Movie Filming Day 1: Onee-san Opportunity

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The early afternoon sun hung high in the air as it shone down on the school yard. It was a perfect first day of filming for Boruto’s movie. Pink petals fell from the cherry trees with the slightest breeze as Hanabi sat in a folding chair and looked over the script in her hands. She was dressed for her part as the school Phys Ed teacher, loose fitting tracksuit pants, a tank top, and the matching track suit jacket. The scene was simple enough, and she already had her lines for the entire film committed to memory. Supplies were bought, permits issued thanks in no small part to her. It helped that both the Hokage and Konoha Zoning Commission were both regulars at Busteez. She offered the commissioner a weekend VIP session with any girl of his choice to issue all the permits they needed. And Naruto, well, her brother-in-law was easy enough to manipulate if one knew how. No one would be allowed within a few hundred meters of the school this weekend or any weekend while they were filming.


Sumire stood quietly next to her, dressed in her regular school uniform outfit adjusting her make-up, though she didn’t have much applied. Her time at Busteez taught her one thing about make-up, when it came to the face, less is more. After all, mascara was a dancer’s worst enemy once tears of ecstasy began to run.


The current annoyance was a bit of stage fright from a rather unexpected source. She looked up from her script and sighed as Boruto and Mitsuki spoke with Iwabe. The youth was still shaking every time he glanced in Hanabi’s direction. She wouldn’t have been surprised by this behavior from Metal Lee, almost the whole village knew of his issues with being watched. Why he was even cast in this movie was beyond her.


Standing opposite to her, Sarada spread some jelly over a slice of bread from the small buffet table. Today they had a mix of mostly light snacks, bread and various spread for your own custom sandwiches. Chips that would have made Cho-cho swoon, and a lot of electrolyte drinks for the male actors to replenish their fluids with. The dark haired girl was clad only in a white bathrobe, slippers, and nothing else! She didn’t even bother to close the robe, leaving her sexy naked body on display, her naturally huge tits hung in the open, her pink nipples stiff from the cooling breeze.


Still by the buffet stood Kaguya, Temari, Wasabi, and Kurotsuchi, the four of them had Metal Lee prepare them each a sandwich. None of them had any scenes scheduled for filming, but they all wanted to be present for the first day of filming. The rest of the female cast was either on mission, at work, or dealing with personal matters.


“Think they’ll get it worked out?” Sarada asked before taking a bite of her snack.


“Yes, though not today most likely. Iwabe still looks very nervous.” Hanabi said. She’d seen this before with many a young virgin man. “I’ll schedule him another fuck session with Hana this week. After more experience, all those jitters will just vanish like they were never there.”


Sarada nodded, “Iwabe always did talk a big game, but still, this is almost sad.” she said as Boruto placed a hand on Iwabe’s shoulder and nodded. “What was the scene here again?”


“Student skipping gym because his gym shorts show off his huge dick.” Hanabi said, “Me, the horny teacher, makes him prove it, and things just keep escalating from there. Luckily, Iwabe is able to make the scene work since his dick is bigger than most Busteez patrons.”


“Hmm, have you already seen him?” Sarada asked curiously.


Hanabi nodded, “I took care of his virginity after the party the other day! Poor thing just about passed out when I got naked for him.”


“Wha… Really Hanabi-sensei?” Sumire gasped, almost brushing the applicator against her eye.


Sarada giggled and looked down at her own naked body and Hanabi smiled at her. The dark haired girl was really getting into the spirit of the porno making process! She didn’t have any scenes scheduled today, but her presence was just as important as she was the official ‘fluffer’ on set today. According to Wasabi, a fluffer was a man or woman on set whose sole purpose was to keep the actors and actresses visibly aroused between takes, film changes, or in their case memory card swaps. All the girl’s not filming that day drew lots to see who would fill that role, and Sarada was today’s winner. Or maybe loser depending on how one looked at the job.


“So what do you think they’ll do now?” asked Sarada, “I mean I’m good with just Yuri scenes aside from my big scene with A-sama later.”


“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that,” Hanabi said. She’d been following the entire exchange with her Byakugan. Lip reading was a useful skill for a shinobi.


