Milking Mina

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Blowing her nose and destroying a fourth napkin, Mina Ashido dabbed away the last of her tears as she looked up at Kyoka who took a bow to the still applauding audience. From the corner of her vision she saw Momo getting out of her seat; her face was redder than a beet as she made her way to the employee entrance to the back stage area.


Mina could understand her embarrassment, everyone in their class aside from maybe Mineta and possibly Kaminari knew how those two felt about one another, Kyoka certainly did have a dramatic way of telling her though. “Composing an entire song to confess, ahh I thought stuff like that only happened in the movies!” Mina said, clutching her hands over her heart.


“Even my old man was impressed,” Todoroki said, “Not an easy feat, though I doubt he has even the slightest clue who that song was really for.”


“I don’t get it, but I liked it!” said Dark Shadow as he hovered behind Tokoyomi.


“I’ll explain it later,” Tokoyomi told his quirk as he retracted the creature back within himself. Mina didn’t think she’d ever fully understand her friend’s quirk; did it really have a mind of its own? That was kinda scary to think about. She did remember that during their training camp Dark Shadow went completely insane and injured a few people.


Shaking her head to clear away those thoughts, Mina looked up just in time to see Kyoka rushing off the stage as Mt. Lady was announced. “I’m gonna grab something to eat, you guys want anything?” she offered them.


“I’m fine.” said Todoroki.


“Thank you, no.” added Tokoyomi.


“Kay!” she said cheerfully as she walked off just as new music began to play. Girls were fun, but Mina wasn’t really all that into them if she was being honest. She much preferred guys, especially guys like Izuku or Bakugo. She glanced over to the table where Izuku was sitting with Tsu and Ochaco. The latter was sitting directly next to him, clinging to his arm and smiling. Lucky girl, she snatched him up so easy, and now she could have that big dick whenever she wanted!


Speaking of big dicks…


Grinning as she spotted Bakugo by the bar, the pink skinned girl ran up and jumped onto his back, pressing her breasts against it, and wrapping her arms around his shoulders, “Bakugo!!!” she said cheerily, “Wanna go have some fun in one of the private rooms?” she asked, “And before you try and blow me up again, I’m totally serious!” she told him, her mind flashing back to when Ochaco dragged him off and gave him a blowjob on the beach. Mina still couldn’t believe how big he was, easily on the same level as Izuku, and Ochaco got ALL of it down her throat like a pro!


“Beat it Raccoon Eyes, I ain’t in the mood.” Bakugo said in a low tone.


“KATSUKI! THAT’S NO WAY TO TURN DOWN A LADY!” Mitsuki shouted at her son from behind the bar, “YOU SHOULD AT LEAST BE POLITE AND SAY, ‘No, thank you’!” she yelled at him as she cleaned out a beer mug with a wash rag. It was rare to see Mitsuki behind the bar. Inko must not have been working tonight. That sucked, she made such good food!


“SHUT UP YOU WHORE!!!!” Bakugo shouted back at his mother. Mina’s eyes went wide at his comment. Thankfully it didn’t seem anyone else heard him over the music playing while Mt. Lady jiggled her tits on stage.




The sound of Mitsuki slamming the mug down on the counter wasn’t unlike a judge pounding his gavel in those American Crime Drama shows Iida likes to watch. The look on Mitsuki’s face would have chilled Mina’s blood faster than Todoroki’s ice had it been aimed at her. The blonde Milf was smiling, but it was the smile of someone about to kick your ass and enjoy every second of it. She’d seen that look on Bakugo’s face several times, now she knew where he got it from.


“What. Did. You. Call. Me?” Mitsuki asked very slowly, her head tilting slowly to one side. Mina let herself slip off Bakugo’s back, suddenly wanting to be very far from this spot.


She watched as Mitsuki slammed her hands on the surface of the bar and hopped over it with ease. Her MegaMilf outfit was as slutty as ever, more so because she wasn’t wearing those cunt digging bikini bottoms, showing off her nearly hairless pussy. Bakugo looked up and away, and Mitsuki grinned wider as she grabbed his ear and yanked hard!




“COME ALONG KATSUKI!” Mitsuki said as she pulled her son by his ear. Though she was smiling, her tone was frightening.


