Melissa’s Busteez Beginnings

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Tokyo International Airport, more commonly known as Haneda Airport, it was one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo area. It wasn’t any different from most other airports, constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of people coming and going from Japan. Stepping off the terminal of her flight, Melissa Shield looked around with some awe and wonder. She had only ever been away from I-island a few times, and only a brief visit to Japan the previous year. Though she spoke the language fluently, something her father taught her because of his friendship with Uncle Might.


Shifting the weight of her carry-on bag from one shoulder to the other, Melissa went through the customs line.


“Welcome to Japan, the reason for your visit?” asked the customs agent, a man with scales for skin and slanted reptilian eyes from his quirk. Melissa guessed his eyes saw things more in the thermal spectrum and could easily detect lies going off the fluctuations in a person’s body heat.


“Oh, work, I’ve been contracted to work in Hero Support studies at UA highschool.” she explained.


“Oh, my daughter has a friend that goes there.” said the snake skinned man, “Anything to declare?” he asked the young blonde.


She shook her head, “No, though I did have some special equipment in my luggage, here’s the card I was given.” Melissa said, pulling out a white plastic card.


The man held up a hand, “Show that to the man at baggage claim, he’ll handle the rest.”


“Oh, thank you very much.” Melissa said with a polite bow.


“No problem ma’am,” he said as he stamped her passport, “Please, enjoy your stay in Japan.”


“Thank you.” Melissa said again as she took her passport back and moved through the terminal. She looked around and squinted, speaking Japanese was easy enough, though her Kanji was still pretty bad. Reaching a hand up, she tapped the silver frames of her glasses and the lenses flickered as the screens built into them came on, “Ah, that’s better.” she said as her AR display began translating the signs for her.


“Melissa?” asked a young girls voice, “Is that you?”


The young blonde woman turned to find the source of the voice and a smile spread over her face, “Oh hey, Uraraka, isn’t it?” she asked when she sighted Ochaco Uraraka waving to her from the other end of the terminal by one of the food stands. She was dressed in the Hero outfit she’s seen back on I-island, though there had been a few modifications since then that she spotted immediately. Like a change in her belt and facial helmet for starters. Her gauntlets were also different, it looked as though she had modified them to fire something. Maybe grappling hooks to allow her to move better at zero gravity?


“Yeah, it’s good to see you again!” said the younger girl as she walked over to her.


“Same here, how have you been?” Melissa asked with a smile.


“Good, I’m here doing work study, what brings you to Japan?” Ochaco asked her.


“Oh, work, I’ve been hired to work in the UA hero support studies. I guess you could call it something like grad student work.” Melissa explained.


“Oh! So, you’ll be working at the school then?” the other girl asked.


“Yep, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me now.” she told Ochaco with a smile.


“That’s, great…” Ochaco said, though her voice didn’t sound as excited. “Does Deku know you’ll be working at the school?”


Melissa shook her head, “No, he just knows I’ll be visiting soon. I never told him when since I didn’t know for sure myself until yesterday, thought I’d surprise him.”


“Oh, okay!” Ochaco said, sounding a bit happier now, “Do you need help getting a cab or a shuttle to the campus?” she asked her.


“Actually no, Uncle Might was supposed to meet me here, but I don’t see him…” Melissa began to say when a loud laugh echoed through the air.


“AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I AM HERE, ARRIVING AS IF ON CUE!!!!” All Might yelled loudly as he came skidding into view. He was dressed in a dark gray suit with a navy blue tie. Melissa smiled as she looked up at his massive form, but then gasped as he coughed hard as plumes of smoke burst forth from him. When it cleared, a skeletally thin man in a baggy gray suit stood in his place. “Guhaaack, I really need to stop doing that… Thanks to young Eri, I can hold my muscle form for a few minutes again, but it’s still a bit of a strain.”


“Uncle Might!” Melissa said as she moved to give the blonde haired man a hug. She knew about his real form of course, like the rest of the world, she’d seen his final battle with that Super Villain last year. That fight was one of the main reasons she came to Japan.


“It’s good to see you Melissa, I’m sorry you have to see me like this, you must be disappointed.” All Might said as he returned her embrace.


“Not at all Uncle Might, I still see the nice man that took care of me when I was little and would toss me up and down until I was ready to wet myself from giggling!” she told him.


All Might let out a laugh and smiled down at her. “Sorry I’m late, I meant to be here when you arrived, I even had this ready.” All Might said as he held up a card the size of a spiral notebook with her name written in English on one side.


Melissa giggled, “That’s okay, I ran into, um, it’s Uravity right?” she asked Ochaco.


“Yep!” Ochaco said with a thumbs up.


“Uravity here was a wonderful person to see when I got here.” Melissa told him.


“Awww, thanks Melissa!” Ochaco said with a blush, she then stood up straight and smiled, “Well, I should get back to my patrol, I’ll see you both at school I guess?”


“Yes, thank you Uraraka, keep up the good work.” All Might said. Ochaco waved goodbye to them both as she began walking off, touching her hands to one another before hopping up and floating up to the second floor of the terminal before touching down gracefully. “She’s gotten so much better at floating herself like that, I’m proud of her.” All Might said with a smile. He then turned back to Melissa, “Let’s go grab your bags, I have a car waiting for us outside, I can take you to your apartment if you’re tired from the flight, or we can stop and get something to eat first.”


“Oh something to eat sounds wonderful!” Melissa said, “The food on the plane was awful.”


“Ahahaha, yeah, flying coach is never fun.” All Might said with a laugh. His face then became more serious, “I read Nezu’s email, so you know?”


Melissa nodded, speaking quietly, “Yes, and I’m not sorry to have learned everything that I have, if I hadn’t, someone else might’ve and things would be a lot worse.” A few weeks ago, Melissa was working on a new technology that could perfectly isolate sounds in any recording and amplify them without any distortion. It was meant to be a kind of information gathering technology to help Heroes doing long term investigations gather intel.


On impulse, Melissa used it to amplify the recording of All Might’s fight with that monstrous villain with multiple quirks. She heard everything, how the man called All for One created a quirk that was the source of All Might’s power, One for All. And how his weakened state and retirement was the result of him passing it on to Deku. That explained why his power was so dangerous for his body. She figured it all out quickly, and as a result, she destroyed not only the refined audio, but the device she used to get it! She then went a step further and destroyed the plans for that machine and all data about how it was made. It would take at least two years for all of it to be rebuilt.


As a result, the developers at I-island had expelled her from the college she was attending and deported her from the island itself. At her meeting with the developers, Melissa refused to explain why she had done what she did. By happenstance, Principal Nezu was there visiting, and he overheard that she had destroyed the device and data after using it on the footage from that fight. He approached her that day and asked her about what she learned from the video.


“You know of One for All now, don’t you?” he had asked her. When she said yes, he offered her a job at UA working in Hero Support Studies. “You know a dangerous secret now young lady, but when you learned it, you took steps to keep that secret from others. That makes you a hero in my book. And Heroes should be rewarded, not punished.”


“I know my job is more for my own protection than anything.” Melissa said, “And to keep an eye on me.”


“Well, yes about the first part, but no on the second.” All Might told her, “I trust you fully Melissa, but everyone who knows this secret is in danger, there’s only eight other good people in the world who know about my quirk, and you make nine. I never told your father because I wanted to keep him safe. I regret that now, had he known, maybe he wouldn’t have been so foolish when he learned how I was getting weaker.” he said, “Oh, speaking of, how is Dave doing?”


“Oh, papa’s doing fine, he’s out on parole and doing research again, though he’s a bit embarrassed about the guards watching him.” Melissa said, “He says ‘hi’ by the way.” she told him as they made their way towards the baggage claim area. People were milling about, waiting for their bags to roll out on the conveyor belts. Melissa’s luggage however wouldn’t appear there, so she and All Might moved to a large desk on the far side of the building. The man at customs had told her to give the card to the person at the desk here. The baggage handler was a woman in her thirties with short red hair and bright green, almost electric eyes. Melissa figured her quirk might have something to do with that, maybe x-ray vision? It would be useful here at the airport.


“How may I help you?” the woman asked, her name tag read ‘Rayne’.


“I was told to give you this.” Melissa said as she passed the card to her.


“Ah, just a moment then.” said Rayne as she took the card and turned around. She slipped the card into a slot in the wall behind her. There was a soft hiss as a section of the wall next to her suddenly opened and a series of shelves extended outwards, each shelf had a lock box on it there were secured by red indicator lights. The light of one shelf turned green and the door of the shelf opened. Rayne reached in and pulled out an offwhite box the size of a large suitcase. She then brought it over to the desk and presented it to Melissa.


“Here you are, is there anything else I can help you with?” she asked.


“No, thank you.” Melissa told her.


Rayne bowed, “My pleasure miss, please have a good day.”


“I’ll carry that for you,” All Might offered as he reached out for a handle on the side of the case.


“Hold on Uncle, that’s…!” Melissa began, but too late as she watched All Might try to lift the case, only to have the lights on it’s side suddenly flash red before buzzing loudly.


“AHGUGHGUGHGUGH!!!!!” All Might shouted as he was suddenly electrocuted, his skeleton turning visible for a few seconds before he managed to let go and slumped forward. Steam comically radiated off his burnt form.