“Worry about what?” asked Wasabi as she came over, munching on a tuna fish sandwich.


Hanabi quickly relayed the situation to her and the brown haired girl giggled. She then eyed Sarada and grinned, moving a hand to pinch the nipple of one huge tit, “So, you gonna start showing these babies off more regularly now huh?” she asked as she gave her nipple a tug, making Sarada moan softly before smacking her hand away.


“Maybe after the movie comes out, yeah. My mother says I don’t need to hide them anymore.” she answered with a blush.


“Ah, sho da biggesht titsh in Konoha are gonna be on display more now?” Wasabi asked, mimicing Sarada’s drunken tone from the party. The dark haired girl blushed and buried her face in her hands. Hanabi found it amusing how she could stand there practically naked and be unashamed, but mention how she acted when she got plastered and she was like a shy schoolgirl!


Temari walked in on the conversation, “Speaking of the other day, how you feeling, I know you couldn’t have been feeling well with you woke up.”


Sighing, Sarada asked, “Why does the hangover last longer than the party?”


“Natures way of reminding us that all good things come with a price.” Hanabi said.


“So, what’s the hang up?” Temari asked before taking a bite of what looked like a basic BLT. Hanabi was getting tired of repeating herself and relayed the situation again.


“Well then, Lord Boruto should take over as the lead, it’s a fitting role for him. We of his Harem would be more comfortable as well.” added Kaguya as she and Kurotsuchi joined the group as well. Both of them had simple ham and cheese sandwiches in their hands. Hanabi decided not to reply to that since the ivory skinned woman might technically be correct; nearly every woman present had been with the young blonde at least once. She glanced at Sumire, smiling at the way the girl was blushing, ‘And some are hoping to be.’ she thought.


“We are NOT a harem! Huh, hey, where’d Metal go?” Sarada asked, looking around and no longer seeing him.


“Coffee run to the Ninja Bucks down the street. I wanted one of their lattes.” Kurotsuchi answered.


The conversation was wrapping up it seemed as Iwabe hung his head and went inside the school. Boruto and Mitsuki then walked over to the two girls, “Okay, change of plans for today.” Boruto said.


“Yes, Iwabe-san is suffering a sudden bout of erectile dysfunction, so Boruto will be assuming his role for the film.” Mitsuki said plainly.


“I figured as much.” Hanabi said as she set down her copy of the script, “I think Iwabe’s troubles can be solved easily later on.” She then explained her idea to arrange several private sections from a Busteez worker in a private setting, get rid of his anxiety.


“That’s actually a good idea.” Boruto agreed.


Standing from her seat, Hanabi dusted off a few of the cherry blossoms that had fallen on her, “So, when do we start?”


“Soon as Denki gets here with the new camera equipment.” said Boruto, “Before that, I’ll go get changed.” he added and went inside the school.


Hanabi turned to Kurotsuchi, “New camera equipment?”


The dark haired woman smiled and took a large bite of her sandwich. After she swallowed she explained, “I ordered the new 4K Camera’s and corresponding equipment. After watching his footage of the pre-filming party, I wanted the entire movie shot with the same clarity.”


As if on cue, Denki entered through the south gate into the school yard pushing a hand cart loaded with boxes.


“Sorry I’m late everyone!” he said as he began to set up.



Take 1


Standing in front of Boruto, looking sullen in his school uniform, Hanabi smiled as she adopted the posture of an upset teacher. Not too difficult since she was a teacher to her genin trainees. She gave him a soft, but still authoritative smile as she began her lines.


“So, Mr. Kobayashi. You’ve spent pretty much the entire year sitting out on gym class.” she told him, smiling at the way he flinched ever so slightly. “Well, what’s the problem?”


“Well, I um… I’ve got asthma…” Boruto said. His acting was pretty good; he played the poor lying student very well.


“Don’t lie to me. I never saw any doctors note!” she chided him and crossed her arms under her tits, pushing them up slightly and exposing the undersides of them thanks to her three size too small tank top.


“If there’s a legitimate reason, then there’s no problem with auditing the class.” she told him, trying to sound sympathetic, “But, if you don’t give a satisfactory answer then I’ll have no choice but to fail you for the entire year of gym.”


