naruto!! I’m a big, dumb anal-loving whore for Kumo-cock now!!!”


The betraying words she spoke could be heard for almost everyone up front to hear. Her corrupted mind got off on worshipping a dominant alpha male, and it showed through the enslaved woman rolling over on her back like a dog begging for a belly rub. “Keep the change boy.” A said smugly as he payed for the ball and pulled Hinata up off the ground. Shigechi was left there, repulsed but secretly aroused by the buxom woman’s display of servitude to the Raikage. Meanwhile, A had the grandest smile on his face when he threw the ball and Hinata ran after it on all fours out the store, her beefy body jiggling everywhere.



A and Hinata stopped at a different park to watch the sun set. It was a long day of walking and humiliation. But despite everything, the date was exciting, even for Hinata. She now sat on the ground with her arms wrapped around A’s muscular thigh while he patted her head, gazing off into the beautiful sky. “You can speak now. I want to ask how embarrassed you feel, but I’m scared you’ll cum your brains out.” A sarcastically teased, getting a chuckle out of Hinata. She was so high off being ridiculed today that she didn’t bother to try and snap back. The Kumo cumdump looked up at A with dreamy eyes, mesmerized by the sweat collected on his bulging eight-pack abs and chest from all the walking.


“Raikage-sama…” She began while crawling in between his legs with a naughty, flushed smile. Hinata raised herself up so that her hefty boobs laid flat on A’s crotch. “I couldn’t help but notice how sweaty you got. May you please grant this horny slave permission to clean her master? Such a muscular, powerful body like yours needs to look its best at all times.” It was at this moment A personally claimed victory over Hinata. If she was so immersed by him that she ASKED to please him, there was no denying he broke her down and now owns her body like his personal cumdump.


“Go for it.” He approved while looking her dead in those exotic eyes of hers. Hinata pushed herself into his lap and straddled him. She purred, feeling his clothed, rigid erection rubbing along her slit. A took off his haori and leaned back with his arms stretched out over the bench. The dutiful slut licked her lips like a predator spotting prey and dived forwards into the right side of his large neck. A growled in delight as her soft cock-kissers smooched his tanned skin, giving a hard pat on that megadonk of hers.


“Mmmmf.” She moaned into his throat and licked a trail over to the other side. Hinata was genuinely attracted to A’s body, reaching around the sides of his abs to squeeze the tough muscle. While Naruto was lean, A was a shredded adonis of masculinity. Her pussy ached with a need to be bred by such a bull! His salty sweat was like a delectable wine intoxicating her faithfulness to Naruto with every bitter intake. She licked down to his arms and playfully nibbled on the ham-like biceps. A started humping upwards as his chest got lathered in obsessive, worshipful kisses. It was getting difficult to resist tearing off both their clothes and brutally womb-punch her with his dick until he was satisfied. He wanted HER to be the one to initiate the sex and cry out for more!


“Ughhgh!!” Hinata started spasming as his bulge rubbed her clit through both their clothes. “Noooo…more…I CAN’T HOLD IT ANYMORE!” She tore off the intricate bikini top with one hand and her thong with the other, shocking A with the sudden exclamation. Seeing her truly on edge made his cock arch up with precum bubbling at the top. “Please… can I taste it?” She asked desperately and dropped back down in between his legs, rubbing her face in his warm ballsack. A felt the time was right. Hinata validated his supremacy over her long enough. She received her answer with a tugging of his pants followed by musky testicles plopping on the top of her forehead.


“Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.” A said. Hinata immediately swallowed one of his softball-sized salty chocolate balls. Her cheek swelled up as the organ occupied her entire mouth. A clenched his fist from how good her hot breath and slippery tongue felt on his orb. She sucked on it hard and relished the strong flavor of virility. Her hand came up to stroke his herculean shaft as she serviced his other nut. She could feel the rugged veins and nodules running through her fingers. Her pussy walls lubricated themselves as if the simple feel of his ribbed cock triggered a muscle memory from last night.