“Eeek!” Mina squealed when the mother’s eyes turned on her!


“You too Pinky, this way.” she told her.


Mina nodded, then said, “H… Hey, I know it’s my Super Hero name, but you don’t gotta say it like an insult you know!”


“Oh, sorry!” Mitsuki said, giving Mina a genuine smile that was somehow more unnerving than the frightful one she had before.


Mina followed, listening to the litany of complaints and insults Bakugo spouted at his mother as they moved through the Agency main floor. When they reached the DJ booth, Mitsuki looked up at Mei.


“Hey Mei Honey?” she asked, “You got any of that Blue Baby #5 left?”


“Huh?” Mei Hatsume replied, “Well yeah, but…” she said as she looked at the three of them, “My baby is still a bit unstable you know, and whoa, are you gonna? With him? Wow, SUPER KINKY!!!!” Mei exclaimed as she reached under the control console in front of her and came back up with a small test tube full of a strange looking blue fluid capped with a rubber stopper. She tossed it to Mitsuki who caught it out of the air with ease.


“Thank you Mei Honey.” Mitsuki said sweetly.


“Have fun!!!” Mei called back to them as they moved along. Once they were through to the VIP section, Mitsuki shoved her son up against one wall, uncapped the tube and put the open end in his mouth when he opened it to yell again. She closed his lips around it and leaned his head back. The contents drained into his mouth and he swallowed by reflex. When she backed away he coughed and spat.




“JUST FOR THAT I WON’T ASK MEI FOR THE COUNTER AGENT SHE MADE!” Mitsuki shouted back, then turned back to Mina, “Come, we got about two minutes before it starts working.” she said as she grabbed her son’s ear again and dragged him like a fussing dog up to the second floor and into the first VIP room, the rather plain one that was modeled after your basic cheap love hotel room.


“Um, Mitsuki-san, what… Why am I here?” Mina finally asked nervously.


“To have some fun with my Katsuki, that’s what you wanted to do earlier right?” Mitsuki asked, “My boy can be a bit of a handful, but I still think you’ve got good taste.” she told her as she tossed him onto the bed. While the room was like a cheap love hotel, Mina knew everything in here was top brand. The mattress was a super soft memory foam, the spring board tough enough to handle all manner of super strength fucking, even the sheets were resistant to her acid!


“Huh, what…?” Bakugo asked in a normal tone, blinking twice, the shock of Mitsuki’s answer actually overriding his usual rage. He then winced suddenly and moved both hands to his crotch, “HEY, WHAT, WHAT’S GOING OOON!!!!” he shouted as a huge swell rose in the plain black slacks he was wearing.




Mina’s yellow on black eyes went wide as his cock sprung to full erection in the space of a heartbeat, tearing through his pants like so much cheap paper and standing fully erect and throbbing before her eyes! Mina couldn’t help but stare as she wiped her mouth when she began to drool slightly.


“Put’s his father to shame I’ll say that much without being weird.” Mitsuki commented offhand, “Blue Baby #5 is Mei-Honey’s version of viagra, only it’s about a thousand times more effective. The down side being if one doesn’t burn it out of their system enough, the effect tend to get, uncomfortable. Sent two pros to the hospital when she tested it last time.”


“WHAT!?” both Bakugo and Mina shouted at her.


Mitsuki only gave them both a cheeky grin, “Now, you can have all the fun you want, and Katsuki, YOU PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE WHY THEY WARN ABOUT FOUR HOUR HARD-ON’S!!! AND TRUST ME, IT AIN’T PRETTY!!!!!”


“YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!!” Bakugo shouted, then winced as his dick began throbbing.


Mitsuki smirked then winked at Mina, “Have fun.” she said simply before moving around the pink haired girl and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.


Turning back to Bakugo, Mina gulped once, then shook her head, this wasn’t ideal, not in the least. She remembered a really old movie where they brought dinosaurs back to life and tried to put them in a zoo. Early on, some scientist mentioned that the T-Rex didn’t want to be fed, it wanted to hunt. Now she understood that a lot better, BUT, she was very hungry now!