“CUT!!!!” Mitsuki shouted.


“What!?” Boruto asked, “I thought that was going well!”


“That!” Mitsuki said, pointing upward with the cone he’s just used as a megaphone. Hanabi followed with her eyes and sighed as a large blimp flew overhead, the sound of its engines now filling the air and ruining the atmosphere.



Take 2


Still looking convincingly sullen, Boruto hung his head as he spoke, “Um, Ms. Hachiya, will you promise not to tell anyone?” he asked. Hanabi nodded, smiling down at him, “The truth is I… I…”


“The truth, now.” Hanabi demanded. It still annoyed her having to do the entire scene over again, but she was prepared for this. She couldn’t believe she forgot to issue a no fly zone in the air over the school as well, forcing them to do the entire scene over again, but it was her fault for the lack of foresight.


“Well, um, I… I have a really big penis.” he confessed, actually blushing at having recited the line. It was honestly adorable it made Hanabi just want to take him right there!


Instead she touched a hand to her chin in thought, then gave a shocked expression, “Huh!?”


Boruto continued, “Normally you can’t tell, but when I’m wearing gym shorts it gets really noticeable. I used to get picked on a lot in my last school; I couldn’t stand it happening again!”


“Oh come on! I mean how big could it really be?!” Hanabi asked, holding up her hands about nine centimeters apart, “About this big, soft?”


Boruto shook his head and looked away, “No… When it gets hard it’s around ninety-one centimeters…”


“Nin… Ninety… One…” Hanabi stammered her jaw dropping as she gasped in shock. She had already recorded the inner thoughts of her character that would be dubbed over the actual audio, ‘This young stud… Has a nearly meter long cock!?


Hanabi put on a sly grin as she remembered about her character’s inner thoughts, ‘Oh man, I gotta get me a cuntful of that!


“CUT!” Mitsuki called.


Unable to hide her annoyance, Hanabi turned to the young albino, “What now?!” She was having fun in this little role play! Boruto was so cute when he acted all bashful and embarrassed! Even now her panties were almost completely soaked!


“You’re soaking through your costume.” Mitsuki told her, “You can’t be looking so aroused before you actually see his penis.” he told her.


Hanabi blinked once and looked down at herself. The crotch of her blue tracksuit leggings was indeed a darker blue with her own juices. She felt her face turning beet red and she quickly ran inside the school. The cast’s entire wardrobe was in the girl’s bathroom closest to the entrance. She was thankful they bought multiple copies of the same outfit. ‘Ugh, this is so embarrassing!‘ she thought as she stripped out of her track pants and panties. As she rummaged through a box for a fresh pair of panties, Sarada walked in and smiled.


“So far so good. You and Boruto have surprisingly good chemistry.” she told her.


Hanabi grinned, “Well of course, I am his onee-chan after all!” she said, puffing out her chest proudly. “And I was his first, that also helps.” she added as she found a pair of powder blue thong panties and pulled them on.


“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were bragging just now.” Sarada said with a raised eyebrow.


“Well, maybe a little.” she said with a grin.



Take 4


“Well, ahem… If that’s true,” Hanabi said, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “I can understand how you feel, but,” she said, turning to face Boruto again as he studied the ground. “There’s no way you can get me to believe you have a meter long hard-on.”


Boruto stomped his foot, “But it’s true ma’am! I’m not lying!” he said, clenching his fists and looking at her with a sorrowful expression. It was so adorable!


Placing a hand on her hip, Hanabi said, “Alright, show me.”


Boruto went stiff with shock, “Wha… What?”


She tilted her head quizzically, “How do you expect me to believe you otherwise?” she asked as though it were obvious. Boruto hung his head and sighed, and Hanabi licked her lips.




“What!?” Hanabi asked, “We’re just getting to the good part!!!!”


“Licking your lips like that was not in the script.” Mitsuki told her, “The audience should not know what to expect.” he told her plainly.


“Oh… That… That makes sense.” she said quietly, then turned to Boruto, who was looking at her with a raised eyebrow, “Sorry…”



Take 12


“Okay, I’ll show you… If I have to.” said Boruto as she began unbuckling his belt and opening his pants. Hanabi grinned as she heard Sumire gasp as Boruto pulled out his half meter long while flaccid dick.