“The case is specifically modified for my hand and Airport Employee’s only…” Melissa said sheepishly, “The airline provided it for me to transport sensitive items in.”


“I see… Paaaah…” All Might said, letting out a puff of smoke as he sighed.


Melissa smiled weakly as she took hold of the case and set it on the ground. Wheels popped out of the bottom, allowing her to roll it along the floor effortlessly. Inside she had brought a few of her own inventions from I-island, along with something she had spent almost a full year working on. She couldn’t wait to give it to Deku, he was gonna be so excited!


Now recovered from his shock, All Might walked alongside her as they moved through the airport. “There’s a good restaurant here, we’ll get something to eat before heading over to the campus, the things you sent ahead should already be in your apartment.”


“Thanks Uncle.” Melissa said as the two of them got onto an escalator headed for one of the lower floors. They made it halfway down when a loud crash resounded through the airport, followed instantly by the screams of dozens of bystanders. To her right, Melissa spotted a plume of dust with a massive shadow moving through it. Something had crashed through the walls from outside! As the dust began to settle, Melissa gasped as something like out of a nightmare walked out of the cloud. It was huge! A hulking monstrous figure with a bird-like beak full of sharp teeth, but worse was the top of its head, it was missing! Exposed brain matter with two eyes full of insanity looked around as though it didn’t know what to smash into next!


“I… Impossible, how is a Nomu here!?” All Might said.


“Nomu, you know that monster Uncle?” Melissa asked worriedly.


All Might nodded, “They’re called Nomu, All for One made a few dozen of them before I fought him last year. But that one, that’s the one I fought at the USJ Incident!”


“Oh no…” Melissa gasped. She knew about the USJ incident! The League of Villains invaded UA with one in particular that had been as strong as All Might according to the rumors online. The monster across the airport certainly looked the part!


Next to her, All Might groaned as steam emanated from his body as he shifted to his muscular form. Melissa gasped, seeing how much he was struggling with it and said, “No Uncle, you can’t fight him! You won’t stand a chance!”


“I know that, I know, but…” All Might said before coughing hard, his body shrinking back down to his true form again, “Dammit!” he cursed.


“EVERYONE, GET CLEAR!!!!” shouted a young girls voice as Ochaco came flying down from the top most floor carrying what looked like one of those large baggage transport carts! “UUUUURAGH!!!” she grunted as she threw the heavy vehicle effortlessly sending it flying like a comet towards the Nomu! The counter force sent her floating back towards the second floor as she brought her fingertips together, “RELEASE!”




The cart slammed into the Nomu, pushing him back against the wall. Ochaco was already moving before the creature could get himself out from under it, leaping over the railing and floating down towards the first floor. By then Melissa and All Might had reached the bottom of the escalator.


“BE CAREFUL URAVITY!!!!” All Might shouted to her.


“Just get clear!” the young girl shouted back as she touched down, releasing her quirk on herself and reaching out to touch a large chunk of wall debris. She then lifted it like it was nothing and threw it at the nomu just as it shoved off the remains of the cart he had just been hit with. “RELEASE!” she said again, just a split second before the chunk of wall hit him, though this time there was no effect.


“Damn, his shock absorption still works!” All Might cursed, “The cart had to have hit him while he was off balance, that’s why it knocked him back.”


“Shock absorption?” Melissa asked.


“Yes, one of several quirks he was given by that bastard in order to fight me.” All Might told her as the two of them found cover behind a large fountain, “Uravity is dangerously outclassed in this fight!”


“Ochaco…” Melissa said, watching fearfully as the young heroine deftly dodged a punch by levitating over the Nomu then delivering a swift kick to his exposed brain matter.


“Come on birdbrain, I’m over here!” she shouted at him as she floated away, “Yeah, that’s it, come and get me!”


“She’s keeping him focused on her, while also keeping some distance between them, smart.” All Might said, “But just one hit from him and it’ll all be over…” he said between clenched teeth as he again tried to summon his muscle form and failed.


“No…” Melissa said, watching as Ochaco kept throwing one heavy object after another at the hulking monster that was once human. Nomu walked through them like they were little more than raindrops pelting his purple skin. Ochaco was already panting slightly, sweat beading on her brow as she jumped up to avoid another punch as the nomu got close. The monsters fist collided with a column, shattering it to dust.


Melissa’s lip trembled, All Might was right, one hit and she’d die instantly! She turned to him, “Uncle might, what are his quirks!?” she asked quickly as she had an idea. “You said shock absorption right, what else, I can see superstrength obviously, any other quirks?”


All Might touched his chin in thought, “Super strength comparable to me at my best, shock absorption, and super regeneration if I recall correctly, why?”


“Okay, I have an idea!” Melissa said as she turned her luggage case onto its side and began dialing her code into the keypad on the side. It beeped and the lights flashed green. She opened the case and inside were several items all neatly fitted into slots built into the case interior. Melissa whimpered as she looked through them quickly, panic making her forget where she had placed the item she wanted originally! She quickly found it though as another crash sounded in the distance.


“HA!!! Missed again ugly!!!” Ochaco taunted the Nomu, “Come on, I thought you were faster than this!”


She was trying to sound confidant, but Melissa could hear a note of worry in her voice. As she pulled out a silvery object shaped like a gigantic pill the size of her combined fists. She quickly closed the case, it automatically locked itself again. The blonde then grabbed both ends of the pill with each hand and twisted it in opposite directions. Once invisible lights on the side flashed green, then red, indicating it was armed.


“Ocha… URAVITY!!!!” Melissa called out, “LEAD IT OVER HERE!!!!”


“Melissa, what are you doing!?” All Might asked.


“Helping!” she answered him.


“What, Melissa? NO, GET OUT OF HERE!!!!” Ochaco called back.


“PLEASE!!! TRUST ME!!!!” Melissa shouted back, holding out the item she’d taken out of her case. She looked over at her friend with an expression of determination, ‘Come on, I can help!’ she thought at her.


Ochaco nodded and kicked herself off the ground, floating quickly towards where Melissa stood. The nomu gave chase, lumbering after her as it let out a strange gurgling noise. Melissa looked at the monster and fought down her own fear as Ochaco floated passed her.


“Whatever you’re gonna do, DO IT NOW!!!” she yelled at Melissa.


“EAT THIS!!!!” Melissa shouted as she threw the pill shaped object with all her strength. The Nomu was barely a half dozen paces away, but her aim was true and her device struck him square in his massive chest.




The device chirped twice before splitting open along the middle, the sections shooting off in either direction, training behind them was a number of glowing red threads that spread out in a close meshed web. The net spread out over the nomu, enclosing his entire body quickly. The once human beast blinked its eyes in confusion and swiped at the threads, and Melissa smiled.


Instantly the threads began closing around Nomu tighter, which made the monster swipe at them harder, which only made them even tighter! In seconds the nomu found himself being compressed down as the net began closing in around him. Soon it’s skin was pressing out between the fibers as he was forced into a fetal position The monster let out a howl of frustration as it continued to struggle, only to find it’s skin being cut by the threads. Thankfully it regenerated as quickly as it was cut.


“Will it hold?” All Might asked.


“It should, the threads have enough tensile strength that even just one of them can be used by a tug boat to pull an American aircraft carrier.” Melissa said, “And the more kinetic energy he expends, the tighter the net will pull itself around him.”


“Amazing!” Ochaco said as she walked up next to Melissa, “How is… Urp, nope… BLLLLEEEEGH!!!!” she began then turned a nasty shade of purple before her cheeks puffed out and she promptly threw up all over the floor!



Four hours later, Melissa and All Might finally exited the airport. Mere moments after Melissa and Ochaco restrained the Nomu, the pro heroine Uravity was working with, Ryukyu, arrived on the scene in her full dragon form. She had been outside, fighting another Nomu and unable to come in to help.


The police arrived a few minutes later and collected the Nomu, then Melissa spent the next four hours answering questions and making a report. There was a tense moment when they asked if her capture item was even legal.


“Oh it is, this is a prototype, but it’s passed all the safety standard tests, the production model hasn’t begun to be distributed yet, but you find the specs under the HSCI lists, item 452.” she told the officer. He then looked it up on his tablet and nodded before asking her not to take such a dangerous risk next time.


Ochaco stepped in to save her from further scolding, “Actually, had she not helped me out, the damage to the lobby would have been a lot worse.” she told him, “There’s no way I could’ve beaten that guy all by myself, the best I could do was keep his attention on me until more help arrived, thanks so much Ms. Shield.” she said, being more formal for the officer.


“My pleasure Och… Um, Uravity.” she replied.


The officer then left after taking a couple more statements, Melissa, All Might, and Ochaco then watched the Nomu both being loaded into Iron Maiden holding units before being taken away. “It doesn’t make sense,” All Might said, “How were these Nomu loose in the first place? I know we caught all of them in the Kamino incident, or at least that’s what the police told me.”


“Hmm, since you’ve been retired for a while now, I’m not surprised you’re not being told as much anymore,” Ryukyu said as she came up to the three of them in the parking lot, “A week ago, the hospital where all the Nomu were being treated was attacked, and several were, I guess stolen would be the right word for it. Can’t exactly call it freeing them since they barely count as human anymore.”


“Why were they in a hospital and not a prison?” Melissa asked.


“Doctors are hoping with some gene treatments that they might be restored to a more human state, so far no luck there, but they did manage to suppress some of their unnatural quirks.” she explained.


