A Moo-mentous Milking

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Fairy Tail stories)
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Aquarius looked up with mild interest as Lucy dragged herself into the front room, moaning as she did. “Finally finished? I thought it would be a few hours with how desperate and horny you looked.” She held up the novel she was reading. “Nice taste in books, by the way.”


“…hate you…so much…” Lucy wheezed, doing her best to glare a hole through her Spirit’s head.


Aquarius simply rolled her eyes. “Typical ungrateful brat,” she scoffed, a hint of a smirk lurking on her face. “So, do you feel up to discussing the favor you owe me, or are you too fucked silly to hold a conversation?”


Holding her glare for a moment longer, Lucy eventually sighed and heaved herself into a sitting position. “All right, what do I have to do to repay you?”


The evil smirk on Aquarius’ face did not fill Lucy with confidence.




Face still red at the thought of what she was going to have to do, Lucy’s attention was all over the place, so it was no surprise when she bumped into someone. “Ah! Sorry, I…Gray, your clothes,” Lucy sighed at her naked guild mate.


“What? CRAP, not again!”


Shaking her head, Lucy instinctively looked around, bracing for Juvia to come running up to her, screeching about her ‘love rival enticing and stealing her Gray-sama!’ To her surprise, nothing happened; Lucy started to frown before remembering. “Oh yeah, Juvia and Natsu are still on their mission?”


“Yeah,” Gray replied, mostly dressed again. “It’s taking longer than planned, but what mission with Natsu doesn’t?”


Lucy nodded, frowning as something occurred to her. “Is it just me, or have those been going on missions together a lot recently?”


“…huh, I think you’re right. Weird… ” Gray then put his hand to his chin in contemplation. “Hmm… you don’t think they’re taking missions so they could be together, if you know what I mean?”


Lucy and Gray remained silent for a moment before laughing. How silly! if it were anyone else, she would be deeply suspicious, but Natsu and Juvia? Ridiculous! Out of everyone in her group of friends, those two weren’t very close at all compared to the others!




Shrugging off her nonsensical worry, Lucy waved good-bye to Gray before heading out into the woods, not stopping until she had found a large and deserted field. Marshaling herself for the task at hand (with her pussy already getting wet in anticipation), Lucy pulled out the key she needed. “Open, Gate of the Bull!”


“MOOOOOOOO!” Taurus bellowed as he emerged into the human world, his eyes immediately locking on Lucy, now dressed in a cow print bikini. “Whoa, Lucy! Every time I see you, you get sexier and sexier!” Hearts had replaced his eyes and his tongue was lolling out of his mouth as he leered at her. “Was Aquarius really telling the truth? Are you and I really…” Words failed him, he was so eager.


Rolling her eyes in fond exasperation, a slight blush on her face, Lucy nodded shyly. “She wasn’t lying… You and I are gonna do it…” How Aquarius, of all Spirits, had wound up owing Taurus something like this, Lucy didn’t know and had been afraid to ask. Still, if she was lucky, she would enjoy this just as much as Taurus would.


“Mooooo-mentous!” Taurus cheered, making Lucy sigh at yet another ‘moo’ pun. “You’re the best owner ever, Lucy! I’m so glad I’m with you and your sexy bod!”


“T-Thanks,” Lucy replied dryly, before smirking. “But do you want to talk,” she whipped her top off and dropped to her knees, looking up at Taurus as seductively she can, “or do you want to get right to the action?”


“HELL YEAH!” Taurus fumbled with his shorts for a moment before losing patience and literally tearing them off. “Feast your eyes on this and be amazed!”


He sounded proud, and he had good reason to be; Lucy’s eyes flew open wide and her jaw dropped as his cock landed with a meaty smack in her hands, the sheer weight of it almost tipping her over.