‘Oh right, Sumire isn’t used to the sight of his unusually enormous dick…’ she thought, ‘Though I wonder why Wasabi isn’t reacting like her’


It had taken forever to get to this point! Mitsuki kept cutting almost randomly reshoot after reshoot. A few times it made sense, like sudden heavy cloud cover killing the lighting. Or another fly over from that blimp. The third time that happened Hanabi put in a call to Naruto directly. The blimp hadn’t passed over them since. She figured the pilot must be eyeing Sarada as she was still standing or sitting around almost completely naked with her huge tits hanging out.


The last time Mitsuki said Boruto wasn’t acting believably.


“What do you expect; you call cut every fifth line!” Boruto shouted.


He really did, Hanabi was counting that time…


Kneeling down in front of Boruto, Hanabi didn’t try to hide her excitement as she yelled, “Yee-haw!!!” Her hands gripped at open air as she stared wide-eyed at his dick, “H… Holy shit! You weren’t kidding! You’re fucking huge! Even soft it would take me both hands to hold it all!”


Blushing, Boruto looked away from her, “So, um, can I…?”


“Yes yes, No problem, I’ll give you a passing grade. On one condition, you need to let me test you privately.” she told him.


“Wow sensei, thanks!!! I was…” Boruto began, “WHA…!!!!” he gasped when she suddenly grabbed his soft dick in both her hands. She grinned as he began to stiffen instantly at her touch! Less than a second after she gripped his length and he was already half hard!


“M… Ms. Hachiya!?!?! What are you…?” Boruto asked, his face still red as she stroked him to his full erection. Hanabi could feel the heat coming off his cock, and the smell… Oh the smell was making her crazy! She almost forgot her lines as she did her best to grip the space just under the tip of his cock.


“Hey, I said I’d test you, didn’t I?” she asked plainly as she smirked up at him.


“B… But I thought you meant…!?” Boruto stammered, but she could feel him throbbing in her hands and she knew he’d been looking forward to this as much as she had. From the very edges of her vision she caught sight of Sarada with an envious expression! Good thing all the girls were focused on Boruto’s giant dick, otherwise she’d get called on her jealousy.


She smiled up at him and continued her lines, “Just think of it as sex education as well.” she told him as she gripped his massive hard-on in both her hands!


“But sensei… I can’t… I… Ooohhh…” Boruto protested but his words faded as she began stroking him expertly.


“Mmmmh, it sure looks like you can to me big boy!” Hanabi said, calling upon all her ninja skills to say that line with a straight face. She felt herself blushing as she saw Wasabi snickering, hand covering her mouth as she struggled to keep herself from laughing out loud. ‘Please hold it in,‘ she thought to her student, ‘I don’t wanna…‘ she began to think.




KNOCK IT OFF MITSUKI!!!!” All the women shouted at once, Hanabi among them. They had finally gotten to the good part! Boruto’s cock was out, and Hanabi wanted it in her mouth so bad! Just the smell alone was threatening to make her soak her panties again!


“It’s three o’clock, time for lunch. Good work so far everyone.” Mitsuki said plainly as he got up from his director’s chair. “Boruto, you’ll need to maintain your erection, we’ll start from this point again after lunch.”


While part of Hanabi was relieved not to have to go through the entire scene again, now she had to wait thirty minutes before she’d feel that delicious ache in her jaw when she deepthroated her nephew!


“Guess I’m up then,” Sarada said with a smile as she ran over, her huge tits bouncing with every step. She ran over to Boruto, straddling her legs over his cock as she pressed her tits against his chest. “Now, don’t you even think of cumming dummy, if you do I’ll punch you!” she warned, though it was hard to take it as a threat given she said it in a cooing voice while she rubbed her pussy back and forth over his length.


Boruto let out a slow shuddery breath and nodded. Sarada giggled again and continued rubbing herself up against him like a cat in heat as Hanabi moved over to the buffet table. She blinked in confusion when she discovered the set-up had changed. There was a selection of still hot meals from various eateries all laid out. Even some still hot ramen from Ichiraku!


“When did?” she asked.