“Ah, that explains why the nomu inside wasn’t as fast as when I fought him before.” All Might said.


“Yeah, I noticed that too, it’s probably why I’m still alive.” Ochaco said, “And also because of that awesome capture item of your Melissa, thanks again. What’s that thing called anyway?”


“You’re more than welcome. And it doesn’t have an official name yet, the Support Companies usually handle that stuff.”


“Well, once they’re on the market, I’ll be sure to buy some for myself and all of my sidekicks.” Ryukyu said, then added, “Well, we should get going, reporters are going to want interviews with both of us Uravity, the police will likely be letting them through any time now.”


“Gotcha, well, I’ll be seeing you Melissa, take care and thanks again!” Ochaco said before she and the pro she worked under moved off.


“We should get going as well,” All Might said to Melissa, “I’m hungry after all that excitement.”


Melissa smiled, “Me too Uncle Might, let’s get something tasty!”



On the fifth floor of the Height’s Alliance dormitory, Izuku Midoriya groaned softly as he sat back on one of the largest beds he’d ever seen! The bed was almost too big for the room itself, leaving barely any space to even move around. Things like this were a regular reminder to Izuku of just how rich Momo really was as he looked down and watched as her soft pink lips slid up and down his thick erection!


“Mmmmmmph…” she moaned lewdly around his cock as her head slowly rose up. He could feel her pressing her slippery wet tongue against the underside of his cock before she dove her head back down, her throat bulging with his thickness as she took every inch of his length back into her mouth!


“Ahhh, Mo… Momo…” he groaned, his scarred hand gripping the soft bed sheets beneath him.


“Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph… Yesh Midooriyya?” she asked, her voice slurred from his cock in her mouth as she slowly lifted her head up and away, “Ahhh, that’s better.” she told him, “Everything okay?” she then asked as she leaned her body up to wrap her big soft tits around his cock before she began rubbing them up and down his length.


“No… Nothing, I was just wondering how the study is going?” he asked her. “Mineta told my mother, so now she’s pushing for us to agree to all this as well.


“Ah, yes, my mother wants this too it seems. I think all she sees right now are grandchildren.” Momo said.


“Same here.” Izuku told her.


The two of them laughed together as Momo got up off her knees and stood naked in front of him. She then climbed onto the bed beside him, she smelled nice, a clean floral scent as she gripped his cock with one hand and reached under one of the pillows of her bed with the other. She pulled back her smartphone and unlocked it with her thumbprint on the screen. She continued stroking his cock slowly with her other hand as she navigated through her smartphone with the other.


“As far as the study is going, pretty well. The doctor we met in the principal’s office sent me this.” she said as she handed her phone off to him. She then leaned back down, slowly licking her way up his cock before taking its length down her throat once again.


Izuku groaned at the warm wet feel of her mouth as he looked at the email she’d brought up for him. It was a list of names and numbers, as well as a list of organs. After looking at it for a moment, Izuku quickly figured out this was the Organ Donor wait list!


First was the name of the patient awaiting a transplant, followed by the date they went onto the list, and lastly the organ that they needed. Some had been waiting for several years now for a compatible donor. The list itself went on and on, Izuku gulped, there were so many people waiting or a transplant. At the bottom of the list was a short note from Dr. Matsumura:


‘This is just those in Shinjuku Ward.’


“Da doctor shent me dat lasht night…” Momo said as she continued bobbing her head up and down slowly.


Turning off the phone, Izuku set it down on the bed and let himself fall back onto the massive soft bed. He knew what the doctor was doing, it was a bit of a dirty trick, but he just wanted to save lives like any good doctor. Still, it had to be illegal for him to have sent Momo that list, but he understood why.


Closing his eyes again, Izuku let himself enjoy the feel of Momo’s mouth now as she moved into a more comfortable position. He looked down at her, her face looked so sexy right now, with her lips dragging up and down his cock as she moved her head.


“Mmmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph…” she moaned softly. Her mouth felt soft and warm, and oh so very wet. She’d gotten better at sucking his cock after so many blowjobs, she could take all of his length with ease now, better than even Tsuyu could!


“Ohhh, yeah… Momo….” he groaned.


“Mmmmmmmph, ‘ou like dish…?” Momo slurred back as she pulled her head up extra slowly, making wet slurping noses with her lips. She let out a soft giggle as her eyes twinkled at him. While the official reason they did this was to maintain his enhancement of her quirk, Izuku could tell she also enjoyed doing this for her own pleasure.


He nodded to her and she smiled around his cock and began bobbing her head up and down faster. Izuku groaned in pleasure again, closing his eyes to focus on the wet warmth of her mouth. He could feel her lips dragging over his cock every time she lifted her head, then sliding back down when she lowered it.


“Mmmmmmph, sho phiiiick, I wuv dish pheeling in muh mouph…” Momo moaned. “Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph… Dun hold bhack Ishuku, cum ash mush ash ‘ou want…”


Opening his eyes, Izuku looked back down at Momo, he watched as she took his length all the way down her throat as she moaned in pleasure. He groaned again as he felt her mouth vibrating around his shaft before cumming directly into her stomach!


The dark haired girl let out another long moan as she held his cock in her mouth until his orgasm fully subsided, not wanting to waste even a drop of his cum. She then ever so slowly lifted her mouth back up and let out a gasp for air when she fully pulled herself free.


“Ahhh, that better.” she said to him, “You know, it’s gotten to the point where I can tell how much of One for All’s power is in me, with a little more practice I’ll be able to regulate it completely.”


Izuku said up, still panting slightly, “That’s, great… Momo…” he said, “Honestly I’m, a little jealous there.”


Momo blinked, “Hmm, why?” she asked as she got up and moved to sit baked next to him on the bed.


“Because, at my best I can manage twenty-five percent of its power, thirty if I really focus. There’s so much focus needed to keep from shattering my bones.” he told her, “And when I get too angry or excited, doing that becomes difficult because I want to give it my all so badly.”


“Believe me, I understand that!” Momo said, “You think I didn’t exhaust myself when my quirk first appeared?” she asked him, “Just making one of these at first wiped me out!” she told him as she held up a hand, her fist closed. There was a soft sparkling glow between her fingers as she opened her fingers and produced a small russian nesting doll.


“Really, but it’s so small and simple.” he said.


“That’s true, it is now, but at first I couldn’t regulate how many of my lipids I used whenever I created something. I was making them out of stuff like gold and platinum and other elemental metals. This one time, I accidentally made one out of uranium, but thankfully it wasn’t the refined kind. Just because my quirk is natural doesn’t mean I had a perfect handle on it right away.” she said to him. “Mine manifested when I was four, and it took me seven years to fully just master the fundamentals. Comparatively speaking, you’re ahead of the curve, so don’t feel bad.”


Izuku felt himself smile, “You’re right, thanks Momo.”


The dark haired girl smiled, “Helping my fellow classmate is the least I can do for the gift you’ve given me!”


Izuku blushed, well, ‘gift’ was one way of putting it, that was true enough. Momo’s smile was replaced by a more serious expression, “So, have you thought about the offer?” she asked, “I know I have, and that list the doctor sent me just makes me consider it all the more. All of those people, we can save them Izuku.”


“Yeah, I know.” was all he could think of to reply.


“But, I also really want to be a hero, I want to help people in trouble, not just who are sick, although that’s important too, I mean, people in need of a transplant are also suffering, and in some ways they are worse off then victims of villains but my regular quick can help people in trouble and it’s so useful for so many different things…” Momo said quickly as she touched her fingers to her chin.


Izuku began laughing so hard he had to hold his sides!


“What!?” Momo asked, “What’s so funny?”


“I’m sorry!” Izuku said, still laughing, “I think you’re picking up a couple of my habits along with One for All’s enhancement of your quirk. Is that how I sound when I start rambling?”


Momo’s cheeks turned pink as she covered her mouth with one hand.


Both of them then laughed and she reached out to take his hand in hers, “We’ll figure this out, right?” she asked him as she squeezed his scarred hand gently.


“Yeah, I know we will.” he assured her. Momo smiled back at him and nodded as she idly interlaced her fingers with his, leaning her head closer to him. Izuku looked into her eyes as she leaned even closer, ‘She’s so close!’ he thought as the back of his head felt like it was tingling as he felt himself leaning towards her in return. They were just a few centimeters from one another when…




Momo and Izuku blinked in surprise and quickly pulled away from each other as he reached into his pants pocket to fumble around for his phone. “Ummm, interesting alert.” she said, coughing to clear her throat as she fanned herself with one hand.


“Yeah, uh, thanks, All Might recorded it for me for when I get a text from him.” Izuku said as he struggled to hold his phone correctly. ‘What was that just now!?’ he thought as he got a hold of himself and opened the text app.


All Might: Hey kid, come to the faculty housing district right away!


“All Might wants to see me at the faculty housing,” he told Momo, letting her see the text.


“All right, um, I think we’re done here for now…” Momo said, still blushing quite a bit, “Um, thank you again for helping me maintain my Creation Level 2.” she said as she got up and bowed politely, though it was more erotic than polite since she was naked, and the motion only served to make her heavy tits wibble and sway gently.


