Mei I be of Service, Master?

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Mei slipped into the water first, swaying her hips enticingly as she waded over to Naruto before dropping down to her knees. “It’s a pleasure to service you, master.” she said, not feeling the least bit silly at the corny line. She eyed the young man’s huge dick, already standing at full mast. She could feel her face getting flush, and not from the heat of the bath. Tsunade wasn’t kidding; the boy’s cock was longer than the length of her elbow to her wrist, and much thicker! A bush of blonde hair was spread around the base as Mei made a show of rubbing her huge tits over his thighs, her nipples painfully stiff as she leaned down, kissing the length of Naruto’s cock, leaving smudges of her red lipstick along the shaft.


“Mmmmmh, that feels nice,” Naruto groaned, “Make sure not to neglect the balls either.” he told her.


“Yes, master…” Mei said, her voice husky, and not from play acting. She took in a shuddery breath as she kissed and licked the young man’s enormous balls all over. She took her time, making sure she licked every inch of them before moving to wrap her heavy sweater meat around his cock. Her breath became even shakier as her tits barely covered his meat rod. She mashed them around his dick, loving the sound of his groan as she began rubbing his length up and down slowly. The water sloshed around the pair as Kaguya and Tsunade moved to take a position on either side of him. Kaguya had lost her top as well, rubbing Naruto’s shoulder between her wide cleavage.


Opposite Kaguya, Tsunade moaned as the boy wrapped his mouth around one of her fat nipples, sucking it roughly as he moved his hand up to rub at the blonde sluts pussy through the fabric of her bikini.


“Mmmmmh, I never get tired of these tits Granny Tsunade!” Naruto said as he moved from one nipple to the other


“Oh, thank you ma….ster…” Tsunade gasped, her pussy soaking her bottoms thoroughly as Naruto pushed the crotch aside and dipped his middle and ring fingers inside the woman. Kaguya licked her ruby lips, obviously loving every second of this as she ran a hand down Naruto’s right arm, then reached out and smacked Mei’s left tit just hard enough to make it ripple.


“No slacking off slave! How are you supposed to satisfy the master with only those dairy cow tits? Use your mouth as well!” she told her.


“Ahhh, yes ma’am…!” Mei gasped, opening her mouth as wide as she could before stuffing the tip of Naruto’s cock inside her moist mouth. The taste, the way it made her jaw ache as she took the first few inches inside, all of it only turned Mei on even more as she forced herself to take the first half of his cock down her throat.


“Yes, that’s it, be careful not to bite,” Kaguya instructed, “If you choke, that means you’re doing it right.”


“MMMMMPH!” Mei moaned, taking more than half of Naruto in her mouth. She loved this; she was in love with this cock! She slowly raised her head up, looking up into Naruto’s blue eyes then pushing herself back down, taking it deeper, then repeating, again, and again, and again.


“Yesh… Sho guud… Pheels sho guud in muh mouph!!!” Mei slurred as she bobbed her head up and down faster, her long auburn hair getting tangled around the blonde young man’s fuck pole. Naruto only let out a low groan of pleasure, turning his attention back to Tsunade as Kaguya nibbled at his ear and rubbing a delicate fingered hand over his chest.


“MMMPH!!!! MMMPH!!!! MMMPH!!!! MMMPH!!!! Mei moaned, moving her head faster now, the blonde pubic hairs tickling her nose on every downward motion. She didn’t care about holding character anymore, she wanted his cum, she had to taste it in her mouth now! “Pweash, mashter… gimme ‘our cummmm… Aye want it sho bhaaad…!” she begged, looking up at Naruto pleadingly, her tits wrapped neatly around his cock as she held the tip inside her mouth.


Naruto only grinned at her, “You sure?” he asked. Mei nodded excitedly and Naruto closed his eyes and groaned loudly. Mei suddenly felt her cheeks swelling out as thick hot cum filled her mouth. She almost couldn’t hold it all before she managed to begin swallowing quickly, her gulps audible even over the distant thrumming of the music from the club’s main floor.


“Mmmmmmmhhh…!” Mei moaned, loving the flavor as she struggled to keep gulping it down as it flowed into her mouth nearly as fast as she could swallow. When it finally abated, Mei lifted her mouth free with a deep gasp for air before moaning in ecstasy as she rubbed her face against his cock like a cat in heat.


“Wow that was impressive Naruto!!” Tsunade said, breaking character, “Since when did you have that kind of control?”


“Since Hinata and I started dating, she can be hard to satisfy some nights, especially if we’re apart for any prolonged period, so I started some training I found in one of those old seduction method scrolls leftover by Ero-Sennin.” he explained, though Mei only half-listened.


“You know, Busteez is holding a contest soon, a live sex show on stage where the men participating have to sate the women, not the other way around. The winner gets a six month free V.I.P. gold card.” Tsunade said.


“Tsunade!” Kaguya snapped, “We’re not supposed to talk about that!”


The blonde woman shrugged, “I’m sure Kakashi would have told him sooner or later anyway.” She turned back to Naruto, “So what do you think Naruto? Have you got what it takes to satisfy several of us back to back?”


Naruto grinned, “Believe it!”

Story by Sailor Io

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