“I went and got them.” said a voice at one end of the table. Hanabi turned and saw Iwabe standing there eating a fried chicken leg. “Figured I needed to make myself useful today.”


She gave him a sweet smile, “You’re plenty useful. And everything’ll be fine, come by the back entrance to the Club tomorrow, I know just the way to deal with your stage fright.” she told him with a wink.


Before he could reply, Sumire moved in front of her with Kurotsuchi following.


“S-sensei! How will you do it?!” Sumire asked nervously.


“How will I do what, Sumire?” Hanabi asked innocently.


“Boruto-kun is very, very, large! How will it even fit!?” she asked.


“The human body is far more flexible than you’d think. And being a shinobi even more so.” Kurotsuchi placed a hand on Sumire’s shoulder as she informed her.


“Though it did help that his father was also well endowed, so I’ve had some decent training.” Hanabi added as she prepared a bowl of ramen for herself. She took her first bite when she noticed Sumire glancing over to Boruto and Sarada, blushing deeply and fidgeting.


“Nervous about your scene with him?” she asked.


“Wah!!?” Sumire squeaked like a mouse caught by a cat, it was cute. “N… NO! I’m fine, I’m per…fect…ly…” she trailed off then hung her shoulders and said, “Is it that obvious?”


“Totally.” Hanabi and Kurotsuchi said together with a grin.


“Ohhh…” Sumire whimpered, looking as if she was trying to shrink in on herself.


“Oh that reminds me,” said Kurotsuchi, “Sumire, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a virgin yes?” The purple haired girl nodded, and the dark haired woman touched her hand to her own chin, “Hmmmm, that’s not good. I know defloration scenes are popular, but only with a niche crowd. If you lose your virginity on camera, it might hurt us more than help in the long term.”


Hanabi agreed, before she went to fully work in Busteez, she lost her virginity privately to Naruto thanks to a little help from Hinata. “Hmmm, tell you what, after filming today, how about I set you and Boruto up with a room at the Busteez Love Hotel? Just the two of you?”


Sumire visibly perked up, “Re… Really!?” she asked with a bright smile.


“Jeez, try not to get so excited Sumi-chan.” said Wasabi.


“Wa… Wa… Wasabi-san, how long have you been here!?” Sumire stammered.


“Since you and Kuro-chan cornered Hanabi-sensei about Boruto’s dick.” Wasabi explained.


“Hmm, speaking of that, how is it you’re not surprised? You didn’t even show a sign of shock at the party we held.” Kurotsuchi asked her.


“Oh, I already saw it before. Granted it was dark then, but there was enough light.” Wasabi answered as she grabbed a few pieces of sushi off of a plate and popped one piece in her mouth, “Id wash back when were biewing dat ohld porno at Sharadahs.” she spoke with her mouth full before swallowing. “Also after seeing the Raikage’s audition with Sarada and again with him demolishing lady Hinata with his monster meat, I’m kinda used to it now.


“Ah, so that’s what all the commotion was then.” said Mitsuki as he came up to the group and picked up a bowl of ramen for himself. He blew on the noodles once before eating several bites. Unlike Wasabi, he finished chewing and swallowing before he continued.


“I think todays shoot is going very well.” he told everyone.


“It’d be going even better if you’d let us actually finish the scene before restarting…” Hanabi said quietly and passive aggressively. “It’s a waste of film.”


“Oh, that’s no problem!” Denki said as he came up to the table next, grabbing a hamburger for himself. He unwrapped it and took a huge bite as though he’d been starving all day. After swallowing he continued, “Everything is digital, so we can do as many… Takes… as…” he slowed when Hanabi glared at him with her Byakugan triggered, “….Well, there might be a problem with filling up the memory cards too fast, ahehehe…” he corrected himself quickly, rubbing the back of his head.


“Oh, will that be an issue?” Mitsuki asked, “In that case, I’ll allow for more mistakes then, we can address them in post-production I suppose.” he said as he walked off.


“Hey! What mistakes!?” Hanabi shouted, “I’ll have you know I get paid quite well for this sort of thing!”


“I’d let it go Hanabi, I think he just likes calling cut is all.” said Temari as she and Kaguya came over.