Izuku gulped and nodded back, rubbing the back of his head as he said, “Uh, yeah, you’re welcome, anytime…”



After cleaning himself up and correcting his clothes, Izuku left the Heights Alliance dorms and walked over to the buildings where the UA faculty lived. It was about a fifteen minute walk from the dorms themselves, but with One for All, Izuku managed it in less than a minute. Silently thanking Iida for his lessons in proper running technique as his body was an electric green blur as he zipped along the sidewalks.


Moving at this speed was still a little tricky, everything was a blur of motion, it was hard to see finer details like the street names and such. But he knew the campus well enough that he didn’t need to see them to know where he was. As he spotted the faculty building he slammed his heels into the pavement and came skidding to a halt. A cloud of dust kicked up behind him and then quickly overtook him, filling the area with a massive amount of dust.


“Kaff kaff,” All Might coughed inside the cloud, “Still gotta work on stopping there kid.” he said.


“Ahhaha, Yeah, sorry about that All Might, but I got here as fast as I could.” Izuku said with a sheepish smile.


“Kaff kaff kaff…” coughed a young girls voice inside the cloud, “I’m happy to see you have more control since I last saw you, Deku.”


The dust began to quickly settle and Izuku gasped as he saw Melissa Shield emerge from the haze. She and All Might stood together in front of a car. The driver inside turned a control and sprayed the windshield with wiper fluid before the wipers went to work cleaning the dust off the front windshield as he gave Izuku a sour expression.


Izuku gave a slight bow in apology before he smiled at Melissa, “Melissa, it’s great to see you again!”


The blonde woman narrowed her blue eyes and pouted slightly before smiling brightly and closing the distance between them before wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug! “Same here,” she told him then kissed his cheek lightly. “I just wish it could be under better circumstances.” she told him, frowning slightly.


Izuku blinked, “Huh, what’s wrong?” he asked, suddenly feeling a knot of worry in his chest.


“We should talk someplace more private.” said All Might. The three of them then walked a short distance to the main UA campus building where most of the classes were held outside of the hero training courses. He led them to the faculty lounge where Izuku and Melissa sat down on a couch while All Might prepared some tea. Once it was ready, he joined them in a seat across a small coffee table from them.


“I’ll get right to the point, Melissa here has learned about One for All.” All Might said.


“WHAT!?” Izuku gasped, his eyes as wide as dinner plates.


“I’m sorry Deku, I didn’t mean to,” Melissa replied, then began a long explanation of how she used some technology on I-island to enhance the audio on the footage from the Kamino Incident. How listening to the exchange between All Might and All for One had told her everything. She then told him about how she’d been basically kicked off of I-island because of the steps she quickly took to keep the secret she’d just learned hidden from the rest of the world.


“Wow, Melissa, I’m so sorry you had to find out about all of this that way. I’m more sorry for what it cost you.” Izuku said.


Melissa shook her head, “It’s fine, I don’t have any regrets at all, honest.” she told him, “Uncle Might has brought me up to speed on everyone else that knows, so I know who it’s safe to talk about it at all around. Also, I’m seeing this as more of an opportunity.”


“How so?” Izuku asked.


“Well, from what I understand about One for All’s history, no one has been able to fully research it scientifically since it’s such a dangerous secret. And refining it until now has been a complete trial and error process, right.”


“Yeah, well, a LOT of error with me.” Izuku said, looking down at his crooked right hand.


“Well, now you have a scientist to help you refine it better!” Melissa said with a smile.


“Hey that’s right,” All Might spoke up, “You gave Young Midoriya that gauntlet that helped him fight at full power back on I-island didn’t you?”


“That’s right, and I’m hoping with me here, injuries like this will never happen again.” said Melissa as she took his scarred hand in hers and traced her fingers along the scars, “Oh, and it seems some more happened after you left…” she said, lifting his arm up to look at his tricep.


“Oh this?” Izuku asked as she looked at the rather ugly scar there from his battle with Muscular, the night he saved Kota and Kacchan was kidnapped. “Yeah, I got into a pretty bad fight, it couldn’t be helped.”


“Hmm, this had to have also caused some serious damage to your ligaments as well if this is the scarring. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it had to hurt.”


“A lot, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Izuku said, “A life was saved, and if this was the price, I’d pay it again a million times over if it meant that.”


“WELL SAID YOUNG MIDORIYA!” All Might said, changing to his muscle form again, then poofing back down to his weakened state, “Kaff, but still try not to do that again…”


“I know, I remember what the doctor told me.” Izuku replied, then explained about the catastrophic damage to the ligaments in his joints and how he was warned if he did that two or three more times, he’d lose all function in his arms.


Melissa then smiled at him, “Well then, I’m even more grateful to Principal Nezu for offering me this job!”


“Huh?” Izuku said.


“Come on, I have something to show you!”



Izuku had never been inside the Faculty Lodgings before, they weren’t all that different from the dorms the students were living in at all. The only real difference was that instead of being like a hotel or mansion with a large common area and communal kitchen, these were full single person apartments with a bath, kitchen, bedroom, and living room all in one space allocated to the person living there.


Melissa’s apartment wasn’t all that different from her place on I-island, though a bit more space for her to live in. “Sorry about the mess, I’m still unpacking really.” she told him as they walked into her apartment. On the way back from the main campus, All Might excused himself when he got a call from his cop friend about today’s incident at the airport. Melissa told him all about it as they walked. Izuku felt a flush of pride for his girlfriend, she took on a Nomu all by herself and came out on top! He was looking forward to when Ochaco could tell him herself as the two of them entered Melissa’s apartment.


“It’s alright, are you sure it’s okay for me to be here?” Izuku asked.


“Oh it’s fine!” she assured him, “I’m not working as a teacher here exactly, I’m working in Support Development and such, so it’s not like you’re my student or anything.”


“Oh, that’s right…” Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head, “So, what was it you wanted to show me?”


“Right here!” she said with a smile as she walked over to a gray colored couch with a large suitcase sitting on top of it. The young blonde moved it over to the coffee table sitting in front of the couch and began punching a code into a keypad built into one side. She opened the case and pulled out a smaller box a little larger than a shoebox. It was gray in color and didn’t have anything special about it. Melissa closed the suitcase and laid the new box on top of it before lifting off the lid.


“Hey, is that..?” he said as Melissa pulled out a bright green tracksuit with white stripes on the sides of the torso. It was just like his own hero costume! Though the color was a few shades brighter than the one he was currently using.


“Yeah, I couldn’t match the color exactly due to the materials I was using, but I tried my best.” Melissa said apologetically, “But I think what it can do more than makes up for that!” she told him as she handed the suit to him. It felt incredibly light, almost like it wasn’t even there. He looked back inside the box to see a set of gloves, boots and other gear.


“What can it do?” he asked, curious.


Melissa smiled, “I’m glad you asked! Try it on and I’ll show you!”



The suit fit perfectly, Melissa apparently got his measurements from Hatsume in Hero Support. The support gloves for his arms were a little tighter than his current ones, but it wasn’t impossible to move. What Izuku liked best was the cushioning in the boots, he felt like he was walking on clouds as he stepped out of the bathroom. Izuku was a little jealous that Melissa had a full bath and shower set up in her apartment.


“Hmm, the gloves look stiff, but that’ll work itself out as the material adapts to you.” Melissa said as he walked back into the living room. Izuku blinked, surprised she could tell that right away just by looking!


Izuku did a few test motions, letting himself get a feel for the material, “I do like the boots, but aside from that, I can’t feel any real difference, what did you put into the suit?” he asked her.


“I’m glad you asked,” Melissa said as she walked over to him, “You remember the gauntlet I gave you back on I-island?” Izuku nodded, “Well, it took me a long time, but I was able to fully analyze the data from it!”


“Analyze? How, I destroyed the gauntlet in that fight with that one villain.” said Izuku.


“Oh! I forgot to mention then, the gauntlet had a wireless connection to my computer in my room, it recorded all the data from every time you used it until it was broken.” Melissa explained, clapping her hands together in front of her, “Sorry I didn’t tell you!”


“Oh, no, that’s alright,” Izuku said, waving his arms apologetically, “So, what did the data tell you?”


“That your quirk sends a massive amount of backlash through your body, more than even what Uncle Might could take. Honestly I was surprised that it lasted as long as it did, but from that data I improved the materials dramatically!” Melissa told him as she reached out and took his left arm in her hands. She directed his attention of a band set into the wrist of his glove. There was a standard digital watch set in place, but below that there was a green button that glowed with a faint light.


“Press here.” she said, pointing to the button.


Izuku tapped the button and there was a soft hiss as his suit suddenly felt warm and began constricting lightly all over his body. The green fabric turned a dark red and suddenly felt a lot stiffer! The white bands on the sides of his torso turned a metallic gold color and his black combat boots turned a bright white!


“Oh wow! It’s like a whole new costume!” he said as he looked himself over, “It’s kinda like All Might’s Silver Age costume too!”


“Yeah, I kinda used it as a base, but I blended it with your own design as well.” said Melissa. “But, that’s not what makes it special! This whole suit works like the gauntlet I gave you. The entire thing can handle your full power and absorb all of the backlash before it can damage your body!”


“Huh, SAY WHAAAAAT!!!???”