HOLY FUCK…it’s as big as Natsu’s! Maybe even bigger! So thick! so heavy! with a nice manly scent! YES! Finally! Regular dildo’s just aren’t enough for me anymore, not after getting so many fuckings from a huge cock like Natsu’s! This will be even better than the tentacles!


Shock giving way to glee, Lucy wasted no time in kissing and licking Taurus’ huge pole, determined to get it as hard and wet as possible before he fucked her. Her spit began to drip off of it, some hitting the ground, other drops landing on her tits. Lucy didn’t care; she was only focusing on feeling his cock get even harder under her hands, lips, and tongue.


“BY THE SPIRIT KING!” Taurus swore and gasped as Lucy started kissing and licking his huge ballsack as well. He almost came right there, but held his load; he would never forgive himself for wasting it now, not when he could fuck a smoking hot and horny blonde with big tits. “YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THIS!”


“MPH! MPH! MPH!” Lucy moaned, kissing back to the head of his dick, thighs clamped tightly together as a flood of arousal ran down them.


She continued her blowjob assault for the next few minutes, including wrapping her tits around as much of Taurus’ girth as she could; but she couldn’t take it anymore. “FUCK ME!” she demanded, getting unsteadily to her feet as she tore at her bikini bottom. “FUCK ME UNTIL I SAY STOP!”


“NOT A PROBLEM! WHAT A GLORIOUS MOOOOO-MENT!” Taurus roared, grabbing Lucy and spinning her around. Tearing and throwing her bikini bottom in one swift motion, he grabbed her ass and thrust forward. “MOOOOO-VING IN!”


“AAAAIIIIIEEEE!” Lucy screamed, eyes bugging from her head. Finally her sexless week comes to an end! True to his nature and name, Taurus had bulled straight ahead. No foreplay or waiting around; he thrust the entire length of his cock as deep as it would go. It filled Lucy almost to bursting, and her primed and ready body responded. “FUCK!!! I’M COMMMMMING!”


“ALREADY?! HAHAHAHA! I’m so lucky to have such a slutty owner!” Taurus declared, his laughter booming around the clearing. “But you didn’t say stop, so let’s get it on!” He increased the speed of his thrusts, his balls slapping against her stomach as his hips slammed into her ass. Reaching around to grab her tits with both hands, Taurus squeezed hard, his cock spasming when Lucy squealed. “You want more, slut?!”


“YES! YES! MORE! MORE!” Lucy pleaded, orgasm after orgasm ripping through her. But she wanted, needed, even more. “PLEASE, DON’T STOP!” Her face was contorted in a slutty ahegao.


Taurus happily obliged, fucking her without mercy as Lucy’s body dripped sweat and pussy juice, soaking the grass and ground underneath them. At last, he could feel his own climax approaching. With a mighty roar, he pushed his cock in, the deepest and hardest thrust yet, and came in her pussy. “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


Lucy shrieked like a banshee, almost losing consciousness as tidal waves of pleasure overwhelmed her. For long moments, the world disappeared into a white void where only her orgasms mattered.


When it faded, Lucy became aware that Taurus was pulling his cock out, and felt both disappointed and relieved. That…had been a hell of a time.


Then his still hard erection poked her asshole. “Ready for round two? I mooooo-stly certainly am!”


The horrible pun made Lucy slow in understanding. By the time her eyes began to widen, Taurus thrust forward with a bellow of, “SO TIGHT!”


“AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Lucy’s piercing scream sent birds flying for miles around. Too much! It’s too much! OH GOD!!!


But she couldn’t get enough air in her lungs to tell him so, and thus Lucy got the anal pounding of her life thus far, making Taurus happier than he had been in years. Taurus ravaged her asshole in ways Natsu never did. And even when Lucy had enough, Taurus kept going.




When Aquarius found out what happened from Taurus, she couldn’t stop laughing for hours, and while most of the other spirits were worried at her behavior, Scorpio wasn’t one of them.


After all, he got to enjoy her good mood that night in bed…

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ok just one question. why is lucy fat in this?