“I agree, he always seems to smile a bit more after yelling that,” added Kaguya. The two women looked over the buffet. Temari grabbed a salad for herself while Kaguya went for one of the hamburgers like Denki had.


“Gotta say girl, you’re doing an amazing job out there.” Temari said, “I’m jealous, honestly. I wish I could role-play half as well.”


Hanabi suppressed a laugh; it was no secret at the club that Temari was terrible at role play. That was why she mainly booked sex only sessions. ‘Hmm, why was she cast then?‘ she wondered as she began eating her ramen before it could get cold.



Take 19


“Now, let me have your full attention…” Hanabi said as she knelt in front of Boruto, holding his cock in one hand while gently fondling his balls in the other. She could smell Sarada all over him still, but his cock at least was clean. The last few takes all had to be restarted because his dick was shining on camera thanks to her fluids. Hanabi could forgive it this time, because at least it was for technical reasons and not acting ones.


She looked up at her nephew with a semi-serious expression. Mitsuki said it was best to let her own perverse arousal show through now as she wasn’t a teacher anymore, but a horny woman seducing a young man.


“This’ll count for your entire final grade! If you do a good job, I guarantee an A+.” she told him as she licked her lips at the sight of his throbbing erection!


“O…Okay.” Boruto said with a nod, though he still looked nervous. Hanabi couldn’t tell if he was acting or not. After all, this was the first time they were doing anything like this with an audience! Denki moved in closer with his handheld camera, getting a close-up shot of her leaning in close to the tip of Boruto’s dick.


“Don’t be nervous,” she told him, both as her line, and with a supportive tone, “You can call me Mayumi, okay?” she said as she began stroking his length faster, “This won’t hurt a bit,” she told him, then under her breath, but loud enough for the mic to pick up she added, “Well, not you anyway…”


She then slowly brushed her tongue against the underside of his cocks tip, loving the way he shuddered at her touch. It reminded her of that first night in the bath when she stole his virginity! She then opened her mouth wide and took the top ten centimeters of his cock into her mouth, moaning in utter delight as she did so!


“Mmmmmmph, jusht tell meh when ‘ou’re gedding closhe hon…” she slurred around his cock as she began slowly taking it in deeper.


“Go slowly Hanabi-san.” she heard Mitsuki say from his director’s chair. “And gag a bit for the watchers.”


The brown haired woman tried not to feel insulted. She hadn’t gagged on a cock since her first year working the V.I.P. rooms! She did as directed though, faking a small gag here and there as she took a full twenty-five centimeters into her mouth!


“Mmmmmph…!” she moaned happily, nearly cumming just from the feel of his cock in her mouth alone! She bobbed her head up and down slowly, making sure to drag her lips back slowly for the camera. Boruto continued to groan softly as she pulled her head away completely and made a show of licking his length from base to tip again, “Mmmm, doesn’t that feel good?” she asked.


“Y… Yes… Mayumi…” Boruto replied. Hanabi felt just a little hurt when he didn’t say her real name, but right now she was Mayumi Hachiya, pervert gym teacher at a school full of horny older women preying on the young studs they were surrounded by.


“Ahhhmmmmph!” Hanabi moaned, opening her mouth again and taking half his cock into her mouth! She felt her throat stretching around his thickness as she heard Sumire and Kurotsuchi both gasp.


“Heh, now THAT takes practice.” she heard Temari say softly.


“Indeed, it was some time before I mastered that technique as well.” Kaguya said.


“Shh! Don’t make him call cut again!” Wasabi whispered harshly.


Hanabi grinned inwardly and turned her focus to Boruto, loving the way he groaned and moaned softly as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She could tell he was holding back as she felt his cock throbbing against her tongue.


“Sensei… Ahhh, oh sensei…” Boruto groaned as Hanabi moved her head back and forth quickly, her lips making all kinds of lewd noises as the glided along his cock. She added a little more saliva than she needed to for the camera. She then slowly pulled back again, leaving a perfect coating of her saliva on more than half his cock!


“What’s wrong Masaki?” she asked, moving to lick the underside of his cock again, “Doesn’t this feel good? Don’t you wanna cum?” she asked in a sweet voice.