Melissa grinned, “Yep! In ‘Red Mode’, your costume can regulate your power’s blowback and allow you to use your full power for at least ten blows in each limb! Twenty blows at half power, and so on. Though at the lower power usage, the material will show some wear and tear, so it’s not a permanent fix, and even after only four or five blows at full power, it will need repairs, so you can’t use it too much.” she explained, “I know you’ve already improved a lot since I last saw you, so I figured you could use it as something for an emergency when you need your full power without worrying about the backlash!”


“Red Mode huh?” Izuku echoed, “A good name, I like it!” Melissa smiled back at him, ‘I’ll call this One For All, Full Cowling Red Mode!’ he thought as he triggered One for All at 100%! A wave of pressurized air blasted out from his body, knocking over a few items on the table. Arcs of electricity crackled all over his body as his hair stood on end, and yellow light began glowing from inside his eyes. His vision sharpened dramatically, letting him see every detail of everything around him. He’d only ever done this once with Eri in his fight with Overhaul, and then he’d had no time to savor the moment.


“Wow!!! You look amazing Deku!!!” Melissa said.


“Thanks, I…” Izuku began as he turned to look at her, then stopped short as blood shot out of his nose! “Wah!!!” he shouted as he released One for All instantly and turned away, “Sorry!”


“Huh, what for?” Melissa asked with a blink.


“Uh, um… You… You… Your… Cl… Clothes…..” he stammered.


The young blonde looked down at herself. Noticing her clothes were blown off, Melissa’s cheeks turned a bright red as she let out a high pitched yelp and moved to cover her now naked body with her arms! “Um, I guess I should have worn something studier myself, please excuse me!” she said and he heard her footsteps running towards her bedroom.


Melissa returned a few moments later, still blushing a bright pink and now dressed in a white silk bathrobe. Her clothes might have still been in boxes and this was all she had readily available. Still, it was pretty, short, and just a little on the sheer side… Izuku tried not to look too closely as she came over and began to examine him again.


“Hmm, I think it expelled some of that excess energy just from you triggering One for All at one hundred percent. My clothes just now were shredded like paper from the pulse wave.” she surmised.


“Um, sorry!” Izuku said as Melissa handed him a tissue from the coffee table for his nose.


“Don’t worry about it,” she said with a sweet smile. “It just shows the materials are working just like I designed them.” She then looked away slightly and added, “And, I don’t mind, exactly…” She then quickly stood up straight again, and Izuku had to consciously keep himself from looking down, as the edge of her bathrobe didn’t entirely cover her perfectly shaven pussy which went of fully display when she stood up straight like that!


“Anyway, I’d like to start testing the Red Mode right away. I already sent some forms ahead and got you permission to use it on school grounds during training. I heard from Uncle Might you’re doing a work study with Endeavor, do you think he’ll let you use it there as well?”


“I, uh, don’t see why not, but I’ll ask him just to be sure.” Izuku said, trying not to glance down, and failing miserably. Melissa’s hands feeling around his torso and limbs didn’t help much either, she was so close, he could smell her hair! It was a rich citrusy scent that suited her well.


“Thank you,” said Melissa, she then smiled at him and said, “Okay, release One for All before you turn off Red Mode.”


Nodding, Izuku let his quirk subside, his hair returning to normal and the arcs of green energy stopped sparking all around him. Melissa then pressed the button on his wrist again and the suit loosened before returning to its previous color scheme. “Hmm, I think after you’ve used it more, I can calibrate a sensor to measure your use of One for All and trigger Red Mode on its own, but that’ll take some time, so you’ll have to do it manually for now.”


“That’s fine, even without that, being able to use my quirk at full power will be a big help in a crisis situation, I can’t thank you enough Melissa!” he told her.


“Well, I can think of one way…” Melissa said, “I heard about this Agency run by the pro hero Midnight, a Hero Agency, for Heroes.” she said, “The public isn’t allowed in and I’m really curious about it.”


“Oh, Busteez! Yeah, I can bring you in as a guest. Midnight said that Heroes can bring in civilian guests, but you might need to sign a DNA.”


“Um, I think you mean an NDA, and that’s fine.” Melissa corrected him.


The two of them spoke for another couple of hours after that. Izuku told her about his battle with Muscular to save Kota. His on site account of the Kamino Incident, and his work study with Sir Night Eye and how he rescued Eri. Melissa was eager to meet Eri if the chance every presented itself, “Maybe I can help her control her quirk better too. Support items aren’t just for heroes, there are people who need them too just to help lead a normal life.”


Izuku nodded, it was rarer than being Quirkless, but some people had quirks that without a means to help contain them, they wouldn’t be able to live normally. There would be an entire class on the subject later this year.


It was well passed sunset before Izuku finally left Melissa’s apartment, his new suit back in its box and tucked under his arm as he walked back to the Heights Alliance Dormitory.



A couple hours after classes the following day, Izuku met with Melissa at the bus stop outside of the school. “The agency is located near the beach.” he explained to her, “It’s actually kind of a special place for me since I did my initial training with All Might there.”


“What kind of training?” Melissa asked.


“Oh, well, before I met All Might, I was really skinny and weak, when he chose me to,” he paused to see if anyone was paying attention, but no one else was even on the bus, and the driver was a robot provided by the school, “To inherit One for All, my body was far too weak to take it on. So he had me clean up the beach since it was piled high with garbage. It took ten months, but I was able to get in shape well enough that taking it into myself didn’t kill me instantly.”


Melissa nodded, listening intently, “But you still did a lot of damage after.”


“Yeah, learning to regulate the output has been the hardest part, even after a year I still haven’t mastered it.” he told her.


“Well, hopefully with my help, that won’t be a problem one day.” Melissa said.


He nodded and she asked, “So, tell me about the agency, is it like the rumors say and one big crazy orgy inside?”


“WHAT!?” Izuku asked, “No, where did you hear that?”


“Various newspapers that were denied entry. I took everything they put out with a grain of salt since I could tell by the way the articles were worded the writer was upset he or she couldn’t get in.” Melissa explained.


“Yeah, it’s true Midnight doesn’t let reporters in, but that’s because it’s a place for heroes to really unwind, and there still are some reporters that like to ruin careers with compromising photos and such.” Izuku agreed.


Melissa nodded in agreement, “That honestly what I thought. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing it myself.”


“I’m happy I can show you.” Izuku said as the bus began to slow as they arrived at their stop.


Izuku and Melissa stepped off the bus and he led the way to the Agency itself. Outside they ran into Pixie-bob standing outside as today’s bouncer keeping out anyone not allowed inside. Usually the press.


“Nyah, hihi Dekuuuuuu!!!” she purred as the two of them walked up, “Who’s your friend?”


“Hi Pixie-bob, this is Melissa, she’s my guest tonight.” Izuku explained.


“Hmmm, really? Well I guess that’s alright, you two can go on in then, but watch out for Mega Milf, I think she’s in heat again!”


Izuku suppressed the urge to shake his head and nodded to Pixie-bob, “Thanks for the warning.” he told her as the other blonde opened the door for them.


“Have fun!” Pixie-bob told them as they went inside. The interior of the Agency was as it always was, though there weren’t as many people since it was still fairly early in the afternoon. Music already pulsed from the speakers placed around the main area, and Izuku instantly spotted Mandalay on the main stange, twirling around the dance pole as she held onto it with her legs.


“Wow, this is more like a gentlemen’s club than a Hero Agency.” said Melissa.


“Indeed it is young lady.” said a deep voice. Izuku turned to see Endeavor walking towards them. He straightened immediately and offered a polite bow. He was in his Hero outfit, though there were no flames around his eyes at the moment.


“Though I wonder, how do you know what the interior of such a club looks like?” he asked, then nodded to Izuku, “Midoriya.” he said in a simple greeting.


“Oh, some friends of mine took me to one for my birthday this year, I share the same day with a male friend who just turned twenty, so we went to one for his first drink.”


“Ahh, I see, that makes sense then. Are you here to apply to work at Midnight’s Agency?” Endeavor asked.


“Actually Endeavor Sir, she’s my guest and…” Izuku began, preparing to make introductions.


“Maybe I will!” Melissa said with a smile.


“WHAT!?” Izuku asked in shock.


“You don’t need a quirk to work here right, it’s not dangerous Hero work after all.” she told him with a smile.


“I see, well, I wish you luck then.” said Endeavor before turning his attention to Midoriya, “Midoriya, this is good timing since I was about to have my secretary call you. We’ll be starting a new investigation tomorrow, so I’ll need you at my Agency first thing in the morning, best enjoy yourself tonight as this will likely take several days. I’ve already cleared it with your teachers.” Endeavor told him.


“Oh, I mean, Yes Sir, I’ll be there at eight A.M. sharp!” he told him.


Endeavor nodded, then glanced towards Melissa again, “Make it nine A.M.” he told them before excusing himself and exiting the Agency.


Once Endeavor was gone, Izuku looked over at Melissa, “Really? You never mentioned wanting to work here.”


“I didn’t even think of it until Endeavor asked.” Melissa said, then snapped her fingers, “Oh, we forgot to tell him about the new suit I made for you!”


“You looking to put in an application!?” asked a gentle voice as Nejire Hado appeared between them as if by magic, causing both of them to jump slightly “Oh, and you got a new costume Deku, I wanna see!”


“Oh, Hado, good to see you!” Izuku said after the initial shock of her sudden appearance passed.