Grinning at Bakugo, Mina stripped off the white t-shirt she was wearing, exposing her black lace-y bra underneath. She liked the way her tits bounced inside, straining against the material. She hadn’t used her quirk much in the last couple of days, and now her tits were starting to swell. She wondered if Bakugo might be willing to suck the excess out for her. Just the thought of that was making her wet as she tossed the shirt aside.


“What are you doing?” he asked, his vice slightly strained now.


“What’s it look like?” Mina replied, stripping off her shorts along with her panties next, “Like it or not Bakugo, no, Katsuki, I AM your friend, and I’m not gonna let you sit there and suffer when there is something I can do about it!” she explained to him as she reached her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting her tits bounce free. She liked the way his eyes were instantly drawn to them, it made her nipples hard as she moved over to the bed and practically tackled him back onto it. She relished the feel of the heat coming off his dick as it nestled between her tits. The manly smell coming off it made her dizzy as she mashed her tits around his length.


“So shut up and let me help you!” she told him as she began rubbing her body against him.


Katsuki groaned at the feel of her soft pink skin rubbing against his dick. It made Mina smile again as she leaned her head down and brushed her tongue against the tip of his cock.


“Stop… You’re… Crazyyyy!!!” he tried to complain, but Mina could tell otherwise as she rubbed her tits up and down faster. With just a bit of concentration, she made the Ph of her acid to only be able to dissolve clothes, using it to relieve Katsuki of what was left of his pants along with the shirt he had on.


“Ahhhhmmmmph!!!” Mina moaned, opening her mouth wide to take the top of his cock into her warm mouth. She could feel it pulsing in her mouth as she began bobbing her head up and down, taking him deeper down her throat with every motion. She heard him groaning again and smiled to herself. Her jaw ached in a delicious way as she began working his length farther and farther down her throat!


“MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH… SHO BHIIIG… AHHH I WUV BHIG CAWKS SHO MUUUSH!” Mina slurred, unable to form words correctly wound his cock. Her pussy was like a broken faucet now, trails of juices running down her thighs as she knelt on all fours on top of the bed, her throat stretching around Katsuki’s dick as it reached down into her stomach!


“ARRRRRGH, THAT CRAZY BIIIITCH!!!!” Katsuki screamed as he grabbed the two antennae-like horns that protruded from her head. Mina squealed in pleasure, her pussy gushing suddenly as she came instantly! She’d never told anyone, but her horns were really really sensitive, and grabbing them like that was just too much in her already aroused state.


“AS IF I’D NEED KNOCK OFF VIAGRA TO FUCK YOU SENSELESS!!!!!” he yelled, still gripping her horns and using them like handles as he pumped her head up and down. Mina gagged and choked, but not in discomfort as she came again and again.


“HUGUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, MMMMMMMPH!!!!!!” she moaned her eyes turning completely black as they rolled up in her sockets. Her hands gripped the sheets and she heard them sizzling slightly as she momentarily lost her grip on her quirk. It didn’t matter though, she remembered they were resistant to her acid unless she turned the Ph to a level that could melt through a mountain, and that took dedicated effort on her part!


“HEH, YOUR MOUTH FEELS PRETTY GOOD RACCOON EYES! I LIKE IT!” Katsuki shouted at her, pumping her head up and down faster now.


“MMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Mina screamed in pleasure, her tongue pressing against the underside of his cock, “YEEEESH, MUH MOUPH, CUM IN MUH MOUPH KASHUKEEEEE!!!”




“YESH!!! YESH YESH YEEEEEESH!!!!” Mina moaned, tears rolling down her cheeks from so many repeated orgasms. “PULL ON MUH HORNSH HAAAARRDERRRRRR, ID PHEELSH SHO GUUUUD!!!!”


Grinning, Katsuki did just that, and Mina felt herself black out for a hot second in sheer orgasmic bliss as he filled her stomach with thick liquid warmth! Part of her was bummed it was shooting directly into her stomach, not letting her get to taste any, but in the end she didn’t care. Katsuki was fucking her, and doing every bit as good a job as she’d dreamed!


“Ahhhhh hah, hah, hah, hah, aguh…” Mina gasped when Katsuki released her. She coughed up a minor bit of his cum, getting to taste it after all before swallowing it back down. Both of them took a moment to breathe, but not long as he was still rock hard! Smiling at him, she moved to turn around, lifting her ass up at him and spreading the soaking wet folds of her pussy with her fingers.