“But, Mayumi, I… I don’t wanna cum in… OHHHH…”Boruto groaned as Hanabi took just the tip of his cock in her mouth, swirling it with her tongue before he began cumming hard. Her cheeks puffed out instantly before she was forced off by the sheer amount of cum erupting from his cock and spraying all over her face!


“Ahhhhaaaa!!!” Hanabi gasped, “Ahhh, what a waste! I wanted all of your hooot delicious cuumm in my mooouth…” she moaned, dragging out her words like in the script as she used her fingers to scrap the cum cover her face into her mouth where she swallowed every drop for the camera as Boruto moved aside for Denki to get in close on her face. The young blonde then sat back on the ground, his still rock hard erection standing up in the air nearly reaching past his chin.


“Mmmmmmh, and still so nice and hard like a healthy young man!” she said happily as she stood up on her knees, still licking his cum from her fingers. She then crawled over to him, “Well, that was your basic sex education lesson. Now, how about we move to the advanced course!?” she asked with a smile.


“And cut!” Mitsuki said, “Denki, save that take, we’re moving into the gym teacher’s office for the next segment!”


All the women breathed a collective sigh of relief.


Iwabe brought a clean towel over to Hanabi who used it to clean herself off as she got up again.



“You know, school always seems smaller when you come back to it after a few years.” said Kurotsuchi.


“I wouldn’t know.” said Kaguya as she looked around, “What is that smell?”


“That, is the smell of too many kids all crammed together like sardines in a can.” Temari said as they walked along the hallway towards the gym.


Their entire group had moved into the school itself, and Hanabi was grateful for the air-conditioning as they made their way through the empty building. All around were handmade banners advertising school events, team spirit, and inspirational quotes. Though Kaguya was right about the smell, a mix of industrial cleaner, antiseptic, and pubescent body odor filled every breath. It brought back mostly pleasant memories.


“It’s through that next hallway.” said Boruto as he led the group around another corner. Hanabi and the others followed him into the large gymnasium.


“Oh wow! this school has an even bigger gymnasium than the one we held the party in… AND this smells much better.” Kaguya said, no longer wrinkling her nose.


“Oh, someone likes the smell of sweaty young men.” Kurotsuchi teased.


“Is there something wrong with that?” Kaguya asked.


“Nope.” Hanabi answered with a giggle, “Ahcougar,” she coughed into one hand.


Behind her, Wasabi and Sarada snickered.


Mitsuki then went over to the control for the folding bleachers against one wall and pressed the extend button. “I’m afraid the teacher’s office is small, so most of you will have to wait outside while we finish filming the sequence.”


Most of the other girls mumbled complaints, but there was nothing to be done about it. Only Mitsuki, Denki, Boruto, herself, and Sarada would be in the office. Hanabi hoped they could finish this in one take because she needed a proper bath, her face and most of her chest still felt sticky from earlier.


“So how will we explain the shift from outside to inside?” Sarada asked once they were in the office. She dropped down to her knees in front of Boruto, pressing his now half erect cock between her heavy tits and using them to stimulate him back to a full erection.


“A basic scene swipe.” Denki answered, “You know, when a bar or some shape passes over the screen and suddenly the scene changes? We don’t want to make it too obvious that the film was shot here, so we’re making it look like there’s a door outside and leads directly into here.”


“Ah, okay that makes sense.” Sarada said as she smiled at Boruto, “Wow, you got hard fast, looking forward to plowing your aun…” she began to say.


“AHEM!!!!” Hanabi coughed warningly.


“I mean, you’re onee-chan’s pussy that much, heheheh…” Sarada corrected.


True as it may be, Hanabi hated being called an aunt, auntie, or anything similar. It made her feel old, and was an annoying reminder that she was in her twenties and SINGLE!


“Nee-chan’s pussy is great, so yeah!” Boruto answered.


“Awwww, I love you too Boruto-kun!” Hanabi said, feeling herself blush at his comments as she began stripping herself naked as well.



Take 40


“So,” Hanabi asked as she leaned her naked body against one wall of the office, “Do you wanna fuck my pussy? ‘Cause I want you to take that long thick cock…” she said as she smacked a hand against her ass, “AND SLAM IT DEEP INTO MY CUNT!”