“Likewise, so, where’s your new outfit, is it cooler than your current one, or did you decide to go with something flashier, though I gotta say that would be kinda boring, your simplistic tastes are part of your charm!” said Nejire in a rush.


Did she even breathe just now?!’ Izuku thought.


“Hi, you must be Nejire-chan.” said Melissa.


“Yep, that’s me! Are you a fan? Oh wait, you said you wanted to apply here right? You’re in luck, Midnight just named me as an assistant manager, so I can handle all the details there!” she told Melissa before grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her along as she began heading toward the back of the Agency. Before he knew it, Melissa and Nejire were both gone.


“Well, Nejire is the same as ever…” Izuku muttered to himself as he went towards the bar where he found his mother and Midnight chatting together. His mother was wearing her Busteez bikini uniform, while Midnight was in a casual outfit of blue jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt.


“Oh, Izuku!” said Inko Midoriya, setting down a glass she had been idly polishing.


“Hi mom, how are you? Midnight-sensei.” he said to both of them.


“I’m off duty, call me Nemuri.” said Midnight before taking a sip of some drink she had in front of her. The ice inside tinked against the glass as she let out a relaxed sigh, “Ahhh, nothing like that first drink at the end of the day. Soothes the soul.”


“Nemu-chan was just telling me about your classes today.” Inko said.


“I just told her you’re doing well, when you’re not off at your work study, though Endeavor told us that’s going well too.” Midnight said.


“I know I’m being a nag saying this, but have you made a decision yet about that offer Izuku-dear?” Inko asked him.


“No, neither of us have.” Izuku told his mother, “They’re still monitoring the organ recipients right now as far as I know.”


He could tell she wanted to talk about it more from the way she was wringing the dishcloth in her hands, but Inko just let it go at that. “Oh, go ahead and have a seat, I’ll go and get some dinner ready for you!” said his mother as she went into the back of the bar.


“She’s really pulling for you to say yes on that offer isn’t she?” asked Midnight.


“Yeah, and if I’m being honest, part of me is seriously considering it.” Izuku told his teacher.


“Well, there’s no rush, so relax for now. Every hero knows a snap judgement made when you have time to think things out can lead to disaster.” she told him before taking another sip of her drink.


Izuku nodded and Midnight looked at him with a smile, “So, who was that cutie you came in with? You expand your little harem again?” she asked.


“Oh Melissa, no, I mean, she’s a friend and I like her, but it’s not like that!” Izuku said in a rush.


“Oh, is that Melissa Shield? The new girl?” Midnight asked, “There was an email about her joining the support studies classes as a grad student of a sort, but I haven’t had the chance to meet her yet. Cute, very cute, I wonder if she’d like to work here with me…” said Midnight as she licked her lips and looked off in the direction Nejire had dragged her off. She then looked back to Izuku, “I’m guessing that’s why Nejire pulled her off?”


“Um, kinda, though Melissa only just now told me she might want to work here. I only meant to bring her here as a guest today.”


“Ah, well if she signs on I won’t need to bother reading her the riot act on civilian guests, oh that can be so boring.” said Midnight with another sip of her drink.


A few minutes later, Inko returned from the kitchen carrying a steaming tray of food and a glass of his favorite tea judging from the color. Izuku thanked his mother and took a sip from his tea, only to instantly spit it out as Nejire returned with Melissa, only now the blonde looked ridiculously different!!!!


“Yeah, I think I went a little overboard when Recovery Girl offered to do my enhancements…” Melissa said with a blush.


“OH I THINK YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!” said Midnight with steam shooting out her nostrils as she looked wide eyed at Melissa. Who was now dressed in a blank version of the same black leather bikini his mother was wearing. That in itself wasn’t surprising if she did take on a job here, what had Izuku’s jaw on the floor was Melissa’s newly enlarged tits and ass! To say huge would have been an understatement!!! “That hair, that skin, and those tits and that ass!!! Oh my just looking at you turns me on!” Midnight said as she squirmed in her barstool, “Oh you’re gonna fit-in here nicely even if you don’t have a quirk.”


“Oh, well, thank you…” Melissa said with a blush.


“Oh, I’m Midnight by the way, the owner and manager, but you can call me Nemu-chan.” said Midnight as she offered her hand out to Melissa. The young blonde shook it gently, making her massive tits bounce and jiggle. Izuku gulped at the sight as introductions were made.


“It’s very nice to meet you Melissa.” Inko said, “Thank you for making that glove thingy that helped my Izuku not break anything during that terrible incident at I-island.”


“Oh, you’re very welcome Mrs. Midoriya-san, I was so happy it could help.” Melissa said to his mother.


Inko smiled back, “As a thanks, let me whip you up something special, you’re American right? I made some delicious fried chicken fingers!”


“Oh, that sounds lovely, thank you!” Melissa said as she moved to sit on the barstool next to Izuku, though her bigger ass made it tricky for her at first. His mother brought her out a plate of fried chicken tenders a few minutes later. She added a side of fries and a small dish of coleslaw as well. Melissa thanked her before she began eating the meal with Izuku. Conversation was light, mostly limited to Midnight explaining everything Neijire hadn’t covered with Melissa earlier. How sex was only by the consent of the employee working, there was no pressure to perform anything that they did not want to. Izuku thought of Jiro, how mostly she just did singing work between dance sets. That was a good example of what Midnight meant.


When the two of them finished eating, Izuku took Melissa on a tour of the agency itself, showing her around the building. The blonde got really excited when they went to the VR room, she had so many questions, though Izuku only knew a little about how it all worked. He told her about the girl that made it, Mei Hatsume, a second year in Hero Support.


“Oh I met her briefly!” Melissa told him, “Interesting girl…”


They finished the tour back in the main lobby area when Melissa asked him to come outside with her. “There’s another reason I wanted to go this big.” she confessed as they stepped out into the afternoon sun. “Just to be sure, but the beach around the Agency is all private right?”


Izuku nodded, “Yeah, for quite a ways in both directions.”


“Great!” said Melissa as she reached a hand up and unzipped her black bikini top, letting her new tits spill out with an erotic bounce! She shrugged out of her top and balled it up before handing it over to Izuku as he tried and failed not to look. Her breasts were absolutely beautiful! Each one was as big as her torso, capped with a perfectly pink nipple that was already getting stiff as she pulled down her bikini bottoms and stepped out of them, standing naked in the sun as she handed those to him next.


Izuku gulped and Melissa smiled, “Um, it’s okay to look, I work here now, right?” she asked him with a light blush.


“Um, I guess so but, um…” Izuku said as she giggled before turning around and taking off at a run.


“Come on, there’s something I’ve always wanted to test but never could until now!” she called back to him. Izuku followed after her, the two of them hit the beach just outside the agency and Melissa dashed across the sands, her tits and ass all bouncing up and down enticingly. Izuku couldn’t have looked away if he tried! He could already feel his cock straining against his pants as Melissa reached the edge of the water and went straight in. Once she was deep enough that it reached passed her waist she dove in and began swimming out to sea.


“HAHAHA!!! It’s true, it’s true!!! They really do float at this size!!!!” she giggled loudly as she began slashing around in the ocean with her ass sticking up out of the water.


Izuku chuckled, ‘Oh, that old trope about big boobs and butts floating in water, that’s what she wanted to test.’ he then, then his eyes went wide, “Wait, IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE!!!???”


Melissa continued to laugh as she swam a slow circle before waving to him, “Come on Deku, the water feels great!” she called out to him.


“Ah, no thanks, I didn’t bring a bathing suit!” he called back to her.


“You don’t need one silly! Besides, fair is fair, I let you see me naked, twice now!” she called back with a grin as she came back over to a depth where she could stand again.


Izuku gulped, she had a point, kinda. ‘That first time was only by accident, though maybe she wore that skimpy robe on purpose?’ he thought as he found a spot far enough away from the water to set down Melissa’s clothes before stripping down himself.


“Yeah, take it off!!!!” Melissa called back to him, making him blush bright red as she giggled. Her jaw then dropped as he took his pants off and his already half hard cock spilled into view. He saw Melissa gulp as she stayed out in the water waiting. Once stripped, Izuku waded out into the water and made his way over to the blonde.


“Wow, just wow, Deku.” Melissa said when he came up to her, “Is that a result of One for All, or are you just that lucky?” she asked.


“Um, yeah, it’s from One for All. Was a pretty big shock for me honestly.”


“I’ll bet.” Melissa agreed and smiled at him. She then wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug, pulling his naked body flush against hers before falling back into the warm sea water. They both came up sputtering with their hair plastered against their scalps.


“What was that for!?” he asked.


“To get you to relax.” she answered with a grin, “I know inheriting Uncle Might’s power has to be a big responsibility, and I know how big weights like that can affect someone. My dad made a bad decision because he knew Uncle Might’s power was fading, and the weight of that pushed him to nearly destroying his entire life. I don’t want to see that happen to you, so relaxing becomes all the more important!” she told him, “You need to know you’re not alone, and others are here to help you carry the load, even if only a little.”


“Melissa…” Izuku said before the blonde pulled him close again and pressed her lips against his! The feeling her her mouth against his own made his heart skip a beat as he felt his now fully erect dick pressing between her huge tits. They were warm and soft, and felt so incredibly smooth. Melissa pressed them a little tighter around his cock as she pushed her tongue into his mouth gently. On reflex he kissed her back, his tongue pressing back against hers.