“Mmmmm, I know that’s not all you got!” she told him, “Slam that huge thing inside me, I wanna still feel you inside me a week from now!”


“HEH, HAHAHA, YOU SLUT!!!!” Katsuki shouted, sitting up on his knees and grabbing her pink ass in his hands. “I’LL TEACH YOU WHAT HAPPENS TO KINKY GIRLS LIKE YOU!!!” he said, bringing his hands down on her butt with a pair of loud pops as he triggered small explosions against her ass! Mina squealed in ecstasy, her pussy gushing again as she used her fingers to spread herself as wide as she could.


“HURRY!!!! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY UP AND FUCK MEEEEEE!” she yelled, rocking her ass back and forth in wanton lust.


Katsuki explosion spanked her again, and Mina let out an animalistic moan as she felt his cock pushing inside her. She’d only ever felt this full with Izuku, and while he wasn’t as thick, he was easily a bit longer as she felt her stomach stretching around him.


“OH YESSSS, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, MY PUSSY’S SO FUUUUULLLLL!!!” Mina screamed, rocking her hips back and forth against Katsuki as he began pounding into her like a jackhammer. “MMMMMMH, DON’T YOU DARE HOLD BACK, FUCK ME!!!! POUND MY HOLE UNTIL YOU’RE THE ONLY COCK THAT CAN SATISFY ME!!!”


“HAHAHA, YOU’RE SUCH A SLUT MINA!!! I LIKE IT!!!!” Katsuki said, spanking her again as he reached out to grab her wrists, pulling her backwards as he laid back on the bed again, forcing her into a reverse cowgirl position. Tears of pure pleasure ran down her face, she’d dreamed of this!!!! Though this wasn’t the school roof, but that didn’t matter.


“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” Mina screamed, cumming harder and harder with his every thrust into her as she bounced up and down on his cock like some kind of sex doll. Her tits bounced in opposing circles, her excess acid flinging out from her nipples as she screamed again and again.


“TAKE THIS, AND THIS, AND THIS!!!!!!” Katsuki shouted, slamming up into her over and over, her belly tenting to the limits every time. Drool ran down Minas chin as she panted for air. She couldn’t think straight anymore, she felt almost numb from the waist down, aside from the maddening pleasure of his cock stretching her pussy to the limit. Mina couldn’t even guess how many times she’d cum, but she never wanted it to stop as Katsuki roared like a wild animal and she found herself face down on top of the bed as he sat on again.


“YOU’RE ALL MINE NOW, GOT IT!!!!” he said, spanking her ass with tiny explosions again.


“YESSSSSSSS…” Mina agreed, “PLEASE JUST DON’T STOOOOOOP!!!!!” she howled back as she felt him pushing his length all the way inside her as more liquid warmth filled her.


Katsuki groaned in pleasure as he fell back onto the bed again, his cock pulling out of her with a wet ‘pop’. Mina whimpered as she felt his cum pouring out of her, but she couldn’t clench her inner muscles enough to keep it from falling back out of her body.


Lying on the surface of the bed, Mina panted hard, she couldn’t begin to guess how many times she’s cum just now, but she wanted more! Mina turned around and crawled on top of Katsuki; “You better not be finished!” she told him, then yelped as he grabbed her face and pulled her into a rough kiss!


“Mmmmmmmmmh!” Mina moaned into his lips, kissing him back with equal intensity, her tongue wrestling with his as he explored inside her mouth. She moved to straddle his waist, grinding her still gaping pussy against his throbbing erection. It took a huge amount of concentration on her part, but she managed as she began coating Katsuki’s cock with a thick layer of lubricating acid. The viscosity was like an industrial lube, while the acidity itself was less intense than overly watered down lemonade. She was going to need it for what she wanted next.


“Fuck my ass, NOW!” she told him breaking the kiss and looking down at his red flushed face.


“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!” he roared back while rolling the two of them over, placing himself on top of her again. He grabbed both her ankles and lifted her legs high into the air before spreading them wide. Mina grinned back up at him as she pried open her ass cheeks for him, then screamed in orgasm as his cock plowed all the way up her ass in one thrust!