A intensively concentrated on Hinata’s passionate tongue while it rolled up the underside of his engorged penis like a snail. The intimate eye contact between the two was held even as she reached his dickhead and drilled the tip of her tongue into his tip, scooping the yummy patch of precum. “Ommm.” Hinata hummed around his cock while she encased the top with her full lips. A groaned as she started swallowing more of his meat. Creamy rings of spit formed around the girthiest part in the center.




“Arghhh that’s it! Make that big mouth useful and polish my cock!” A hollered as Hinata bobbed her head faster. Saliva bubbles formed all over the thigh-thick monstercock. She started to choke as half of his meat rammed her slim throat. Before she could pull away and regain air, A grabbed the back of her head and forced her all the way down, her face getting squished in his forest of pubic hair!! “You seem to have forgotten what I said about watching you choke on my dick. I WASN’T BULLSHITTING!!!” He roared like an untamed behemoth as he heartlessly facefucked the air out of Hinata. A manually bobbed her head up and down with both hands as though it was nothing more than an onahole.


The rough treatment had her cumming like mad. She could feel her stretching wide while the large cock made room for itself. But her tears of sexual desperation only made the neck destruction all the more aggressive. She gagged as his dick digged further down her throat muscles and bulged through them. Excessive goo exploded out the sides of her mouth, lathering his balls. Even as Hinata came close to losing consciousness, she still had enough strength to reach over and drill her asshole with the black dildo. “Here! Enjoy your meal!” A announced as Hinata felt at least a liter of semen fill her stomach! Watching Hinata crawl around all day with her mouth open had him just as sexually frustrated as her. The young mother’s eyes cross with every rope of porridge-thick cum ejected into her guts. Her stomach felt so packed and heavy that she probably would skip out on actual dinner later that night.


Hinata’s entire body went limp from overworking and lack of oxygen. A realized she was suffocating and quickly threw her backwards off his cock. “Excellent job. Most women would’ve been walking away with a dislocated jaw after that. You and “The Legendary Sucker” can take blows and give some.” A complimented while clapping, although Hinata probably wasn’t registering any of it. She was too busy coughing and inhaling for dear life after such a harsh skullfuck. “Stand up and turn around. I’ll give you your last reward for today.”


Hinata stumbled as she rose, still disoriented. She turned around and bared her meaty bubble ass to the Raikage. He spread those white, tenaciously fat cheeks apart and was greeted by a musky aroma of sweat and pussy juice. Her natural pheromones made his heartbeat quicken as well as hardening his dick once more. He slowly twisted the dildo lodged in her ass, making her squirm in his grasp until it came out with a loud POP! Hinata felt him grab both of her arms and pull back until she was smoothly hilted ass-first on his erection.


“SOOO BIGGGG!!” She echoed loudly to the world, his thick beast stretching her tight asshole. A scooted forward and pushed her down to the ground.


“I ran out of stamina last night to teach this asshole a lesson, so I’ll be making amends now!” A stated before grabbing her waist and plowing into her behind. It was a tighter fit than her pussy and far more mushy. Her insides were hot like heating pads! He took his time pulling out, watching how her tight hole clung to his member everytime he pulled out! His balls slapped against those dripping pussy lips as he drove himself back deep inside her stomach. Hinata of course just couldn’t stop making noise. A’s phallus prodded at spots that not even Naruto touched! As long as he had Suzuka Sexcraft, nobody could ever be a more suitable partner.




“FUUUUGGG MEEE!!” She cried as A propelled her faster into his crotch. He leaned forward and bit her neck like a lion. Both of their thighs crashed together like magnets, the force dispersing in Hinata’s scrumptious bubble butt in the shape of skin ripples. She had been conquered once again, viciously climaxing on a dick that wasn’t her husband’s. When A came inside of her once again, Hinata gave a high-pitched girly scream that could shatter windows!


They both laid still in the aftermath of their orgasms. Sweat covered every corner of their bodies. A took hold of her tits one last time before pulling out, a splurge of dick butter gushing out of Hinata’s gaping ass. She slumped to the ground and giggled mindlessly. “That’ll be all for today.” A said while putting his pants and haori back on. “I trust you can make it home on your own. Get ready for tomorrow.” As he walked off, he quickly gave Hinata one last command: “Get your hair cut a little shorter by the time we meet. And make your bitch tits far much, much bigger than they currently are.”

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