“Mmmmmmh…” Melissa cooed into the kiss, rubbing her naked body against his own as she took his hands and moved them to her huge ass. On impulse he grabbed her butt tightly, making her squeal lightly as she pressed her body to his a bit harder and giggled against his mouth. “Nnnnmmmmh, Recovery Girl did warn me going this big might affect my sex drive… She wasn’t kidding…” Melissa told him after breaking the kiss and looking back at Izuku with lust shimmering in her blue eyes. She then kissed him again, harder this time as a wave washed over them, pushing them back towards the shore.


The two of them waded to shallower water before Izuku fell back on his ass when Melissa gave him a gentle shove. She then straddled his legs and smiled at him as she sandwiched his cock between her gigantic knockers.


“Mmmmmh, I like how this feels!” she purred like a cat and began sliding her wet tits up and down slowly. Izuku groaned softly at the feel of them as Melissa groped at her own breasts, her fingers squishing down into the soft flesh as she let out a sexy moan that only served to turn Izuku on even more! He then watched in awe as she began licking the tip of his cock slowly, her nible pink tongue gengly flicking along the underside of the head before she opened her mouth wide, “Ahhhhmmmmph…” she moaned, taking the whole head of his cock into her mouth!


“Mmmmmmph, sho phiiick… Id makesh muh jaw hurt, but, id pheelsh sho guud…” she moaned around his cock as she moved her head up and down struggling to get more of its length between her soft pink lips.


“Me… Melissaaah…” Izuku groaned, loving the feel of her hot wet mouth slipping and sliding around his cock as he watched her bob her head up and down slowly.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Melissa moaned, moving her head faster now, managing to take a little more every time she brought her head back down.


“Ohh.. that feels so good…” he groaned in pleasure. His words only encouraged the blonde as she began moving even faster, letting her giant tits fall away from his cock as she took more than half of his meter long erection into her mouth! Her lips made wet slurping sounds every time she lifted her head back up, dragging along the length of his cock giving her a somewhat silly, somewhat erotic facial expression!


“Mmmmph, bhig, sho bhiig… I wuv it!!!” Melissa moaned, her hips rolling back and forth in the air behind her as the waves splashed against her ass. “Aguuugh, gugh, gugh gugh…” she choked as she tried to take more of his cock in her throat, bulging visibly from the effort. She then lifted her head up fully, gasping for air as ropes of saliva trails away from her lips. The next wave washed them off quickly as she climbed overtop of Izuku like a cat stalking its prey.


“Mmmmmh, Dekuuu, I can’t wait anymore…” she whimpered, “I want you inside me now!”


“But Melissa… I…” Izuku tried to protest, but she only smiled at him.


“Don’t worry, it’s not my first time or anything.” she assured him as she lifted her hips up then down once his cock was positioned between her legs. He could feel the raw heat coming off her her pussy as she rubbed herself along his length, “And I really doubt it’s your first either…” she told him as she smiled and began humping her cunt against the top of his cock. “Nejire told me we’re free to do it out here, as long as we’re on the Agency grounds.”


That was true, people could have sex on the beach around the Agency if the wanted, though only a few used that option at all. Izuku looked up at Melissa again just before she leaned down to kiss him once more. He groaned against her lips as he felt his cock slipping inside her slowly. A warm buttery feeling as she moaned against his lips. Melissa broke the kiss again and leaned herself back, looking down at Izuku as she used one hand to pry open her already stretched pussy lips.


“Ahhh, Dekuuu, look, you’re so far inside me and there’s still so much cock left to gooo..” she moaned, “Ahhh, it’s so big, so very big!!! I’ve never felt anything like it…!” she moaned loudly as she began lowering herself down on him farther, her abdomen stretching slightly in the shape of his cock as he pushed up inside her.


“AHHH, YES, SO GOOD, IT FEELS AMAZINGGGG… MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY IS SO FULL BUT I STILL WANT MOOORE! MMMMMMMMH!!!” Melissa moaned again as she lowered herself all the way down, her fat ass cushioning her as she began bucking herself back and forth, stirring his cock around inside her body. Izuku let out a low groan of pleasure as he watched his cock moving around inside her, the lump in her body slowing him how much of her he filled with his massive dick!


“Me…lissa…” Izuku groaned, “So tiight… I… I can’t…” he moaned , his hands gripping fistfuls of muddy sand beneath him as Melissa began rolling and bucking herself on top of him, her gigantic tits bouncing in opposing circles until she grabbed them with both hands and began squeezing them roughly. He watched as she brought one fat nipple to her own mouth and began sucking it as she continued bouncing herself on top of him. The sea water sloshed and churned around them as he began thrusting his hips on his own now.


Izuku moved his hands up to her slender waist, grabbing her hips and helping steady her motions. “YES, DEKUUUUU, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!! MAKE MY PUSSY ALL YOURS!!!” Melissa screamed as she pressed and rubbed her tits against each other, “OH FUUUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!!!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!!! I… I LOVE THISSSS I LOVE BEING STUFFED WITH A COCK THIS BIIIIIIG!!!


Wow, she’s a lot like Mina,’ Izuku thought to himself as he closed his eyes to focus on the feel of her tight, hot and oh so wet pussy riding up and down his length.


FUUUCK, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING ALREADY IT’S SO GOOD, TOO GOOD, I’M GOING CRAZYYYY, MORE, FUCK MY BRAINS OUT DEKUUUUUU!!!!!” Melissa howled, her tongue hanging off her lips as she bucked and shuddered on top of him.


“Melissaaaa… Ahhhh..!!” Izuku groaned as he slammed his cock balls deep inside her just as he came!


YESSS, CUM!!!! HOT CUM IS FILLING MY PUSSSY, YESSSSSSSSS!” Melissa moaned in total bliss as her body seized up like a statue, her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy. Then, the young blonde went entirely limp, falling over on top of Izuku like a ragdoll, her huge tits smothering his head as she panted in recovery.


Izuku just laid there for a moment, then a moment longer, until the skin on his limbs began turning blue as he began to suffocate!


“MMMPPPPHMMMMH MMMPPHH!!!!” he shouted beneath Melissa, his arms flailing about.


“Oh!” Melissa gasped when she realized what was happening and quickly picked herself up, “Sorry, I forgot they got so big…” she said sheepishly.


“HAAAAAHH AAAHH HAAAAAAAH!!!!” Izuku gasped for air, filling his starving lungs with fresh breath, “It’s… Haaaaah, okay….” he told her.


“It looks like you’re having fun, Deku…” said a familiar voice from the shore.


Izuku felt his blood running cold as he stiffly turned to see Ochaco and Tsuyu standing just at the water’s edge. Both were still in their hero costumes as they stood there watching the two of them.


“O… Ochaco…” he said quietly.


“It looks like you’re having fun…” Ochaco said again, giving Izuku a sudden feeling of deja vu.


“Wow, and here I thought Mina was a screamer, not too shabby Melissa.” Tsuyu said as she gave the blonde a thumbs up.


“Oh, hey Uraraka! Asui!” said Melissa as she climbed off of Izuku, his cock pulling out of her with a wet sucking ‘pop’.


“You can call me Tsu now.” Tsuyu said.


Izuku pulled himself up and began walking over to Ochaco and Tsuyu.


“Ex… Excuse me.” Ochaco said as she touched her fingers to her palms.


“Ochaco, hang on, I…” Izuku said as he saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes.


“DEKU YOU JERK!!!!!!” Ochaco shouted as she jumped with all her might, her weightless body floating off. She then flung her left arm out and there was a soft pop and hiss as she fired a long rope and hook from her gauntlet. The hook at the end buried itself in the side of the building nearest the agency before beginning to retract rapidly, pulling Ochaco along like a lightning bolt.



Melissa stood naked on the beach with Tsuyu Asui as she watched Deku collecting his clothes and trying to get dressed as he ran after Ochaco. Judging from Ochaco’s reaction to finding them like this, and how she reacted when she told her she was coming to live at UA, she put things together quickly.


“I… didn’t know he was dating, oh I feel terrible now…” Melissa said to Tsuyu with remorse.


“Kero, don’t, technically, he’s dating us both.” Tsuyu told her, “I’ve sorta been where you are now, don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll all work out.” she told her as Izuku began to vanish into the distance.


“Probably, kero.” Tsuyu added.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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6 months ago

Did you intentionally make her first line when they walked into her room practically the same as the the first line from the scene in her room from the movie? Also, it’s good to see you writing again, especially now that you’ve started writing MHA fics.

6 months ago
Reply to  SailorBowser

Which line you mean?

3 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Where she says, “Sorry about the mess”. Her first line when they entered her apartment in the movie was almost exactly the same.

3 months ago
Reply to  SailorBowser

Well yeah, so is Ochaco’s line when she catches them together.

8 months ago

Midoriya is a lucky guy getting to tap that sweet blonde Melissa booty and getting to mark his territory with a load of cum shot all on her. She looks so hot having the full package of huge tits and ass

1 year ago

Melissa Shield debut was certainly an interesting and and amazing in this chapter. I never thought you would put a fight scene in. Also, Her knowing about One for All and made Deku a new suit to help him with his quirk. Not to mention working for both UA high and Busteez Hero Agency. But the best part is her skinny-dipping in the ocean to test her new enlarged T&A if big boobs and butts floating in water. Sex scene between her and Izuku was great as well.