“OH FUCK YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!” Mina screamed, her head leaning back as she panted in a mix of pleasure and pain. “MY ASS!!!! AHHH MY ASS IS SO FUCKING FULLLLLLL, I LOVE THIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!!!”


“HAAAAHHHHH, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING SO MUUUUCH!!!!!” she screamed in orgasmic madness as she rubbed one hand furiously at her pussy as Katsuki smashed his cock into her ass again and again. She watched in awe as her stomach tented up and down with his cock as it moved back and forth. Her tits jiggled and bounced wildly with every slam of his hips into her ass, “BIG, BIG, BIG, SO FUCKING BIIIIIG!!!! POUND MY ASSHOLE; MOLD IT TO YOUR COCK KATSUKIIIIII!!!!!”


“MINA, YOU’RE, A, FUCKING, WHOOORE!!!!” Katsuki yelled, slamming into her harder with every word.


“YEESSSSSS, I’M A WHOOOORE, A WHOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!” Mina agreed, cumming with the confession and chewing on her lower lip as she came again, and again, and again without end. “I LOVE THIS KATSUKI!!!! I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK INSIDE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!”


Hooking her knees around his waist, Katsuki grabbed Mina’s heavy jiggling tits and squeezed them roughly. Twin geysers of excess acid erupted from her nipples like breast milk. Mina screamed again in pleasure, loving the feeling of her tits being so roughly handled as the blonde man leaned down and wrapped his mouth around one large pink nipple.


“YESSSSS, MILK ME, MILK MY TITSSSSSS!” Mina moaned, cumming even harder now as Katsuki moved from one tit to the other and back again, gulping her lemony tasting ‘milk’ down enthusiastically.


“KATSUKI, AHHH, KATSUKI, KATSUKI, KATSUKI, KATSUKI, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Mina screamed at the top of her lungs as her hands clawed at the bed sheets, the acid from her palms making them smoke slightly as she lost total control of her quirk. Distantly she heard him groaning as he came inside her again, but Mina already felt herself beginning to black out with pleasure.



“And when I woke up an hour later he was fine, we burned the drug out of him and he even ordered us something to eat from the bar!” Mina said as she continued rubbing her massively swollen tits up and down Izuku’s cock.


Izuku gulped, not only from the feel of his cock between Mina’s huge soft warm breasts, but from the sheer amount of DETAIL she’d given as she recounted the night she and Kacchan hooked up. That was a little over a week ago. Everyone in their class was more than a little surprised by the sudden change in how the two of them interacted. Mina would run up and hug Kacchan from behind before linking arms and going to lunch with him. Sitting between him and Kirishima while they ate.


Now, a week later, he and Mina were working on a small farm just a few miles outside the city as part of a Community Service program, sending heroes to help with more mundane things to keep relations up between heroes and the people they protect up. Everyone in Class A had been sent to various locations all around Japan. Izuku and Mina had been sent out to this farm to help the owner with his work.


For the first couple of days, she could barely walk. Probably due to how rough her and Kacchan fucked. But she got over it quickly and started helping more with the physical labor.


Unfortunately, Mina’s Quirk had damaged some of the equipment when she tried using it to free the tool from a tangle of plant life. The farmer then forbade her from using her quirk at all while she worked here.


After several days went by, Mina’s tits swelled to the point where she couldn’t fit them in her clothes anymore! The farmer had given her a pair of overalls that she could stuff her tits into but still told her not to use her quirk. To say it was distracting would have been putting it mildly. Every time Mina moved her gigantic tits would jiggle and wobble around inside the denim outfit. More than one her tits spilled out the sides, giving Izuku a full view of them in the afternoon sun.


“Hey Izuku, lemme help you with that!” Mina had said when she caught him staring and noticed the huge tent in his own pants as he stacked 300 pound bales of hay with ease.


“Huh, wha, what do you mean!?” he asked, feeling his face flushing red.


“Well that can’t be comfortable, so let me help!” Mina insisted as she ran over to him, her tits bouncing so hard they popped right out of the front of her overalls. “Ugh, cheap denim.” Mina grumbled before stripping out of them completely, standing in front of Izuku with only a pair of white cotton panties and sandals on.