Boruto gulped and moved closer, pressing the tip of his cock against her dripping pussy. Hanabi chewed her lower lip in anticipation; she could FEEL the heat coming off his cock as he pushed into her.


“Mmmmmgh, yeah, just like that, now push HARD!” she told him. He did just that, and Hanabi felt her stomach distend with his length, “HNGH!!!! OH GOD!!!! YES, FUCK YESSS… FUCK ME!!!!” she screamed as she rocked herself back, pushing his cock deeper inside with a wet squishing sounds as her juices began to overflow.


“Ahhaaa, Ma… Mayumiii!!!” Boruto groaned, “Ahhh so tiiight!!!!” he screamed as he slammed into her again and again, his balls slapping against her clit, making a wet smack smack smack noise with his every thrust.


“YES, YES, YESSS!!!! OH SHIIIIT, I’M SO FULL!!!!” Hanabi panted, “YOUR HUGE HARD COCK, IT’S FILLING ME UP INSIDE!!!!!” she screamed, her fingers clawing at the wall as her tits swayed back and forth. Sweat beaded on her back, rolling down the curves of her sides to drip off her body as she gasped for breath.


“Ahhnnn, this feels, so amazing!!!” Boruto groaned, gritting his teeth in pleasure.


“AHHHH, THAT’S IT!!! SO GOOD!! DEEPER, GO DEEPERRRR!!! FUCK ME HARDERRRRRR!!!!” Hanabi screamed at the top of her lungs. Boruto did as told and Hanabi couldn’t hold back her orgasms as she panted and drooled in ecstasy. Her Byakugan triggered itself and she could see Sarada sitting in the gym teacher’s chair, her legs spread wide as she openly masturbated while watching them! Her fingers digging deep into her own pussy while her other hand pulled one tit to her mouth where she sucked on her own nipple!




“Haahh, sensei! I’m gonna cum!!!” Boruto groaned, “I’M GONNA CUM!!!” he warned.


“DO IT BABE! CUM FOR ME!!!!” Hanabi screamed, “TAKE THAT HOT MAN MILK, AND SHOOT IT DEEP IN MY CUUUUNT!!!” Hanabi screamed as she came with Boruto. She could feel his cum filling her womb instantly, flooding every bit of her insides before overflowing back out her pussy around his thick cock!


“And cut and print!” Mitsuki called.


“Finally!” Boruto said before he fell back on his hand, his cock softening like a balloon with the air being let out as he panted for breath.


Hanabi agreed, her pussy was almost aching now as she felt Boruto’s insane amount of cum flowing back out of her. She moved over to one of the spare chairs and sat down. Denki handed her a towel and she nodded her thanks.


Once she caught her breath, she asked, “Boruto, are you okay?” The young blonde didn’t answer verbally, but merely held up his hand in a thumbs up gesture.


“Really Mitsuki, take into consideration the health of the male actors. It’s not healthy to maintain an erection that long, let alone without cumming once!” Hanabi chided him.


“Huh, really?” Sarada asked.


“I do this professionally, I know that men have some set limits that are universal for every man.” she told her, and then remembered the time Ibiki Morino wanted to experiment with “Blue Balls” torture to extract information from male prisoners. Looking at him now, she didn’t doubt that he’d answer any question she asked.


“Boruto, whose pussy do you like most?” she asked.


“Sarad…” he began to say before passing out completely.


“Hmmm!?!” Sarada squeaked like a mouse, her face blushing a deep shade of crimson.


“See? Not healthy! Any other time he’d have avoided answering that honestly!” Hanabi said to Mitsuki, then turned to Sarada, “Congrat’s Sarada-chan, though I don’t think he’ll remember that when he wakes up, so go easy on him, ‘kay?” she asked with a sweet smile.


“Wha.. Whatever!!!” she said as she crossed her arms and looked over to Mitsuki. “Mitsuki, what’s on the schedule tomorrow?”


“The scene between A and Kaguya.” Mitsuki informed her.


“I’ll work as a fluffer then too, got it!?” she snapped at him.


Mitsuki gave a small bow, “As you wish.”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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