Ochaco really got upset at end even though she knew Izuku boned numerous girls before and after they started dating, I don’t know what makes him doing Melissa any different. Also I see that Izuku and Momo are getting more closer for the moment that going to add more to the complications.

But on the other hand maybe Izuku should of told Melissa that he was dating two girls beforehand.

Furthermore this was a great chapter, can’t wait to see more this following Saturday. Keep up the good work SailorLo. 👍👍👍

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Ochaco doesn’t KNOW Melissa is now working at Busteez. She walked in on them just then. So she’s upset because from her point of view, Izuku broke his promise not to be with other girls outside the agency.

As for Izuku not telling Melissa, she didn’t ask and it never came up before she was on top of him.

I’d like to take this moment to adress that this season has a long term plot in place. So if something doesn’t make sense right away, please don’t point it out or ask for an explination for at least three to four chapters after said event, as it is likely to be explained later. I don’t say this to be mean, but to avoid spoilers for the fans that don’t want them.

1 year ago

Looking forward to seeing nejire join deku’s harem. I’m also looking forward to seeing ochaco’s reaction to deku also fucking nejire 😂. Great story, hope to see more new characters added to Deku’s harem.

1 year ago

So Melissa finally enters this zany and sex charged world you’ve built up Sailorlo. I was wondering when she was going to be brought in, I’m glad to see it happen.

First off love the pic. Melissa looks hot with her ginormous tits and ass and I like the fun expression on her face even though she only has one image, she’s already becoming a favorite of mine.

The story is great and well written as usual. I didn’t expect a fight scene but it was awesome and well paced plus the overall character interactions were fun to read through. Having Melissa become a employee at the Busteez Heroine Agency makes sense in a story like this, especially you’re planning to use her in more XXX rated scenarios in the future. Looking forward to to seeing Melissa’s interactions with the other guys and girls in 1-A, pretty sure Mineta and Kaminari would love to see their ‘beautiful angel’ again.😄 The world building is good but I have to be honest and say it took a little too long to get the sex scenes and them being pretty short on top that but it didn’t take away from the story overall.

And Melissa gets a firsthand look at and some experience with Izuku’s hectic love life.😏 I feel a bit sorry for Ochaco though she needs to have more confidence in herself.

All in all excellent work to both of you gentlemen.👍

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

Thanks, I’m really glad everyone is enjoying the fight scene in this one. I’m hoping to do several more in the future. I didn’t give Deku that new suit for show you know! 😉 I’m hoping to maaaaybe have some villains broken out of Tartarus prison, not AfO mind you, but some of the lower level thugs we’ve seen, like a certain muscle villain who’s aching for a rematch he’ll rapidly regret!

As to Melissa, yeah, I wanna have her as more of a regular character in upcoming chapters. I’m thinking she finds Mineta’s antics cute and maybe dotes on him a bit. Like one might dote on a dog or puppy. Gotta throw the little perv a bone eventually!!! 😛 Maybe. Depends on the upcoming pics.

Sorry for short sex scene hope to make up for that with the next chapter I’ve already started on.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Great Chapter! I just watched the mha movie a couple of weeks ago. I was anticipating melissa’s arrival. Very nice sequence between her and Deku but the show stealer for me was the fight sequence at the airport. But damn, That was a hell of a shock ending. I feel bad for Midoriya, ochaco tsuyu and melissa too. You done fucked up now young midoriya! props EE on the art and to sailor on the story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Hehehe, yeah, I was torn about having All Might try and fight, but I decided in the end is was better for Ochaco to shine, and Melissa to save the day at the end.

1 year ago

Can we expect to see more art of Melissa in the future?

1 year ago
Reply to  Destroyer

Highly likely. At minimum one more I would think. Maybe more.

1 year ago
Reply to  Destroyer


1 year ago

Well, that escalated quickly! Welcome to the madness, Melissa.

This is probably the most telling yet necessary chapter you’ve done to date. Now then, let’s discuss the very start and the fight that came with it. It was a pretty strong start. It not only introduced Melissa to this story properly, but it also sent over some foreshadowing for what was coming later on in the chapter. Looking at you Ochako [And don’t worry, I’ll get to her again a bit later].

As for the fight, that was very well crafted. Especially given how the situation played out. Not only that it saw some serious ingenuity. Very good job with that.

Next, we have All Might. He was utilized really well here too. More so with him changing between his hero and regular forms. Not to mention how he interacted with specific people.

Now for Deku. Things have definitely gotten a lot more complicated for him, his love life, hero work and otherwise, given how everything’s played out here. However, he’s gained a brand new suit and some additional insight on One for All. I personally like how that was done.

Plus there’s also the cameos and new locations. I like how that was handled. Nicely done there. The sex was the only major downside here. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it was surprisingly short this time around. I wasn’t expecting that one, to be honest.

Which leads me to the ending and Ochako. If nobody saw that coming, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I saw that coming from the moment she spoke to Melissa and how she acted with her. Now honestly, I don’t know how they’ll smooth this one over. Though, to be fair Melissa didn’t know she and Tsuyu were actually dating Izuku until the end and felt really bad about it. And Tsuyu took it pretty well, I have to say. Hopefully it won’t turn into something much more negative for everyone.

With Melissa now in the picture, I can only wonder what’s going to happen next. Looking forward to seeing this unfold.

Nice work again, gentlemen! Especially you Sailor. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

First, thank you for your well thought out reply.

As for the sex sequences, I’m sorry, but I was so very focused on the story part of this I couldn’t really get into them like I normally do.

When I wrote the battle sequence, I worked hard to keep it in line with the series to date. Taking into account Ochaco’s quirk and how it worked, versus a Nomu meant to fight All Might at his best. I had to think hard on just what she could do in such a fight. So I added in the fact that the nomu are in actuality victims of All for One’s ambitions. Naturally the authorities would try to help them, hence efforts to restore their humanity, which meant the OG Nomu was slightly weaker/slower as a result. Expect more on what’s going on there in the future.

I’ve been planing Deku’s new suit for a while now, ever since seeing the movie and that gauntlet, I knew something more had to come out of that. Frenchy-boi has that lense belt, so why can’t Deku have a suit to help manage the backlash of his powers, give him a just a little more breathing room while he masters it?

I am surprised you didn’t say anything on the scene with Momo and Deku.

As to Ochaco, yeah, from the moment she met Melissa in the movie, you could tell she was threatened by her because Melissa is prettier. Well, that’s what I was trying to do with her in this instance, they are equally attractive in my mind.

Tsu took things in stride because if you haven’t noticed, she’s a kinky girl! She has zero problem with her in the mix. Also, I have some fun things in mind for Tsu later on.

I hope I did okay with Nejire, I plan to do a story to her in the near future.

As for how things shape out with Ochaco, you’ll have to stay tuned.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

On Deku and Momo: I completely forgot about that part! There was a lot going on. Sorry about that. XD Okay, I can tell you that it’s really deepening their current relationship. As well as showing that they’ve gotten better and more adjusted to each other.

On the light sex: Don’t apologize! You clearly had a lot to work with, and it really showed. But even so you did great with what you had.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

It’s cool, I figured that was the reason. And yeah, the entire point of that scene was to show this whole marriage subplot might not be a doomed relationship in the end. As they both found out, there is, something, between them aside from how OfA enhances Momo’s quirk.

1 year ago

Man I was looking forward to this and it did not disappoint. I just can’t wait for what happens next in Dekus love/harem life. I definitely already love Melissa and want to see how ochako handles this this situation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Happy to meet expectations! I put a LOT of effort into the story aspect on this one, so much it came down to the wire to finish it before today.

1 year ago

Great time! A lot of world building in this chapter which is good. A lot of explaining and getting things set up for future chapters as well. The fight scene was well done and Melissa is still the best girl. Happy to see the pic I requested got such a nice chapter too. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of Melissa in the future haha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Glad you liked it, I hope you don’t mind me setting her up as a new Busteez employee, but I had a feeling that was the best thing to do with her going forward.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I don’t mind, up to a point I know you basically have to do this to make it make sense in the world. Bringing that up though, I would say that’s probably one of the few critiques I have with the overall story. Having every single female character working at Busteez takes away it being anything unique or interesting, and at times I almost feel like the business gets in the way of the plot you’re working with. That said, I understand why it’s a thing as it’s mostly there to make all these girls not cheat on their lovers while also explaining why they’d fuck certain people (Mineta). So I don’t fault you for the choice, after all it’s better than just making it so all the women are whores who constantly cheat on their romance partners. But yeah, it’s a well done story and I love Melissa so I’m happy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

It’s alright, but I had other reasons for doing it as well, reasons that will be revealed as the story goes on.

1 year ago

nice story i’m hope mat hatsune will be the next And about Ero enzo universe what characters will appear in the next story ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Ikana

I know Mei will have at LEAST one chapter devoted to her. Beyond that I don’t know. I am looking forward to writing Melissa and Mei, I think it’ll be fun.

1 year ago

I do hope everyone enjoys the story on this one, I put a lot of effort into it! I rewatched a ton of episodes to really get everyone’s personality right.

1 year ago

There was an error when posting the story, if you started reading the chapter shortly after the picture was posted, the first half of the chapter was missing. The issue should be fixed now. >_<