“Ahhh, so much better.” she cooed, grabbing her tits and kneading them in her hands, “Mmmmm, you’d be helping me too you know, I get soooo fucking horny when they get this big. I just wanna feel a big giant cock rubbing between them now!”


“Mi… Mina…!” he gasped.


The pink haired girl gave him a cheeky grin as she pushed him back against one bale of hay. She then leaned over him, her tits spilling around his legs as she undid the front of the blue jeans he had on. Pulling his cock out she quickly moved to wrap her massive tits around his length. They felt so soft, like a pair of warm marshmallows around his dick.


“Mmmmmmmmh, I love this smell!!!!” she told him, inhaling the scent of his cock. “So strong and manly, it turns me on so much!” she said as she began rubbing her tits up and down his length slowly.


“Ahhaaaa… Mi… Mi… Mina-san… We shouldn’t, I mean, aren’t you and Kacchan…?” he said.


“Oh that, yeah that was fun, you see…” she said as she recalled that entire night to him…


Gulping again, Izuku could only watch as Mina worked her tits up and down; the feeling was incredible, he had to fight the urge to cum as he listened to her story. Mina was so kinky, doing it in every hole one after the other like that. He remembered his time in the bath with her, how she had screamed and screamed in mad pleasure. Much as he hated to admit it, that turned him on! Slowly, he reached his hands out to grab those huge tits, loving how they felt around his fingers as he gripped them tight.


“Mmmmmh! That’s the spirit, now squeeze them hard!” she moaned as he pressed her tits tight around his throbbing erection. Groaning and cursing himself, Izuku began pumping her tits up and down.


“Yeah, like that, don’t stop!!!” Mina moaned, “OH YESSSSS, FUCK MY TITS IZUKU!!!!” Mina screamed, “MMMMMMMMMH YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!!!” she squealed as she wrapped her arms around the thickness of his cock, pulling it to her mouth and taking the top nine inches into her mouth.


“Ahhhhh, Minaaaa…” Izuku groaned, loving the warm wet feel of her tight little mouth.


“MMMMMPH, SHO YUMMYYYYY, I WUV BHIG PHICK CAWKS IN MUH MOUPH PUSSHY!!!!!” Mina slurred around his dick. “MMMMPH, GUGH, MMMMPH, GUGH, MMMMPH, GUGH!!!!!” she moaned and gaged as she took him deeper into her mouth every time until her tits finally fell away from his cock as she deepthroated his entire dick! She then grabbed his hands and moved them to the two horns sticking out of her head. Remembering what she had just told him, he grabbed them both tight and pumped her head back and forth hard. Her eyes turned almost completely black as he saw her gold eyes roll back in her head.


“Minaaa… I, I can’t…” Izuku groaned.


“YEEEESSSSH, CUMMMMM, CUM IN MUH MOUPH!!!!! PHEEED ME CUUUM!!!!!” Mina begged, her mouth licking and slurping around his cock every time he pumped her head up and down. “GUGH GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, MMMMMMMMPHHHHH!!!!” Mina choked around his cock, then moaned as he began cumming in her mouth.


Grunting in pleasure, Izuku released his grip and fell back against the hay, looking past Mina to see a single cow staring at them in the distance. ‘How long had that animal been there?‘ he wondered.


“MOOOOOOOO!” the beast bellowed before wandering off again.


“Hmmmm?” Mina said, still panting softly as she wiped a bit of his cum from her chin. “Oh, there’s an idea!” she said before looking back to Izuku, “Hey, the farmer guy taught you how to milk cows right?”


“Um, yeaahhh…” Izuku said.


“Awesome! You can do the same to me!”


“HUH!?” gasped Izuku.


“It’s the same principal really, these are really getting heavy and uncomfortable, and I didn’t bring any clothes that would fit when I get like this.” Mina explained as she stood up and hefted both her tits in her hands. Izuku saw a very light yellow, just shy of full white substance leaking out of the girls nipples. When a drop fell away from her tit and hit the ground nothing happened. He remembered her telling him that her acid when it came from her breasts had a lighter corrosive factor than lemonade; it was even safe to drink!


“Or if you want, you can suck it all out, I wouldn’t mind that either!” Mina said with a smile.


“No no no, I’ll get a bucket!” Izuku said in a rush as he corrected his clothes quickly and went into the nearby barn and collected a large metal pale from inside. Mina pouted a bit, and he figured she would have rather have had him nursing off her tits until they returned to normal. He then stacked a few more bales of hay, making a bed of sorts for Mina to lie on with her gigantic tits hanging over one side. He then found a stool and sat down in front of her.


Mina giggled, “You know, this is pretty kinky, should I moo?” she asked with a grin.


“That, won’t be necessary…” he replied nervously.


“Spoilsport.” she said, sticking her tongue out at him as he grabbed her massive right tit in both hands. Mina let out a soft moan as he gripped it in a similar manner to what he’d learned earlier, though now he needed both hands. With a gentle squeezing he pushed his hands downward.




Mina’s acid milk, the term sounded so much worse than it was, poured out of her nipple as if from a faucet. It hit the bucket with a loud noise not unlike water being poured in from a spigot on high blast.


“Mmmmmmmmmmh, that feels sooooo good Izuku,” Mina moaned, “Squeeze harder!”


“Um, okay…” he said nervously, repeating the motion again once he reached the edge of her nipple. He applied a bit more pressure this time, getting even more milk to pour out even faster!


“OHHHH YESSSSSSS… MILK ME, MILK MY UDDERS!!!!!” Mina moaned, chewing her lower lip softly as her fingers dug into the edges of the hay bale on which she laid. “HAAAAAAHHHHH, MOOOOOOO!!!!” Mina moaned, her cheeks turning even pinker as she came.


“Mina…?” Izuku asked, his eyes wide.


“Mmmmh, don’t stop…” she panted, “Milk me more, this feel sooooo good, I can’t even begin to describe it…” she told him. “YESSSSSSS, THIS FEELS SO GREAT, I’M CUMMING WITH JUST MY TITS!!!! I’M CUMMING FROM BEING MILKED LIKE A COW!!!! MOOOOO!!!!!”


Gulping loudly, Izuku continued, stroking Mina’s breast until he noticed it shrinking visibly with every tug. Less and less milk came out until her breast seemed to deflate back to its normal size.


“Ahhhh, now I look all weird, hurry and do the other one!” Mina whined as she looked at her now drastically uneven tits. Nodding, Izuku repeated the process with Mina’s left breast after emptying the large bucket into a nearby drain.


“YESSSSSS, MOOOORE, MILK ME MOOOORE, I LOVE THIS, WHY DIDN’T I TRY THIS YEARS AGOOOOOO?! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKING MOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed, panting as he worked to drain her other breast before they could be caught. With all the noise she was making, it wouldn’t surprise him if the entire farm staff had heard her!


When he was finally finished, Mina’s tits were back to their normal size again, letting her fit back inside her overalls with no problem at all. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek gently, “Thanks Izuku, this feels sooooo much better now. I’m gonna grab some of my regular clothes, back in a bit ‘kay?” she said before running off.


As he watched her run away, Izuku felt a fresh wave of guilt. When Kacchan found out, he’d be furious again, that much was certain. And with how much Mina loved to gossip, he’d find out for sure! ‘Maybe,‘ he thought, ‘Maybe I can do something to make it up to him?‘ He’d had a bit of money saved from his internship work, as well as a few emergency rescues he’d done a while back. He tried to turn down the money, but the city wouldn’t hear of it and just deposited it directly into his bank account. He tried to give it away to charity, but there were laws restricting how much he could donate from his hero work, leaving him with quite a sum remaining.


He flashed back to all the times he and Kacchan had competed, and remembered when the two of them had a threesome with Midnight that nearly left her paralyzed. ‘Maybe a Heroine that can handle the two of us together…?‘ he thought, ‘Then we can finish the competition and hopefully that’ll settle things.


Nodding to himself, Izuku decided that would be the best course as he stood up.




The sound of his cock tearing through his jeans echoed around him. Mina’s erotic moaning, combined with remembering that night with Midnight had left the green haired youth with another raging hard-on!


“Oh man, and I liked these pants!” he complained, covering himself embarrassingly while looking around to see if anyone was nearby.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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